Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kyle & His Father: The Convenience Store Part 4

by BubbleButtLuvr

Attorney Jeff Hyatt & his 19 year old son Kyle were on their way from a charity affair that his law firm was sponsoring. It had been a black tie affair so both men were dressed to the nines in matching tuxedos. It was going on 2 AM as they drove along the highway. Jeff looked at the digital gas gauge which was on the last bar and blinking. He knew he'd need gas before heading into the city tomorrow morning and that after such a late night he would be dragging tail in the morning so he opted to stop tonight.

Kyle on the other hand had no plans for the following day and at 19 had energy to spare. While Jeff just wanted to collapse in bed Kyle was planning on grabbing some snacks from the gas station convenience store and finding a good movie on cable.

Jeff pulled off at their exit and stopped at the first gas station he saw. Both men got out of the car. There was a note over the credit card reading saying, 'CARD READER DOWN. PLEASE COME IN TO PREPAY'. Father & son made their way into the store looking dapper in their tuxedos. Jeff looked over at his son and beamed with pride. He had raised a fine young man largely on his own after his wife pasted away.

Kyle was the spitting image of Jeff at 19. Same brown hair, same blue eyes, same chiseled jaw, same tight lean body. Of course now that Jeff was 42 his brown hair was now sprinkled with gray at the temples and he now sported a mustache. And though Jeff was still in great shape he had much more of a thick body builders build from working out 3 days a week at the gym as opposed to his son's swimmers build.

But one thing both men still had in common was the Hyatt ass. All the men in the Hyatt family have always had full round juicy backsides. Asses so meaty that they bounced with each footfall. But, neither man minded. Their over inflated bottoms always got them extra attention, which they loved.

They entered the store and Jeff made his way to the cashier to prepay as Kyle made his way to the cooler looking for something to drink. There was one other customer lingering by the coffee machine and the clerk was behind the register.

Kyle scanned the cooler for a drink when out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw some movement in a reflection in the cooler. Kyle turned quickly and noticed that off to the right of the cash wrap was a door that led to a back room of some kind. It appeared as if it had been closed hastily and left slightly ajar. The door was open about a foot or two and Kyle could see into the back room, which appeared to be an office. There was a man in the doorway trying to get Kyle's attention.

The man was bound to an office style chair with wheels on it and gagged. Not only that but he was completely naked. Kyle's jaw dropped open as he took in the sight. Kyle guessed the man to be between 20 & 24. He was blonde and lean. And he had the biggest set of nuts Kyle had ever seen. They were shaved completely smooth and actually hanging off the end of the chair. Not only that but his cock, which was flaccid, was the thickest he had ever seen. The blonde man was frantically nodding his head in the direction of the cash register, his eyes wide with fear.

It only took Kyle a second to register what was going on. The man tied up in the back must be the real clerk and the man behind the register must be robbing the place. Abandoning his plan to get a drink and some snacks Kyle hurried to the register saying, "Are you about ready, dad?"

Jeff had just finished paying and was slipping his wallet back into his jacket pocket, "I thought you wanted some snacks and a drink."

"I changed my mind. Let's get going.", said Kyle, nervousness in his voice.

The man behind the register looked over at the man by the coffee and said, "Lock the doors, Marty. I think the kids onto us."

"Sure thing Dave.", said Marty as he made his way to the door.

Confused Jeff looked from Marty to Dave and asked, "What's going on here?!"

By this time Marty & Dave had pulled out their guns and were waiving them at the father & son. Dave spoke "We're robbing the place. Looks like you showed up at the wrong time." Aiming the gun at Kyle and Jeff he the said, "Move back here by the office."

Kyle and Jeff raised their hands in surrender and moved around the side of the cash wrap where the office door stood slightly ajar. Dave kicked the door open with his foot revealing the real clerk who was stripped and bound in the tiny office. To Marty Dave said,"Look around the office for some rope to tie these two up with." Then to Kyle and Jeff he said, "Strip!"

"Strip?", asked Jeff. "Are you serious?"

Dave aimed the gun at Jeff and said, "Whadda you think? Now strip."

Kyle looked at his father, fear in his eyes. "Dad?"

"Do as they say son.", instructed Jeff.

Kyle & Jeff began to remove their tuxedos as the two gunmen & the bound clerk watched. They were standing with their backs to the office door so that their backs were facing the clerk. Bow ties were removed, tuxedo shirts removed, shoes kicked off & pants schucked until father & son stood before the three strangers in in just the black nylon socks which were held up by black sock garters and their underwear. Today father & son were wearing matching black nylon/lycra thongs. Their enormous bottoms spilling out the back lewdly and eye level with the restrained clerks face.

"What the fuck are they wearin'?!", blurted out Marty.

"I'm not sure but whatever it is the clerk sure likes it.", smirked Dave as he waved his head in the direction of the blonde twink.

The clerk, who's name was Devon, was now sporting a hard on. His cock was growing by the second and aiming skyward as he took in the sight of father & son in their sexy little thongs. The whole situation had him horrified but he couldn't help it, these two men had him so horny seeing their big ass he forgot all about his predicament. All he could think about was forcing his fat prick deep inside this hot father & son duo.

"Holy shit!", exclaimed Marty. "The clerk's cock. I thought it was big soft but fuck, now it looks like an elephants dick."

To Jeff & Kyle Dave said, "Let's see what has the kid so worked up. Turn around & show us those asses men."

Without skipping a beat & knowing they had no choice both men turned to show their thong clad booties to the criminals. Their fat ass curving seductively. The thin straps of the thongs buried deep between tons of ass flesh.

Dave & Marty just stared unable to speak. Marty broke the silence and said. "Shit Dave, their wearin' thongs & look at the size of their asses. Their massive."

Then Dave got a nasty gleam in his eye. "The clerk here seems to like what he sees. I say we have a little fun." Circling around to face Jeff & Kyle he waived the gun in their faces & said, "I want you both to get on your knees & suck the kids dick. 'Dad' you suck it while your son works his big nuts." Then Dave grabbed the chair that the clerk was tied to & wheeled it out into the store saying, "Let's get the show started out here. That office is way to cramped.

Without a word both Hyatt men approached the clerk and dropped to their knees. Kyle looked deep into his father's eyes almost as if he were asking for permission. Jeff gave it by saying, "It's okay son, do it. Work his nuts."

Wordlessly Kyle started licking the young man's large smooth nuts. Devon moaned through his gag. Jeff started by licking the head of the kid's massive mushroom tip. It would take work to get it in his mouth. Jeff started by working the head in slowly and flicking his tongue across the piss slit.

Meanwhile Kyle was pulling on Devon's enormous ball sack and teasing it with his tongue. Jeff was working more & more of the economy sized prick down his hot throat. His own saliva running down the shaft and dripping on the kids nuts. Kyle continued sucking the young man's balls, his own saliva mingling with his father's as he lapped at it like a hungry beast.

Kyle started licking up the shaft. Jeff stopped sucking and started licking the shaft as well. Father & son shared the oversized dong. They licked up and down meeting up at the head. Both flicked their tongues over the head. Devon leaned back and moaned a stifled moan.

As both men tongued the mushroom shaped head their tongues flicked one another. It didn't take long for Kyle & his father to lose themselves in each other again as they allowed their forbidden desires to take over. They soon forgot about Devon's dick as father & son got closer allowing their lips to lock and their tongues to dance inside one another's mouths. Father & son tasting of the forbidden fruit once more.

Dave, Marty & Devon just stared in disbelief as they watched the horny parent & child make out. Again it was Dave who broke the silence. "Okay, father & son wanna get nasty. Well, then let's have you men get good and nasty. Let's get those thongs off and you two out here in the middle of the floor."

Jeff and Kyle broke their kiss. It was as if they had forgotten they were not alone. Embarrassed that such a private moment had been so public they stood up and began to peel their tight little black thongs from between their mountains of ass flesh. Now both men stood there completely naked except for his socks & sock garters.

Both men were sporting major hardons. Jeff was a good 8" hard and his son a solid 9". A full inch larger than his old man. In most situations these would be considered large dicks but not today. Not against Devon's monster prick. He had over a foot of man meat and it was as thick as a beer can.

Aiming the gun at Kyle & Jeff Dave said, "Okay you guys are so into each other let's see you sixty-nine."

Again Kyle look at his father for approval. Jeff just gave a nod letting him know it was okay. Both men sank to the floor laying side by side. Father's prick in son's face & vice versa. They didn't waste a second as they started gobbling on one another's long hard dongs. They began building a rhythm. Right out in the open for the viewing pleasure of the two crooks & the helpless yet horny clerk they sucked dick so freely and loved every minute of the opportunity to taste one another's cocks again.

Jeff began ramming his cock down his son's throat. Jeff moaned through his dad's dick as he started to fuck his father's face back. Jeff began kneading his son's fat ass and working a finger deep between his cheeks. Kyle spread his legs attempting to give his father easy access to his ass hole. But, his big fleshy buns were so large it did little to help his father. Jeff managed to find his son's pucker and as both men continued to suck Jeff worked a finger into his son. He slowly started to finger bang his boy.

Devon was so worked up at this point that he was thrusting his pelvis into the air fucking nothing but wanting release. Marty was rubbing at his crotch through his jeans. It was Dave who spoke saying, "These two are huge perverts. He's fingering his son's ass. And I didn't even tell him too." Then to Jeff & Kyle he spoke, "Okay 'Dad' you like your boy's ass so much let's feed it to you. 'Son' you stand up and bend over the counter. Spread your legs nice & wide and 'Dad' you get in there and start eating out your son's man pussy."

Reluctantly father & son let one another's prick's fall from their mouths Kyle stood and bent over the counter spreading his legs wide. But still his meaty cheeks would not part. Jeff got on his knees and began licking his son's over inflated bottom. Kyle moaned. Jeff reached up and spread the teens big ass melons so that his tight pink eye winked out at him. Jeff began licking around the hole.

"That's it.", said Dave. 'Eat your boy's ass good."

Jeff let his son's ass envelop his face as he began to tongue fuck his boys rectum. Kyle was so over heated as his father's mustache tickled his hole that he pushed his big balloon butt back into his fathers face to get more of his tongue in him. Dave took note of this and said, "Yeah that's it boy make your daddy eat that big sweet ass. Pull his head in."

Without skipping a beat Kyle reached back and forced his father's face deeper between his meaty rump. "Eat it dad.", ordered Kyle. "Eat my fat ass out." Jeff started kneading his son's ass as he rimmed him. He felt his hot soft flesh between his finger. How he longed to enter his son and feel his meaty globes of ass flesh swallow his hard prick. He kept tonguing his son as Kyle force feed it to him.

Dave spoke again, "Okay, it's time for sonny boy to get banged." He grabbed Jeff by the hair and pulled his face from between Kyle's enormous backside and pushed him to the floor. Then pointing the gun at Kyle he said, "I want you to climb on top of that prick and ride it."

Kyle's eyes grew wide as he realized that Dave wanted him to ride Devon's dick. His cock was massive. Kyle had never had anything that size in him and he didn't think he could take it. "Please.", pleaded Kyle. "No, I can't take him. He's too big. He'll split me open."

Pointing the gun at Jeff Dave simply said, "Do it."

Fear flashed in Jeff's eyes and Kyle knew if he didn't do it Dave might shot his father so Kyle did as instructed. He climbed up on Devon's lap in the cowgirl position. Their eyes locked. Kyle whispered, "Please be gentle." Devon just nodded and muttered through his gag.

Dave ordered Jeff to come help Devon get his fat member inside Kyle. Jeff crawled over to his son & Devon on his hands & knees. Kyle was hoovering about Devon's schlong, his small tight anus visible, he spit on Devon's dick since there was no lube and he aimed it for Kyle's hole. Kyle leaned back as he began to take the clerk's prick dry. His head was enormous & Kyle screamed out in pain. He pulled up screaming, "I can't do it! I can't take him! He's too large!"

Talking to Jeff Dave said, "Get up there and talk him through it."

Jeff stood and starting whispering softly into his son's ear, "You can do it son. Take that dick for daddy. Show daddy what that fat ass can do."

This seemed to spur Kyle on, "You want me to take his big dick, dad."

"Yeah, do it son. Show me how you ride a cock."

Jeff reached down and aimed Devon's cock at Kyle's ass hole and Kyle lowered himself screaming out, "Oh, FUCK!!!!" but he kept lowering himself as Jeff continued to whisper words of encouragement in his ear. He then began to nuzzle his son's ear, licking the lobe in between words of encouragement.

Devon was moaning in ecstacy & Kyle was yelling out, his tight hole stretched beyond what he thought he could take. Once Devone's bone was fully buried deep in Kyle, Kyle began to ride the donkey dick. As he built up speed Devone started thrusting back forgetting his promise to be gentle. It felt too good to have Kyle's fat cheeks wrapped around his erect penis. He began slamming into him.

Kyle yelled that it was too much and tried to pull off. But Dave ordered Jeff to make him take it. As Kyle tried to pull up and off the clerk's cock his father pushed down on his shoulders saying, "No son. Take it. You can take it."

Devon slammed into Kyle as Jeff held him in place. Kyle yelled out loudly. A mixture of pain & pleasure. Then Dave waved his gun at Jeff & said, "Now you enter him too."

Bucking against the onslaught of cock Kyle yelled out, "NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!! I can't take them both."

But Kyle wasn't given a choice as his father came up behind him and forced his own stiff cock up inside with Devon's. Kyle was yelling out as Jeff held him in place. Jeff & Devon got a rhythm going as they fucked Kyle simultaneously. Jeff's own big meaty rump bounced as he slammed into his son. The whole time Jeff whispered in Kyle's ear words of encouragement. This seemed to calm Kyle down a bit.

As time went on Kyle's ass hole became numb and the pain he had felt earlier was gone. Jeff Pulled his son's head back and began kissing him as he and the clerk banged his big caboose. Kyle's own big buttocks jiggled and bounced as it was invaded. As father & son kissed Kyle felt it coming. He knew he would explode at any moment. Without even touching himself his 9" prick erupted. Shooting all over Devon, coating his face and hair.

This was enough to cause Devon to explode himself filling Kyle's ass with his hot seed. Devon moaned through his gag. His cum pouring out of Kyle's ass hole as Jeff continued to bang his son using the cum as lube. It was only a matter of seconds before Jeff felt his ball sack tighten and his own jizz came bursting free mingling with the sperm of Devon inside his son's anus.

Spent, Kyle rose off his father & Devon's dick's . He turned to see that the three of them were alone. The cash register was open and empty. Dave & Marty were gone. Later they would discover that the surveillance tape had been taken as well. Kyle & Jeff untied Devon and the three composed themselves.

The police were called. Devon, Jeff & Kyle all agreed that they would hold back the details of their sexual encounter from the police. They all knew that the odds of finding the gunman were slim to none. And though each man would never admit to to one another the whole experience, though frightening at times left them each very satisfied sexually. And once again father & son had been given the chance to enjoy one another sexually. But once again they wouldn't discuss this afterward.

The End

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