Monday, March 23, 2020

Embarrassed Voyeur

Anyone who has read my stories for any amount of time knows that big butts in tiny underpants is a favorite theme of mine as are straight guys, sudden exposure and embarrassment. Today’s post deals with the later three and a guy who goes by the name Embarrassed Voyeur. Last year I came across a six second video clip on Tumblr of someone dressed like Harry Potter who through a spell gone wrong accidentally caused his pants to burst open and his huge hard cock to pop out. It was a repost so I had no idea who the guy was but felt like there had to be more of him somewhere. Several months later this video showed up again in my Twitter feed. This time I was able to follow it back to the guy who created the actual video and I was delighted to see that I was right and there were more videos. Many more in fact. I became a diehard dedicated fan right away and began re-Tweeting all of his wonderfully humorous & erotic videos.

I began a correspondence with him and was delighted to find out he was as welcome and friendly as he was creative. He mentioned that he was considering creating an OnlyFans page and I am delighted to say that he has done so. He started it up this past November. I cannot say enough about his Twitter & OnlyFans pages. He is creative, funny & sexy with a huge cock and massive set of balls and he cums like a fountain.

If you are like me and enjoy seeing a hot big dicked straight guy exposed and embarrassed then you will love his videos. Most clips are very quick but very hot. While he is straight he has a huge gay following and embraces them. His videos are very well done and creative. Many times he uses a green screen and even sound effects to flesh out the fantasy aspect. There is nobody else out there doing what he does. That alone makes him stand out. But more than that he takes great pride in what he does and turns out a superior product.

If you are not already familiar with his work check him out on Twitter. Most of his posts are fantasies where his pants or sometimes all of his clothes somehow fall off/down leaving him exposed and embarrassed. His OnlyFans account is $10.00 a month and in my opinion is well worth the cost. He posts new contents every Tuesday & Friday and occasionally will do bonus updates in between. He always tries to add a little something different here from his Twitter account. Here you will see the accidental exposure but in addition he does clips where the exposure caused him to cum on occasion. And sometimes he will do straight up jack if videos. It should also mention that he listens to what the fans want and tries to bring it. His dick is amazing and his cum shoots will not disappoint. Trust me you will not be sorry.

Look for Embarrassed Voyeur at:

Twitter - @Pantsed_Dude
OnlyFans -
Reddit -

Take a look at his latest Twitter clip below.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Poll What Would You Like To See

Some of you may remember my friend Fat Assed Slut. It is his pic I use in the banner and I’ve posted pics of him in the past. Here are a few I’ve posted in the past as a reminder. He and I were talking last night and he is considering taking some new pics since his booty has grown. We are going to get everyone’s input on what they’d like to see. Please see your choices below. Leave a comment with your selection.

  • Thong
  • Jock
  • Lace Panties
  • All three

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Lance & His Stepdad: Caught Jacking By Lloyd Part 5

By BubbleButtLuvr

At 19 Lance was of course always horny and would jack off every chance he got. But since coming home after his first year of college to stay with his mom and new stepdad he now found that on average he was masturbating six times a day. And this included his daily 3:00 sessions with his stepdad. 

Now it was Saturday morning and Lance’s mom, Gloria, was out shopping with here friend. Lance had enjoyed his morning breakfast routine with the professor, who as always was stark naked sporting morning wood when he walked into the kitchen. These breakfasts always got Lance horny and after he’d head to his room to rub one out and start his day. 

Today was no different. He was naked as the day he was born with his MAC Book on the bed between his legs watching a hot scene with a big bootied Twink getting plowed by his father for missing curfew. Porn with family situations had become his new obsession along with his old one, gigantic asses.

He stroked his tiny nearly 5” erect dick and massaged his balls with his other hand as he imagined himself in the position of the “boy” in the video. Imagining Lloyd using his hard veiny 13” prick to punish him for missing curfew. His little dick throbbed at this thought. 

He was so lost in the scene on the screen before him and his own fantasies that he did not hear his stepdad coming down the hall. All of a sudden the bedroom door burst open and in walked Lloyd carrying an empty laundry basket in one hand. His 9” cock was now limp and swinging freely between his thick daddy thighs along with his massive lemon sized low hangers. He smiled broadly and and waved a goofy wave at Lance, “Hi, son.”

Flustered by the sudden invasion Lance blushed a deep red. He stopped pulling his own pud and covered his tiny little pee pee. “Lloyd!”, he wailed. 

“I told you before call me dad.”

Frustrated and feeling somehow violated at the sudden intrusion Lance sighed deeply, “Dad, what are you doing?!”

“I told your mother I’d do the laundry while she was out so I’m here to gather up your things.”

“Well, I’m in the middle of something here.”, said Lance with open annoyance. But Lloyd was oblivious to this. It would never occur to him to knock on a closed door. And there was nothing odd about seeing his stepson masturbate. After all they did it together daily. Lloyd was just all around socially awkward and his mind did not work that way. 

“Well, don’t let me stop you from getting off. I’ll just gather up your laundry and be on my way.”, said the professor still grinning like a clueless fool.

Though he knew it was odd to be embarrassed at having his stepdad catch him stroking his dick when they jacked off together every day but he couldn’t help it. This was somehow different. During their daily jack off sessions they were both in agreement to be there. But here Lloyd walked in on a private moment uninvited. That was why Lance felt violated in a weird way. But then he looked over at Lloyd who was walking around the room gathering up Lance’s dirty clothes that were scattered all over the bedroom floor. Lance rarely used a hamper. When he undressed he simply dropped the clothes on the floor where he stood and that was that. 

But as the teen watched his stepdad move around the room, his heavy cheeks wobbling up and down like two kittens in a sack he felt the annoyance drain from his body and the blood rush back to his penis. Then Lloyd got down on all fours and began crawling around gathering up the discarded clothes. This was all Lance needed. All annoyance had disappeared and was replaced by lust. He bit his lower lip watching his mother’s husband slowly crawl around on his bedroom floor. His massive cakes bounced lewdly and his cock and balls hung so low they actually dragged along the carpet. Seeing this Lance let out a little yalp of delight. 

This got Lloyd’s attention and he looked back at his stepson causing his back to arch and his blubber butt to push out, “Sounds like you’re enjoying that scene, son.”

“Aaahh...yeah dad. It’s a good one.”, said Lance unwilling to tell his stepdad it was him that had the boy moaning.

“Let me see what you’re watching.”, said Lloyd as he jumped to his feet causing his pendulous prick and nuts to swing freely and rapidly between his tree trunk thighs. He then plopped himself down in bed next to his stepson oblivious to just how odd this was. 

Lance gulped having his step dad sitting so close to him. He was sitting at the top of the bed next to the pillow where Lance laid his head. Lloyd leaned forward to get a better look at the screen. As he did he rested his hand on his stepsons left thigh for support. Again in Lloyd’s mind there was nothing odd about this. 

Lance could feel his heart beat faster and his breaths quicken. He wanted to grab his stepdad by the head and push him onto his tiny cock. He wanted to ram his pelvis into his face and pump a load down the professors throat. His cock got extra hard thinking about this.

Lloyd looked at the screen, at this point the blonde Twink was on all fours with his huge rump spread wide as his father pounded his prick in and out. The Twink was whimpering “I’m sorry daddy I’ll never break curfew again!” Lloyd looked from the screen to his stepson’s cock, which was oozing precum.

“Looks like you’re really enjoying this scene, son.”

Lance was so worked up he could barely speak, “Yes,sir.”, came out in labored breaths. 

Lloyd chuckled as he looked at the screen, “Can you imagine if I punished you like this for missing curfew. Oh the things they come up with in porn.”

Lance bit his lower lip. How clueless was this man? He found the scene on the screen before him unbelievable but most people would find the situation going on in the bedroom right now unbelievable. A naked stepfather in bed with his naked stepson who was jacking off as they both looked at gay porn. This didn’t seem odd at all to Lloyd. And in this house it really wasn’t. But the thought of Lloyd punishing Lance this way caused the teens heart to beat faster. But he could not say this so what he said was, “Yeah, silly.”

“Judging from how hard you are I’d say you are enjoying it though. That boy really has a large butt. I remember you saying you liked big butts, right”

“Yes,”, said Lance not sure where the conversation was headed.

Lloyd nodded his head, “Yes, so do I but on women of course.”

“Yes, remember you telling me that.”, then Lance decided to keep this conversation going. “I remember you saying that when you were my age there was a guy that used to bully you because of the size of your ass, dad.”

“Yes, Aaron Carver. He used to humiliate me daily.”

“Really?”, asked Lance in mock innocence. “How did he do that?”

“He’d always make comments about how big and round it was. But the worst stuff always seemed to happen in the locker room before or after gym class.”, said Lloyd.

By this point Lance was practically salivating. He needed to hear more. “Oh wow, man! That’s awful. What did he do?”

“One thing he and his buddies used to do was play keep away with my clothes.”

The precum was pouring from Lance’s dick now as he continued his innocent act. “Keep away? What’s that?”

“You’ve never played keep away?”, asked the professor as clueless as ever.

“No, how do you play it.”, asked Lance keeping the game going.

Lloyd stood up. “Well pretend there are a couple of guys. One has my clothes and when I try to grab them he throws them to the other guy. So I run over to the other guy but then he throws them back. So then I start jumping up as they toss them back and forth so I can try to catch them in mid air. Understand?”

Lance’s cock was so hard it felt like it would break as he continued to act clueless, “No. I don’t get it. Can you show me, dad?”

“Sure.”, said his stepdad. “So first I run to the first guy. Then to the second.” As he said this he began running back and forth demonstrating how he was made to run around the locker room. As he did his elephantine ass jiggled and bounced up and down while his impressive manhood swung back between his legs then back up slapping off his chiseled abs. “And remember this is after gym class so I just got out of the shower so I’m wet and naked.”

Lance whimpered as he softly cried out, “Oh, God yes!”

But Lloyd didn’t recognize this for the cry of lust that it was. He simply saw it as acknowledgment. “So, then when I couldn’t get my clothes back I started to jump up trying to catch them in the air as they tossed them back and forth like this.”

Then to illustrate this the older man began to run and jump in the air over and over demonstrating how he would try to catch his clothes mid air. This was unlike anything Lance had ever seen before. His stepfathers ass was so meaty and thick that it was just bouncing wildly out of control he couldn’t stop all the jigging even if he tried. It was like a rubber ball bouncing up and down on the pavement. And his huge package was everywhere. At one point Lance would have sworn it actually slapped Lloyd in the face. Though he knew this was impossible. 

Lloyd finally stopped running and jumping but that did not stop his huge gelatinous rump from continuing to ripple and quake even as he stood still. He was breathing heavy and with each breath his oversized nuts would rise and fall. 

At this point Lance had lost all self-consciousness concerning being the only one jacking off. He now was openly pleasuring himself in front of his stepdad without a thought about it. He was actually laying in his own bed openly jacking off to the professor. But of course Lloyd was as clueless to this as ever. Even as the precum poured from Lance’s tiny dong and ran down over his hand creating a natural lube Lloyd has no idea that it was he who had created such just in the young man.

Looking at the video playing on the screen Lloyd said, “Wow you must really be into big butts. I’ve never seen you precum so much when we jack off together. But then we are watching straight porn. Maybe next time we will have to watch something gay so you can enjoy it as much as you are now.” He then reached out and actually tussled Lance’s hair as he lay there pounding his prick. “So do you understand what I mean when I say keep away now?”

‘God he’s clueless’, thought Lance. But he kept up the innocent act. “ Oh, yeah I’ve seen this before. I just never heard it called that. That was pretty mean of Aaron and his buddies.”

“I’ll say. And then they’d laugh and call me names like fat ass, Jello Booty & Tyrannosaurus Rump. It was real embarrassing. Then other times they’d hide my clothes so I’d have to hunt for them.”

“Really?”, asked Lance. “Where would they hide them?”

“Different places. Another locker. Coaches office. But their favorite place was under the lockers.”, said the professor remembering how his classmates taunted him. “Yeah the lockers were really deep and they were raised up on these little three inch legs. So if they threw my clothes back far enough they would be hard to see or reach. So I’d have to get down on all fours and slowly crawl along the line of lockers trying to look under each one. Then when I found them I’d really have to stretch to try to reach my own clothes.”

Lance could not believe how much hearing about his stepdad’s high school bullying and humiliation had got him worked up. Or how naive Lloyd was. He wondered how long he could keep this going before the professor either caught on or he nutted. “I don’t understand.”, said the teen “innocently”.

“Here I’ll show you.”, said his new dad dropping to all fours once again. “Imagine that this wall is lined with lockers. So I’d have to put my head down really low to see under them because the legs were only three inches high so it was dark underneath.” He then demonstrated by putting his head very low to the ground. This of course caused his ample backside to raise up high in the air and his cheeks to part so that his tight straight pucker was visible. He then began slowly crawling along the wall in this position to demonstrate how he had crawled around the locker room. 

Lance was moaning softly as he pumped his cock openly to his stepdad’s antics. He was mumbling to himself softly, “Fuck that’s it. Crawl nice and slow for me. That’s it you dirty slut.” But it was so soft that Lance himself could barely hear the words he said so his stepdad didn’t hear a peep. 

Lloyd then looked back over his shoulder, his head close to the ground and his wide round rump aimed at the ceiling. “Then when I’d find my clothes I’d really need to get down low and stretch back as far as I could to reach them like this. 

At that point he continued his demonstration. As he got down even lower and stretch his arm forward toward the imaginary clothes his rotund bottom went even higher in the air and spread even more. As he continued to stretch he began wiggling his gargantuan derrière. His asshole actually started to twitch and pucker.

Lance was breathing hard and biting his lip to keep from crying out as he openly stroked himself to the sight of his dad’s twitching stud pucker. He knew it would not take much to get him to completion now. But without warning the professor stood up. The show was over.

“And of course in that position Aaron and his buddies would slap my ass. Then they’d laugh at how much it jiggled. So like I told you before I had a really bad self image for awhile. But as I got older I learned to love my body and accept what I was given. That’s how I got into being a nudist. It was a way for me to accept all of me.”, stated Lloyd matter of factly.

Though he knew he was wrong to pry on his stepdad’s naïveté and to get off to his high school degradation he was too far gone to stop so he kept pounding his meat, which was slick with precum. 

The professor looked at Lance’s gherkin sized dick then at the porn playing in the screen. The bubble butted Twink was now sitting on the fathers cock with his overstuffed rump aimed at the camera riding up and down rapidly as the father yelled, “This is what happens when you break curfew!”

Lloyd just smiled and said “I think you are more into big ass than I. Your precum is rolling off your thighs onto your sheets, son.”

Lance had not even noticed but when he looked down he saw that he was laying in a puddle of his own precum. And his stepdad was clueless enough to believe it was the video that had him in this state of arousal. 

Lloyd just stood there with that goofy grin on his face as Lance looked up at him still pumping his meat. 

“Okay”, said Lloyd all of a sudden. “Let me finish gathering your laundry and let you finish.” He then began going around the room picking up the teens dirty Landry from the floor. He would bend at the waist knees locked to pick up an item causing his round melons to push out. Lance watched this all as he played with himself and licked his lips. 

Once the professor had all his laundry in the basket he made his way to the door looked back and said “Good-bye.” And gave another awkward little wave. At that point he noticed a pair of Lance’s tighty whities on the floor by the bed. “Oooopppssss...looks like I missed a pair of underwear.”, he said as he came back in the get then. 

So much happened in the next several seconds. Lloyd bent over at the waist straight legged as he had when gathering the rest of the laundry. But he was much closer to the bed than he realized. As he bent over his overstuffed cheeks pushed out and smacked Lance in the face. This was too much for the horny teen. With a loud cry of “Oh God!!! Yes!!!”, he started to cum harder, longer and with more intensity than he ever had in his life. The first blast of cum came out with so much force it landed on his dad’s plump ass. The second hit Lance on the forehead. By this point Lloyd had straightened up and turned to face Lance. Despite his embarrassment Lance could not stop stroking himself. And there was no way to stop the cum that just kept pouring from his dicklet. He was moaning so loud and in such a state of sexually frenzy he thought he might cry. He locked eyes with his stepdad and bit his lower lip. Lust and desire were plastered all over his face. 

Finally he stopped ejaculating and dropped his mini member. Now that he had cum shame and humiliation washed over him. He looked away from the professor as fast as he could. He was mortified. 

Lloyd stood there slack jawed with his mouth hanging open completely oblivious to the fact that his son’s own juices were running down his mega rump and dripping onto the floor. Then he broke the silence, “Woh...son! That was some load.” Then he looked back at the laptop screen to see the father coat his sons over inflated jiggling ass cheeks with his own white sticky goodness. “Yep, you are definitely all about the big ass.” 

Then with another stupid grin and a wave he said, “Okay see ya later alligator. Off to do the laundry.” And he was gone. 

Lance lay there in bed feeling an array of emotions from lust to humiliation. Then he started to laugh uncontrollably. ‘Nobody would ever believe this’, he thought to himself. But as he thought about what had just transpired he got hard all over again. 

“Oh well guess I’m going for round two.”, he said. And then he did. 

The End