Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rear End Window, Part 1

by BubbleButtLuvr

I never used to think of myself as the kind of person who would spy on his neighbors. But all that changed a few months ago. My name is Rob Miller. I live in an old brownstone in New York City on the second floor. You know the kind, the ones where your back window faces the back window of your neighbors with a court yard in between. Those of you who have seen Rear Window understand. And in some strange way I felt like Jimmy Stewart spying. Only instead of being a wheelchair bound photographer I was a freelance writer with too much time on his hands.

It all began quite innocently. As I say my back window faces my neighbors back window. I have my desk set up right in front of the window, I enjoy the afternoon light that streams in on a sunny day. Anyway, directly across the courtyard from me on the first floor lives Tim Macmillan. I don't know too much about him except that he moved in about three years ago, he's divorced with an eighteen year old son who lives with his ex wife in Connecticut, and he works for an ad agency in the city.

Then of course there is the obvious. By obvious I mean Tim's appearance. He's probably about my age, early 40's--brown hair graying slightly at the temples but still sexy as hell. Good physical condition. That is even obvious through his designer suits. He's big chest and arms. Not to mention his tight round butt. So I guess I can assume he goes to the gym as well.

Most of our conversations consist of a quick hello or an exchange on the current weather. Not much more. Then one evening while coming home from my evening walk, I walk when I have writers block to clear my head, I noticed a moving van in front of his building. I noticed Tim in the back of the van and casually said, "So, you’re moving." That's when he informed me that no he was not moving but in fact his son, Danny was moving in with him. It seems that the boy was starting college in the fall, here in the city so he would be living with his dad. I wished him a good night and was on my way.

I have to admit I was curious what his son would look like. After all Tim was very hot himself so I could only assume that his son would be a sight to behold. I was lost in my thoughts as I entered my apartment. I went back to my desk and sat down to work. I looked at the clock on my desk three minutes to 7:00, I'd better get to work. I just casually glanced out the window when I saw him. He was pulling back the curtains in the first floor apartment across the courtyard. It was the Macmillan apartment. I couldn't believe what I was seeing either this was Danny Macmillan or I had stepped back in time and was seeing Tim Macmillan as an 18-year-old kid.

Danny was the spitting image of his dad. Same brown hair minus the gray. Same basic body shape only unlike Tim who I had never seen without a shirt, this kid was topless with perfect pecs and chiseled abs. His arms were huge. I watched as he began unpacking boxes. Apparently this was going to be his room. I don't know what this room had been used for before because in the three years that Tim had lived there I had never seen the curtains open once. Danny continued moving around the room setting things in their new home, then all of a sudden he turned and bent over to pick up something. My heart leapt. He was wearing nothing but tight soccer shorts and as he bent they wrapped around his ass and hugged it. This kid had the biggest ass I'd ever seen. I don't even know how to describe it. It was massive. It appeared to be straining against the thin material of his Umbros.

Needless to say I got lost in all sorts of fantasy. From wondering what he'd look like without the shorts to wondering how he ever found shorts or pants of any kind for that matter that would fit over those massive ass checks. I looked over at the clock to find it was 10:15. Had I really been watching this young man for over three hours? I became slightly embarrassed at myself. I decided to take a hot shower and turn in. I'd get up early and get started on my article to make up for the time I'd lost. After my shower I glanced out the window again but Danny's light was out. Which I guess was good? So I went to bed.

I arose the next morning at 6:00 and went straight to my desk to begin work. Again I gave a quick look out the window and peered into Danny's. My timing was perfect. As I looked in I saw him enter the room and close the door. He was in a tank top and a very revealing pair of running shorts. I then noticed the room. He must have come back and continued unpacking after I went to bed because all of the boxes were gone and the room appeared to be set up. In one corner Danny had it set up like a gym with a bench and weight and some other workout equipment.

Danny made his way over to the bench and sat down. He peeled off his sweat soaked tank top--he must have been jogging. Then he reached down and undid his sneakers. Then he stood with his back facing the window and slipped his hands inside the waistband of the little shorts and shucked them too. He was bend over for only a second but in that second time seemed to stand still for underneath he wore the smallest pair of underwear I have ever seen. They were yellow bikini briefs and they were riding up his big ass exposing his perfect gluts. I could feel myself drooling.

He then stood up and began to do his workout. Over time I was to learn that this was Danny's routine. I'm not sure what time he rose but he always got back from his run just after 6:00 am and would then strip down to just his bikini briefs and workout for about an hour. Again I found myself wondering how he found briefs to fit over that big butt of his. Too start out with there wasn't much too them but then on that massive ass they almost seemed to disappear as they rode up his ass crack when he'd raise his legs to work his lower abs. And the collection of underwear this kid had was amazing too. In three weeks I'd never seen him in the same pair twice.

Well, needless to say this became my routine. I would wake up every morning, seven days a week at 6:00 am to watch Danny strip down and workout. In all the time since he moved in and opened those curtains he never once shut them. It was as if he didn't care what anyone saw. He wasn't embarrassed about anything. Not that he had anything to be ashamed of but still privacy just didn't seem all that important to him.

After his Workout he'd shower then come back into his room with a towel around his waist. Still soaking wet, then he'd remove to towel and dry off. Bending over, digging his towel in between those big buns to get every inch dry. I was in heaven.

It only took me a day or two to realize that this was Danny's daily routine and nothing would disturb it. That's when I dug my old binoculars out of the closet. I might as well put then to use I though. It was great it was as if I was right in the room with him. I could see every inch of him. At first I felt ashamed of myself but then I told myself that if he didn't want anyone to watch he would close the window. I know this was a flimsy argument but it worked and I continued to watch.

Then one morning last week after watching Danny for about three months something different happened. He had come back from his run and stripped down as always and began his workout. Today he had on red and white striped bikini briefs and was hot as ever. His back was to the window and he was doing squats. I loved when he did squats. I loved to see that ass pop out at me. Then all of a sudden the door flew open and in stormed his father, Tim.

In one hand Tim held a slip of paper. Even with the binoculars it was hard to make out what it said but whatever it was it sure had Tim furious. His arms were flying all over the place to illustrate his point. His face was red and it was obvious he was screaming. Danny looked scared and it appeared as if he was trying to speak but Tim kept cutting him off.

Danny bent down and set the weights on the floor as he did his stripped bikini rode up his ass. He appeared to be making a hand gesture of some kind--maybe trying to plead his case. But Tim would hear none of it as he continued to yell. Then it happened Tim lost it. He grabbed Danny by the arm and pulled him over his knee as he seated himself on the bed. Now Danny was over his dad's lap with his ass in the air. Then Tim brought his hand down hard on Danny's left ass cheek dropping the paper he held in his hand. Danny began to struggle. Tim stopped and grabbed Danny's chin causing him to look him in the eye. I don't know what he said but whatever it was worked because Danny quite fighting and just lay there.

Then Tim started in on spanking him again. He would alternate cheeks. Left the right back and forth. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Here was this 18-year-old stud being spanked by his father. Needless to say I got hot watching this scene unfold. Mr. McMillan continued working over his son’s ass. Then he reached for something on the nightstand next to the bed. A brush. He began to use the brush on the poor kid’s ass. Danny jumped at the first stroke.

Tim then grabbed hold of the waistband of the skimpy briefs and went to yank them down. Danny started to protest grabbing them and fighting to keep them up. Tim grabbed his chin again and said something that caused Danny to relent. He let his father lower his briefs. I couldn't believe how red his ass was. It matched the red in his briefs.

It must have finally broken him because now Danny was kicking with each swat to his exposed ass. As he kicked his legs spread wide apart and when his legs spreads so did his beefy ass cheeks. As his ass cheeks spread his ass hole became visible noticeable. Here he was 18 years old, hot as hell, with his meaty ass exposed spreading his ass and showing off his hole. Damn! I was hard as a rock.

Then I got a glimpse of his face it was red and wet. He was crying. This beefy bodybuilder was crying at being spanked over his father's knee. Tim continued for a few more minutes. Then he had Danny stand. He was facing Tim who was still seated on the bed, therefore his back was to the window and I got a good view. Danny's shoulders would raise and lower as he continued to sob. His big melon ass checks quivered, as he stood before his father, bare. His ass was a tomato red all over.

Then Tim pointed to the corner and Danny waddled over to it with his skimpy briefs still around his ankles. He stood facing the corner as Tim stood up and headed for the door. As he left the room he said something to Danny and was gone. I continued to watch as Danny stood there and his sobs began to subside. He stood like that for nearly half an hour with his ass peeking out at me. Then Mr. Macmillan came back in and said something. Danny pulled his bikini briefs up slowly and in obvious pain. Tim said something else and gave him a fatherly hug before leaving. Danny didn't finish his workout that day. When his father left he just removed his briefs and laid face down on the bed and applied lotion to his big round sore ass. Then he fell asleep lying there.

Danny's workout resumed the next day and it appeared as if all had been forgotten with the exception of the red ass cheeks peaking out from underneath his little white briefs. In a few days all the redness was gone though and he hasn't received another spanking from his dad.

But the curtains still haven't been closed since he moved in and school doesn't even begin until next week. Which means that there are four years of possible spanking ahead for me to witness.

I wonder how Tim would react to poor grades? Only time will tell. And I'll be waiting with binoculars in hand.

The End.

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