Saturday, April 11, 2020

Fan Fiction By Archie

Several weeks back I received a very nice email from a guy named Archie. He commented on my new Lance & Lloyd series and said how glad he was to see I was writing again. We began emailing back and forth and he asked if I would appreciate a fan fiction based on Lance & Lloyd. I am very protective of my characters and my answer to that would normally be ‘I appreciate the offer but I’d rather you didn’t’. But for sone reason I trusted these characters in Archie’s hands. I can’t say why exactly, maybe it was the way he approached me or how well he seemed to understand them but whatever it was I gave my blessing. He sent me the story in parts as it progressed and asked for my thoughts. And he came up with a story that I feel is true to the characters I created and even tapped into another aspect of Lloyd that felt very natural. I am honored that he took the time to create another chapter for these two characters. And delighted to share it with everyone here.

You will note I did not title this as number 6 six in the series as I did not write it. It is a work of fan fiction and I am labeling it as such. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Lance & His Stepdad: The Pump (Fan Fiction)

by Archie

It had been an interesting summer for Lance now that he was staying at home with his mother and her new husband, Lloyd. The awkward, socially inept professor was an incredibly hot man; his incredibly muscular 6’7 frame made him look more like a professional athlete than an awkward economics professor, and his complete lack of body hair from the neck down gave the strange, older man a kind of sexy swimmer vibe. 
        But of course the real show was what went on below the waist for Lloyd. Lloyd’s ass was without a doubt the biggest, fattest, most tantalizing ass Lance had ever seen. Even on his towering 6’7 frame, his ass absolutely ballooned out. Fit men often had their asses described as being a shelf; Lloyd’s was like an entire desk. The fat, jiggling ass cheeks absolutely defied belief, both in their beauty and sheer size. 
        Even just seeing Lloyd dressed and heading into work was an erotic sight for Lance. Lloyd often wore sheer, stretched-to-the-point-of-breaking underwear under his packed tweed slacks; a valiant attempt to restrain the epic ass and squeeze it into something that could be considered “office appropriate”.
        But around the house Lloyd was a complete nudist, which meant that his fat, jiggling ass was always on full display for Lance’s erotic and frustrated delight. Lloyd’s fat ass was matched only by his obliviousness around the permanently hard Lance. The tall, sexy professor was frequently dropping things, or bending down to look for something; causing his enormous cheeks to spread and show off his erotic, hairless pink asshole for Lance to feast his eyes on. 
        Well really, his huge ass was matched by two things; his obliviousness and his massive, monster cock. Not only was Lloyd blessed with a gorgeous muscle-daddy bod and an ass that made Lance positively want to dive face-first into, but he was also blessed with what was unquestionably the biggest, fattest, longest cock Lance had ever seen. 
        Just soft Lloyd’s cock hung down a massive and heavy 9-inches, without a trace of hair to disguise the raw size of his massive dickmeat. Lloyd’s huge horsecock was the same fair, soft colour as his skin, however it had soft, distinct purple veins running down the length. Combined with the massive, dark purple head of the cock, it combined to look drastically more ‘masculine’ than anything else on the professor’s soft, hairless body. 
        In addition to his massive horsecock, Lloyd had an equally massive set of low hanging bull balls. Each one was easily the size of a large lemon, and hung down in his loose, hairless sack almost 8-inches. Their sheer size made them swing and sway as he walked, and often when Lloyd turned particularly quickly it would cause his heavy balls and fat cock to swing and slap audibly against his thighs. 
        His first few weeks living with Lloyd had been a whirlwind of sexual pleasure and frustration for Lance. He desperately craved to bury himself inside his stepfather’s fat, beautiful ass or to taste his massive, 13-inch megacock that Lance frequently saw on full display. 
        Lance had begun to structure his entire days around making sure that he was home and available at 3pm, when his stepfather likes to masturbate openly in the livingroom and always invited Lance to join him. 
        Their erotic bonding had become one of the sexiest things Lance could think of, but he had started to wish that he could take a more active role in whatever their ‘sexual relationship’ was. 
        A few weeks into the summer Lance received just such an opportunity. Lance had been in his room for most of the day, doing typical college student things; sleeping late, jerking off, and playing online video games. 
        “So man, you wanna queue again?” his best friend Michael asked, over his headset. 
        “Sure, I’m down” Kyle responded, another childhood friend of Lance’s. 
        “Yeah guys, I’d love to-” Lance began, when a chime sounded on his cellphone. 
Glancing over at it, Lance saw that it was the ‘Lloyd O’Clock’ alarm he had set, to ensure he always made it downstairs for 3pm. 
“Oh shit, sorry guys I gotta-” Lance began, when his friends interrupted him.
“Go help your stepdad, we know” the two boys laughed in unison. 
“One of these days you gotta let us meet him, seems like you guys spend a lot of time together” Michael said, trying not to let the jealousy creep into his voice. 
“I’m glad my dad never re-married, I feel like it would be weird” Kyle offered, his own relationship with his father Jeff something he was unlikely to share with his friends. 
“Hah, maybe” Lance laughed, pausing for a minute to imagine what it would be like to invite his friends over. 
“Oh hey guys, grab a seat anywhere” he would say to them, jerking off his own small cock while Lloyd took enormous, foot-long strokes of his ginormous cock while a raunchy porno played on the screen. 
A reminded beep from his phone jarred him from the conversation, Lance knew that Lloyd rarely hesitated to get the fun started without him. 
“I’ll talk to you guys later,” Lance offered, before hastily closing Discord and pulling off his shirt, heading for the door. 
“Sorry Lloyd, I was- ah!” Lance squealed, as he turned the corner. 
Down at the landing was Lloyd, still wearing his packed tweed shorts and his starched, button-up as he stood beside the open door, talking to Mrs.Manners, a local church busybody, and her son, Eric. 
Eric had been one of the boys who was fond of bullying Lance way back in highschool, and there was a 100% chance that Lance had just flashed both of them his short, barely 4-inch cock as he rounded the corner.
“Ah Lance, we’ve got a bit of company at the moment” laughed Lloyd, oblivious to how embarrassed his stepson was at flashing strangers his below average cock and balls. 
“Mrs.Manners and her son here were just doing a round-up for the church garage sale, weren’t you?”
Mrs.Manners was a harsh, conservative woman who had already disliked having to bring her son over to Professor Tuttle’s house. It was bad enough that he frequently paraded around in the early morning in his depraved nakedness, but apparently the whole family was in on the antics, she thought to herself. 
“Ahem yes, I won’t try to keep you any longer,” Mrs.Manners replied, her harsh voice and judgemental looks totally lost on the innocent Professor Lloyd.
“Just make sure to drop off your donations at the church before this weekend. Come along, Eric”
“Nice seeing you again, short stick!” Eric called up the stairs, cheerfully reminding Lance of his unfortunate nickname in high school after his peers had discovered just how underhung the young Lance was.
Shutting the door behind them, Lloyd bound jovially up the stairs and patted the blushing, naked Lance on the back. 
“Sorry about that son, I lost track of time chatting to that nice woman!”
“Yeah, she’s a real peach” Lance muttered, his face flush with embarrassment and his cock now shrunk back up to a pitiful 2-inches.
“We’ll have to delay our little fun this afternoon, but if you help me go through some of the boxes in the garage it should go twice as fast!” Lloyd beamed, his own swollen package straining at his slacks in protest of the delayed afternoon ejaculation. 
Reaching up the stairs to fetch his discarded shorts, Lance begrudgingly pulled them up over his slim frame and headed into the garage with his stepfather. 
“A-a-a-and this one makes fifteen!” Lloyd heaved, carrying another old cardboard box down from their small storage area into the garage where the other boxes had been organized. 
The two had been working for more than an hour, with Lance rooting around the garage crawl space and looking for boxes while Lloyd carried up large, heavy boxes from the basement. 
It was sweaty, miserable, laborious work during a time that Lance would normally be stroking himself off eye-fucking his sexy stepfather; something his nagging, insistent erection kept reminding him of. 
The only consolation prize of the afternoon so far had been seeing Lloyd come up from the basement after his second box had begun to make him hot and sweaty. Feeling warm and worried that he didn’t want to tear his work clothes doing home chores, Lloyd quickly unbuttoned his shirt and peeled himself out of his tight, plain button-up. 
Lance froze in his tracks and licked his lips, always eager to see the sexy DILF disrobe in front of him. Lance’s short erection gave an approving lurch in his shorts as Lloyd’s immense barrel chest and huge, vascular arms came into view. It was incredible really that such a sexy, impressive sight was really the most boring part of him. 
Once the shirt was off, Lloyd unbuttoned his tweed slacks and began the sexy, agonizing process of freeing himself from the tight confines of his slacks. A normal man would just unbutton his slacks, lower the zipper and then slip them off his hips. More muscular men might need to work the material over their broad thighs or give them an extra tug here-or-there to get them off. 
But Lloyd was no ordinary man, and the professor’s sexy elephantine ass required considerable wiggling and jiggling to be set free. First he had to haul his massive package out of the slack; an already impressive task given the enormous size of his 9-inch softie and massive, lemon sized balls. 
Lance couldn’t see this part, as Lloyd had his back turned to him as he disrobed, but Lance had seen it enough times that he could easily visualize the sight of Lloyd hauling his massive package out and dropping it free. 
Lloyd’s underwear was always a surprising delight for Lance to see. The underwear that his mother bought for him was extremely boring, vanilla underwear. Often something Fruit of the Loom, badly fitted and either bright white or plain black. 
Lloyd on the other hand was prone to buying himself extremely bright Andrew Christian or Marco Marco boxer briefs. He had explained to Lance that he liked the colours and thought they were ‘neat’. Lance wasn’t sure about the colours, but he had to admit that the first time he saw Lloyd’s elephantine ass and huge horsecock squeezed into one of those sexy bright undergarments, he had promptly excused himself to the bathroom and jerked off almost immediately. 
Lloyd gave the telltale sigh of relief as he finally got his monster basket free, a sign that the wiggling was about to begin. Once his massive basket was free from the slacks, Lloyd could begin the arduous process of extracting his massive, muscular backside from them. 
Lloyd could only get the waistband of his slim trousers over the first ¼ of his enormously protruding ass. Once it reached that part it began too tight of a fit, and he had to jiggle and wiggle his ass to get one side and then the other free. The effort was mildly humiliating to the well-endowed educator, but the sight of his massive ass jiggling and rippling its way to freedom never failed to send a jolt of erotic thrill through Lance’s system. 
As he was watching his sexy stepfather shake and shimmy his mighty glutes to freedom, Lance seriously considered pulling out his short cock and just stroking one out right there in the garage. 
He didn’t think Lloyd would notice him, placed up in the crawlspace as he was, and even if he was caught he doubted Lloyd would be perturbed. As long as he didn’t mention that he was jerking off imagining his face buried deeply between the massive mounds of his stepfather, it was unlikely he would even get a second glance for pounding his pud. 
Deciding to go for it, Lance carelessly placed the box he was carrying on a shelf besides an older, unlabeled box. Trying to be quick so as to not miss the show, Lance barely spared the box a second glance as he yanked his shorts down and began to fist his small cock to the sexy sight. 
Lance’s furious stroking to the sight of his stepfather’s emerging ass began to shake the shelf beside him however, and before he could bust his nut the two boxes slipped from the shelf and crashed loudly to the floor.
Fuck” yelped Lance, instinctually shoving his leaking, fully-boned cock into his shorts and ducking down as his handsome father turned to see what the comotion was. 
“Son, everything okay up there?” asked Lloyd, his cheerful and carefree voice in stark difference to his sexy, massive size. 
“Er, yeah professor, nothing to worry about,” Lance replied, stuffing his aborted ejaculation back into his shorts and bending down to sort through the boxes. 
“I just knocked over this…” looking over the contents of the box, Lance’s eyes grew wide with erotic surprise. No fucking wayhe thought to himself. 
“I keep telling you, son” Lloyd sighed, as he made his way up the crawlspace to check on Lance, “We’re family now, and you don’t have to call me…”
But the words died in Lloyd’s throat as he came up into the space and found his new stepson hunched over an old box of his. It was filled to the brim with pills, creams, rings, and most obviously of all: his old, Stallion 300 Penis Pump. 
For the first time since they had met each other, Lance saw a genuine flush of embarrassment creep into Lloyd’s handsome face as he held up the contents of the box. 
“P-professor, I’m so sorry,” stammered an embarrassed Lance, “I was just up here and I… didn’t…”
If Lance had noticed something about the contents of the box, his train of thought became completely derailed when he was what Lloyd was wearing. 
Lance thought he had noticed Lloyd’s strange, brightly-coloured lightning patterned socks earlier in the day. He hadn’t said anything at the time because it didn’t seem worth mentioning, but here in his nearly-naked glory Lance saw that Lloyd had matching underwear. 
If you could even call them underwear, Lance thought to himself. 
Lloyd bound up the stairs wearing a dark black pair of Andrew Christians, adorned with lightning bolts on the fabric that was desperately trying to hold in Lloyd’s massive package. The underwear was clearly meant to be a booty cut for muscular gay men, but Lloyd’s monster package had stretched the fabric to the absolute brink. 
Even soft his massive cock and balls had stretched the pouch to the absolute brink, with the elastic trim of the garment not even making contact with his inner thighs. His monster cock was so big that when it was crammed into that tiny, thin black material, it seemed to defy physics as it held his monster package suspended in mid-air. 
The uncharacteristically embarrassed Lloyd had frozen in his tracks when he climbed up the stairs to see that his son had discovered his old box of size enhancement equipment. Blinking in surprise, Lloyd turned around conspiratorially to make sure nobody had seen and then closed the door behind him. 
This uncharacteristic behaviour was entirely lost on Lance, of course, because Lloyd turning around just gave Lance access to a second show; the epic struggle of Lloyd’s tiny booty shorts trying, and failing, to contain the sexy man’s epic manass. 
If the front pouch of Lloyd’s cute underwear were stretched thin trying to contain his huge horsecock, it was clear that the rear had lost the battle entirely. The rear of the underwear was meant to ride just over the ass of the wearer; showcasing the curvature of their ass while still providing some modicum of coverage. 
Lloyd’s elephantine manass was far too big to be contained however, which meant that the cute trim of the shorts could just barely stretch over the halfway mark of his gigantic glutes. 
That was revealing enough as-is, but the practical problem with having an ass as epic as Lloyd’s meant that whenever he turned or moved, his monster derriere tended to move and jiggle alongside him. Without being manually adjusted, this caused his thin booty shorts to ride up and high; constantly being engulfed by Lloyd’s hungry ass and turning the already-skant booty briefs into what was functionally a thong. 
“Ah, son, you seem to have, uh-” Lloyd cast around, unaccustomed to being anything but honest and confident. 
“How-how did that get there? I think this must, uh, belong to somebody else,” he covered, lamely. 
Lance might have been one walking hard-on during Lloyd’s involuntary show, but even he caught the obvious and out-of-character evasion on Lloyd’s behalf. 
“Professor, are you sure?” asked Lance, feigning obliviousness, “I think this looks kinda like a penis pump, don’t you think?”
A fucking expensive one too, thought Lance. He had looked into them during high school when the reality had begun to set in that his cock was barely breaking the 5-inch mark. The Stallion 300 was considered a top-of-the-line model, but at a cost of nearly $5000 Lance wasn’t in a place to afford one himself. 
“I don’t- I’m not, I’m not sure,” Lloyd sputtered, a red flush creeping into his face, “Are- is that a thing? I’ve never heard of-”
A hunch cut through Lance’s eroticly fogged brain and sparked. 
“Professor, did this used to be yours?”
Lloyd was now clearly red with embarrassment, and the flush had crept down into his muscular neck and his enormous, barrel chest. Lloyd fiddled with his glasses nervously and didn’t meet Lance’s eyes. 
“P-please, Lance, we-we’re family, and I don’t…”
“Did this used to be yours, daddy?” Lance had played his trump card, and it cut straight through to Lloyd. 
Biting his lower lip, Lloyd finally met his son’s quizzical gaze with his own sheepish one. 
“Okay son, so I might have left out a few details of my youth” Lloyd finally admitted, his shoulders slumping but the red flush retreating from his body somewhat. 
“Y’see son, remember when I told you that the boys in my class used to tease me for my big buns in high school?”
“Uh-huh” Lance nodded, smirking to himself at the big buns remark. 
Kyle has big swimmer buns, Lance thought to himself, your ass is in an olympic class of their own.
“Well the truth his I did always have these big buns here even when I was young,” Lloyd explained, absentmindedly slapping his huge hindquarters for emphasis and sending a shockwave through them that made his sexy backside wobble and jiggle for a good 5 seconds after his hands left. 
“But my frontside didn’t grow at the same rate as my behind did, so when I was really young I was the smallest guy in my class” Lloyd admitted. 
This admission froze Lance’s breath in his throat. Lloyd hadn’t always had that enormous elephant cock?
“The truth is son, a bunch of the boys started teasing me really seriously when I was around 17” Lloyd recalled, “they used to say that I had a big, blubbery girls’ ass and a baby dick to go with it”
“I think I was just a late bloomer though, since once I turned 18 my dick had started to catch up with the other boys” Lloyd continued, “But that summer I also got a nice summer job, and I save up every single penny that I earned.”
        “I didn’t go on dates, or go to the movies, or anything that summer. I just saved every dollar I earned and when August came I bought this bad boy right here,” Lloyd finished, reaching over and patting the Stallion 300 in friendly emphasis. 
        Lance gawked at the machine in dreamy admiration. So this was the machine that had chugged down countless mega loads from his stepfather’s massive meatstick. 
        As Lloyd patted the machine down in a young, wistful reverence, Lance saw that his already stretched briefs began to elongate and groan as Lloyd’s massive member began to stiffen up at the memory. His cock had already been too small for the slim garment when he was soft, but now that he was beginning to stiffen up it was clear that his horsecock was far too big for the sexy underwear.
        Groaning in sexual tension, Lloyd reached down to adjust himself absent-mindedly, moving his massive cock to the left and allowing the huge, almost foot-long cock to snake along his hip as the gigantic purple head of his cock continued to press outwards for freedom and leave a long, thick line of drool as it went. 
        “Ahem, but like I said, son” Lloyd beamed, reaching down and giving his stepson’s aching erection a reaffirming squeeze as he continued on, “the size of a man’s member doesn’t really matter, as much as what’s inside his hea-”
        “Can you show me?” Lance suddenly asked, interrupting Lloyd’s heartfelt (if unusual) fatherly chat.
        “I- I’m sorry?” Lloyd asked, surprised at his son’s sudden assertiveness. 
        “Can you show me how it works?” Lance asked, licking his lips in anticipation at the thought of it. 
        Lance couldn’t help but imagine it. He pictured himself walking through the house, his own 10-inch cock swaying from side-to-side as he walked. Confidently jerking off beside his stepdad, or going to the gym and slowly hauling his own massive cock out as Eric’s jaw dropped to the floor and his jealous eyes bugged out of his head. 
        Lance imagined stroking his newly massive cock, inspiring the same kind of lustful awe as his own stepfather had in himself while Eric jerked his smaller cock off in a horny, wanton spectacle. 
        “Like I said Lance, my cock had already started growing when I bought it, so I’m sure that-” Lloyd began, trying to reason with his stepson even as his own cock was throbbing in the tight confines of his sexy booty shorts. 
        Lloyd’s massive cock just ached to feel the soft, sucking hum of that pump again. 
        “Please, daddy? It would really mean a lot to me, the other boys make fun of me so much,” Lance pouted, knowing that Lloyd’s good nature was too strong.
        “Son I, uh,” Lloyd began, but the earnest look on his son’s face melted his heart.
        Glancing down at his expensive cock pump, Lloyd felt his already throbbing cock give an enormous lurch in his tiny booty briefs. Lloyd’s huge horsecock was rock hard and was pulling his briefs a good 6-inches away from his body. If he didn’t get off soon, it was likely that his giant cock was going to tear its way free of his overstuffed underwear.
        “Alright son, let’s head into your room and we’ll take it for a spin”
        Lance could hardly believe his horny luck as he and Lloyd padded into his room. Lance had come to think of the living room as their ‘communal’ stroking area, but having his sexy stepfather in his bedroom felt strangely sexy to Lance; he could almost imagine Lloyd pulling out his monster cock and ordering him down on his knees, putting him eye-level with the massive meatstick before he-
“Okie-doke son, could you do your old man a favour and plug this in for me?” Lloyd interrupted his sexy daydream, offering a power cable connected to a small black box to him.
“Uh, sure” Lance replied, dropping down onto his knees for the much less sexy chore of crawling under the bed to plug the device into his night stand powerbar. 
As he climbed back out however, Lance came face-to-face with Lloyd’s massive cock just like in his fantasy. Lloyd had taken the chance to peel himself fron his overpacked underwear while Lance was down plugging the device in, and the musky odour of Lloyd’s delicious, heavy precum had filled the air of Lance’s bedroom. Lance could feel his already straining cock give a lurch of approval in his own tight slacks. 
Opening the box, Lloyd withdrew 3 items: a small analogue control switch, the large glass vacuum pump, and what looked like a small bottle of lubrication. Finding his position, Lloyd sat his massive elephantine ass beside Lance on the bec; his enormously engorged cock slapping against his pecs as he sat and leaving a string of cocksnot connecting the head to where it made contact, just below Lloyd’s huge muscle-tits.
Shit, I bet he could suck his own fat cock so easily Lance thought, causing another shudder to run through his painfully erect small cock.
“So this stuff is kinda expensive,” warned Lloyd, popping the cap on the bottle and pouring some of the clear, viscous liquid atop the massive mushroom head of his immense cock, “but it should -ooh that’s warm- help with the, er, enlargement process”
Lloyd was attempting to be fatherly and instructional during the explanation, but it was clear that the luxurious lube was having an effect on him; Lloyd’s hand was unconsciously taking slow, footlong strokes of his monster cock during the conversation. Lance was used to seeing Lloyd try and make conversation while pounding his pud, but the way his eyes rolled back into his head and the tremor in his voice suggested to Lance that the lube was having quite the pleasurable effect on his father’s huge horsecock.
“You, ah, you want to use the lube to help squeeze in,” explained Lloyd, groaning erotically as he slowly fed his huge cock into the glass tube; Lance’s shrimpy cock would have been lost in the XXL tube, but could see that Lloyd’s beast just barely fit. 
“Once you’re in you can tighten or loosen the seal -here- and -here-” Lloyd explained, demonstrating how to tighten or loosen the seal on the device. 
Lance could feel like he was already on the verge of cumming; if his stepfather could see his raging little cock, it would be clear to even the most casual glance that an orgasm was imminent. 
What surprised Lance however was that Lloyd appeared to be fairly close himself. Just the process of snugging his massive 13-inch cock into place had Lloyd short of breath, and his sculpted, hairless body was already covered in a sheen of sweat.
“Ahem, now son, we would be ready to begin” Lloyd informed him, gesturing the majestic sight of his monstrous cock in full glory, the huge cock already filling probably 95% of the tube’s capacity.
Picking up the small control device, Lance looked at his horny father-figure with an eager, lustful expression.
“Can I turn it on now, daddy?” He asked, knowing that the horny Lloyd was unlikely to be able to deny him.
Blinking and sweating, Lloyd looked down at his young stepson. Lloyd was always confident about his body and he was accustomed to ejaculating in the presence of the young man, but he was surprisingly nervous about this formerly private act of his youth.
“I -ah- I guess you can, son” he conceded, his hosecock lurching and spewing precursor constantly at this point, “ju- just be careful and keep it-“
Lloyd was unable to finish this thought however, as Lance immediately switch the device on to a quiet, but sudden, hum. Even just turning the machine on low, the effect was immediately apparent. Lloyd’s cock shot straight up, the formerly bouncing cock now so bonehard that it could barely move. The machine hummed away, mostly silently if it weren’t for the sound of a drainage device absorbing the constant, steady flow of Lloyd’s precum. The device might have been silent, but Lloyd was anything but.
“Oh h-holy f-f-f-fucking shit” Lloyd cried, in almost immediate ecstasy. 
The warm, humming sensation immediately sent him back to the joyous, horny days of his youth, when he spent hours with the humming device wrapped around his turgid cock.
“O-o-oh my fucking God” Lloyd groaned, both of his hands unconsciously reaching up to play with his sensitive, enlarged nipples. 
Lance’s jaw dropped open at the sight of his sexy, overhung stepdad laying there; groaning and moaning, playing with his swollen nipples like a slut in head while the premium pump hummed away on his enormous cock.
Yanking off his shorts, Lance finally gave in and began to furiously pound his own short pud to the sight of his sexy stepdad being pleasured by this machine. He almost couldn’t believe how hot this strange, oblivious man could get. 
Not to mention his huge horsecock, with the monster purple head looking even bigger and the thick, purple veins running cross-cross down the shaft feeding blood into the massive and clearly enlarged meat. Lance briefly considered just being happy with the sight, but decided to push the envelope.
        “Gee Professor, seems like it’s working pretty well,” Lance quipped, trying to lay his enthusiasm on as thick as possible, “Do you think I could get that big one day if I used it a lot?”
        The sudden question cut through Lloyd’s erotic haze, bringing back the unfamiliar feeling of embarrassment into the sexy, overhung man. Lloyd’s hands reluctantly released his tender, sensitive nipples  and his eyes fluttered open; it felt so fucking good, but he was supposed to be running a lesson here. 
        “A-ah L-Lance, I was j-just-” Lloyd tried to use his most authoritative professorial voice, but the overwhelming sensations had stolen his tongue. 
        “I saw you playing with your nipples Professor” Lance offered, reaching his free hand over and taking a playful tug of the sensitive nub.
        “Is that how your cock got to be so big, Professor?”
        “It, ah-  that doesn’t have anything to do with-”
        “Then how come you play with them so much, Professor?” Lance asked, now openly tugging and rubbing Lloyd’s sensitive nipples; eliciting a lusty moan from the sexy, panting man. 
        “It, ah- it feels so fucking good” panted Lloyd, his huge cock now swollen up to probably 14 rockhard inches. 
The massive mushroom head began to push up against the end of the tube, and Lloyd’s hips lifted off of the bed; thrusting his enormous cock deeper into the humming tube. Lloyd’s huge, hairless, lemon-sized balls had begun to bounce and contract in their hanging sack, which only encouraged Lance’s aggressive playing. 
Giving Lloyd’s now rock hard nipples a firm tweak, Lance licked his lips as he continued to pound his own small meat. They hadn’t ever made this kind of contact before, and definitely not with Lloyd so clearly under Lance’s power. 
“I’m sorry Professor, what did you say?” Lance asked, feigning sweet confusion while he yanked aggressively on his sexy stepfather’s muscletits. 
“It, ah- god it feels so fucking good!” Lloyd howled this time, sweat pouring from his hairless body and his head lolling back on his shoulders. 
“Your tits do, sir? But that’s strange, isn’t it your cock that the pump is supposed to be stimulating?” Lance asked, again rolling the nub of Lloyd’s nipple between his fingers while furiously pounding his own drooling cock. 
“Is it just not turned up enough, Professor?” Lance asked, finally breaking his hold on Lloyd’s sensitive nipple to reach down and pick-up the controller for the device. 
“A-ahhhhhh…” Lloyd groans, but continues to fuck the tube, his cock now drooling a steady flow of his thick precum while straining at the confines of the tube. 
“If you say so, Lloyd” Lance grins, sharply turning the dial from 1 to 3, about halfway to maximum. 
Lance could hardly believe the difference that the flip of a switch made. The previously quiet machine, which had been humming along quietly as it slurped on Lloyd’s drooling monster, had suddenly become quite loud. Several of the previously green lights flashed bright amber, and it seemed like the device was suddenly struggling to accommodate Lloyd’s monstrous prick. 
Lance could see the effects of the device immediately on Lloyd’s horsecock. If horsecock was even a big enough term for it, Lance thought in awe. 
Lloyd’s previously huge prick, which originally looked like it had considerable room from growth in the huge 14-inch tube, now looked incredibly stuffed inside. The huge apple-sized knob of Lloyd’s cock was now squashed against the end of the tube, and the veins that down the length of his piece now bulged against the sides of the tube like thick, fleshy ropes. 
This newfound size wasn’t lose on Lloyd, who had become acutely aware of just how tight the confines were on his sensitive, overstimulated cock. 
Fuuuuuuuuck!” Lloyd howled, so loudly that Lance was certain Eric and his mother could have heard him down the street. 
Lloyd had lost all sense of authority or control in his erotic demonstration for his eager son. Lloyd’s muscular body was absolutely soaked in sweat, and his hands were wrapped tightly around the glass tube as he attempted to fuck his load into the humming device. 
“L-Lance, it’s too tight” Lloyd huffed, his face red and his hands frantically trying to remove the tube and free his huge, overstimulated cock. 
“Awe professor, I thought you were giving me a demonstration?” Lance cooed, his own rockhard cock on the very verge at the sight of Lloyd’s massive python. 
“P-p-please son, I just-” Lloyd pleaded desperately.
I just want to fucking cum
Taking sympathy on his sexy, megahung stepfather, Lance dropped down onto the floor between his sexy stepfather’s splayed legs. Pausing for a moment to appreciate the sheer immense size of Lloyd’s monster cock; Lance flipped the switch to turn off the machine and quickly hit the pressure release valve near the top and base of the tube. 
Lance slid the (previously) huge tube down and off the length of his stefather’s enlarged meat, stopping only at the head when the sheer size of Lloyd’s huge head seemed stuck for a moment. 
Smirking at the raw size of his cock, Lance gave a slow but firm pull until Lloyd’s cock sprang free with a low *pop* and slapped against Lloyd’s abdomen; the monstrous prong reached almost to his pectorals, and the impact left a heavy splatter of precum in all directions. 
Lloyd was far beyond the point of no return however, and his cock finally springing free from the confines of the tube was the final straw. Taking his now massive piece in hand, Lloyd started to furiously stroke himself as his boiling load finally blew. 
“Fu-uh-uh-uck!” Lloyd cried in ecstasy as his monster load finally began to pump free. 
The initial volley was such a huge load, it would have been easy to believe Lloyd hadn’t cum in months. It was probably more cum than most men made in a month, and it fired out with such force that it audibly splattered against the wall behind Lloyd’s head. 
The first two or three shots cleared Lloyd’s head and impacted the wall, but the subsequent ones lost just enough distance that they splattered audibly into his own face. Shot after shot, Lloyd had quickly given himself a messy self-facial; his glasses, hair and open, panting mouth were quickly made into a sticky, sexy mess. 
But as Lloyd’s strokes became wilder and his head rolled on his shoulders, lost in pleasure, he started to shoot more and more into Lance’s room. The bed took a couple heavy shots, the dresser was painted, and even Lance’s TV suffered a direct shot from the massive, discharging cock. 
Lance, who up to this point had been furiously jerking his own small cock to the sight and spectacle of Lloyd’s messy self-facial and his huge, uncontrollable cock, saw almost in slow-motion that the massive, mushroom cap of Lloyd’s immense cock began to slowly but surely move in his direction. 
Licking his lips in anticipation, Lance never had even a moment where he considered moving. The only thought that did go through his head, was a brief consideration of whether he could lean forward and fit the entire swollen head into his mouth. 
Almost in a daze, Lance felt himself lean forward and extend his tongue in anticipation of taking the monstrous cock into his mouth. Lloyd’s cock moved unexpectedly fast for him however, and the huge helmet came to bear on him before Lance had crossed the distance. 
The blast from Lloyd’s humongous cock was so forceful that it actually knocked Lance’s head backwards in reaction. Falling backwards, his bare ass hitting the carpet even as he tasted the delicious taste of Lloyd’s cum, Lance reached his own limit. 
Deciding to just lay back and enjoy the subsequent blasts that came out of Lloyd’s wildly firing cock, Lance brought his own small cock to orgasm and marveled at just how small his own load was compared to what a megacock like Lloyd’s could do. 
Unintentionally painting his horny stepson with several volleys of his hot jizz, Lloyd continued to stroke and grope his huge meat until finally his boiling nuts ran dry and his humongous meat finally started to droop downwards. 
Releasing his sensitive, spent cock; Lloyd laid back and panted a sigh of relief. Taking off his glasses and wiping them on the pillow of Lance’s bed, Lloyd was almost shocked at the sheer size of the mess he had made once his eyesight became clear. 
“Oh Lance, son I’m so sorry!” he suddenly exclaimed, his eyes bulging at how jizz-soaked Lance and his room had become. 
“I never should have-” Lloyd started, jumping to his feet and causing his still hugely swollen cock to swing forward and slap audibly against Lance’s cheek. 
Both men stared down at just how truly enormous Lloyd’s cock had grown in the pump. Sober for the first time, they almost couldn’t believe what a beast Lloyd’s cock had become inside the pump. 
“Golly, I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to your mother” Lloyd muttered, hefting his now herculean cock with both hands before releasing it and letting it slap audibly against his thighs. 
“Somehow Lloyd, I don’t think she’s going to mind too much” Lance laughed, gesturing down at the horsecock now hanging between his stepfather’s legs. 
Lloyd laughed, taking a long look at his huge cock and the tube that produced it, before he returned his gaze to his messy, cum-streaked stepson.
“Now son, about the, uh-” Lloyd gestured from the pump to the surrounding cum-soaked room.
“I love your mother, but I’m not sure she needs to know about our, uh, afternoon today” Lloyd said, suddenly wondering how his wife would feel about accidentally plastering her son in jizm. 
“Sure dad, no worries” Lance said, smiling at his suddenly vulnerable stepfather.
“As long as I get to keep the pump and get a few more lessons” he finished, smiling sweetly at his stepfather.