Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kyle & His Father: Halloween Fright Night Part 5

by BubbleButtLuvr

It was Halloween. And once again the law firm where Jeff Hyatt practiced law was holding their annual Halloween Charity Masquerade Ball. Jeff & his late wife always loved Halloween and the two of them had passed their love of the holiday onto their now 19 year old son Kyle. Kyle and Jeff never missed the annual Masquerade Ball since the passing of Kyle's mother.

This year Jeff opted to go as Julius Caesar. He wore a pair of sandals that laced half way up his calves and a white toga that came down to the floor. At 42 Jeff was still quite a striking example of manhood. He certainly didn't look his age and up until his hair and mustache began to get flecks of gray he and his son were often mistaken for brothers rather than father & son. He still had a thick muscular build with full round biceps and a narrow waist that absolutely balloon out into a massive bubble butt. While Jeff & his son resembled one another in many ways it was the big Hyatt badonkadonk that they had most in common.

Kyle had a leaner swimmers build, brown hair & same smoldering good looks as his father. But it was the Hyatt Hiney that tended to stop traffic getting looks from women & men alike. When the two walked down the street together it was as if four basketballs were bouncing inside their pants.

Kyle decide to go as his favorite childhood superhero, Superman, this year. He had a hard time squeezing his over ripe ass melons into the thin blue body suit of his costume. With his large 9" endowment and plump posterior the outfit looked almost obscene on the teen but he didn't care he wanted to go as Superman and he was going as Superman.

By contrast Jeff's costume appeared to be much more tame than Kyle's. However, what Jeff did not realize was that his toga was so thin that in the right light, such as the florescent lighting of the office, his toga became completely transparent. Jeff had always had a fetish for skimpy underwear, a fetish he passed along to his son, and since he was unaware of the transparency of his costume all he wore under it was a minuscule pair of bright purple bikini briefs with small white polka dots all over them.

Jeff's scant underwear and they way they rode up over his enormous ass was all the talk of the party. Jeff however was oblivious to all the talk and even to the fact that his muscular body and scant choice in underwear was on display to all his co-workers and anyone else who happened to be in attendance. Once at the party Kyle realized his father's predicament. However, he opted not to tell him. Just like the other party goers he was enjoying the view.

Still the costumes that both men wore this year wear mild in comparison to what they had worn last year. It had started easily enough. Kyle had made some joke about going to the party as the male anatomy. Jeff laughed and said he didn't have the nerve. Kyle quipped back saying he had the nerve but that his father was too old and stuffy to pull off something so revealing. Jeff assured him that he was still in good enough shape to pull off a revealing costume and dared Kyle to come up with a costume idea for him. Kyle decided that his father should go as a male ballet dancer.

So it was set Jeff's costume consisted of a low cut white tank top, the kind that came down so low that his tits were completely exposed. The lower half of his costume consisted of sheer white tights, So, sheer that they were completely see through. Under the too tight tights Jeff wore a flesh colored nylon thong.

Kyle's costume was just as revealing but much more creative. Like his father he wore a flesh colored nylon thong. But, nothing else. The rest of his costume consisted of body paint. His friend Kevin was an art major so Kyle had him paint his body so that it looked as if you could see all his organs through his skin like on the medical charts you see hanging in doctor's offices. It took hours to complete the body painting but the end result was incredible. And Kevin was by no means complaining.

Unbeknownst to Kyle, Kevin had had a crush on him for years and the idea of spending and afternoon with Kyle wearing nothing but a thong, his enormous buns bared and on display for him to ogle and even feel up as he painted them. Kevin took lots of extra time painting Kyle's deliciously large derriere. He loved the way it felt in his hands. It was the perfect mixture of muscle and fat. That day left Kevin with enough jack off material to last a lifetime.

Of course that night at the party both men got lots of lustful looks. Jeff in his transparent white tights and Kyle in his body paint and thong. Both looked amazing, fat booty's exposed. And the way they jiggled when they walked. Fat butts bouncing up and down from their own weight. So, by comparison this years costume choices were tame.

It was a strange relationship Kyle shared with his father. Jeff had always raised Kyle not to label people or things. So, Kyle had a pretty open attitude. However, if father & son had be asked to define their sexual orientation both would have said straight. That was up until a few months ago when one night their home was burglarized and they were forced to participate in some lewd sexual acts with one another for the prowlers enjoyment. Since then father & son had found themselves in several situations where they were forced to perform sexual acts on one another. But the strange part of it was both men actually enjoyed it. After each encounter they went back to their roles of father & son and never discussed what they had done. Still each man had enjoyed these encounters and wanted them to continue. It wasn't as if they were in love. It wasn't about that, it was lust pure and simple. It was nothing more than animal. So, Kyle didn't mind the peep show that his father was unintentionally giving him and everyone else.

But Kyle was not alone in his lust. Jeff would eye up his son in the too tight body suit watching the way it curved his meaty package and whenever he turned and and bent over slightly his red cape would ride up and his amazon sized booty would pop out from underneath and Jeff would catch himself licking his lips in lust at his 19 year old son.

At this point neither man knew what this night had in store for them. The Ball wore on and father & son had a great time. A couple of hours into the party Jeff asked Kyle to go up to his office on the 12th floor and grab his camera from his desk. He wanted to get a few shots of everyone. Kyle was glad to help and jogged off for the elevator, his big bottom bouncing inside the Lycra body suit like two mounds of blueberry Jello.

What Kyle didn't notice until he stepped on the elevator was a dark figure lurking back in the shadows. The man was dressed like the Grim Reaper. He wore a long black robe and the mask of a skeleton. When he saw Kyle head for the elevator he followed watching the youth's full ripe buns jiggle and thinking, 'Damn this is gonna be fun.' He stepped on behind Kyle and slipped in Kyle didn't see him until the doors had closed. Kyle asked the man what floor he wanted. The man pointed to 12 and Kyle told him he was on his way to 12 too.

They rode up the 9 floors in silence. The doors opened and Kyle stepped out and hurried down the hall followed by the masked figure. Kyle let himself into his fathers office and grabbed the camera from the desk and ran back out. However as soon as he hit the hallway the Grim Reaper was blocking his way and in his hand he help a rag soaked in ether. Kyle ran right into the rag and the man pressed it over his nose and mouth hard. Before Kyle knew what was happening he was out cold.

Kyle awoke just a few minutes later to smelling salts being waived under his nose. He woke up and was slightly disoriented for a moment until he realized he was in his dad's office. But his arms and legs were bound to a chair and in his mouth was something odd. Rubber and round like a super ball. He caught his reflection in the mirror on the wall and realized it was a ball gag. What was going on?

The Grim Reaper stood over him. He was holding his mask in his had. Kyle looked into the face of a man who looked vaguely familiar but he wasn't sure how he knew him. The man was Caucasin and had jet black hair that was cut in a buzz cut. Kyle guessed him to be in his mid 30's. Kyle tried to speak but the ball gag muffled his speech. He looked up at the man pleading asking why with his eyes.

The man just looked at him and said, "It will all be explained once your father arrives." Kyle struggled against his bonds much like Superman would have but it was to no avail. He was bound tight. It was at this moment the office door opened and in walked Jeff. He saw his son bound and gag to the chair. His young lean muscles bulging in his tight body suit. His package about to burst free at any moment and God forgive him he felt a stirring in his groin. But, he quickly composed himself as he ran to his son. He was about to remove the gag when from behind he heard a familiar voice say, "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Jeff."

Jeff turned quickly and looked into the face of Stephen Dugan. He had a gun aimed at him. Jeff stood straight up and raised his hands in surrender saying, "Stephen, what's going on?"

Stephen spoke, "So you do remember me then."

"Of course I do. I was your attorney."

"Do you remember your promise to me when I was arrested for embezzlement? You promised that you would keep me out of prison. Do you remember that, Jeff?"

"Yes, of course I remember. But, it was beyond my control. The prosecution had a surprise witness and the trial turned just like that. I really am sorry.", said Jeff stepping closer to the gunman.

"Stop right there! Not another step closer.", Stephen waived the gun at Jeff. "Do you have any idea what happened to me in prison? I was not kept out of the general population. I was thrown in. My cell mate was a large black man who went by the name D. He raped me my first night in the cell. He told me that I was now his bitch and would do as he said if I knew what was good for me. From that point on I was never allowed to wear clothes when we were in our cell. He fucked me up the ass me every day. Sometimes making me sit on his huge cock and ride him for hours so he wouldn't have to do any of the work. I had to sleep in bed with him under the covers and suck him off every night. Sometimes he would cum down my throat 2 and 3 times a night. His dick was massive. Wide as a soda can and nearly 13 inches long. Sometimes I thought I'd pass out from lack of air. The prisoners in the others cells could see what was going on and they would just laugh and cheer as he sexually humiliated and used me. Sometimes the guards would stop and watch. Sometimes they would even get in on the act forcing me to press my exposed ass up to the bars so the could fuck me to. No one ever tried to help me."

Kyle struggled against his bonds as he and his father listened to Stephen depraved tale. He felt if he could break free he could rush the gunman and save the day.

Lost in his own memories Stephen kept talking,"D would do things just to humiliate me. He would make me crawl across our dirty cell floor completely naked and beg to suck his fat black dick. One day in the cafeteria I accidentally spilt his milk. He took down my pants and actually spanked me right there. Made me get over his lap. He even took down my briefs so that my backside was bared to everyone. A crowd of prisoners & guards alike gathered around us and watched as he spanked my ass bright red. I kicked my legs, I cried, I begged for mercy but he just kept spanking me until he had had his fill. He would even trade my body for things like a pack of smokes. He would let a fellow inmate fuck me in trade for a lousy pack of cigarettes." Then he just stopped speaking.

Jeff spoke, "I'm sorry, Stephen, really. I had no idea. But, I had nothing to do with that. I would never have allowed you to endure that had I known."

Snapped back to reality by the sound of Jeff's voice Stephen snarled, "But, it did happen and now your gonna feel some of the humiliation that I experienced. And to add to your humiliation your son is gonna help."

Kyle looked up at Jeff and Jeff down at Kyle. Jeff spoke, "Just what do you mean?" I mean your gonna expose yourself to me and your son the way I was forced to expose myself then your son's gonna satisfy himself sexually using your body so you can experience the degradation I had to.

At this point both Hyatt men were conflicted. On one hand this was a crazy individual and they were in great danger but at the same time here was another chance to explore one another sexually.

Stephen ordered Jeff to stand in front of Kyle and then he himself stood behind the bound teen. "Okay, Jeff, show us what you have. Remove that toga."

Jeff looked from Stephen to Kyle. Wordlessly he told his son it would be okay. He then pulled the toga up over his head and threw it to the ground. He now stood there in just his lace up sandals and purple and white polka dot bikini briefs.

Stephen laughed out loud and sarcastically said, "Sexy. Now spin around and show us that ass."

Jeff did as he was told exposing his own fat bubble butt to Stephen and his son. Stephen let out a loud whistle and said, "Damn!!!! I remember you having a big lard ass but it is even bigger than I recall. And the way it pours out of those slutty little briefs. Whew!!!" Much to his horror Kyle's cock began to grow and in in the Lycra body suit with his hands bound there was no hiding it. Stephen noticed this and comment, "Looks like your boy in enjoying the show." Kyle and Jeff both blushed as Stephen asked, "You like daddy's fat ass, boy?" embarrassed but mesmerized by his father's too large butt Kyle just gave a slow nod to say yes.

This was met by a roar of laughter from Stephen. "Well then get closer Jeff and show it to your boy."

Jeff took two steps back so that his ass was less than an inch from his son's face. Jeff could hear his sons breathing start to quicken and feel his hot breath graze his ample rear from around the ball gag. He knew Kyle must be as excited as he was even in this dangerous situation.

"Bend over!", snapped Stephen. "shove that fat ass out good and far. Stick it right in your son's face." Then to Kyle he said, "Get a good look at your daddy's lard ass in those tight slutty little undies." And then once more speaking to Jeff he said, "You like showing that big butt off in those trashy little briefs don't you?"

Jeff didn't answer he just hung his head in shame and thrust his enormous booty into his son's face. He felt aroused and ridiculous at the same time. Here he stood wearing nothing but scant little briefs and the lace up sandals from his costume as he was ordered to show off his voluptuous ass to his son.

"Reach back, Jeff, Play with that fat ass for your son. Feel it up good."

Reaching back slowly Jeff did what he knew he had to do. He ran his hands along his ample bottom and began feeling himself up just inches from his son's eager face. Kyle was bound tightly otherwise he would have been all over his father's ass by now worshiping and kissing it. "now slowly remove your 'panties', Jeff. Give your son a little strip tease."

Obeying, Jeff began swaying his hips from side to side as he did his large posterior jiggle and swayed back and forth as well. He slowly started to lower the briefs and then quickly pull then back up in an attempt to tease, as he had been instructed. He continued swaying and dancing to some unheard tune. His over sized butt shaking and bouncing up and down lewdly in his boy's face. He then hooked his thumbs into the tiny waistband of the minuscule bikini and bending slowly at the waist without bending his knees lowered the briefs to his ankles and stepped from them slowly.

Stephen laughed, "That's it. Now you see some of the humiliation that I was forced to endure. Now turn around!"

Jeff turned around and his cock was now exposed to Kyle and Stephen. Jeff's 8" cock was fully erect. He didn't want Stephen to see him like this but he couldn't help it exposing himself to Kyle and seeing Kyle all bound and gagged like that had really stirred something in him.

"You fucking pervert!", snapped Stephen. "Your getting off on this aren't you?" He then looked at Kyle's throbbing 9" erection inside it's tight Lycra prison. "Your both fucking perverts! Okay then lets have some fun. Jeff, get on your hands and knees and crawl across the room to your son's cock. And stick that plump rump high in the air."

Getting on his hands and knees Jeff began the degrading task of crawling on his hands and knees around the room. He felt like and animal. His throbbing boner bounced up and down against his hard tight stomach as he crawled. His ass was aimed skyward and his ass spread so that his ass puckered was exposed. the humiliation was great but his state of arousal greater. He reached Kyle's lap. Kyle still tried to undo his bonds but it was pointless.

With a sneer Stephen looked down at Jeff and said. "Now work your boy's cock through his costume using only your mouth. Jeff took a long pause looking up at Kyle. Kyle looked down at his father. Their eyes met and locked. Kyle wanted to scream out, 'Yes, suck my cock dad.!' but the ball gag prevented to so he simply gave a small nod and a smoldering look with his eyes telling his father it was just what he wanted.

Jeff began licking the length of his son's member. Then he would nibble along the shaft softly and playfully. It was hard to do much more using only his mouth and due to the fact that Kyle's cock was encased in the Lycra of his costume. But it still felt good to Kyle as he threw back his head and moan softly through his gag in ecstasy. Kyle's package was now drenched in his father's saliva. Drool dripped from Jeff's chin as he serviced his son as best he could.

Stephen began to speak once more. Once again he was lost in his memories as he said, "D used to love to force feed me his ass. Some times he'd just sit on my face with all his weight and feed me that dark pucker. Sometimes he'd tie me down to the bed so I couldn't move. And then other times he would have his buddies take turns holding me down and they would all take turns forcing me to eat their asses. One day I was made to service 21 black asses at one time. As soon as one guy decided he was done another climbed on my face making me eat him out. It went on for hours. There were points where I thought I'd pass out from lack of air but still I had to do as I was told. Other prisoners watching. Guards ignored my humiliation." As he spoke Stephen rubbed at his crotch, which even through the robe of his costume was obviously hard. As much as he talked about how awful this all was it was becoming quit clear that there was a part of him that got off on the humiliation and degradation he had endured.

Once again something snapped him back from his memories and he looked down at Kyle, who was still being serviced by Jeff, and said, "Okay, Superman, now it's your turn to force feed your own fat ass to dear old dad." With that he pushed Jeff off of Kyle's cock and ordered him to untie and remove the gag from Kyle. Jeff did as instructed as Stephen held the gun on both men. Then he ordered Kyle to remove his costume.

Kyle removed the cape and blue Lycra body suit. Peeling the suit down over his own ample bottom. Underneath Kyle were a bright red g-string so as to avoid a pantie line under his costume. Stephen laughed hard at seeing this and said, "Like father, like son." Kyle's cock was hard and popping out the front of his tiny string. He stood before his father and Stephen in just his tiny red g-string and matching red boots of his costume. Stephen circled around the teen and grabbed a handful of his ample ass saying,"Damn that ass is even bigger than daddy's. Why don't you remove you nasty little string and feed daddy some of that lard ass, boy?"

Kyle looked at his father as if to ask for permission. Jeff whispered, "Do as he says." Kyle pulled the thin string of his butt floss from between his mountains of ass and pulled it down over his boots tossing it aside. Now father and son stood side by side naked except for their shoes. Jeff in his lace up sandals and Kyle in his shiny red boots.

Stephen ordered Jeff to lie on the floor on his back. Then to Kyle he said, "Now sit on his face and make him eat your hole good. Spread those fat ass cheeks good and wide and really sit on is face hard. Show him no mercy."

This nasty talk had father and son both aroused beyond belief. Kyle lowered himself onto his father's face and began grinding his tight anus into his father's mouth. Jeff's tongue was out and he was lapping at his son's puckered hole. Stephen was calling out, "Hard really grind your ass in there boy. Make your father eat you out good. Wrap that balloon like ass around his face."

Kyle started getting into it. He began bouncing up and down on his father's tongue with wild abandon. He loved the way his mustache felt against his tender ass hole. His own fat erect dong bounced and slapped against his father's chest. Soon Kyle found himself lost in lust and yelling out shit like, "That's it dad eat my ass. Bury your fucking face between those fat cheeks."

Stephen just laughed at this as he groped he cock. By this point he had removed his rob and was openly feeling himself up through his jeans. Jeff was getting into things as well reaching up and grabbing his son's big fleshy bottom and feeling him up as he was "forced" to eat ass.

Kyle could feel his father's tongue invade him and he like it. He liked it a lot so he pushed back harder really making his dad service him. Jeff was becoming light headed at the lack of oxygen but didn't want this to end. He kept rimming Kyle like a champ. Then without warning it all stopped as Stephen pulled Kyle up off his father saying I think it's time for daddy's next level of punishment. He then pushed Kyle aside and dragged Jeff, who was still gasping for air, to his feet and pushed him face down over his desk so that his ass was aimed skyward.

Stephen then undid his own belt and pulled it from the loops quickly. The belt made SWOOOSH sound as it cut threw the air. He held the belt out to Kyle saying, "It's time for daddy's spanking."

Kyle had been forced to spank his father once before at the hands of a sadistic police officer who had pulled Jeff over for speeding. The whole situation had been quit erotic and Kyle was looking forward to the opportunity to do it again. Kyle positioned himself behind Jeff. He pulled his arm back quickly to build momentum and then he brought it down hard on his father's over stuffed ass cushions. CRACK!!!

The leather of the belt cut into Jeff's flesh bottom. Jeff yells out and pitched forward. His ample booty jiggled at the assault. Though he knew it was wrong this whole scenario was turning Kyle on more than he had remembered. He was enjoying having the tables turned and being the one to administer punishment to his father. And the way his ass bounced and jiggled was a huge turn on to the teen. He pulled back and brought the belt down again. Jeff let out a loud "YYYEEEOOWWW!!!!" Fortunately everyone was 9 floor below then so no one heard he call out.

Stephen now had his left hand down his pants fondling himself as he held the gun in his right. Kyle was also getting into disciplining his dad. He started bringing the belt down harder and faster on Jeff's large muscular glutes.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The belt flew through the air and came down hard on Jeff's well rounded bottom. Jeff was yelling out in a combination of pain and pleasure. He threw his head back as he cried out for mercy begging his son to stop. While at the same time Stephen let him know that if he did it would be Kyle who got spanked next. Not wanting this Kyle kept assaulting his pleading father's ass cakes. Not only that but Kyle was enjoying the power he had over his father at this point. And the way his ass moved was magnificent.

Stephen knew that sooner or later Jeff would break and would not let Kyle let up until he did. Then it happened. Jeff began to whimper and soon his whimpers turned into full blown tears. His ass was glowing red and he was crying openly like a baby from the pain the spanking was inflicting on his soft tender ass flesh.

This was enough for Stephen who ordered Kyle to stop the assault on his father's huge hiney. Kyle stopped and Stephen walked around the desk shoving his face in Jeff's and saying, "Humiliating isn't it? Well imagine dealing with this sort of this sort of things every day for 7 long years." Then without skipping a beat he barked out, "Now get on the floor on your hand sand knees like a dog."

Jeff wiped the tears from his eyes and got down on all fours. Then to Kyle Stephen said, "Now fuck him, dry!!"

Jeff looked up at Stephen, his face stained with tears, "Please, no. My ass is on fire from the spanking. I won't be able to take it. The pain will be too much."

With a laugh and a sneer all Stephen said was, "Tough!" He then waived the gun in Kyle's direction encouraging him to get the fucking started.

Kyle could see his father was in real pain. Yet surprisingly his erection never wavered. Kyle got behind his father froggy style and aimed at his winking hole. As he entered his father Jeff screamed out. Kyle bent down and whispered, "Sorry", in his father's ear. Much to Kyle's surprise Jeff looked back over his shoulder, smiled through the tears and said, "It's okay son. Fuck me. Fuck me hard." At that point Kyle realized that his dad was getting off on this as much as he was. That though aroused him more than any other and he determined he would fuck his father better than he ever had before.

Kyle didn't start slow he started full force thrusting his cock deep into Jeff. Jeff was screaming out as Kyle's pelvis made contact with his well spanked bottom. He could feel Kyle's cock flexing in him. Kyle would slam his meat all the way in then pull it all the way out and then quickly slam it all the way in again. Jeff was screaming out with lust as his son rammed him hard.

By this point Stephen had pulled his raging hard on out through the zipper of his jeans and was stroking his 6.5" member over Kyle and Jeff yelling out things like, "That's it fuck his fat ass boy. Fuck your daddy good and hard." And Kyle did.

At one point Kyle looked down and caught a glimpse of his bright red boots and his father's glowing red ass and thought how closely they matched. This spurred him on and he rammed Jeff harder. Jeff was screaming out. Pain, pleasure & humiliation mingled in a wonderfully delightful combination. Stephen continued stroking his cock until he erupted. His warm man juices spilling out and saturating Jeff's back as Kyle fucked him.

Next it was Kyle's turn. He kept banging Jeff's over sized ass melons as his own seed came forth filling his father's bowls with an inviting warmth. Kyle yelled out in pleasure and kept ramming Jeff who was not able to stop his own flow of jizz from spilling out onto the carpet of his office floor. He was still screaming out as Kyle exited his now gaping hole.

Stephen tucked his now shrinking dick back into his jeans as he ordered Kyle and Jeff to stand back to back. Stephen's load was running down Jeff's back and down over his ass. Jeff and his son now stood back to back. Their larger than life rumps grinding into one another. Stephen's sticky seed squishing between their acres of ass. Stephen then proceeded to tie them tightly back to back. Once he was sure they were secure he laid the duo on their sides on the floor. He reinserted the ball gag in Kyle's mouth and pulled another from the pocket of his Grim Reaper robe and secured it firmly in Jeff's mouth. He then made his way for the door. Before leaving he turned and looked back and Jeff saying, "Maybe next time you'll do your job a little bit better and not make promises you can't keep." Then he was gone.

Kyle and Jeff spent the next 12 hours like this. They would struggle and wiggle trying to free themselves. Each man could feels the others massive ass jiggle as he struggled and each man spent the night incredibly aroused much to his surprise.

It wasn't until the next morning when Jeff's assistant, Jason, showed up to place the mail on Jeff's desk that the father and son were discovered. Jason who it just so happened was gay took note that both men were completely hard and that Kyle was a full inch larger than his sexy father. The sight of the two muscular large rumped studs bound, gagged and naked with the exception of their boots & sandals caused a stirring in the young asistants loins. He took great time in untying them, enjoying the show he was seeing. He took note of the dried cum on them and even took the opportunity to grope both men's ample back sides as he untied them.

When both men were untied Jason asked what had happened. Jeff spoke before Kyle could, saying that they were assaulted by an unknown masked man. He felt bad for what Stephen had endured in prison and felt that now that he had his revenge that would be the last they would see of the man. Plus though he would never admit it he had enjoyed this latest encounter with his son.

Kyle needed no explanation. He knew exactly why his father had done what he had done so he backed up his story. He too had enjoyed the night he and his father had gone through. Of course neither man would ever admit it and it would not be discussed. But still they both knew that this memory would be another reason to love Halloween all the more.

The End


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