Saturday, January 24, 2015

More From Jamie

Jamie recently sent me the first pic showing of his lean muscular chest and gave me his permission to post this on the blog. But this is after all a blog that celebrates the beauty of the male booty so I didn't want to post just a chest shot, even if he does have a nice one. So I went back to Jamie letting him know that while I was thankful for the pic and would love to post it I needed an ass shot to go with it. It didn't take much for Jamie to see my point of view. At that point he gave me permission to post the second pic. This one showing off his round rump. I hope you enjoy this round of pics from our shy exhibitionist.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jamie is Humbled and Excited by Support

Once again Jamie has been kind enough to submit a couple of new pics for me to share here. He again submitted a write up to go with the pics, which I have posted below and highlighted in red. I want to thank him again for sharing more of his round rump with us and for his kind words about me and the blog. I think he gives me too much credit but still I appreciate his comments. Judging from the number of comments on his first post I would say that everyone likes what this shy exhibitionist has to share so please enjoy his latest pics. And keep the comments coming. ; )

Hesitant and excited were the words I used to describe how I felt when BubbleButtLuvr first nicely asked me to take pictures and then asked for permission to post them. It's no longer hesitant but rather humbled and excited that describes my feelings now that I took that huge, important and correct step. Before JIHT I did feel awful and self conscious if someone said I had a big ass.  BubbleButtLuvr's warm support and your wonderful response is truly humbling and exciting. Never thought about it but I guess he was right when he said that I may be shy but there's an exhibitionist under the surface.

I've always liked to make people happy. BubbleButtLuvr has been so amazingly kind and nicely encouraging that I've really wanted to make him and JIHT readers happy. He told me that I have lots of fans. WOW!! Now that I've read every one of your remarks and wish that I could respond to each individually  The fan comment that I liked the most was the guy who said be to proud of what God gave you and show it off. I'm not very religious but I'm determined to follow his directive because you guys seem to like it. BubbleButtLuvr asked if my ass jiggled and bounced. Since that's what he likes I have a couple of pics that sort of show that and I've told him he can share them with you guys. 

Thanks for all of the support. I truly do want to make all of you happy. Somebody told me that he wanted to help me start my own blog. I said no cuz I wanna stick with junkinhistrunk. Let BubbleButtLuvr know if you want more. He's my director. 
     Love - Jamie