Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Brad: Swim Spank Part 6

by BubbleButtLuvr

Brad Tomkins and his friend Grant had dates. Grant had a great idea. They would steal the keys to the college’s outdoor pool and go for a late night swim with the girls. The plan was simple Grant would distract Coach Dan Phillips while Brad stole the keys to the pool area. It worked perfectly. Coach Phillips never suspected a thing.

That night after dinner Brad and Grant brought Betty and Carol to the gym area for a late night swim. It was dark out so all four changed into their swim suits right out on the front lawn next to the pool. The girls both wore red one-piece suits and Grant wore baggy green trunks. Brad however wore a light blue Speedo.

Brad always had trouble finding pants to fit over his big ass and swim trunks were no different. The lining in baggier suits was so tight he had to cut it out but then he had no support for his large dick and low hanging balls so he had to wear a Speedo under his trunks. This didn't make any sense to Brad, why were two suits? So he opted to just wear the skimpy nylon/lycra Speedo. Truth be told he liked the way his big ass looked in the Speedo anyway and the stares he got as his massive ass cheeks peeked out the leg openings.

Once everyone had changed into their swimwear they headed for the water. The water was cool and the night so dark. The four young people began to play games in the water and lots of grabbing took place in the open night air. These fun and game went on for about an hour before Grant and Betty decided to head to the grassy area for their own fun and games.

As Grant and Betty exited the pool Brad made his way up the ladder of the diving board. His wet, light, blue Speedo clinging to his meaty cheeks as he did so. His ass dancing as he climbed the ladder.

When he reached the top Carol called out, "Get down here, Stud and lets have some fun."

"You got it!" shouted out Brad as Carol climbed from the pool and headed for the grassy area.

Brad ran the length of the board and did a perfect dive. As his muscular 19-year-old body hit the water the lights above the pool came blaring on. Grant, Betty, and Carol were over in the shadows in the grass. They were in total darkness; so all three quietly gathered their things and snuck out the side entrance as quickly as possible.

While all of this was taking place Brad resurfaced to the top of the water, confused by all the lights he called out, "What's going on?"

That's when he heard a voice over the loud speaker say, "Whoever's in the pool get out now!"

Brad knew that voice. It belonged to Dan Phillips, his wrestling coach. "Damn", thought Brad. "Busted." As he climbed out of the water he noticed that his were the only clothes lying in the grass so he figured the others must have gotten away.

Coach Phillips was making his way along the pool and met Brad as he emerged from the pool soaking wet, "Mr. Tomkins what are you doing?"

Brad saw no point in getting the others in trouble so he just covered, "Just taking a late night swim."

"I suppose it was you who stole my keys," stated the coach.

"I was gonna return it. Honest," protested Brad

"All the same you took it and this could be classified as breaking and entering."

"No Coach please I was just having some fun. I didn't mean any harm," said Brad as the cool night air tickled his wet body giving him goose bumps.

"We'll see what campus security has to say," said the coach as he headed for his office.

"No! wait Coach!", said Brad chasing after the coach, his massive butt bouncing as he ran. "Can't we handle this like...Well like before."

Coach Phillips stopped at the edge of the pool. He knew what Brad meant. When Brad was late for wrestling practice one time the coach spanked him rather than cut him from the wrestling team, "I don't know."

"Please Coach. Please I'm begging," pleaded the college jock.

Coach Phillips thought about this. He wouldn't mind spanking that meaty butt again. "Okay, get over in the grass."


"Do as I say or I report you," said Dan.

What else could poor Brad do? He did as he was told and in a strange way was looking forward to this.

"On your hands and knees!" barked the coach.

"Hands and knees?" asked Brad.

"Did I fuckin’ ask you to question my authority? Do it!" snapped Coach Phillips.

With that Brad dropped to the ground on all fours his light blue Speedo wet and creeping up his beefy butt.

"Stick that big ass out!" ordered Coach Phillips.

Brad did as he was told sticking his big rear up and out as far as possible. The coach brought a hand down on his right buttock. "Slap!" The coach's hand met the cold wet material of the Speedo causing a stinging in brad like no other.

"Ouch!" wailed Brad. "Please Coach let me change my speeds wet and it makes it hurt so much worse."

"Take it like a man, Tomkins!" said Coach Phillips as he brought a hand down on Brad's left cheek.

Brad jumped still on all fours his ass pushed out. "That's better, Tomkins." Then the coach went in with a vengeance. The wet material of the skimpy Speedo caused such a burning Brad thought for sure his ass was on fire. The little suit continued to ride up on Brad exposing more and more of Brad's muscular young ass. With each slap he'd jump causing his monster gluts to wiggle slightly.


Brad was whimpering and moaning loudly. Here he was on campus, outdoors at the swimming pool having his ass spanked again. He felt a mixture of pain, pleasure, shame, and desire.

"Take that suit off and get back on your knees.", was the coaches next command.

Brad was semi erect as he wrestled to get the little wet suit off his big ass. He had to pull it free from deep in his ass crack and wiggle out of it slowly, his ass swaying from side to side as Coach Phillips watched. Once the suit was off Brad back on all fours.

"Spread those legs a little further" ordered the coach.

Brad did so and as he did his massive cheeks spread apart exposing his pink ass hole to the coach. Brad was humiliated as he felt the cold night air blow across his most private area. Brad hung his head in shame.

Coach Phillips began tearing up Brad's ass again. As Brad jumped with each swat his large balls swung back and forth like a pendulum. Brad's ass cheeks were as red as a cherry and his ass hole as pink as a peach but Coach Phillips would soon change all that.

Brad's clothes lay near by so Coach Phillips reached over and pulled Brad's belt free from his Tommy Hilfiger jeans. He doubled it up and brought it down on Brad's ass hole. Brad jumped high screaming loudly.

"Take it!" commanded the coach as he brought the belt down across Brad's tender hole again.

Brad squirmed and moaned and much to his surprise got the hardest erection of his life, which did not go unnoticed by the coach who said, "Thought you'd like that, Mr. Tomkins."

Coach Phillips continued whipping Brad's hole with his own belt and much to Brad's surprise he soon felt that stirring that told him he would soon cum. This was new to Brad since he hadn't even touched himself and his dick was grinding into anything. He was going to cum totally hands free.

Brad spread his legs wider and stuck his bubble butt out further to give the coach better access to his hunger hole. Coach Phillips continued to belt Brad as Brad moaned and called out, "I'm gonna cum!" And just like that he did all over the lawn at the outdoors pool at his university. The coach stopped whipping Brad and said, "Stand, get dressed, and get out!"

Brad pulled his t-shirt back over his head and wiggled his bug buns back into his tight jeans. He then put his shoes and socks on and grabbed his towel and little blue Speedo. and headed for the exit.

"The key!" called Coach Phillips.

Brad dug in his pocket and tossed the key to the coach as Coach Phillips said, "I hope we don't have to repeat this again," all the while hoping they would.

"No, sir!" said Brad hoping just as the coach did that this would need to be repeated. Then Brad left.

Back in his dorm room Brad realized he had lost his Speedo. He wondered where it could be--he must have dropped it. While at the other end of town Coach Dan Phillips climbed into bed holding a light blue Speedo with a severely stretched out ass. He held the ass end to his nose and sniffed grabbing his dick with the other hand and began stroking rapidly. As he stroked he thought of that big ass he had just spanked finally blowing his load. Yes, the coach certainly wouldn't mind having another shot at that ass.

The End


  1. I love your stories! Can we please get some ass sniffing/fart play stories? Pleeeeeeeaase!

  2. Thanks. I'll try to include some ass sniffing in future stories.

  3. Thanks! I have a lot of friends who read your blog, and they all keep asking, "when is he going to include some fart play with these bubble butt gods"? Lol.

  4. This is one of my fav storys i love hot guys with huge asses in speedos :P verrryy hottt

  5. Thanks, Alex. Brad is one of my favorite characters to write.