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I know I'm a few days early but I will be away most of this week and will have limited computer access so I won't be able to post. Have a Happy Halloween. I wil be back November 3.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Readers Rump - Perky Bottom

Today we have another treat. A couple of days ago I received an email from another reader we will call, Perky Bottom. He let me know that he enjoyed the blog and like the rest of us loves a man with a big bubble butt. He is a young, lean hottie who is proud of of his round perky buns and likes showing them off. As you can see from the pics he likes tiny little undies and ass exposing thongs. Take a minute to let him know just what you think of his sexy round rump.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Glen: Three Strikes, You're Out, Part 3

by BubbleButtLuvr

Eighteen year old Glen Deaning stuck his head into the hallway and called out, "Has anyone seen my baseball uniform!?"

From downstairs in the living room Dean's brother Carl called back, "Yeah I saw it hanging in the basement!" From up above Carl could hear Dean's footsteps as he ran down the hall and the descended the stairs. Carl was sitting on the sofa eating a bowl of cereal and watching ESPN when Glen appeared at the foot of the stairs clad only in a ridiculously small pair of leopard print bikini briefs.

"Woah! Little Brother!" said nineteen year old Carl. "What the hell are you wearing?"

"They're my lucky briefs," replied Glen looking down at his lean well defined muscular body.

"Looks more like an eye patch to me," retorted Carl who in comparison to his brother was fully clothed in gray sweat pants and a bright royal blue T-shirt.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny," snapped Glen. "These are the underwear Jeannie bought for me the first time we fucked. She said she saw 'em and thought my ass would look hot in 'em. Unfortunately she didn't know my size and they are a little too small but they brought me luck that night with her so ever since then every time I have something big coming up I wear them. I guess you could say they're my "lucky" underpants."

"Those things are way too small to be called "pants" of any kind," replied Carl.

It was a fact--the underwear that Glen wore were way too small and tight for his build. Glen was by no means fat. He was lean and well defined. However, no matter what he did he couldn't lose his ass. In fact it just seemed to get larger and larger. It was perfectly round and stuck out far in back giving a sexy shelf appearance that the ladies loved. Not to mention some of the guys. Plus it had just the right mixture of firmness yet still had some jiggle and bounce. On top of this Glen resembled a teen aged Dean Cain so he was quite the ladies man.

"Again! Ha. Ha," Glen replied as he turned his back to his brother and made his way toward the basement.

"Holy, SHIT!" exclaimed Carl and he got a look at his younger brother from behind. If the briefs were small from the front they were minuscule from behind. The sheer size of Glen's backside and the smallness of the undergarment made Glen's ass appear to be twice as large and round as it was. And that was saying something.

"What?" asked glen looking back over his shoulder.

"Nothing," said Carl. "It's just well…I always knew you had a fat ass but in those briefs it looks even more enormous--if that's possible. I mean hell at least 3/4 of your ass is hanging out the back there."

Glen looked over his shoulder and down at his ass which from his vantage point appeared to balloon out in back. Then he backed up a few steps toward his brother and bent slightly at the waist shoving his big butt melons in Carl's face. He then ran his hand seductively along his meaty cheek and then gave it a quick slap. Then jokingly asked, "You checkin' out my ass Bro? You turning queer on me?"

Carl reached out and pushed Glen's ass, his fleshy buttocks was warm to the touch. "Fuck you, Glen," laughed Carl.

Glen let out a small laugh and then ran down the basement step, his big bottom jiggling with each footfall. Three minutes later Glen reappeared dressed in the red and white uniform of his team, The Sabers. Carl started to feel a little bit bad for what he was planning to do to Glen but then when he thought of how Glen ruined his chances with Beth Morgan the guilt went away. It was just last night that Carl had asked to borrow his brother's car while his brakes were being worked on. Glen said no because Carl never filled the tank. Carl begged him assuring his younger brother that he would fill the tank. He just couldn't break this date with Beth since it was their first and he had been trying for months to get her to go out with him. Glen refused and Carl had to break his date at the last minute with one very pissed off Beth Morgan. Carl vowed revenge on Glen.

Carl's plan was simple. Glen always had trouble finding pants that fit right because of his large buns. He tended to split them out easily. So after everyone had gone to bed Carl snuck into the basement and ran a razor along the back seem of Glen's baseball pants. He knew it was just a matter of time before Glen's monster butt broke the thin threads and his lard ass split out the back in front of everyone. That would teach him to screw with Carl. And after seeing Glen's choice in underwear, which wasn't much bigger than a thong, Carl knew it would be extra embarrassing for his younger brother.

Mr. & Mrs. Deaning appeared at the foot of the stairs. "Well, is everyone ready?" asked Mr. Deaning.

"Sure are," said Glen. And with that the entire family made its way to the car to watch Glen's game and ultimately his shame.

The Deanings’ made it to the field in enough time for Glen to join his team in some stretching exercises. Carl and his parents found seats in the stands while down on the field Glen and his buddies prepared for their game. Before long things were underway; the game progressed as normal. Glen got a home run and had stopped quit a few runs at his position on third base. The Sabers were up by 3 and at the top of the 8th it appeared as though the Sabers would be the victors.

From the stands Carl watched. He was beginning to think that maybe his plan to humiliate his brother had failed. The Sabers were out on the field and Glen was at his position on third, his white uniform pants taut across his ample backside. The other team was up at bat. The pitch was thrown, the ball made contact with the bat. There was a loud crack as the two made met. The ball sailed through the air and made its way toward third base. Glen jumped up his hand raised high to catch the ball. He was in mid air when it finally happened. There was a loud RRRRIIIIIPPPPPPP…followed by a rush of air across Glen's over stuffed ass cushions. Instinctively Glen's hands went to his behind to cover it. His glove fell to the ground and he tried to pull the seat of his pants together in vain. The entire back seam was ripped out of the teen’s pants.

There was a loud burst of laughter from the stands as Glen fought to cover his massive buns. The little cotton leopard print bikini briefs barely covered him. His huge cheeks appeared to swallow the small undergarment as the back rode up the youth's ass crack. Glen's face flushed red with embarrassment as he ran across the field to the dugout calling a time out. His melon sized ass cheeks quivered and bounced as Glen ran. Glen felt exposed and humiliated and the thought of all those people watching his huge hiney dance. Coach Hill and the rest of the team all came into the dug out.

"Deaning! What the hell is going on!?" demanded the Coach.

"Coach Hill, it's my pants, Sir. They...well, they split.," replied Glen turning his back to his coach and bending slightly to show his the huge rip, his meaty ass peaking out from underneath the remainder of his pants and scant bikini.

Coach Hill laughed and slapped Glen on the ass, "Nice "Panties! Okay, Deaning hit the locker Room. Stevens, you go in for Deaning."

With that Glen turned and ran toward the locker room. As he ran past his teammates one of the guys slapped his fleshy behind. Then the rest of the guys followed suit. Each guy slapped the fat ass of Glen as he ran past them. By the time he got to the locker room every one of Glen's teammates had slapped his monster gluts. His ass was stinging and red with hand prints.

From the stands Carl was laughing his head off and Glen's shame as he thought to himself, "That'll teach him." Carl rose and made his way to the locker room to make certain his little brother knew that what had happened to him was pay back for the night before and that Glen had better not fuck with him again.

In the locker room Glen was standing with his back to a full-length mirror looking back over his shoulder at the huge rip in his pants. He had hoped that maybe it wasn't as bad as he thought it was. Unfortunately it was. The entire seat of his pants was split out. His lard ass was completely exposed. His bikini briefs were so small that more of his cheeks were exposed than covered. However, the small animal print briefs were still visible. Glen blushed again at the though of all his teammates seeing his sexy underwear.

Glen pulled his pants off over his cleats then pulled his jersey over his head and threw it to the floor. He was now dressed simply in his cleats, socks and thong like bikini. The small garment rode up his ass and he pulled it out and over his ample cheeks as best he could. From the doorway there was laughter. Glen turned quickly to find Carl standing there laughing his head off. "What's so fuckin' funny!?" snapped Glen.

"You," said Carl. "I hope that teaches you a lesson."

"What do you mean?" inquired Glen.

"The next time I ask to borrow your car maybe you'll let me and then I won't have to tamper with the seat of your pants," sneered Carl.

A look of recognition passed over Glen's face as he realized that his brother was responsible for his humiliation. "You mean you tampered with the seat of my pants so they'd split just because I wouldn't let you use my car?"

"Yep!" laughed Carl.

Glen saw red as he charged at his brother. Carl didn't even have time to react. Glen was on him in a split second grappling at the waist of Carl's sweat pants. Glen grabbed the waistband and yank down Carl's Sweats to the knee's. Glen then pulled Carl's pants forward causing Carl to fall backwards onto his ass. Glen pulled Carl's pants off right over his sneakers. Carl was left in a bright blue jock strap that matched his T-shirt.

"There! Let's see how you like being exposed!" yelled Glen.

"You fucking idiot!" snapped Carl.

"Don't like it do you?" asked Glen.

Carl rose to his feet, his own small, perfectly round hard ass exposed the same way his younger brother's large perfectly round bouncy ass was. Carl charged at Glen knocking him to the locker room floor. The two brothers began rolling around on the floor. Glen's bikini rode up between his balloon-like ass cheeks as the two teens wrestled. Carl overpowered Glen pinning him to the floor as he sat on his younger brother's chest. Glen raised his legs and kneed his brother in the back causing Carl to flip off the younger boy. As he flipped Carl's ass went air bound and his small ass cheek's spread wide exposing his tight ass hole.

Glen jumped on Carl's back as Carl began to raise to his feet. Carl backed into the wall and slammed Glen into it causing the eighteen year old to let go and fall to the ground. Glen rolled trying to knock Carl off balance but Carl jumped and Glen missed him. Carl reached down and grabbed the waistband of Glen's skimpy leopard print bikini and gave him a wedgie. Glen yelled as the small material dug into his ass hole. Carl continued to pull until there was a loud RRRRIIIPPP and the minuscule underwear gave way and came flying from Glen's body. His massive ass quivered and his low hanging hairy nuts and thick flaccid cock flopped free.

"You asshole!!!" bellowed Glen as he jumped to his feet tackling his brother. Glen pulled the tail of Carl's T-shirt up over the older boys head in an attempt to blind him. Carl pulled the shirt up over his head and let it slide free down his arms so that now he was in just his bright blue jock and sneakers, which was still more than Glen had on now that Carl had ripped off his underwear. Glen stood there in just his cleats and socks, his naked body fully exposed, with his large balls swinging between his thighs.

Carl dove at his brother's knees knocking him off balance. Glen landed on his brother and the two began to roll around on the floor. Glen knocked Carl on his back and mounted his chest. Glen sat on Carl's chest with his back to Carl's face. Glen pinned his brother’s arms to the ground with his legs. Glen leaned forward and held down Carl's legs with his hands. As Glen leaned forward his massive ass pushed back and spread wide open. His puckered ass hole was visible to his older brother. Carl managed to get one arm free. Like an archer taking aim at his target Carl took his middle finger and took aim at his target, Glen's ass hole. In one quick thrust Carl rammed his finger up his little brother's ass.

"YYYYEEEEOOOWWW!!!!!" yelled Glen as he jumped off his brother and half way across the room. His heavy balls swung back bouncing off his jiggling ass.

From the doorway there was a loud burst of laughter. Both young men forgot about their fight and looked toward the door. Standing there watching their naked fight was Coach Hill and the entire team all laughing uproariously. During their fight the game had ended and neither guy had realized that they were no longer alone. Both youth's turned bright red at being caught not only in this state of undress but also at the idea that their naked fight had been witnessed by the whole team. Both boys grabbed their clothing quickly and wordlessly and ran to separate bathroom stalls to dress.

Once they were dressed the two brothers made their way across the locker room, which was still filled with team members, who were still laughing at the two guys’ naked wrestling match. Both flushed red again and hung their heads as they made their way through the crowd. They had both been exposed and humiliated and would think twice before fucking the other one over again.

The End

Friday, October 26, 2012

Brad: Trick Or Spank Part 7

by BubbleButtLuvr

It was late October. It was also Brad Tomkins’ first year away at college and he was having the time of his life. The biggest sorority on campus was having their annual Halloween, masquerade party. Brad and his two buddies Grant and Kirk decided that they wanted to be part of it. They thought it would be a good way to meet new women. They only condition was that you had to come in costume.

Grant went traditional, he put on some Levis, a flannel shirt, cowboy boots, an over sized ten-gallon hat and tied a bandanna around his neck, and a cowboy was born. Kirk went as Zorro, complete with mask, cape, sword, and hat. Brad ever the exhibitionist went as Tarzan. And his costume was much more revealing than his two friends. It was nothing more than a leopard print loin cloth with a flesh colored thong underneath--and no shoes.

Brad was on the wrestling team at his university and it showed. He had a very well defined muscular body with broad shoulders that tapered at the waist into a V shape. He was cut and chiseled but the most spectacular thing about Brad was his massive ass. It was so large it stuck out four inches from the rest of his body. Plus it was round and firm.

His loincloth barely covered it and every time he moved it rode up on him. Since he was only wearing a thong underneath anyone lucky enough to be standing behind the muscular 19 year old would get a glimpse of his bare muscular mounds. But, Brad didn't care he knew he had a hot ass and enjoyed the stares he got. And he got many from women and men alike. And tonight was no exception especially since his monster cheeks came popping out with every move.

All night at the party Brad found people "accidentally" bumping into him and groping his bare ass. He'd just smile and play it off. One guy went so far as to drop something on the floor near Brad. Then he got down on his hands and knees to pick it up just so he could get a look straight up Brad's loin cloth. Though Brad is straight he didn't mind and even gave the guy an extra thrill by bending forward slightly causing his ass to protrude out further making his costume ride up further. The other guy blushed and hurried off.

It had been a good night and Brad had scored a couple of numbers as had Grant and Kirk. On the drive back to the dorm Kirk had an idea. He wanted to play a Halloween prank on Professor Jenkins, the English Professor. He had some cans of black spray paint in the trunk of his car. He thought it would be fun to go to the Professor's house and spray the stone lions on either side of the Professor's porch black. No one really liked the Professor so it was agreed.

The three teens pulled up around the corner from the Professor's house. They each took a can of paint from the trunk and snuck around to the front yard. They were laughing as they snuck across the lawn in their costumes. They'd teach old Professor Jenkins. Brad could feel the soft ground between his toes since he was bare foot and it had just rained that afternoon.

While making their way across the yard they set off the motion detector causing the front yard to light up like a football stadium. "Shit!" screamed Grant as he took off back to the car. Not wanting to get caught Brad and Kirk followed. However, being bare foot Brad had no traction and slipped in a patch of mud. Brad hit the ground face down with a thud, his loincloth flying up exposing his ample buttocks. Kirk didn't even stop to look he just kept running.

The neighbor’s dog began to bark and Professor Jenkins door flew open. The Professor came running out and was greeted by Brad's big naked ass lying in his front yard.

"Who's there?" asked the Professor running toward Brad.

Brad looked up is faced covered with mud. "Brad Tomkins," stated the Professor. "And just what do you think you’re doing?"

"Nothing," Brad lied.

Then Professor Jenkins spotted the can of spray paint a few feet in front of Brad. "You were going to vandalize my home!"

"No...we were...I mean I was...", Brad gave up knowing he was caught. Grant and Kirk got away and he was busted.

"Get up and get in the house. We need to discuss this!" ordered the Professor.

Brad stood pulling his loincloth back down over his massive buns as best he could. That's when Professor Jenkins saw he was covered from head to toe with mud. "Hold it!", said the professor. "You’re not going in my house like that. Stay there."

Then the Professor went to the side of the porch. Brad saw no point in running he had been caught already. All of a sudden Brad heard a rush of water followed by a cold blast from Professor Jenkins hose. Brad danced around trying to avoid the onslaught of water but it was to no avail. His muscular ass jiggled slightly and peeked out from under his skimpy costume as he jumped around. Then the water stopped and he stood there soaking wet from head to toe front and back. The cool October night air was chilling him. A slight breeze blew up his loincloth forming goose bumps on his big butt.

"Stand there on the mat. I'll get you a towel," said Professor Jenkins as he disappeared inside.

When the Professor returned he threw a towel at Brad and told him to dry off and get inside. Brad ran the soft towel all over his muscular jock body. He tried to soak as much water from the loincloth as possible. Then he stepped inside as Professor Jenkins shut the door behind him.

"You realize I should call the police, Brad?"

"Yes, sir but please don't," urged the boy.

"Then what do you suggest?" leered the Professor.

Brad knew where this was going. In the past he had been able to avoid trouble using his beefy ass. He had allowed some guys to spank him rather than face the consequences. He had a strong feeling that this was also the desire of Professor Jenkins so he went for it. "You can punish me like my Dad used to."

Professor Jenkins perked up, "Oh, and how was that?"

"Well, sir, he'd spank me."

"Is that what you want, Brad? Do you want me to spank you?"

"Yes, sir. I mean if it will get me out of trouble." Brad knew this would work and really didn't mind getting the spanking but still he blushed slightly discussing it.

"Then ask me to spank you, Brad."

Now Brad was really blushing, "Please, Professor Jenkins will you spank my ass?"

"That's good," said the Professor. "Now put your hands on the mantel piece and stick out that big butt."

Brad did as he was told. As he stuck out his massive ass the loincloth rode up exposing more of his bare ass underneath. Professor Jenkins licked his lips in anticipation. Secretly he had wanted to do this since the first day Brad walked into his classroom. Now was his chance.

Professor Jenkins reared back and let Brad have it square in the center of his protruding ass. The wet leopard print loincloth clung to Brad's round melons. The Professor brought a second blow to Brad's meaty posterior. Then a third and a forth and so on.

The stinging in Brad's ass caused him to recall a recent spanking that Coach Phillips had administered to the seat of his wet Speedo. The pain was intense but it made the pleasure so much more pleasurable. Brad's cock began to stir within the confines of his skimpy thong.

The Professor continued to bring his hand down hard on Brad's ass, which was half covered by his costume and half exposed. Brad pushed his ass back further exposing more of his fleshy mounds. Both cheeks peeked out seductively at Professor Jenkins, driving the man wild and causing him to spank harder as Brad moaned.

"Okay," said the Professor. "Let's get rid of that loincloth so we can see how red that ass is."

Then without hesitation Professor Jenkins grabbed hold of the side of Brad's costume and undid the Velcro that held the tiny piece of material to the young man's muscular frame. The loincloth fell to the floor and Brad stood there in his English Professor's living room wearing only a flesh colored thong. His big ass sticking out as far as possible as he clung to the mantel--his cheeks had a nice pink glow.

"Nice panties," laughed Professor Jenkins.

Brad blushed again. His Professor really seemed to enjoy humiliating him. And Brad was getting harder by the moment.

Crack! The Professor had started spanking again. Now that the wet loincloth was off the stinging wasn't as intense. Brad grunted and moaned with each slap.

Professor Jenkins loved the feel of the youth’s hot flesh against his hand. He also enjoyed watching his monster ass go from white to pink and now to red as the young man squirmed under his control. The Professor went from cheek to cheek without stopping. Then abruptly it came to an end.

"Straighten up and turn and face me," instructed the sadistic Professor.

Brad did but was embarrassed at how hard he was. Professor Jenkins enjoyed both Brad's hardness and his embarrassment. As the Professor ogled Brad his embarrassment grew.

"You like that boy?" asked the Professor Sarcastically. "Tell you what take your little panties off. The pile those two throw pillows on the floor and put that towel over top of them and lay on top with your ass up high for me."

Brad blushed again at hearing his underwear referred to as panties. They weren't panties they were men's underwear. Admittedly they were skimpy but still they were men's but he listened anyway. He pulled the string out from deep in his ass crack and pealed the small piece of material from his large buttocks. He then piled the pillows and covered them with the towel he used to dry himself with earlier. He the laid on top with his ass raised high waiting for the next phase in his humiliation.

Professor Jenkins pulled his belt free from his pants and brought it down hard on Brad's big, exposed melons. "Yaaah!!" Brad couldn't believe how hard he'd been hit.

"Keep quite! I have neighbors.", ordered the Professor and again he brought the belt down on Brad's glowing ass.

"Yaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!," wailed Brad again.

"This is your second warning, boy, keep it down. If I tell you again I'll gag you!!" yelled Professor Jenkins as he snapped the belt across Brad's stinging hind end.

"Yaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!," Brad screamed in pain. He couldn't believe what a sadist his Professor was. He also couldn't believe how much he was enjoying it.

"That's it! You were warned!" said the Professor. And with that he dropped the belt. He then picked up Brad's thong from the floor. He ordered Brad to open his mouth and Brad tried to protest but as he did the Professor stuck the string in Brad's mouth. He then pulled the two ends together around the back of Brad's head and tied them together. "Taste your own ass, boy!"

It was true Brad tasted his own ass. The sting that had been firmly planted between his massive butt cheeks all evening was now in his mouth. He could taste and smell his own scent and found it strangely arousing.

Crack! The leather of the belt came down hard on Brad's rump. He tried to scream but couldn't. Crack! Brad moaned part in pain and part in pleasure. He was being totally degraded and loving every minute of it. What did this mean? Was he gay? He opted not to think about it and just enjoy.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

The leather felt like it was cutting through Brad's soft flesh. Brad could feel the tears in his eyes and before he could even think about trying to stop them they were running down his cheeks. He sobbed into his thing, which was now a gag. His ass now bore the strips from the belt--his dick grinding into the pillows.

Professor Jenkins had no mercy and just continued to belt the star wrestler. He had to admit this kid had stamina. Then he saw what he had been waiting for. Brad's massive cheeks clenched and the teen moaned loudly through his gag. Then Professor Jenkins knew he had cum.

"Stand, boy!" ordered the Professor.

Brad was weak in the knees but steadied himself to stand. Cum was dripping from his large and semi erect dick. He was still sobbing. His thong still shoved in his mouth he could still taste himself as he rubbed his burning ass. Professor Jenkins untied the thong and threw it at Brad.

"Now get dressed and go!"

Brad wiped the cum from his body using the towel he had been laying on and pulled his thong back on. The string was wet with his own saliva. He wrapped the loincloth around his waist. Even the soft cotton material hurt his ass.

"Next time your really gonna get it, boy," sneered Professor Jenkins as Brad turned and left into the cool dark night.

Brad knew he looked a sight to anyone that may pass him as he walked to his dorm. But, he didn't care. He let the tears run down his face. With each step his loincloth rode up exposing his severely red ass cheeks. The whole experience had been freeing and somehow he knew he'd need it again.

The End

Angelo Marconi, Shy Guy

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kyle & His Father: Halloween Fright Night Part 5

by BubbleButtLuvr

It was Halloween. And once again the law firm where Jeff Hyatt practiced law was holding their annual Halloween Charity Masquerade Ball. Jeff & his late wife always loved Halloween and the two of them had passed their love of the holiday onto their now 19 year old son Kyle. Kyle and Jeff never missed the annual Masquerade Ball since the passing of Kyle's mother.

This year Jeff opted to go as Julius Caesar. He wore a pair of sandals that laced half way up his calves and a white toga that came down to the floor. At 42 Jeff was still quite a striking example of manhood. He certainly didn't look his age and up until his hair and mustache began to get flecks of gray he and his son were often mistaken for brothers rather than father & son. He still had a thick muscular build with full round biceps and a narrow waist that absolutely balloon out into a massive bubble butt. While Jeff & his son resembled one another in many ways it was the big Hyatt badonkadonk that they had most in common.

Kyle had a leaner swimmers build, brown hair & same smoldering good looks as his father. But it was the Hyatt Hiney that tended to stop traffic getting looks from women & men alike. When the two walked down the street together it was as if four basketballs were bouncing inside their pants.

Kyle decide to go as his favorite childhood superhero, Superman, this year. He had a hard time squeezing his over ripe ass melons into the thin blue body suit of his costume. With his large 9" endowment and plump posterior the outfit looked almost obscene on the teen but he didn't care he wanted to go as Superman and he was going as Superman.

By contrast Jeff's costume appeared to be much more tame than Kyle's. However, what Jeff did not realize was that his toga was so thin that in the right light, such as the florescent lighting of the office, his toga became completely transparent. Jeff had always had a fetish for skimpy underwear, a fetish he passed along to his son, and since he was unaware of the transparency of his costume all he wore under it was a minuscule pair of bright purple bikini briefs with small white polka dots all over them.

Jeff's scant underwear and they way they rode up over his enormous ass was all the talk of the party. Jeff however was oblivious to all the talk and even to the fact that his muscular body and scant choice in underwear was on display to all his co-workers and anyone else who happened to be in attendance. Once at the party Kyle realized his father's predicament. However, he opted not to tell him. Just like the other party goers he was enjoying the view.

Still the costumes that both men wore this year wear mild in comparison to what they had worn last year. It had started easily enough. Kyle had made some joke about going to the party as the male anatomy. Jeff laughed and said he didn't have the nerve. Kyle quipped back saying he had the nerve but that his father was too old and stuffy to pull off something so revealing. Jeff assured him that he was still in good enough shape to pull off a revealing costume and dared Kyle to come up with a costume idea for him. Kyle decided that his father should go as a male ballet dancer.

So it was set Jeff's costume consisted of a low cut white tank top, the kind that came down so low that his tits were completely exposed. The lower half of his costume consisted of sheer white tights, So, sheer that they were completely see through. Under the too tight tights Jeff wore a flesh colored nylon thong.

Kyle's costume was just as revealing but much more creative. Like his father he wore a flesh colored nylon thong. But, nothing else. The rest of his costume consisted of body paint. His friend Kevin was an art major so Kyle had him paint his body so that it looked as if you could see all his organs through his skin like on the medical charts you see hanging in doctor's offices. It took hours to complete the body painting but the end result was incredible. And Kevin was by no means complaining.

Unbeknownst to Kyle, Kevin had had a crush on him for years and the idea of spending and afternoon with Kyle wearing nothing but a thong, his enormous buns bared and on display for him to ogle and even feel up as he painted them. Kevin took lots of extra time painting Kyle's deliciously large derriere. He loved the way it felt in his hands. It was the perfect mixture of muscle and fat. That day left Kevin with enough jack off material to last a lifetime.

Of course that night at the party both men got lots of lustful looks. Jeff in his transparent white tights and Kyle in his body paint and thong. Both looked amazing, fat booty's exposed. And the way they jiggled when they walked. Fat butts bouncing up and down from their own weight. So, by comparison this years costume choices were tame.

It was a strange relationship Kyle shared with his father. Jeff had always raised Kyle not to label people or things. So, Kyle had a pretty open attitude. However, if father & son had be asked to define their sexual orientation both would have said straight. That was up until a few months ago when one night their home was burglarized and they were forced to participate in some lewd sexual acts with one another for the prowlers enjoyment. Since then father & son had found themselves in several situations where they were forced to perform sexual acts on one another. But the strange part of it was both men actually enjoyed it. After each encounter they went back to their roles of father & son and never discussed what they had done. Still each man had enjoyed these encounters and wanted them to continue. It wasn't as if they were in love. It wasn't about that, it was lust pure and simple. It was nothing more than animal. So, Kyle didn't mind the peep show that his father was unintentionally giving him and everyone else.

But Kyle was not alone in his lust. Jeff would eye up his son in the too tight body suit watching the way it curved his meaty package and whenever he turned and and bent over slightly his red cape would ride up and his amazon sized booty would pop out from underneath and Jeff would catch himself licking his lips in lust at his 19 year old son.

At this point neither man knew what this night had in store for them. The Ball wore on and father & son had a great time. A couple of hours into the party Jeff asked Kyle to go up to his office on the 12th floor and grab his camera from his desk. He wanted to get a few shots of everyone. Kyle was glad to help and jogged off for the elevator, his big bottom bouncing inside the Lycra body suit like two mounds of blueberry Jello.

What Kyle didn't notice until he stepped on the elevator was a dark figure lurking back in the shadows. The man was dressed like the Grim Reaper. He wore a long black robe and the mask of a skeleton. When he saw Kyle head for the elevator he followed watching the youth's full ripe buns jiggle and thinking, 'Damn this is gonna be fun.' He stepped on behind Kyle and slipped in Kyle didn't see him until the doors had closed. Kyle asked the man what floor he wanted. The man pointed to 12 and Kyle told him he was on his way to 12 too.

They rode up the 9 floors in silence. The doors opened and Kyle stepped out and hurried down the hall followed by the masked figure. Kyle let himself into his fathers office and grabbed the camera from the desk and ran back out. However as soon as he hit the hallway the Grim Reaper was blocking his way and in his hand he help a rag soaked in ether. Kyle ran right into the rag and the man pressed it over his nose and mouth hard. Before Kyle knew what was happening he was out cold.

Kyle awoke just a few minutes later to smelling salts being waived under his nose. He woke up and was slightly disoriented for a moment until he realized he was in his dad's office. But his arms and legs were bound to a chair and in his mouth was something odd. Rubber and round like a super ball. He caught his reflection in the mirror on the wall and realized it was a ball gag. What was going on?

The Grim Reaper stood over him. He was holding his mask in his had. Kyle looked into the face of a man who looked vaguely familiar but he wasn't sure how he knew him. The man was Caucasin and had jet black hair that was cut in a buzz cut. Kyle guessed him to be in his mid 30's. Kyle tried to speak but the ball gag muffled his speech. He looked up at the man pleading asking why with his eyes.

The man just looked at him and said, "It will all be explained once your father arrives." Kyle struggled against his bonds much like Superman would have but it was to no avail. He was bound tight. It was at this moment the office door opened and in walked Jeff. He saw his son bound and gag to the chair. His young lean muscles bulging in his tight body suit. His package about to burst free at any moment and God forgive him he felt a stirring in his groin. But, he quickly composed himself as he ran to his son. He was about to remove the gag when from behind he heard a familiar voice say, "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Jeff."

Jeff turned quickly and looked into the face of Stephen Dugan. He had a gun aimed at him. Jeff stood straight up and raised his hands in surrender saying, "Stephen, what's going on?"

Stephen spoke, "So you do remember me then."

"Of course I do. I was your attorney."

"Do you remember your promise to me when I was arrested for embezzlement? You promised that you would keep me out of prison. Do you remember that, Jeff?"

"Yes, of course I remember. But, it was beyond my control. The prosecution had a surprise witness and the trial turned just like that. I really am sorry.", said Jeff stepping closer to the gunman.

"Stop right there! Not another step closer.", Stephen waived the gun at Jeff. "Do you have any idea what happened to me in prison? I was not kept out of the general population. I was thrown in. My cell mate was a large black man who went by the name D. He raped me my first night in the cell. He told me that I was now his bitch and would do as he said if I knew what was good for me. From that point on I was never allowed to wear clothes when we were in our cell. He fucked me up the ass me every day. Sometimes making me sit on his huge cock and ride him for hours so he wouldn't have to do any of the work. I had to sleep in bed with him under the covers and suck him off every night. Sometimes he would cum down my throat 2 and 3 times a night. His dick was massive. Wide as a soda can and nearly 13 inches long. Sometimes I thought I'd pass out from lack of air. The prisoners in the others cells could see what was going on and they would just laugh and cheer as he sexually humiliated and used me. Sometimes the guards would stop and watch. Sometimes they would even get in on the act forcing me to press my exposed ass up to the bars so the could fuck me to. No one ever tried to help me."

Kyle struggled against his bonds as he and his father listened to Stephen depraved tale. He felt if he could break free he could rush the gunman and save the day.

Lost in his own memories Stephen kept talking,"D would do things just to humiliate me. He would make me crawl across our dirty cell floor completely naked and beg to suck his fat black dick. One day in the cafeteria I accidentally spilt his milk. He took down my pants and actually spanked me right there. Made me get over his lap. He even took down my briefs so that my backside was bared to everyone. A crowd of prisoners & guards alike gathered around us and watched as he spanked my ass bright red. I kicked my legs, I cried, I begged for mercy but he just kept spanking me until he had had his fill. He would even trade my body for things like a pack of smokes. He would let a fellow inmate fuck me in trade for a lousy pack of cigarettes." Then he just stopped speaking.

Jeff spoke, "I'm sorry, Stephen, really. I had no idea. But, I had nothing to do with that. I would never have allowed you to endure that had I known."

Snapped back to reality by the sound of Jeff's voice Stephen snarled, "But, it did happen and now your gonna feel some of the humiliation that I experienced. And to add to your humiliation your son is gonna help."

Kyle looked up at Jeff and Jeff down at Kyle. Jeff spoke, "Just what do you mean?" I mean your gonna expose yourself to me and your son the way I was forced to expose myself then your son's gonna satisfy himself sexually using your body so you can experience the degradation I had to.

At this point both Hyatt men were conflicted. On one hand this was a crazy individual and they were in great danger but at the same time here was another chance to explore one another sexually.

Stephen ordered Jeff to stand in front of Kyle and then he himself stood behind the bound teen. "Okay, Jeff, show us what you have. Remove that toga."

Jeff looked from Stephen to Kyle. Wordlessly he told his son it would be okay. He then pulled the toga up over his head and threw it to the ground. He now stood there in just his lace up sandals and purple and white polka dot bikini briefs.

Stephen laughed out loud and sarcastically said, "Sexy. Now spin around and show us that ass."

Jeff did as he was told exposing his own fat bubble butt to Stephen and his son. Stephen let out a loud whistle and said, "Damn!!!! I remember you having a big lard ass but it is even bigger than I recall. And the way it pours out of those slutty little briefs. Whew!!!" Much to his horror Kyle's cock began to grow and in in the Lycra body suit with his hands bound there was no hiding it. Stephen noticed this and comment, "Looks like your boy in enjoying the show." Kyle and Jeff both blushed as Stephen asked, "You like daddy's fat ass, boy?" embarrassed but mesmerized by his father's too large butt Kyle just gave a slow nod to say yes.

This was met by a roar of laughter from Stephen. "Well then get closer Jeff and show it to your boy."

Jeff took two steps back so that his ass was less than an inch from his son's face. Jeff could hear his sons breathing start to quicken and feel his hot breath graze his ample rear from around the ball gag. He knew Kyle must be as excited as he was even in this dangerous situation.

"Bend over!", snapped Stephen. "shove that fat ass out good and far. Stick it right in your son's face." Then to Kyle he said, "Get a good look at your daddy's lard ass in those tight slutty little undies." And then once more speaking to Jeff he said, "You like showing that big butt off in those trashy little briefs don't you?"

Jeff didn't answer he just hung his head in shame and thrust his enormous booty into his son's face. He felt aroused and ridiculous at the same time. Here he stood wearing nothing but scant little briefs and the lace up sandals from his costume as he was ordered to show off his voluptuous ass to his son.

"Reach back, Jeff, Play with that fat ass for your son. Feel it up good."

Reaching back slowly Jeff did what he knew he had to do. He ran his hands along his ample bottom and began feeling himself up just inches from his son's eager face. Kyle was bound tightly otherwise he would have been all over his father's ass by now worshiping and kissing it. "now slowly remove your 'panties', Jeff. Give your son a little strip tease."

Obeying, Jeff began swaying his hips from side to side as he did his large posterior jiggle and swayed back and forth as well. He slowly started to lower the briefs and then quickly pull then back up in an attempt to tease, as he had been instructed. He continued swaying and dancing to some unheard tune. His over sized butt shaking and bouncing up and down lewdly in his boy's face. He then hooked his thumbs into the tiny waistband of the minuscule bikini and bending slowly at the waist without bending his knees lowered the briefs to his ankles and stepped from them slowly.

Stephen laughed, "That's it. Now you see some of the humiliation that I was forced to endure. Now turn around!"

Jeff turned around and his cock was now exposed to Kyle and Stephen. Jeff's 8" cock was fully erect. He didn't want Stephen to see him like this but he couldn't help it exposing himself to Kyle and seeing Kyle all bound and gagged like that had really stirred something in him.

"You fucking pervert!", snapped Stephen. "Your getting off on this aren't you?" He then looked at Kyle's throbbing 9" erection inside it's tight Lycra prison. "Your both fucking perverts! Okay then lets have some fun. Jeff, get on your hands and knees and crawl across the room to your son's cock. And stick that plump rump high in the air."

Getting on his hands and knees Jeff began the degrading task of crawling on his hands and knees around the room. He felt like and animal. His throbbing boner bounced up and down against his hard tight stomach as he crawled. His ass was aimed skyward and his ass spread so that his ass puckered was exposed. the humiliation was great but his state of arousal greater. He reached Kyle's lap. Kyle still tried to undo his bonds but it was pointless.

With a sneer Stephen looked down at Jeff and said. "Now work your boy's cock through his costume using only your mouth. Jeff took a long pause looking up at Kyle. Kyle looked down at his father. Their eyes met and locked. Kyle wanted to scream out, 'Yes, suck my cock dad.!' but the ball gag prevented to so he simply gave a small nod and a smoldering look with his eyes telling his father it was just what he wanted.

Jeff began licking the length of his son's member. Then he would nibble along the shaft softly and playfully. It was hard to do much more using only his mouth and due to the fact that Kyle's cock was encased in the Lycra of his costume. But it still felt good to Kyle as he threw back his head and moan softly through his gag in ecstasy. Kyle's package was now drenched in his father's saliva. Drool dripped from Jeff's chin as he serviced his son as best he could.

Stephen began to speak once more. Once again he was lost in his memories as he said, "D used to love to force feed me his ass. Some times he'd just sit on my face with all his weight and feed me that dark pucker. Sometimes he'd tie me down to the bed so I couldn't move. And then other times he would have his buddies take turns holding me down and they would all take turns forcing me to eat their asses. One day I was made to service 21 black asses at one time. As soon as one guy decided he was done another climbed on my face making me eat him out. It went on for hours. There were points where I thought I'd pass out from lack of air but still I had to do as I was told. Other prisoners watching. Guards ignored my humiliation." As he spoke Stephen rubbed at his crotch, which even through the robe of his costume was obviously hard. As much as he talked about how awful this all was it was becoming quit clear that there was a part of him that got off on the humiliation and degradation he had endured.

Once again something snapped him back from his memories and he looked down at Kyle, who was still being serviced by Jeff, and said, "Okay, Superman, now it's your turn to force feed your own fat ass to dear old dad." With that he pushed Jeff off of Kyle's cock and ordered him to untie and remove the gag from Kyle. Jeff did as instructed as Stephen held the gun on both men. Then he ordered Kyle to remove his costume.

Kyle removed the cape and blue Lycra body suit. Peeling the suit down over his own ample bottom. Underneath Kyle were a bright red g-string so as to avoid a pantie line under his costume. Stephen laughed hard at seeing this and said, "Like father, like son." Kyle's cock was hard and popping out the front of his tiny string. He stood before his father and Stephen in just his tiny red g-string and matching red boots of his costume. Stephen circled around the teen and grabbed a handful of his ample ass saying,"Damn that ass is even bigger than daddy's. Why don't you remove you nasty little string and feed daddy some of that lard ass, boy?"

Kyle looked at his father as if to ask for permission. Jeff whispered, "Do as he says." Kyle pulled the thin string of his butt floss from between his mountains of ass and pulled it down over his boots tossing it aside. Now father and son stood side by side naked except for their shoes. Jeff in his lace up sandals and Kyle in his shiny red boots.

Stephen ordered Jeff to lie on the floor on his back. Then to Kyle he said, "Now sit on his face and make him eat your hole good. Spread those fat ass cheeks good and wide and really sit on is face hard. Show him no mercy."

This nasty talk had father and son both aroused beyond belief. Kyle lowered himself onto his father's face and began grinding his tight anus into his father's mouth. Jeff's tongue was out and he was lapping at his son's puckered hole. Stephen was calling out, "Hard really grind your ass in there boy. Make your father eat you out good. Wrap that balloon like ass around his face."

Kyle started getting into it. He began bouncing up and down on his father's tongue with wild abandon. He loved the way his mustache felt against his tender ass hole. His own fat erect dong bounced and slapped against his father's chest. Soon Kyle found himself lost in lust and yelling out shit like, "That's it dad eat my ass. Bury your fucking face between those fat cheeks."

Stephen just laughed at this as he groped he cock. By this point he had removed his rob and was openly feeling himself up through his jeans. Jeff was getting into things as well reaching up and grabbing his son's big fleshy bottom and feeling him up as he was "forced" to eat ass.

Kyle could feel his father's tongue invade him and he like it. He liked it a lot so he pushed back harder really making his dad service him. Jeff was becoming light headed at the lack of oxygen but didn't want this to end. He kept rimming Kyle like a champ. Then without warning it all stopped as Stephen pulled Kyle up off his father saying I think it's time for daddy's next level of punishment. He then pushed Kyle aside and dragged Jeff, who was still gasping for air, to his feet and pushed him face down over his desk so that his ass was aimed skyward.

Stephen then undid his own belt and pulled it from the loops quickly. The belt made SWOOOSH sound as it cut threw the air. He held the belt out to Kyle saying, "It's time for daddy's spanking."

Kyle had been forced to spank his father once before at the hands of a sadistic police officer who had pulled Jeff over for speeding. The whole situation had been quit erotic and Kyle was looking forward to the opportunity to do it again. Kyle positioned himself behind Jeff. He pulled his arm back quickly to build momentum and then he brought it down hard on his father's over stuffed ass cushions. CRACK!!!

The leather of the belt cut into Jeff's flesh bottom. Jeff yells out and pitched forward. His ample booty jiggled at the assault. Though he knew it was wrong this whole scenario was turning Kyle on more than he had remembered. He was enjoying having the tables turned and being the one to administer punishment to his father. And the way his ass bounced and jiggled was a huge turn on to the teen. He pulled back and brought the belt down again. Jeff let out a loud "YYYEEEOOWWW!!!!" Fortunately everyone was 9 floor below then so no one heard he call out.

Stephen now had his left hand down his pants fondling himself as he held the gun in his right. Kyle was also getting into disciplining his dad. He started bringing the belt down harder and faster on Jeff's large muscular glutes.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The belt flew through the air and came down hard on Jeff's well rounded bottom. Jeff was yelling out in a combination of pain and pleasure. He threw his head back as he cried out for mercy begging his son to stop. While at the same time Stephen let him know that if he did it would be Kyle who got spanked next. Not wanting this Kyle kept assaulting his pleading father's ass cakes. Not only that but Kyle was enjoying the power he had over his father at this point. And the way his ass moved was magnificent.

Stephen knew that sooner or later Jeff would break and would not let Kyle let up until he did. Then it happened. Jeff began to whimper and soon his whimpers turned into full blown tears. His ass was glowing red and he was crying openly like a baby from the pain the spanking was inflicting on his soft tender ass flesh.

This was enough for Stephen who ordered Kyle to stop the assault on his father's huge hiney. Kyle stopped and Stephen walked around the desk shoving his face in Jeff's and saying, "Humiliating isn't it? Well imagine dealing with this sort of this sort of things every day for 7 long years." Then without skipping a beat he barked out, "Now get on the floor on your hand sand knees like a dog."

Jeff wiped the tears from his eyes and got down on all fours. Then to Kyle Stephen said, "Now fuck him, dry!!"

Jeff looked up at Stephen, his face stained with tears, "Please, no. My ass is on fire from the spanking. I won't be able to take it. The pain will be too much."

With a laugh and a sneer all Stephen said was, "Tough!" He then waived the gun in Kyle's direction encouraging him to get the fucking started.

Kyle could see his father was in real pain. Yet surprisingly his erection never wavered. Kyle got behind his father froggy style and aimed at his winking hole. As he entered his father Jeff screamed out. Kyle bent down and whispered, "Sorry", in his father's ear. Much to Kyle's surprise Jeff looked back over his shoulder, smiled through the tears and said, "It's okay son. Fuck me. Fuck me hard." At that point Kyle realized that his dad was getting off on this as much as he was. That though aroused him more than any other and he determined he would fuck his father better than he ever had before.

Kyle didn't start slow he started full force thrusting his cock deep into Jeff. Jeff was screaming out as Kyle's pelvis made contact with his well spanked bottom. He could feel Kyle's cock flexing in him. Kyle would slam his meat all the way in then pull it all the way out and then quickly slam it all the way in again. Jeff was screaming out with lust as his son rammed him hard.

By this point Stephen had pulled his raging hard on out through the zipper of his jeans and was stroking his 6.5" member over Kyle and Jeff yelling out things like, "That's it fuck his fat ass boy. Fuck your daddy good and hard." And Kyle did.

At one point Kyle looked down and caught a glimpse of his bright red boots and his father's glowing red ass and thought how closely they matched. This spurred him on and he rammed Jeff harder. Jeff was screaming out. Pain, pleasure & humiliation mingled in a wonderfully delightful combination. Stephen continued stroking his cock until he erupted. His warm man juices spilling out and saturating Jeff's back as Kyle fucked him.

Next it was Kyle's turn. He kept banging Jeff's over sized ass melons as his own seed came forth filling his father's bowls with an inviting warmth. Kyle yelled out in pleasure and kept ramming Jeff who was not able to stop his own flow of jizz from spilling out onto the carpet of his office floor. He was still screaming out as Kyle exited his now gaping hole.

Stephen tucked his now shrinking dick back into his jeans as he ordered Kyle and Jeff to stand back to back. Stephen's load was running down Jeff's back and down over his ass. Jeff and his son now stood back to back. Their larger than life rumps grinding into one another. Stephen's sticky seed squishing between their acres of ass. Stephen then proceeded to tie them tightly back to back. Once he was sure they were secure he laid the duo on their sides on the floor. He reinserted the ball gag in Kyle's mouth and pulled another from the pocket of his Grim Reaper robe and secured it firmly in Jeff's mouth. He then made his way for the door. Before leaving he turned and looked back and Jeff saying, "Maybe next time you'll do your job a little bit better and not make promises you can't keep." Then he was gone.

Kyle and Jeff spent the next 12 hours like this. They would struggle and wiggle trying to free themselves. Each man could feels the others massive ass jiggle as he struggled and each man spent the night incredibly aroused much to his surprise.

It wasn't until the next morning when Jeff's assistant, Jason, showed up to place the mail on Jeff's desk that the father and son were discovered. Jason who it just so happened was gay took note that both men were completely hard and that Kyle was a full inch larger than his sexy father. The sight of the two muscular large rumped studs bound, gagged and naked with the exception of their boots & sandals caused a stirring in the young asistants loins. He took great time in untying them, enjoying the show he was seeing. He took note of the dried cum on them and even took the opportunity to grope both men's ample back sides as he untied them.

When both men were untied Jason asked what had happened. Jeff spoke before Kyle could, saying that they were assaulted by an unknown masked man. He felt bad for what Stephen had endured in prison and felt that now that he had his revenge that would be the last they would see of the man. Plus though he would never admit it he had enjoyed this latest encounter with his son.

Kyle needed no explanation. He knew exactly why his father had done what he had done so he backed up his story. He too had enjoyed the night he and his father had gone through. Of course neither man would ever admit it and it would not be discussed. But still they both knew that this memory would be another reason to love Halloween all the more.

The End

Phat Asses Overflowing

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Brad: Swim Spank Part 6

by BubbleButtLuvr

Brad Tomkins and his friend Grant had dates. Grant had a great idea. They would steal the keys to the college’s outdoor pool and go for a late night swim with the girls. The plan was simple Grant would distract Coach Dan Phillips while Brad stole the keys to the pool area. It worked perfectly. Coach Phillips never suspected a thing.

That night after dinner Brad and Grant brought Betty and Carol to the gym area for a late night swim. It was dark out so all four changed into their swim suits right out on the front lawn next to the pool. The girls both wore red one-piece suits and Grant wore baggy green trunks. Brad however wore a light blue Speedo.

Brad always had trouble finding pants to fit over his big ass and swim trunks were no different. The lining in baggier suits was so tight he had to cut it out but then he had no support for his large dick and low hanging balls so he had to wear a Speedo under his trunks. This didn't make any sense to Brad, why were two suits? So he opted to just wear the skimpy nylon/lycra Speedo. Truth be told he liked the way his big ass looked in the Speedo anyway and the stares he got as his massive ass cheeks peeked out the leg openings.

Once everyone had changed into their swimwear they headed for the water. The water was cool and the night so dark. The four young people began to play games in the water and lots of grabbing took place in the open night air. These fun and game went on for about an hour before Grant and Betty decided to head to the grassy area for their own fun and games.

As Grant and Betty exited the pool Brad made his way up the ladder of the diving board. His wet, light, blue Speedo clinging to his meaty cheeks as he did so. His ass dancing as he climbed the ladder.

When he reached the top Carol called out, "Get down here, Stud and lets have some fun."

"You got it!" shouted out Brad as Carol climbed from the pool and headed for the grassy area.

Brad ran the length of the board and did a perfect dive. As his muscular 19-year-old body hit the water the lights above the pool came blaring on. Grant, Betty, and Carol were over in the shadows in the grass. They were in total darkness; so all three quietly gathered their things and snuck out the side entrance as quickly as possible.

While all of this was taking place Brad resurfaced to the top of the water, confused by all the lights he called out, "What's going on?"

That's when he heard a voice over the loud speaker say, "Whoever's in the pool get out now!"

Brad knew that voice. It belonged to Dan Phillips, his wrestling coach. "Damn", thought Brad. "Busted." As he climbed out of the water he noticed that his were the only clothes lying in the grass so he figured the others must have gotten away.

Coach Phillips was making his way along the pool and met Brad as he emerged from the pool soaking wet, "Mr. Tomkins what are you doing?"

Brad saw no point in getting the others in trouble so he just covered, "Just taking a late night swim."

"I suppose it was you who stole my keys," stated the coach.

"I was gonna return it. Honest," protested Brad

"All the same you took it and this could be classified as breaking and entering."

"No Coach please I was just having some fun. I didn't mean any harm," said Brad as the cool night air tickled his wet body giving him goose bumps.

"We'll see what campus security has to say," said the coach as he headed for his office.

"No! wait Coach!", said Brad chasing after the coach, his massive butt bouncing as he ran. "Can't we handle this like...Well like before."

Coach Phillips stopped at the edge of the pool. He knew what Brad meant. When Brad was late for wrestling practice one time the coach spanked him rather than cut him from the wrestling team, "I don't know."

"Please Coach. Please I'm begging," pleaded the college jock.

Coach Phillips thought about this. He wouldn't mind spanking that meaty butt again. "Okay, get over in the grass."


"Do as I say or I report you," said Dan.

What else could poor Brad do? He did as he was told and in a strange way was looking forward to this.

"On your hands and knees!" barked the coach.

"Hands and knees?" asked Brad.

"Did I fuckin’ ask you to question my authority? Do it!" snapped Coach Phillips.

With that Brad dropped to the ground on all fours his light blue Speedo wet and creeping up his beefy butt.

"Stick that big ass out!" ordered Coach Phillips.

Brad did as he was told sticking his big rear up and out as far as possible. The coach brought a hand down on his right buttock. "Slap!" The coach's hand met the cold wet material of the Speedo causing a stinging in brad like no other.

"Ouch!" wailed Brad. "Please Coach let me change my speeds wet and it makes it hurt so much worse."

"Take it like a man, Tomkins!" said Coach Phillips as he brought a hand down on Brad's left cheek.

Brad jumped still on all fours his ass pushed out. "That's better, Tomkins." Then the coach went in with a vengeance. The wet material of the skimpy Speedo caused such a burning Brad thought for sure his ass was on fire. The little suit continued to ride up on Brad exposing more and more of Brad's muscular young ass. With each slap he'd jump causing his monster gluts to wiggle slightly.


Brad was whimpering and moaning loudly. Here he was on campus, outdoors at the swimming pool having his ass spanked again. He felt a mixture of pain, pleasure, shame, and desire.

"Take that suit off and get back on your knees.", was the coaches next command.

Brad was semi erect as he wrestled to get the little wet suit off his big ass. He had to pull it free from deep in his ass crack and wiggle out of it slowly, his ass swaying from side to side as Coach Phillips watched. Once the suit was off Brad back on all fours.

"Spread those legs a little further" ordered the coach.

Brad did so and as he did his massive cheeks spread apart exposing his pink ass hole to the coach. Brad was humiliated as he felt the cold night air blow across his most private area. Brad hung his head in shame.

Coach Phillips began tearing up Brad's ass again. As Brad jumped with each swat his large balls swung back and forth like a pendulum. Brad's ass cheeks were as red as a cherry and his ass hole as pink as a peach but Coach Phillips would soon change all that.

Brad's clothes lay near by so Coach Phillips reached over and pulled Brad's belt free from his Tommy Hilfiger jeans. He doubled it up and brought it down on Brad's ass hole. Brad jumped high screaming loudly.

"Take it!" commanded the coach as he brought the belt down across Brad's tender hole again.

Brad squirmed and moaned and much to his surprise got the hardest erection of his life, which did not go unnoticed by the coach who said, "Thought you'd like that, Mr. Tomkins."

Coach Phillips continued whipping Brad's hole with his own belt and much to Brad's surprise he soon felt that stirring that told him he would soon cum. This was new to Brad since he hadn't even touched himself and his dick was grinding into anything. He was going to cum totally hands free.

Brad spread his legs wider and stuck his bubble butt out further to give the coach better access to his hunger hole. Coach Phillips continued to belt Brad as Brad moaned and called out, "I'm gonna cum!" And just like that he did all over the lawn at the outdoors pool at his university. The coach stopped whipping Brad and said, "Stand, get dressed, and get out!"

Brad pulled his t-shirt back over his head and wiggled his bug buns back into his tight jeans. He then put his shoes and socks on and grabbed his towel and little blue Speedo. and headed for the exit.

"The key!" called Coach Phillips.

Brad dug in his pocket and tossed the key to the coach as Coach Phillips said, "I hope we don't have to repeat this again," all the while hoping they would.

"No, sir!" said Brad hoping just as the coach did that this would need to be repeated. Then Brad left.

Back in his dorm room Brad realized he had lost his Speedo. He wondered where it could be--he must have dropped it. While at the other end of town Coach Dan Phillips climbed into bed holding a light blue Speedo with a severely stretched out ass. He held the ass end to his nose and sniffed grabbing his dick with the other hand and began stroking rapidly. As he stroked he thought of that big ass he had just spanked finally blowing his load. Yes, the coach certainly wouldn't mind having another shot at that ass.

The End

Showing Ass In the Great Outdoors

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kyle & His Father: The Convenience Store Part 4

by BubbleButtLuvr

Attorney Jeff Hyatt & his 19 year old son Kyle were on their way from a charity affair that his law firm was sponsoring. It had been a black tie affair so both men were dressed to the nines in matching tuxedos. It was going on 2 AM as they drove along the highway. Jeff looked at the digital gas gauge which was on the last bar and blinking. He knew he'd need gas before heading into the city tomorrow morning and that after such a late night he would be dragging tail in the morning so he opted to stop tonight.

Kyle on the other hand had no plans for the following day and at 19 had energy to spare. While Jeff just wanted to collapse in bed Kyle was planning on grabbing some snacks from the gas station convenience store and finding a good movie on cable.

Jeff pulled off at their exit and stopped at the first gas station he saw. Both men got out of the car. There was a note over the credit card reading saying, 'CARD READER DOWN. PLEASE COME IN TO PREPAY'. Father & son made their way into the store looking dapper in their tuxedos. Jeff looked over at his son and beamed with pride. He had raised a fine young man largely on his own after his wife pasted away.

Kyle was the spitting image of Jeff at 19. Same brown hair, same blue eyes, same chiseled jaw, same tight lean body. Of course now that Jeff was 42 his brown hair was now sprinkled with gray at the temples and he now sported a mustache. And though Jeff was still in great shape he had much more of a thick body builders build from working out 3 days a week at the gym as opposed to his son's swimmers build.

But one thing both men still had in common was the Hyatt ass. All the men in the Hyatt family have always had full round juicy backsides. Asses so meaty that they bounced with each footfall. But, neither man minded. Their over inflated bottoms always got them extra attention, which they loved.

They entered the store and Jeff made his way to the cashier to prepay as Kyle made his way to the cooler looking for something to drink. There was one other customer lingering by the coffee machine and the clerk was behind the register.

Kyle scanned the cooler for a drink when out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw some movement in a reflection in the cooler. Kyle turned quickly and noticed that off to the right of the cash wrap was a door that led to a back room of some kind. It appeared as if it had been closed hastily and left slightly ajar. The door was open about a foot or two and Kyle could see into the back room, which appeared to be an office. There was a man in the doorway trying to get Kyle's attention.

The man was bound to an office style chair with wheels on it and gagged. Not only that but he was completely naked. Kyle's jaw dropped open as he took in the sight. Kyle guessed the man to be between 20 & 24. He was blonde and lean. And he had the biggest set of nuts Kyle had ever seen. They were shaved completely smooth and actually hanging off the end of the chair. Not only that but his cock, which was flaccid, was the thickest he had ever seen. The blonde man was frantically nodding his head in the direction of the cash register, his eyes wide with fear.

It only took Kyle a second to register what was going on. The man tied up in the back must be the real clerk and the man behind the register must be robbing the place. Abandoning his plan to get a drink and some snacks Kyle hurried to the register saying, "Are you about ready, dad?"

Jeff had just finished paying and was slipping his wallet back into his jacket pocket, "I thought you wanted some snacks and a drink."

"I changed my mind. Let's get going.", said Kyle, nervousness in his voice.

The man behind the register looked over at the man by the coffee and said, "Lock the doors, Marty. I think the kids onto us."

"Sure thing Dave.", said Marty as he made his way to the door.

Confused Jeff looked from Marty to Dave and asked, "What's going on here?!"

By this time Marty & Dave had pulled out their guns and were waiving them at the father & son. Dave spoke "We're robbing the place. Looks like you showed up at the wrong time." Aiming the gun at Kyle and Jeff he the said, "Move back here by the office."

Kyle and Jeff raised their hands in surrender and moved around the side of the cash wrap where the office door stood slightly ajar. Dave kicked the door open with his foot revealing the real clerk who was stripped and bound in the tiny office. To Marty Dave said,"Look around the office for some rope to tie these two up with." Then to Kyle and Jeff he said, "Strip!"

"Strip?", asked Jeff. "Are you serious?"

Dave aimed the gun at Jeff and said, "Whadda you think? Now strip."

Kyle looked at his father, fear in his eyes. "Dad?"

"Do as they say son.", instructed Jeff.

Kyle & Jeff began to remove their tuxedos as the two gunmen & the bound clerk watched. They were standing with their backs to the office door so that their backs were facing the clerk. Bow ties were removed, tuxedo shirts removed, shoes kicked off & pants schucked until father & son stood before the three strangers in in just the black nylon socks which were held up by black sock garters and their underwear. Today father & son were wearing matching black nylon/lycra thongs. Their enormous bottoms spilling out the back lewdly and eye level with the restrained clerks face.

"What the fuck are they wearin'?!", blurted out Marty.

"I'm not sure but whatever it is the clerk sure likes it.", smirked Dave as he waved his head in the direction of the blonde twink.

The clerk, who's name was Devon, was now sporting a hard on. His cock was growing by the second and aiming skyward as he took in the sight of father & son in their sexy little thongs. The whole situation had him horrified but he couldn't help it, these two men had him so horny seeing their big ass he forgot all about his predicament. All he could think about was forcing his fat prick deep inside this hot father & son duo.

"Holy shit!", exclaimed Marty. "The clerk's cock. I thought it was big soft but fuck, now it looks like an elephants dick."

To Jeff & Kyle Dave said, "Let's see what has the kid so worked up. Turn around & show us those asses men."

Without skipping a beat & knowing they had no choice both men turned to show their thong clad booties to the criminals. Their fat ass curving seductively. The thin straps of the thongs buried deep between tons of ass flesh.

Dave & Marty just stared unable to speak. Marty broke the silence and said. "Shit Dave, their wearin' thongs & look at the size of their asses. Their massive."

Then Dave got a nasty gleam in his eye. "The clerk here seems to like what he sees. I say we have a little fun." Circling around to face Jeff & Kyle he waived the gun in their faces & said, "I want you both to get on your knees & suck the kids dick. 'Dad' you suck it while your son works his big nuts." Then Dave grabbed the chair that the clerk was tied to & wheeled it out into the store saying, "Let's get the show started out here. That office is way to cramped.

Without a word both Hyatt men approached the clerk and dropped to their knees. Kyle looked deep into his father's eyes almost as if he were asking for permission. Jeff gave it by saying, "It's okay son, do it. Work his nuts."

Wordlessly Kyle started licking the young man's large smooth nuts. Devon moaned through his gag. Jeff started by licking the head of the kid's massive mushroom tip. It would take work to get it in his mouth. Jeff started by working the head in slowly and flicking his tongue across the piss slit.

Meanwhile Kyle was pulling on Devon's enormous ball sack and teasing it with his tongue. Jeff was working more & more of the economy sized prick down his hot throat. His own saliva running down the shaft and dripping on the kids nuts. Kyle continued sucking the young man's balls, his own saliva mingling with his father's as he lapped at it like a hungry beast.

Kyle started licking up the shaft. Jeff stopped sucking and started licking the shaft as well. Father & son shared the oversized dong. They licked up and down meeting up at the head. Both flicked their tongues over the head. Devon leaned back and moaned a stifled moan.

As both men tongued the mushroom shaped head their tongues flicked one another. It didn't take long for Kyle & his father to lose themselves in each other again as they allowed their forbidden desires to take over. They soon forgot about Devon's dick as father & son got closer allowing their lips to lock and their tongues to dance inside one another's mouths. Father & son tasting of the forbidden fruit once more.

Dave, Marty & Devon just stared in disbelief as they watched the horny parent & child make out. Again it was Dave who broke the silence. "Okay, father & son wanna get nasty. Well, then let's have you men get good and nasty. Let's get those thongs off and you two out here in the middle of the floor."

Jeff and Kyle broke their kiss. It was as if they had forgotten they were not alone. Embarrassed that such a private moment had been so public they stood up and began to peel their tight little black thongs from between their mountains of ass flesh. Now both men stood there completely naked except for his socks & sock garters.

Both men were sporting major hardons. Jeff was a good 8" hard and his son a solid 9". A full inch larger than his old man. In most situations these would be considered large dicks but not today. Not against Devon's monster prick. He had over a foot of man meat and it was as thick as a beer can.

Aiming the gun at Kyle & Jeff Dave said, "Okay you guys are so into each other let's see you sixty-nine."

Again Kyle look at his father for approval. Jeff just gave a nod letting him know it was okay. Both men sank to the floor laying side by side. Father's prick in son's face & vice versa. They didn't waste a second as they started gobbling on one another's long hard dongs. They began building a rhythm. Right out in the open for the viewing pleasure of the two crooks & the helpless yet horny clerk they sucked dick so freely and loved every minute of the opportunity to taste one another's cocks again.

Jeff began ramming his cock down his son's throat. Jeff moaned through his dad's dick as he started to fuck his father's face back. Jeff began kneading his son's fat ass and working a finger deep between his cheeks. Kyle spread his legs attempting to give his father easy access to his ass hole. But, his big fleshy buns were so large it did little to help his father. Jeff managed to find his son's pucker and as both men continued to suck Jeff worked a finger into his son. He slowly started to finger bang his boy.

Devon was so worked up at this point that he was thrusting his pelvis into the air fucking nothing but wanting release. Marty was rubbing at his crotch through his jeans. It was Dave who spoke saying, "These two are huge perverts. He's fingering his son's ass. And I didn't even tell him too." Then to Jeff & Kyle he spoke, "Okay 'Dad' you like your boy's ass so much let's feed it to you. 'Son' you stand up and bend over the counter. Spread your legs nice & wide and 'Dad' you get in there and start eating out your son's man pussy."

Reluctantly father & son let one another's prick's fall from their mouths Kyle stood and bent over the counter spreading his legs wide. But still his meaty cheeks would not part. Jeff got on his knees and began licking his son's over inflated bottom. Kyle moaned. Jeff reached up and spread the teens big ass melons so that his tight pink eye winked out at him. Jeff began licking around the hole.

"That's it.", said Dave. 'Eat your boy's ass good."

Jeff let his son's ass envelop his face as he began to tongue fuck his boys rectum. Kyle was so over heated as his father's mustache tickled his hole that he pushed his big balloon butt back into his fathers face to get more of his tongue in him. Dave took note of this and said, "Yeah that's it boy make your daddy eat that big sweet ass. Pull his head in."

Without skipping a beat Kyle reached back and forced his father's face deeper between his meaty rump. "Eat it dad.", ordered Kyle. "Eat my fat ass out." Jeff started kneading his son's ass as he rimmed him. He felt his hot soft flesh between his finger. How he longed to enter his son and feel his meaty globes of ass flesh swallow his hard prick. He kept tonguing his son as Kyle force feed it to him.

Dave spoke again, "Okay, it's time for sonny boy to get banged." He grabbed Jeff by the hair and pulled his face from between Kyle's enormous backside and pushed him to the floor. Then pointing the gun at Kyle he said, "I want you to climb on top of that prick and ride it."

Kyle's eyes grew wide as he realized that Dave wanted him to ride Devon's dick. His cock was massive. Kyle had never had anything that size in him and he didn't think he could take it. "Please.", pleaded Kyle. "No, I can't take him. He's too big. He'll split me open."

Pointing the gun at Jeff Dave simply said, "Do it."

Fear flashed in Jeff's eyes and Kyle knew if he didn't do it Dave might shot his father so Kyle did as instructed. He climbed up on Devon's lap in the cowgirl position. Their eyes locked. Kyle whispered, "Please be gentle." Devon just nodded and muttered through his gag.

Dave ordered Jeff to come help Devon get his fat member inside Kyle. Jeff crawled over to his son & Devon on his hands & knees. Kyle was hoovering about Devon's schlong, his small tight anus visible, he spit on Devon's dick since there was no lube and he aimed it for Kyle's hole. Kyle leaned back as he began to take the clerk's prick dry. His head was enormous & Kyle screamed out in pain. He pulled up screaming, "I can't do it! I can't take him! He's too large!"

Talking to Jeff Dave said, "Get up there and talk him through it."

Jeff stood and starting whispering softly into his son's ear, "You can do it son. Take that dick for daddy. Show daddy what that fat ass can do."

This seemed to spur Kyle on, "You want me to take his big dick, dad."

"Yeah, do it son. Show me how you ride a cock."

Jeff reached down and aimed Devon's cock at Kyle's ass hole and Kyle lowered himself screaming out, "Oh, FUCK!!!!" but he kept lowering himself as Jeff continued to whisper words of encouragement in his ear. He then began to nuzzle his son's ear, licking the lobe in between words of encouragement.

Devon was moaning in ecstacy & Kyle was yelling out, his tight hole stretched beyond what he thought he could take. Once Devone's bone was fully buried deep in Kyle, Kyle began to ride the donkey dick. As he built up speed Devone started thrusting back forgetting his promise to be gentle. It felt too good to have Kyle's fat cheeks wrapped around his erect penis. He began slamming into him.

Kyle yelled that it was too much and tried to pull off. But Dave ordered Jeff to make him take it. As Kyle tried to pull up and off the clerk's cock his father pushed down on his shoulders saying, "No son. Take it. You can take it."

Devon slammed into Kyle as Jeff held him in place. Kyle yelled out loudly. A mixture of pain & pleasure. Then Dave waved his gun at Jeff & said, "Now you enter him too."

Bucking against the onslaught of cock Kyle yelled out, "NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!! I can't take them both."

But Kyle wasn't given a choice as his father came up behind him and forced his own stiff cock up inside with Devon's. Kyle was yelling out as Jeff held him in place. Jeff & Devon got a rhythm going as they fucked Kyle simultaneously. Jeff's own big meaty rump bounced as he slammed into his son. The whole time Jeff whispered in Kyle's ear words of encouragement. This seemed to calm Kyle down a bit.

As time went on Kyle's ass hole became numb and the pain he had felt earlier was gone. Jeff Pulled his son's head back and began kissing him as he and the clerk banged his big caboose. Kyle's own big buttocks jiggled and bounced as it was invaded. As father & son kissed Kyle felt it coming. He knew he would explode at any moment. Without even touching himself his 9" prick erupted. Shooting all over Devon, coating his face and hair.

This was enough to cause Devon to explode himself filling Kyle's ass with his hot seed. Devon moaned through his gag. His cum pouring out of Kyle's ass hole as Jeff continued to bang his son using the cum as lube. It was only a matter of seconds before Jeff felt his ball sack tighten and his own jizz came bursting free mingling with the sperm of Devon inside his son's anus.

Spent, Kyle rose off his father & Devon's dick's . He turned to see that the three of them were alone. The cash register was open and empty. Dave & Marty were gone. Later they would discover that the surveillance tape had been taken as well. Kyle & Jeff untied Devon and the three composed themselves.

The police were called. Devon, Jeff & Kyle all agreed that they would hold back the details of their sexual encounter from the police. They all knew that the odds of finding the gunman were slim to none. And though each man would never admit to to one another the whole experience, though frightening at times left them each very satisfied sexually. And once again father & son had been given the chance to enjoy one another sexually. But once again they wouldn't discuss this afterward.

The End

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