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Brad: Grant Finally Gets A Whack At Brad Pt. 18

Grant arose first the next morning feeling surprisingly refreshed. The night before he had watched his best friend get his huge rump spanked by their twisted dorm supervisor, Mr. Marshall. Grant had discovered Brad's secret, he got off on being spanked. But Brad also learned Grant's, he was gay. Last night everything seemed okay but now in the light of day would things still be the same or would Brad treat Grant different now that he knew his secret?

Grant didn't have to wait long to find out the answer. Brad rolled over in bed. Grant was laying in his own bed on the other side of the small dorm room on his side facing his friend. Brad gave a blurry eyed smile to his buddy. His hair was tussled from a good nights sleep. "Morning."

"Hey. Sleep okay? Is your ass still sore?"

Brad pulled the covers off and stood up. His morning wood hard as could be. He turned his ass toward Grant and said, "Nah, this big booty is as tough as elephant hide.", and laughed.

Grant loved the view and laughed as well. He watched Brad as he walked across the room and grabbed his shower caddy and towel. His huge erection bobbed up and down and his big bottom jiggled as he moved. Grant was hypnotized. He couldn't take his eyes of his friend. This was nothing new. Brad walked around the dorm room in his underwear or nude all the time. But it was the first time since finding out Grant was gay.

Brad grabbed his stuff and turned to face Grant saying, "Why don't you take a picture." , a stern look on his face.

Grant stammered trying to find the words to apologize. Last night had changed things. This is what he'd been afraid of.

Brad watched Grant stammer and broke out in a fit of laughter. Standing facing Grant with his big erecting bouncing he said, "I'm kidding. I told you last night, man, I don't care if your gay. We are cool. Seriously. I'm fucking with you."

Grant let out a sigh and a huge grin passed over his handsome face, "Don't fuck with me man. Not funny."

Brad warped his towel around his waist as he spoke, "Seriously friends for life man." And he headed out of the dorm room toward the shower. And that was the end of that.

A couple of weeks passed and nothing had changed. Brad and Grant were still best friends sharing a dorm room. The curfew had been lifted so Brad was still dancing at Luke's Hideaway. Brad still walked around the dorm room in just his scant underwear and thongs. In fact he now walked around like this even more often. Brad had always been an attention whore and didn't care where it came from. So now that he knew his best friend and roommate was perving on his big bouncing booty he went out of his way to showing off. Of course Grant had no complaints.

One particular night both young men were in their room studying. Grant in grey sweats and s white T-shirt. Brad in just a pair of black cheek briefs. His huge rump flowed freely from the back. Grant had a paper due in the morning. While Brad was studying for an exam. Grant had printed out his report and was reviewing it for typos. He was sitting at the small table in the center of the room. Brad had his chair pulled back from the table and was bouncing a rubber ball off the wall as he studied his notes.

It had been a long night and both men were feeling it. Grant was on he fifth cup of coffee and Brad was getting punchy. Brad continued bouncing the ball off the wall when all of a sudden he stopped,looked at Grant and said, "Think fast!" His intend had been to fake out his buddy having him think he was going to throw the ball at him when he really had no intention of doing so. However, instead the ball slipped from Brad's grasp and flew across the table in Grant's direction. It missed him but hit his coffee cup spilling coffee all other the table and all over Grant's paper.

Grant jumped to his feet, "What the fuck, Brad! That was my paper!"

Brad jumped to his feet too. "Shit! I'm sorry, man. It was an accident. I just wanted to fake you out."

"Yeah well look what you did! My fucking paper is ruined. I worked on that for weeks!"

"I know I'm sorry. But look just reprint it."

Anger blazed in Grant's eyes. "I can't. I didn't save a copy on my laptop. That's the only copy!"

"What!?", asked Brad. "How could you not have a back up?"

"Are you really gonna lecture me when you fucked up my assignment?!"

"I'm so sorry. I feel terrible. I don't know what I can do to make it up to you.", said Brad.

"Nothing. There is nothing you can do. You really screwed me good, Brad! I'm gonna fail the class now. That paper was 50% of my grade! I oughta kick your ass!"

"Maybe you should.", replied Brad.

"What the fuck are you talking about, man? You want me to kick your ass?!"

"Well...not exactly kick it. I was thinking more like spank it.", replied Brad slowly.

Grant stood there for a moment taking this in. He looked at his roommate skeptically, "You want me to spank you?"

"Well I'm not sure if I'd say I want you to spank me. But I do deserve it. I ruined your paper."

"How will spanking your big ass fix my paper?", asked Grant irritated.

"I guess it won't but I feel bad and I want to do something to make it up to you. And I do deserve to be punished. Then after I'll help you write your paper again."

Grant thought hard about this, "Ok. Yeah you do deserve a spanking." And with that he pulled out a chair and sat down. "Bring me your hairbrush. The wooden one."

"Ok", replied Brad.

"What was that?", asked Grant.

"I said ok. I'll get the brush."

"You will address me as sir. The correct response is 'Yes, sir.", stated Grant.

Brad was taken aback for a brief moment. Grant was being so assertive and aggressive with him. But what was even more shocking to Brad was the fact that he actually liked it. "Yes, sir.", replied Brad as he turned to get the brush.

Grant watched his old friend walk. His head was spinning with excitement. For years he had lusted after his buddy. He watched him shower and change in the locker room. He'd seen him in various states of undress over the years. He had even snuck into Luke's Hideaway and watched Brad where he worked as a male stripped. Then a couple of weeks ago things took an unexpected turn when he got to see Mr. Marshall spank Brad but this, this was a whole new level. In a matter of moments Brad would be across his lap. He would get to caress those meaty cheeks. He would get to spank them and watch them jiggle as he tanned them.

But for now he just watched his friend walk. The cheek briefs covered very little and Brad's gargantuan buns bounced up and down as he walked. Grant gulped as he watched this. He hoped he could remain composed and keep playing the part of stern disciplinarian. He found he liked this role and it appeared that Brad liked him in it.

Brad now stood before Grant brush in hand. He held it out saying, "Here you are, sir."

Then Grant shocked him by reaching out with both hands but rather than take the brush he grabbed hold of either side of his tiny black cheek briefs and yanked them down. Brad's fat schlock popped into view and bounced around. "Let's get rid of these.", stated Grant. "You won't be needing them."

Brad stepped from his scant briefs, which were now around his ankles. Again Grant's aggressive manner both surprised and intrigued him. He now stood before his best friend completely naked and exposed. Grant had seen him naked before of course but this was different. Grants eyes openly gazed over Brad's body. Brad had allowed many men spank his big bottom to avoid trouble and could admit to himself that yes he did like being spanked, he even got off on it. And while he'd had girlfriends spank him in the past as part of foreplay there was something about the firm strong hand of a man that a woman could not compare to. But still he never imagined himself in this scenario with Grant. There was something different about this. Maybe it was because they had been friends for so long but there was an intimacy to this that Brad could not explain. He found his heart pounding so fast he was afraid it may beat right out of his chest.

Grant looked up at his roommate and said, "Get over my lap."

Brad handed him the brush and climbed over his buddies lap. His back arched and his huge butt pushed out. He wiggled around on Grants lap trying to find the right spot to rest. Grant could feel Brad's flaccid dick press into his thigh. Grant's own heart was racing. He raised the wooden hair brush and brought it down hard on Brad's backside. CRACK!!! Brad threw back his head and arched his back. His large rump quivered. Again Grant raised the brush and brought it down.

Brad felt the pain course through his oversized ass cheeks. But it was a good pain. An arousing pain. He wanted more. No, he needed more.

Now that Grant had a couple of practice seats in he moved forward with determination. He raised and lowered the brush repeatedly on Brad's creamy white bottom.


Brad could feel his smooth buns jiggle with each hit. Grant licked his lips as he watched his best friends enormous butt quiver and dance under his control. Brad found himself wiggling on Grants lap, his penis grinding into his leg, growing. He kicked his legs like an errant child arched his back and cried out in a mixture of pain/pleasure.


Grantbcould feel Brad's cock growing as it rubbed into his thigh. And Grant had no doubt Brad could feel his own fat prick had grown to it's full 8" but he didn't care. He continued his assault on Brad's glowing posterior.


Brad was wincing in pain but loving every minute of it. Grant had a strong hand and knew how to spank. He was aggressive and in charge. Brad loved a firm hand. He craved it. And he had found it in his buddy. Brad continued writhing in Grant's lap. He knew he'd cum soon. His fully hard dick fell between Grant's thighs and swung free. Brad moaned with lust as Grant continued to dominate him.

"I'm getting close to cumming, Grant!", called out Brad.

"The hell you are!", yelled Grant as he reached down between his legs and wrapped his hand tightly around Brad's dick and balls. He had a firm grip and then squeezed. The pressure prohibited Brad from ejaculating.

Then Grant said "You will cum when I say you can cum."

Again Brad found himself shocked at Grant's demeanor but also incredibly aroused. Without even thinking Brad replied, "Yes, sir."

Grant dropped the brush to the floor while keeping his grip on Brad's prick. He was not done spanking the muscular jock yet but wanted to continue with his hand so he could feel those soft round cheeks.


Brad threw his head back and arched his back as his roommate brought his bare hand down over and over on his over inflated butt. "Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!", wailed Brad.

Despite the continued beating on his large tender bottom and the tight grip preventing him from cumming Brad remained hard. There was something about being under Grant's control that he found very arousing. He was not permitted sexual release until it was granted by his buddy and for some reason that thought was driving Brad into a sexual frenzy.

Brad's lard ass was now a bright pink bordering on red. It quivered and shook wildly. Grant licked his lips at this sight. He loved Brad's ass. The size. The shape. It was the perfect blend of muscle and fat. It had just the right amount of jiggle and bounce to it. Grant stopped spanking for a moment and just allowed his hand to graze his buddies ample backside. He could feel the heat radiating from it. Then he grabbed a handful of Brad's glowing bottom and felt it up. No pretense he just spent some time fondling his best friends colossal ass. And Brad just laid there over his lap and let him.
Then once again Grant raised his hand and brought it down on Brad's sweet melons picking up the spanking right where he'd left off.


By this point Brad was screaming and kicking his legs like a naughty little boy. His ass was on fire and his balls were aching. He really needed to cum. "Please, Grant, I beg you let me cum, man. I really need release!"

This was the thing that sent Grant over the edge. The combination of seeing Brad's huge ass bare. Having him over his lap. Spanking him. Holding his dick in his hand. And now hearing him beg for permission to cum. Grant let out a loud scream as he unloaded in his sweat pants. Brad could feel the warm sticky jizz against his stomach as it coated the front of his buddies sweats.

Grant let go of Brad's cock but continued to spank his big butt. Without Grant's hand acting as a cock ring preventing him from cumming Brad exploded himself. Blast after blast of jizz erupted from the 19 year olds swollen prick. Some hit the legs of Grant's sweats and some hit the dorm room floor. Brad screamed out in ecstasy as his seed spilled out.

Grant stopped spanked and Brad slipped from his lap to the floor. He looked up at his buddy and jokingly said, "Looks like you made a mess of yourself man."

"Shut the fuck up.", laughed Grant. "You're one to talk. You sure do love being spanked." Brad couldn't deny it so he just smiled. "I guess we should get cleaned up so we can get started on your paper."

"Don't worry about it.", said Grant as he pulled off his cum soaked sweats and T so that he was now as naked as Brad.

"What do you mean don't worry about it? Isn't it due tomorrow?"

"Yes, but I actually do have a back up. I can just reprint it.", said Grant with a smile.

It took a moment for this to register with Brad but finally it did. "Wait a minute. You knew all along you had a backup saved? You mean you set me up so you could spank me?"

"You set yourself up, man. I never suggested spanking you. That was your idea. In fact you seemed rather eager to offer up your big butt to be spanked.", replied Grant.

"Why you little shit!", blurted out Brad as he playfully hurdled himself at his roommate.

The two naked young men landed on Grant's bed. They rolled around on top of one another not caring that they were both nude and semi erect. They laughed as they "fought" one another. Somehow Brad wound up on top of Grant. He sat on his buddies chest with his jumbo ass aimed a this face. Grant struggled causing Brad to move back. He readjusted himself and plopped his huge ass back down on Grant's face.

Everything went black for Grant as those two huge melons wrapped around his face and his air supply was cut short. But Grant did not complain. This was his dream come true, Brad was actually sitting on his face. It may not have happened the way he saw it in his fantasies but it was happening all the same.

Brad was now grinding his ass into Grant's face playfully saying, "That's it you fucker. That's what you get."

Brad had no idea how much Grant was loving this. He let his tongue dart out and make contact with his buddies tight pink button then slipped his tongue deep inside Brad. This startled Brad causing him to jump up. But only for a second. Then he was the back downing op of Grant. The two laughed and rolled around on the bed. Brad was now on top of Grant with just inches between their faces. They stopped wrestling and just looked at one another. Their eyes met and locked. Something stirred in Brad. Something he'd never felt before. He moved his face forward. He wanted to kiss Grant full on the mouth but he stopped himself and instead broke the moment busy laughing and falling back on the bed. "I can't believe you had a back up the whole time."

"You deserved it. You need to be more careful next time.", responded Grant with a grin.

"Well since you don't have to worry about your paper lets get dressed and go grab a pizza.", said Brad.

"Deal.", replied Grant nonchalantly.

Neither man said it but they both knew what almost transpired between them. They had almost shared a kiss. Even more than that Brad truly wanted to kiss Grant on his full lips. But it wasn't to be. Not tonight anyway. So instead the friends dressed and headed out for pizza not realizing that they had come one step closer to becoming lovers.

The End

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While I am still taking a break from posting I recently met an incredibly sexy man on line with a colossal 45 1/2" ass. We began chatting and he sent me a few pics of his amazingly large booty that inspired me to write Christopher's Forced Black Gang Bang along with his encouragement. I wanted to share this latest fantasy here. I hope you all enjoy it.

Christopher's Forced Black Gang Bang Punishment

by BubbleButtLuvr

It had been a long day for Christopher. He had started with his company straight out of college and over the past 13 years had worked his way up the ladder. Now at 35 he was the head of his entire department. This was a good thing. But that meant lot of travel, which Christopher hated. So, that was a bad thing.

He boarded the plane at 5:00 and made the two hour flight to the home office in Detroit, where he would spend the better part of the week in meetings. After landing he retrieved his luggage and picked up his rental car and headed straight to the hotel to check in. He then headed straight to corporate headquarters for his first meeting of the day. It was now just after 9:00 PM and he was finally driving back to the hotel.

The sun had set and the sky was black and moonless. As he drove along the area became more and more desolate. No cars on the road. In fact there were not even very many houses. And the few he did pass looked abandon and boarded up. He didn't remember this area from earlier today. He glanced down at the GPS add realized the screen was frozen. He pounded on the dash and the screen in the GPS went black.

"Great!", sighed Christopher. He knew he was lost and was not sure where to go next. Then just up ahead he saw it on the right. It was a small building, if you could even call it that. It was a large square one floor structure. It was old and the windows were covered over with years of dirt and grime. Across the faded black door in large block letters was painted the word BAR in chipped red paint.

It didn't look like much of a bar out here in the middle of nowhere but at least he could get directions. He pulled the rental car into the small gravel lot and parked. He emerged from the car and removed his grey suit jacket and threw it on the passengers seat. He then loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his starched white dress shirt. He locked the car and made his way to the bar.

As Christopher walked his could feel his dark grey slacks hugging his large butt. He had always been an attractive man with chestnut brown hair and sparkling eyes. And he took great care of himself, working out regularly so that his body had a lean tight build. But while he took pride in his overall appearance it was his ass Christopher took most pride in. He had always had a full round rump but once he began working out in his teens he became obsessed with plumping up his glutes as big as he could and the results were quit impressive. His waist measured at a lean 32" while his booty measured at an obscene 45 1/2". His cheeks were so meaty that he could actually feel them wobble up and down with each footstep. He loved the way this felt. And loved the attention his big cakes got him.

Christopher was always looking for ways to show off his over stuffed ass cushions in slacks that fit them like a second skin clinging and adhering to his curvaceous bottom. Of course wearing pants so tight left quit a visible underwear line. But Christopher had a solution for this. The solution was simple, thongs. The skimpiest most revealing thongs. Of course if Christopher were to be honest he didn't wear the scant thongs just to avoid underwear lines he also liked the way they felt rubbing up against his tight pucker teasing him all day. Not to mention the attention it got him in the gym locker room.

He pulled the door to the small bar open not knowing what lay in store for him on the other side. The room was very dimly lit as he stepped inside. Smoke filled the air. He scanned the room slowly allowing his eyes a chance to adjust. Across the room was a small bar and behind it stood a bartender. The bartender looked straight at Christopher and stared. Scattered around the room were 14 men, all black. Christopher's heart skipped a beat as he took in all the beautiful men. He had a weakness for black men. Especially the uber macho thug type.

All eyes were on Christopher as he approached the bar. Though no one said anything Christopher began to feel uncomfortable. This group was not looking at him with welcoming eyes. They all had a tough hard look that almost dared you to speak to them. There was a part of him that found the tough macho exterior of the ebony men arousing but at the same time he was not familiar with this area or these men so another part of him felt ill at ease.

Christopher's tight slacks hugged his mega booty as he approached the bar. He put his hands on the bar and leaned forward to talk to the bar tender. This caused his already tight pants to stretch tighter across his ample derrière. The seam down the back looked about ready to burst. He could feel all eyes on him. He felt awkward but remained cool. "Excuse me he said to the bartender."

An annoyed look crossed the bartenders eyes. "Your kind of a far way from home aren't you?" It was phrased as a question but came out like a threat.

"Yes, actually.", replied Christopher. I'm in town on business and my GPS stopped working. I'm looking for the Willow Grove Inn."

The bartender crossed his muscular black arms and looked Christopher up and down, "Well aren't we fancy?", he sneered at the ivory skinned businessman.

Christopher didn't know what to say so he just stood there waiting for him to go on. After a long silence he did. "Go up five blocks and make a right. Then go three more blocks and make a left. That will get you to the highway. From there you'll see signs. Is that it?"

Stunned by this mans rude and unfriendly manner Christopher stammered, "Yyyyyees. Thank you." He then turn to leave and walked right into a man who practically stood on top of him. There were four of them lined up side by side. "Pardon me.", said Christopher not liking how close the four men stood. Again nothing was said but there was something unsettling about the way they looked at him.

The man looked him hard in the eye causing Christopher's pulse to race with excitement. The man was about his height and his skin a deep cocoa color. His head was shaved. He wore low hung jeans and a tight white t-shirt that you could actually see his abs through. The thug gave Christopher a dirty look saying, "Why don't you look where you're going, white boy."

Again Christopher was torn between arousal and intimidation. All four men were beautiful. Tough and manly. But still they didn't seem to want him there and he was not familiar with them or the territory so he just said, "Sorry" and attempted to walk around them but as he moved to the left so did they blocking his path.

An uneasy feeling grew in the businessman as he said, "Excuse me men. I'm trying to leave."

The man Christopher bumped into asked, "Who's stopping you, white boy?"

Now Christopher was starting to get annoyed. Enough was enough. "Well you and your friends seem to be blocking me from getting to the door."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Look I don't want any trouble. For whatever reason it seems obvious that you don't want me here but at he same time you are blocking me from leaving. If you and your friends will just step aside I'll be on my way."

The thug looked at his buddy to the left saying, "Hey, G, how many white boys we usually get in here."

The other man scrunched up his face I thought and replied, "I don't remember ever seeing a white boy in here before, Bonez."

"Really? I don't either", said Bonez. "I guess most white boys have more sense than to go where they are not welcome.", this he said turning his attention back to Christopher.

"Look.", said Christopher. "I really am sorry to intrude on you. I'll just be on my way so you men can get back to what you were doing."

Bonez took a step forward so that his nose just missed touching the white businessman's. "You show up where your not invited or wanted and now you think you just get to leave. We will tell you when you are permitted to leave, white boy."

Christopher swallowed hard trying to cover his nervousness, "Please forgive me. I didn't mean to intrude. I'm really not looking for any trouble."

Bonez stepped back and ran his hand along his chin looking Christopher up and down. "Me and my boys couldn't help but notice that juicy booty on you when you walked in, white boy. Not many white boys have melons quit as sweet as that. Tell you what why don't you turn around and give us another look at that insane rump."

Christopher couldn't believe what he was hearing and again fear mixed with arousal. "What?", he asked"

At that point the bartender came out from behind the bar and said, "What's going on here? This guy giving you trouble, Bonez."

"Yeah well first this white boy shows up where he ain't welcome, Tyrell, and then when I pay him a compliment telling him what a juicy booty he has and ask him to show it to me and my boys he disrespects me by not doing it."

Tyrell shot Christopher a sideways glance and asked, "Is this true? Are you disrespecting Bonez and his boys? I'd advise you to show him the proper respect and do what he says."

Normally Christopher would be enjoying having his monster rump be the center of attention but not now. He did not know what these men planned on doing to him. Knowing he had no choice he simply turned so that his back was facing the five men. As he stood there with his huge 45 1/2" ass aimed at the men they began talking about it as if he were not even there.

He heard various comments such as, "Fuck that white boy got a black man's ass." "That things so big I bet it has its own zip code." "Looks like two basketballs down the back of his pants."

And although Christopher was still frightened he was also aroused hearing his full round globes discussed so openly. But he knew he had to get out of there. He turned back around to face the men and was shocked to see that not only the bartender but all 14 patrons stood before him. This did not make him feel good. It was at this point that he realized how young all of these men really were. He guessed them all to be between 21 & 23, including the bartender. "Well I guess I should be going."

Reaching out Bonez put his hand on Christopher's chest and backed him up against the bar, "You don't leave until we are done with you. We want see more, white boy. Strip outta those clothes."

Christopher knew he had to stand up for himself, "Look I've done everything you have asked but this is where I draw the line. I'm not removing my clothes. I'm sorry I disturbed you but that was not my intention. So now I'm leaving."

To the other 14 men Bonez said, "Sounds like this white boy needs a lesson in staying out of places where he don't belong.", then to Christopher he said. "You undress yourself or my boys will undress you."

Christopher's heart began pounding from both arousal and fear. He looked into the eyes of all the men that stood before him. Anger blazed in their eyes. "Come on. You can't be serious."

But Bonez was done playing games. "That's it. Strip him boys." At that five men descended on the white man. Christopher felt their strong hands tugging and pulling on his clothes as the young men undressed him against his will. "Please no! Don't do this to me! Stop!" But his pleas did nothing to stop them. They pulled off his tie, shirt and shoes. They even pulled his socks off. Next they went for his pants. This took a little more work to pry them over his humorous ass cheeks but after some effort they had them removed too.

Christopher now stood in the middle of the bar surrounded by 15 black men wearing nothing but a very tiny white thong with small pink polka dots all over it. He place his hands over his groin to cover his package. The black men laughed at him. One called out, "Is that white bitch wearing panties." Two very muscular men grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back so he could not move or conceal himself.

Bonez moved forward and ran a finger along the waistband of the thong, "Sexy. Now spin him around boys. Bend him over the bar so we can get a better look at his phat white ass."

Christopher struggled and pleaded to be let go as the spun him around. His massive cakes jiggled as he fought only driving the black men more crazy, "Look at white boys phatty jiggle.", called out one of the men.

"Dayum! That's booty is a work of art.", called out another.

Christopher was now bent over the bar, his huge thong clad rump on display for the drooling black men to ogle and enjoy. While part of him was aroused by all the attention his ass was getting he was now more fearful than ever of what they would do to him.

Bonez approached Christopher. Reaching out with both hands he grabbed hold of each over inflated cheek and began kneading it like a baker would dough. "Mmmmmm...white boy got a perfect ass. Just the right combination of muscle and fat to make it jiggle while still being firm." With that Bonez slapped Christopher square on his big rump to make it jiggle and emphasis his point.

It wasn't a hard slap but it was sudden and unwelcome. "Ouch!", cried Christopher. "Please don't spank me. I don't like it.",This he said looking back over his shoulder at Bonez. This caused his back to arch and his ample cheeks to push out farther.

Slapping his fanny again Boned mockingly said, "Oh, you don't like your fat ass spanked, white boy?". Another slap and more jiggling and rippling of his monster cheeks.

Christopher winched. "No."

"No what?", taunted Bonez with another slap and more jiggling.

"Ouch. No...sir?" Asked Christopher.

The thugs all laughed at him. Bonez was showing his dominance over the thong clad businessman. "That's right, white boy. From now on you call me sir. In fact you call me and all my boys sir. In fact you call all black men sir. You show us the respect we deserve." Another slap to the ass and more jiggling.

Christopher took a deep breath swallowing his discomfort. The light spanking didn't really hurt but he did not like it. "Yes, sir." Another roar of laughter rippled through the crowd.

Now Bonez was just rubbing and fondling the white man's cheeks. "Serious you guys gotta feel this big ass. Get over here and cop a feel. White boy don't mind. Do you, white boy?"

"No, sir.", replied Christopher and it was at least partly true. Yes he was still fearful of these men but his biggest fantasy had always been to be used by a group of young black thugs. In fact his favorite porno scene was a prison scene where a gang of black inmates accoste the muscular white prison guard who is watching the shower. They drag him in strip him naked and proceed to sexually degrade him. Christopher had imagined himself in the role of the guard many times. And now the fantasy was becoming a reality. True the reality was not exactly like the fantasy because Christopher was truly fearful of this gang of thugs but still he was also aroused.

Each of the men got behind Christopher and began openly feeling up his mega melons. He felt the rough hands of the strangers all over his huge cakes. They played with his ass like they owned it and had a right. He heard comments like "It doesn't look real", "White guys don't have asses that huge" & "I've never seen a booty jiggle so much."

One of the men called out, "Let's get him outta that thong. I wanna see how tight his hole is." Everyone seemed to loved this idea and all the men began pulling his thong off. Christopher protested as the tiny white and pink polka dot undergarment was pull from his body. His huge rump rippled and quivered as they removed the last stitch of clothing from his hot body.

One of the guys held the minuscule underwear in his hand. The strap that only seconds before had spent the past 18 hours wedged firmly between Christopher's colossal slabs of ass was damp with sweat from the deep dark crack of his creamy white ass. The thug pressed it to his nose inhaling deeply. The ripe scent of sweat and man ass permeated his nostrils and he let out a sigh of delighted and said, "You guys gotta smell this strap. It's so funky. Smells just like a man should."

"Give that shit here.", said G. He held it up to his face and took in the manly scent of the rotund rumped white man. "God dayum! That's one funky motha fuckin' thong. Bet with cheeks that phat white boys always sweatin' between then building up that pungent odor."

Then one of the men Christopher didn't know by name spoke, "You know it. Look at how damp that strap is with sweat."

Bonez took the thong from G and walked around to the other side of the bar bend low so that his face was level with the white businessman. He held the thong in his face saying, "Take a whiff of your ass, white boy." Christopher shook his head back and forth violently saying no but Bonez shoved it in his face saying, "That's nasty. Smell that sweaty strap you nasty ass mother fuckin' white cunt. Yeah you did that. Your big fuckin' ass made this tiny little thong so funky."

Christopher looked into Bonez eyes. Fear and lust mingled as he listened to the taunts. He couldn't believe the scent he was being forced to smell was coming from his own thong. Then Bonez pulled it away and the men began passing his thong around the crowd. He looked back over his shoulder and watched it amazement as Bonez, G, Tyrell & the others all took turns sniffing his thong.

This was his chance to escape thought Christopher. So as the men continued to pass his thong around he made a run for the door. His huge rump bounced up and down lewdly as he ran. He could feel the weight of his hefty cheeks. One of the guys called out, "White boys getting away." The men all charged at him knocking him to the ground face first. His huge rump quivered like two mounds of Jello as he hit the ground.

Tyrell headed straight for the door and locked it. By the time he made it back to the group Christopher had been pulled up onto his knees. Bonez held a fistful of his hair and was yelling, "That was not a smart move white boy. Now you need to be punished!"

Again fear shot through Christopher. What would his punishment be? He didn't have to wait long to find out. Bonez continued speaking, "Your gonna suck all of our cocks as punishment. And your gonna take all of a loads as a way of saying 'I'm sorry'. So pull out your cocks boys."

The businessman could not believe his ears. This was no punishment for him. He loved black cock. He would gladly suck each of them dry and come back for more. But maybe that was not the smartest thing to say. If they knew he was enjoying his "punishment" they might come up with something else so he decided to play along acting like he didn't want to do it.

"No!!!", wailed Christopher As he watched the hot young twenty something year old men pull out their dicks. They were all hung like horses. They were all a foot in length minimum. Christopher started to lick his lips in anticipation then caught himself and stopped. "Please don't make me suck all of your big black cocks. Your all so big. I'll never be able the fit you each in my mouth. There's no way my mouth could even stretch that wide." The men all laughed hearing Christopher plead for mercy.

Bonez slapped the back of his head, "Shut the fuck up, white boy. Now crawl over to Ray Ray and take that fat black dick down your white pussy boy throat."

Looking up at Bonez Christopher asked, "Crawl?"

Again Bonez slapped him in the back of the head. "Did I fuckin' stutter, bitch. Yeah I said crawl. You crawl to Ray Ray and then when he's done with your mouth you crawl on down the line till you have services each of my boys."

Submissively Christopher replied, "Yes, sir", and began slowly crawling across the dirty bar floor to Ray Ray. He arched his back and pushed his huge cheeks back as much as he could giving the men a good show. His plump bottom jiggled. Once again he heard comments on his super sized butt like, "It's shaped like a heart." "White boy look a chick with a booty so big." "That phatty is begging for my monster cock."

Christopher now knelt before Ray Ray. Ray Ray was very dark skinned with dreadlocks and a mean look in his eyes. His cock was about 13" by Christopher's guess. He continued to play the part of the innocent white boy saying, "Please, sir, don't make me suck your huge black cock. I've never sucked black dick before and it's just so big." This of course was a lie.

Ray Ray didn't speak he just grabbed a handful of the white mans hair and pulled. When Christopher opened his mouth to yell Ray Ray rammed his fat black monster down his throat. While shocked by the sudden invasion Christopher wasn't as scared anymore as lust was starting to take over completely. He looked up into Ray Ray's eyes as the black man forced his cock down his throat. He was not only long but thick. Christopher felt his mouth stretch to a point he never thought it could. He tried to pull back for air but Ray Ray held him down on his cock saying, "Don't stop. Keep sucking it you fucking white whore!"

Christopher's eyes began to water as he looked up into Ray Ray's angry face. He started to gag on the cock that was buried deep in his throat. Saliva and drool poured from the corners of his mouth and dripped from his chin to the filthy floor below. The men watching loved the show the two were giving them. They shouted encouragement to Ray Ray like "That's it gag that white fucker. Put him in his place. Show him who's in charge." To Christopher they shouted taunts and insults like, "Gag on that black cock you fucking white bitch! That's all your good for white boy servicing black cock."

A couple of the guys got down on their knees right next to Christopher and started shouting in his face as he slurped and gag on the fat dark meat. The one guy said "Choke on it! I wanna hear you choke on that huge black cock." Christopher's mouth was overflowing with black cock, his eyes watering and filled with discomfort. He looked sideways at his tormentor unable to speak. Then the second guy on his right started saying, "That's it your nothing but a cum bucket for black jizz. You love servicing black cock don't you?" Christopher looked at his with a sideways glance as well shaking his head no but secretly loving every moment.

Then Ray Ray called out, "I'm gonna cum." With that he grabbed the white man by the back of the head and impaled him balls deep in his prick. Christopher gagged and chocked. Saliva poured out his mouth. He began swallowing trying to take the whole load but he couldn't get it all. Ray Ray was cumming fast and a lot. Cum poured out the corners of his mouth as well and hit the floor. Finally Ray Rat stopped cumming and let go of his head and Christopher collapsed on the floor.

But there was to be no break as one of the men grabbed him by the hair and shouted, "You made a mess on the floor. Now lick it up." He pushed the businessman's face into the pile of jizz on the floor forcing him to clean up the mess. Christopher kicked the sticky fluid up off the dirty floor and swallowed. He was then made to crawl to the next black cock on his hands and knees to service it.

This went on for a couple of hours until all 15 men had been orally serviced. Most shot down his throat but a few thought it would be funny to shoot on his face coating it in cum. Each time someone nutted on his face he was forbidden from washing it off. He had to leave it there and just crawl on to the next cock.

Then from no where someone called out. "I still wanna see that white boys pink hole."

"That's right", said Bonez. "We were about to spread that lard ass just before you tried to escape." He pulled Christopher to his feet and said, "Now how can we be sure you won't run away again?"

Someone called out, "Tie him up."

Bonez seemed to like this as an evil grin crossed his face. He bent down picking up the discarded white and pink polka dotted thong. He pulled Christopher's arms behind his back and began to tie his wrists together with his own thong.

"No!", pleaded Christopher but his pleas were ignored.

"Now it won't be so easy for you to run away, white boy."

"Please untie me.", begged Christopher. "I promise I'll be good."

"No deal.", said Bonez as he bent Christopher over the pool table. His legs were spread wide and his plump juicy apple bottom was once again on display. The thong cut into the white mans wrists.

Bonez grabbed hold of Christopher's monster cheeks and spread them wide but each cheek was so large he had a difficult time keeping them apart. The left cheek slipped from his grip and slapped into the right causing both to jiggle at the leering black thugs. "Get over here, Tyrell and help me spread this white boys phat ass."

Tyrell stepped forward and grabbed the big left cheek while Bonez grabbed the right. Christopher struggled to trying to get comfortable with his face pressed against the pool table and his wrists bound with his tiny little thong as the two strangers pried his big buns apart. As they parted his tight pink button came into view. The thugs ooooed and aaahhhhed at the sight. Ray Ray stepped forward first and dropped to his knees saying, "I gotta taste me some of that fine white ass."

Christopher loved the idea of being rimmed but again didn't want the others to know this so he said, "No! Please I beg you. Don't let him eat out my fat white ass. Please no!!!"

Bonez laughed and replied, "Too bad, white boy. We are in charge and Ray Ray is gonna eat you out like the cheap whore you are. In fact we're all gonna eat you out."

"Nnnooo!",wailed the businessman while smiling to himself.

Ray Ray buried his face deep between Christopher's huge cheeks and motor boated them. The other guys laughed at this as Christopher's mounds quivered around the young thugs face. Tyrell & Bonez kept a firm grip on his mega posterior and fondled it as Ray Ray feasted on his big butt.

Next up was Slim who gave Christopher a good hard tongue fucking. He'd ram his tongue deep inside the more mature white man and then pull out. He did this over and over causing more than one whimper of ecstasy from Christopher.

On and on this went until each man had taken his turn rimming the huge ass of the bound white businessman. Everyone that is except for Bonez. But now it was his turn. He grabbed Christopher by the hair and pulled him so he was standing upright. Bonez then laid back on the pool table saying, "I want you to feed me that huge white ass. Climb up on this table and ride my face, fucker."

"Yes, sir.", said Christopher as he climbed up on the pool table. It took some work as his hands were still bound behind him. He now stood over Bonez and slowly started to lower himself into the aggressive black man's face. The lower he got the wider his cheeks spread. Bonez stuck out his tongue and made contact. His tongue grazed the tiny pink balloon knot. Christopher clenched but continued to lower himself. Bonez worked his tongue in and Christopher started riding his face.

Up and down Christopher bounced. His huge mountains of ass quivering like there was an earthquake. Bonez reached up and began feeling up his humongous cheeks. Christopher was fully hard at this point. His 6" dick bounced up and down as he rode. But no one seemed to care about the size of his cock because what he lacked in penis size he more than made up for in ass size. And that was the main focus tonight.

Bonez slapped his ass and said "Get off me, white boy." Bonez slid out from underneath him and got back in his feet. He ordered Christopher off the pool table and said, "Now get up on that bar on all fours so we can all fuck you. And don't even act like you don't want us all in your big white ass. Your fucking little white prick is hard and dripping precum."

Christopher looked down at his own cock and realized this was true. It was quit obvious he was enjoying this. There was no point in denying it so instead he said, "But sir I can't get on all fours with my hands tied."

With that Bonez reached into his pocket and pulled out a switchblade. Christopher backed up. This is what he had feared earlier in the night. Some sort of physical harm. And he couldn't even defend himself with his hands bound. Bonez came at him with the knife. He grabbed Christopher, spun him around and cut the small white and pink polka dot thong from his wrists. He then slapped his huge rump and said, "Now on the bar on all fours, White boy!"

Christopher sighed a sigh of relief as he climbed up on the bar and took his position on all fours. His smooth white booty was aimed skyward. All the thugs lined up for their turn inside that massive ass. The first guy got on the bar behind him and aimed his 12 1/2" monster at Christopher's anus saying "Baby, here I come. Get ready for my monster dick!"

Still playing the part of the "innocent victim" Christopher looked back over his shoulder and said, "Oh please, sir, don't stick your big black cock in me. I've never had a black cock in my ass before and your so big. You're all so big. And while I know my white ass is massive my hole isn't. It's so tight and small I'm afraid you won't be able to get all that fat cock in me. And if you do you'll stretch me out. Please don't fuck me, sir."

This of course was a lie. Christopher had taken many big black cocks in his life. But the pleading had the effect he want. He wanted a good hard merciless fuck and that's what he got as the thug forced his baby maker in hard and fast. Christopher threw his head back in pain and cried out. This got applause and cheers from the other men waiting their turn.

Christopher looked out into the crowd, his face contorted with pain. He looked into the eyes of each of the men and saw anger. That's when it finally registered these men did not just want to fuck his big white ass or watch as their buddies fucked him. Their goal was to cause him as much pain and discomfort as possible. They were getting off on showing their dominance over his big white ass. They were determined to put him him his place and punish him for having a gigantic white ass and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They wanted to degrade and use him.

But what this group if 15 aggressive thugs didn't realize was that was what Christopher wanted as well. He didn't consider it degrading. He found it very erotic to be used without mercy by a group of big black cocks. He was getting off on being at their mercy. At being used as nothing more than a cum dump. As he continued to scan the crowd he realized it was hate he saw in their eyes. That's what this was, a group hate fuck. And that was fine with him because he didn't want them to make love to him, he wanted them to pound him without mercy. And that was what he was about to get.

One by one the men took turns slamming their huge black members into his jumbo white ass. Sometimes it was difficult and Christopher wasn't sure he could take it and truly would scream out in pain or pound his fists into the bar. But even then he wanted it. He could actually feel his cheeks jiggling as he got pounded.

Again as he listened he heard conversation and comments from the crowd. Things like, "When you fuck him it's gonna be the best fuck of your life." or "Dayum, look at that shit jiggle as he's pounding him" But the comments weren't limited to the crowd watching. Some of the guys made comments as they fucked him as well. One guy said, "Baby I've got a monster cock for this monster ass. Dayum!!!"

The brutal ass pounding went on for hours. Christopher was fucked by each man once and most twice. Several even came back a third time. He was rammed doggy style on the bar. Then standing. Followed by bent over the bar. Then on his back on the pool table. He was made to ride cock. And more than once as one guy pounded him another inserted their cock in his mouth.

Many of the men came up his fat ass to the point that it was just pouring from his. Some came on his ass some on his face some on his body. They just came wherever they wanted. In the end he was not only filled with jizz from both ends but coated with it as well.

Once everyone was done with him Christopher found himself laying on the floor in a heap, sexually satisfied but spent. Bonez gathered  up his belongs and threw then at him saying, "Now get the fuck out, white boy! I hope this taught you a lesson about going where you're not wanted and don't belong."

Christopher gathered up his clothes and shoes in his arms. Without even trying to dress he headed for the door saying, "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. I'm sorry, sir." Cum dripped from his ass hole as well as from his huge bouncing cheeks as he made his way to the door. Tyrell unlocked it with his key and gave him one last hard crack on his humongous booty causing it to quiver and jiggle.

Christopher pulled the door open and was shocked as the bright morning sun assaulted his eyes. How long has he been in the bar? He hurried to his car naked, his ample rump wobbling with each step. There was still no one around. Once inside the car he started it up and looked at the clock. The glowing display read 7:23 AM. He had spent over ten hours in the bar being sexually assaulted by the group of strangers.

He pulled his pants and shirt on quickly and began to back out of his spot. He noticed that the GPS seemed to be working again so he obeyed the electronic voice as it guided him back to the hotel.

As he drove along he thought about the events of the night before. Certainly he had been frightened at times, especially at the beginning of the evening but he had been more aroused than anything. Who would have ever thought that his wildest and most depraved sexual fantasy would become a reality at a little rundown bar somewhere on a deserted stretch of road in Detroit? It was at that point he began to mentally plan his next vacation. The destination? Why Detroit of course.

The End

Monday, March 9, 2015

Thanks For The Support

Several weeks ago I got an email from Blogger stating that sometime this month all blogs with adult content would be marked as private. This got me to thinking if maybe it was time for me to close down the blog. Then our friend Jamie had suggested moving the blog. I considered this as well. But after much consideration I decided that it might be time for me to step back from the blog for awhile. I have been busy and not had much time to devote to it. And it has been forever since I have written an original story to post. Then Blogger announced that they would not be marking blogs with adult content private due to feedback but instead they would require blogs with adult content to labeled as adult. However, by this point I had already decided to step away for awhile due to lack of time. 

So what I have decided to do is this, I will not be closing the blog but will still be stepping away for awhile. All pictures and stories will still be housed here for all to enjoy. I will just not be posting anything new for the time being. That is the reason I posted so many pics of Jamie today. This will be my last post for awhile and I wanted to give you all something special.

I want to thank those of you who have followed the blog over the years. I truly appreciate it. I also want to thank those who have have submitted pics over the year, Fat Assed Slut, Blubber Butt, Jamie & Perky Bottom to name a few. But they are certainly not the only ones. My thanks to you all. 

As always you can find my stories on Men On the Net at the following link And please don't hesitate to email me at I have made many contacts and some great friends as a result of the blog and love to chat about big man booty anytime so please don't be shy.

As I said I will be back at some point so this isn't good bye. I'll see you all later.


Jamie Day!!!

Jamie likes to say "What BubbleButtLuvr wants he gets" and that is why he took all of these jock pics, because that is what I wanted. And I know many of you have been asking for more Jamie so here he is. I normally don't post quit so many pics at once but Jamie had supplied so many pics to me and I wanted to make sure I got everything posted for all of you to enjoy. My thanks to Jamie for all the great pics he has supplied us with over the past couple of months.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Yesterday a friend introduced me to a new Tumblr Blog for bigbootyblubber. I wanted to let everyone know that this is an impostor. In the past I have posted pics of my buddy who I refer to here as Blubber Butt. The pics being used on Tumblr are of my friend. They were taken from Junk In His Trunk along with his description and even the name Blubber Butt. My friend assures me this is not his Tumblr page. While I see nothing wrong with reposting pics you find on line I do think it is wrong to try to steal someones pics and identity and claim them for your own. The pics below are from the fake profile. So, know that if you are talking with this person you are not talking to the guy in the pics.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Our Old Friend Perky Bottom

Many of you may remember Perky Bottom. It has been a long time since I have posted anything from him but recently I had a someone ask for more pics of him. I went through my files and found a bunch of pics I had not posted so I decided to post some now. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another Round With Jamie

Well, you guys asked for him and he is back. This time we have him in a pair of boxer briefs giving us a side view as well as in a jock. I believe that both of these things had been requested by readers so here they are for you to enjoy. My favorite is the jock pic. What's yours