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Harry & The Fraternity Nerds Part 2

by BubbleButtLuvr

It had been three months since Harry's girlfriend, Jenny, had talked him into wearing here sheer white lacey thong. The deal had been that if he would wear her thong all day she would finally give him head for the first time. Harry did it and then after a surprise football practice was called he wound up having the entire team plus the coach see him in her scant little panties.

Harry had always enjoyed wearing skimpy little bikini briefs. The smaller they were the more he liked ‘em. He liked them so small that his rock hard bubble butt would spill out the leg bands. Harry was a true exhibitionist. He love the attention that he got in the locker room at the gym as the other guys saw him in his tiny underwear. But ever since the day Harry had worn Jenny's thong he found that he really enjoyed wearing women's panties. The fabric was so much softer and the cut so much small and revealing. Harry found himself sneaking into Jenny's panty drawer so that she wouldn't know that he was wearing them.

Soon he started making trips to Victoria's Secret buying panties for himself. Silk, lace & mesh. Sheer and see thru bikinis & thongs--the smaller the better. Of course all the sales clerks assumed that they were for his girlfriend, only Harry knew the truth. He would be way too embarrassed to have anyone know he liked wearing women's panties.

He was a well muscled jock with six pack abs, big muscular chest, bulging biceps & an ass that ballooned out four inches from the rest of his big jock body. No one would believe that Harry got off on wearing women's underwear. Harry's face burned hot with embarrassment just thinking how humiliated he would be if anyone knew his fetish or even worse if anyone had ever actually seen him wearing sexy little under garments. Not even Jenny knew. It was one thing for him to do it as a dare in exchange for something from her but he was afraid that if she knew he enjoyed it she would break up with him. Not to mention the humiliation he would feel.

You would have thought that Harry's fears of being publicly humiliated would have made him much more understanding of others but this was not the case. Harry was the stereotypical frat boy. And he and all his fraternity brothers enjoyed nothing more than publicly humiliating those that they saw as different or weak.

It was just last week that Harry & his frat had played a particularly cruel prank on Seymor Manning, the president of another fraternity on campus. Seymour's frat was made up of all the guys on campus who would be considered nerds or geeks. They were computer geeks & physics majors--the kind of guys who wore plaids with strips and wouldn't be caught dead without pocket protectors. Most wore glasses and a few even had the stereotypical tape holding the broken frames together. That was something that always gave Harry a great chuckle. It was the classic nerd look from the movies. Something he assumed Hollywood had created but this group of guys were real and doing it. It made Harry laugh every time he saw it.

Anyway, Seymour was set to give a speech during a special parent’s weekend. He was on the platform at the podium and began his speech. Then from out of no where Harry, wearing a ski mask, came bolting out from behind the stage and ran up behind the unsuspecting young man. Before Seymour even knew what had happened Harry had yank his pants down to his ankles as he whispered in his ear, "This is from me and all my brothers at Omega Chi." But worse than that Harry hadn't just pulled down his pants but made sure to pull down his tightie whities as well leave poor Seymour completely exposed before the entire student body, faculty and all the visiting parents.

Seymour was a very lean and lanky young man. He couldn't have weighted more the 120 lbs. soaking wet but the club that swung between his legs was massive. Even flaccid it hung down at least a good nine inches and was as thick as a soda can. He wasn't very hairy even at 20 years old so there was just a dusting of peach fuzz on his lemon sized low hanging nuts and a few wisps above his cock.

There was a loud roar of laughter from the audience. Once Harry had pantsed the unsuspecting nerd he kept running and was gone before anyone could see who he was. His huge dong swung freely as he reached down and tried to cover himself with his hands but it was pointless, his manhood was so big he couldn't possibly hope to over it with just his hands. But, the sight of him trying instigated even more laughter.

He then bent down to pull up his pants but somehow they got caught up in his shoes and as he pulled up he lost his balance falling flat on his face. His small round bottom aimed at the laughing crowd. He then got on his knees to pull himself up and as he did he spread his scrawny thighs which caused his tiny ass cheeks to spread and he wound up flashing his pink button to the crowd, which got another huge laugh. Finally Seymour got to his feet and was able to pull up his pants, slipping his long fat prick down his thigh before fastening the button and running off stage.

No one may have seen who pantsed poor Seymour but he knew that voice. He knew it belonged to Harry and at that moment as his face glowed bright red with humiliation he vowed he would get revenge. And when he did it would be severe.

It was now a week after the prank that Harry had played on Seymour and all the campus was still laughing at Seymour's shame. All were shocked to see how well Seymour was hung and agreed that a dick that size on a guy that geeky was a total waste. It wasn't like he would get much chance to use it.

When Harry returned from class that day there was a manila envelope in the mail addressed to him with no return address. Harry open the envelope curious to find what was inside. What was inside were two smaller white envelopes. One felt rather light but the other felt as if there was something a little more substantial in it, it was this second envelope Harry opened first.

He tore the corner of the envelope carefully and let the contents fall into his hands. As he got a look at what he held Harry let out an audible gasp. It was seven full cover 4 x 5 photos of him. But not just any photos of him. These were special photos. These photos were all of him wearing his skimpy little panties. In the first he wore pink silk panties; in the second black cotton panties. The third had him in a pink, green & white stripped thong. In the forth he wore a yellow mesh French cut bikini. Number five had him in a white cotton thong with little blue flowers all over it. In the sixth he was in a red silk thong and in the last he wore purple fishnet panties with little black bows on either side.

Harry's face burned hot from embarrassment. He scooped up all the contents of the envelope and raced to his room, slamming and locking the door behind him. Once safely locked in Harry pulled out the photos again and took another look at them. He now realized that all of these photos were photos of him in the thongs and panties and had worn this past week. He then noticed that the pictures were all taken from inside his bedroom. How could this be?

All the pictures seemed to be taken from the same angle. In each shot Harry was standing in front of his mirror so that in the picture you could see his big round ass spilling from the panties as well as his package reflected in the mirror. And all the pics seemed to be taken from above. Harry looked across the room and up high. There was a vent directly across from his mirror. Harry grabbed the chair from his desk and pulled it over to the vent. He climbed up on the chair and pulled the cover from the vent. Inside there was a small wireless camera. Harry pulled it out and threw it to the floor. He then jumped off the chair pouncing on top of it smashing the cam.

He then tore open the second envelope and pulled out the single sheet of paper which simply read BE AT THE KAPPA CHI FRATERNITY HOUSE TONIGHT AT 9:00 OR THESE PICS AND MORE GET POSTED ON THE INTERNET!!!

Harry was in shock as he stared wide eyed at the "invitation". Seymour Manning had to be behind this to pay Harry back for his prank. He and his geeky brothers must have snuck into the house when no one was home and set up a cam in Harry's vent. Harry blushed uncontrollably as he thought about those fuckin' geek's seeing him in his sexy little panties; his huge butt cheeks pouring out the back of the itty bitty panties.

He couldn't believe what was happening to him. He was a star athlete on the school's football team. He was actually in school on a football scholarship. If these pics got out he would surely be kicked off the team in disgrace for bringing shame to the team and even if he wasn't he would surely be laughed off the team. And if got kicked off the team he would have to leave school.

Jenny would surely leave him. He hadn't even been able to tell her he was bisexual. If she found this out she would assume he was a cross dresser or totally gay or whatever, but whatever she thought he knew she would never understand how hot the sexy little panties made him feel--and how he was still all man. This could have an irreversible effect on the rest of his life if those pictures made it to the Internet. Harry knew he had no choice. He would have to do as the note said and try to reason with the nerds at Kappa Chi.


That night at 9:00 sharp Harry found himself knocking on the door of Kappa Chi. The door opened slowly to reveal a hooded figure all in black. Harry was incredibly uncomfortable. "I got a note asking me to stop by tonight at nine."

"Yes, said the hooded young man. President Manning is expecting you. Enter.", with that the figured stepped back so Harry could enter. The figure closed the door and Harry looked around. The hallway was dark with the exception of a few candles.

"Follow me.", stated the figure in a high pitched nasal voice. Harry recognized the voice of Wally, Kappa Chi's Vice President. Harry followed him down the hallway, the flames of the candles flickering as the past. At the end of the hallway was a pocket door. Wally reached out and slide the door open. They entered the room, which Harry realized was a living room. But all the furniture was pushed to either side of the room. All the lights were off and the room was lit by candle light.

At the far end of the room, at the end of a long red velvet runner there was a sort of throne. On the throne sat another hooded figure. Along each side of the runner there were five hard wood chairs. Each chair had a hooded figure seated in it.

Once inside Wally pulled the door shut. Harry looked around the room and realized that the walls were decorated with life sized posters of him. Life sized posters of him in his revealing panties. In the pics Harry wore the same seven different pairs of panties that he had worn in the photos he had received in the mail. However, there were many more shots adorning the walls. In one Harry was dressing. He was bent over getting ready to pull up his jeans; his ass was facing the camera. He wore a pink, green & white stripped thong, its little band disappearing between his meat ass cheeks. When Harry saw this he blushed and had to look away. He was furious, but also embarrassed. He didn't want to piss these nerds off for fear of what they would do next so he bit his tongue.

The figure on the throne stood up and removed his hood. It was Seymour Manning. "Thank you for coming," Seymour in that annoying high pitched whine he had.

Trying his best to disguise his displeasure Harry said, "It' not as if I had much choice."

"True," whined Seymour as the other hooded figures laughed.

Seymour spread his arms wide and asked, "So, what do you think of our art work?"

Breathing in deeply and trying to keep his cool and hide his embarrassment Harry said, "Interesting." There was a long pause where no one spoke. Finally harry broke the silence. "Look, Seymour, I'm sorry about the other day. It was a stupid prank. I shouldn't have done it. But, come on you can't post those pics of me on the Internet. It would be too humiliating for me. Please just give me the pictures and let’s just put this all behind us."

Seymour snapped, "Humiliating for you! Don't you think it was humiliating for me to have my pants yanked down in front of everyone like that--to be so exposed and have everyone see my wiener? People have been laughing at me all week. Calling me ape dick." protested Seymour. Everything Seymour said came out in a whine. Harry couldn't help but chuckle as Seymour referred to his manhood as a wiener. Most guys would say cock or dick but not nerdy Seymour, he called it a wiener.

Seymour caught Harry's chuckle and said, "Is there something funny Harry?"

"No." said Harry. "I really am sorry. Now can I please have the pictures?"

"Not so fast," said Seymour. "But if you do everything we tell you tonight, and I do mean absolutely everything, then I will see fit to give you back all the pictures from the camera we set up in your frat house."

"What do you have in mind?" asked Harry his face flush with embarrassment.

Harry pushed his thick black framed glasses up high on his nose. Harry noted that they were taped together in the middle. 'Typical', thought Harry. Seymour cleared his throat and then spoke, "It appears that you enjoy wearing women's underwear."

Harry blushed harder and tried to deny it, "No, that's jut something my girlfriend wanted me to do. It makes her hot."

"That's a lie." shrilled Seymour. "Why don't you turn around and look at the TV screen."

Somewhat puzzled Harry turned to see a 52" plasma TV on the wall. Seymour aimed a remote at the TV turning it on. The picture came to life before their eyes. It was Harry. He was lying back in his bed in his room wearing purple fishnet panties with black bows on either side. His cock and balls were pulled up over the waistband--his cock hard as granite. He was stroking hard and fast as he yanked on his shaved nuts. His head back and eyes closed as he moaned in ecstasy.

Harry looked at his image on the screen. His heart began to beat faster. His pulse raced; he couldn't believe his eyes.

Seymour spoke, "I bet you didn't realize that camera we installed in your vent not only takes still photos, but also video too. And since it was a straight feed from the cam to our computer here we have tons of digital video on you from this past week. You remember the day you pantsed me? Of course you do. It was that night while you and your brothers were at your football game that we snuck in and installed the cam."

Harry gulped as the realization that everything he did in that room of the past week had been viewed by these total losers.

"No, Harry, you say that you don't get off on wearing women's panties and that you only did it to please your girlfriend but she is no where in sight and you look like you are really getting off on them. We have other videos we could review if you like. This is just our favorite." stated Seymour.

"No!" pleaded Harry. "No we don't need to see anymore. In fact can you please turn this off." Harry's voice was not much more than a whimper at this point.

Seymour and his eleven frat brothers laughed at Harry's humiliation which only compounded it. Harry couldn't believe the situation he was in--all these scrawny weak nerds laughing at him. He had never been in this situation before. At 120 lbs Seymour was the heavy weight of this group. Normally Harry would beat the shit out of each of them but this time was different. If he did and they posted just one picture or video on the Internet he would be utterly humiliated, even more so than he was now.

Seymour clicked off the TV as he spoke. "Now as I stated before if you do as you are told I will give you all the files, footage & pics that we recorded in your room."

"Yes,yes; anything. Just name it and I'll do it. Please." begged Harry.

"Strip down to your panties."

"I-I-I'm not wearing panties." lied Harry.

"Don't lie. Just strip."

"You have to be kidding."

"Do I look like I'm kidding?", whined Seymour's nasal voice. "Do it or we post what we have on the Internet.

Harry knew he was beat. He just closed his eyes as he began to pull his sweatshirt off over his head and threw it to the floor. He then kicked off his boots and pulled off his socks. He looked pleadingly at Seymour begging him with his eyes not to make him do this but Seymour stood firm.

Again Harry closed his eyes in the vain attempt that this would somehow make him disappear but of course it didn't. He pushed his Levis down over his hips and pushed them down over his muscular thighs to reveal a pair of thin white nylon French cut panties with little pink hearts all over them. They rode up high over his big round booty; his smooth white cheeks spilling out from the scant underwear. Harry felt foolish.

As soon as they came into view there as a roar of laughter from all the men of Kappa Chi. Harry cursed himself as he stood there in just his tiny panties. He should have known better than to wear panties here tonight. But, he never expected this. He instinctively put his hands in front of his crotch in an attempt to conceal his shame. This only got a larger laugh from the men. Harry wanted to die from humiliation.

"I thought you said you weren't wearing panties today, Harry.", teased Seymour.

Harry just hung his head in shame.

"Now I want you to walk down the red carpet back and forth before all my brothers. Show off your panties to them. Give them a private fashion show."

Harry's eyes grew wide, "Please...!!!"

Seymour snapped his fingers as said, "Do it!"

Oh how Harry hated the sound of his whiney nasal voice. But he knew he had no choice. Harry began walking down the red velvet runner so that each brother could see him in his too small panties oh so sheer panties. The nerds all started to hoot and holler. They were catcalling Harry, treating him like a piece of meat. Harry's left nut popped out the leg band of the thin underwear as the back rode up and disappeared between his mountains of ass flesh. The geeks just kept laughing their heads off.

Harry now stood before the throne and Seymour. "Now shake that plump ass for my brothers." ordered Seymour.


"Now!" barked Seymour.

Defeated Harry's shoulders slumped as he began to shake his overstuff ass pillows at the hooting group of men. "That will do." said Seymour.

With that Seymour raised his arms and the ten brothers who were seated stood. Wally then made his way to Seymour's side. Seymour lowered his hands and as he did he parted his black robe. As he opened his robe Wally and the other ten brothers did likewise.

Harry's eyes grew large as he realized that Seymour and all his brothers were all pantless. Not only that but all twelve of them were hung like horses. Harry looked down the line from side to side at the ten men. He then looked at Seymour & Wally who stood before him. He had never seen so many well hung men in one place at the same time.

"You know that our fraternity is made up of the greatest minds on campus. What I am guessing you did not know is that not only must you have a 4.0 GPA to get in but your penis must also be 9"x 7" or greater." said Seymour is his annoying nasal voice.

Harry was speechless. He stood there before this group of scrawny monster-dicked nerds, his own full round booty pouring out the back of his tight little panties.

"Next I expect you to get on your knees and service each of my brothers orally." ordered Seymour.

"What...? You can't be serious."

"I am. Now get to work or we start posting what we have on you."

Harry knew he was beat. He felt like an ass standing before this group of losers in just a pair of panties, which were see thru and decorated with little pink hearts. On top of that Harry didn't suck dick. It was true he was bisexual but he was usually the one getting his dick sucked. Oh yes, he would fuck an ass but when it came to oral he only received he didn't give. And even if he was going to give he didn't want it to be on these geeks.

"Now stand before brother Franklin, drop to your knees and take him in your mouth."

Knowing he had no choice Harry made his way to Franklin and dropped to his knees. As he did all twelve brothers let their robes fall to the floor. They were truly an odd sight to behold. Each man wore either brown or black loafer with White knee gym socks. Most wore glasses and all had plastic pocket protectors in their shirt pockets. Several wore bow ties and a few wore sweater vests. No ones shirt matched his tie or his sweater vest. It was an array of mismatched clothing made of polyester. None of them wore pants and all were 9" in length or larger.

Harry was utterly humiliated as he took Franklin' cock in his hand. He began to lick it. As it began to grow Harry wondered if he would be able to fit it in his mouth. Franklin's dick head entered the muscular jock's mouth. Tears began to well up in Harry's eyes as the geek thrust his oversized prick down his throat.

Harry gagged and the men laughed. They then began talking about him as if he wasn't even in the room. He heard things like, "He looks so stupid with those hearts on his underwear." "The hearts aren't so bad but they are so small they can't contain him." and "Only a complete pussy would wear women's underwear." Now he was being called a pussy by this group of losers.

Franklin moaned as Harry worked his mouth over his engorged dong. Then the brothers started critiquing Harry's oral sex method. It was so humiliating to Harry to be talked about like an object without feelings.

Harry then started jacking Franklin's cock with his left hand as he continued to suck.

"I'm gonna cum.", droned Franklin. Harry tried to pull off his cock but Franklin grabbed his head and pulled him down on his brick hard cock. Harry's cheeks puffed out and his eyes grew wide as they started to water. Franklin let out a high pitched yell as his seed erupted from his fat dong. It was slimy and salty as it splashed against Harry's throat.

"Swallow!" yelled out Seymour.

His mouth still on Franklin's cock Harry's eyes looked toward Seymour to see if he was serious. Seymour's expression told Harry that he was. Harry gurgled as Franklin's load slide down his jock throat. Some leaked out and dribbled down his chin.

Franklin released Harry's head and he fell to the floor trying to catch his breath. The frat brothers laughed at Harry's shame. Harry wiped the cum from his chin as he crawled over to the next cock. This time he wasn't even given the chance to take the cock in his own mouth. His head was pulled back by his dirty blonde hair and a second cock was thrust in.

Harry felt like a $10 whore as his mouth was invaded. He knew he must look ridiculous in his scant panties sucking cock after massive cock. Harry's humiliation continued through out the evening. Some men came down his throat while others found it amusing to cum in his face giving him a protein based facial.

By the time Harry reached Seymour he had sucked eleven cocks. His hair was matted stiff with cum; his face and body also sticky with the man juices. And his belly full. Now he knelt before Seymour ready to service him but before he could take Seymour's cock Seymour stopped him. Harry was confused. Then Seymour turned his back to Harry, bent over and grabbed his ankles saying, "Eat my hiney bitch!"

"Hiney," thought Harry. Even when humiliating someone they sound like nerds!

Harry had never rimmed an ass before, though he liked it done to him. Harry place his hands on either cheek of the President of Kappa Chi. He stuck out his tongue and took aim at Seymour's brown button. Seymour moaned as Harry tongued his tight button. He licked up and down the ass crack. He then pushed his face in deeper as he began to make love to the nerd’s ass hole with his mouth. Seymour moaned loudly in that nasal tone of his.

Harry felt like he had reached the bottom of the barrel. He didn't know how much more degradation he could take. Then without warning Seymour pulled away and ordered Harry to get on his hands and knees.

"Why?" asked Harry.

"Because I'm gonna fuck you."

Harry shook his head rapidly and emphatically saying, "No. I can't. Your too big. You'll rip me open!" Harry felt like a complete loser begging this nerd not to fuck him with his donkey dick. Harry had never been fucked and certainly had no intention of starting with this massive prick.

"You'll do as I say or we will post our footage of you on the net tonight!" snapped Seymour.

Harry knew he had to take it so he accepted his fate. He began to pull down his thin panties.

"Wait!" said Seymour. "I like to fuck my bitches with their panties on."

All the brothers laughed as Harry glowed red with shame. He just sank to his hands and knees. Seymour came up behind him and grabbed the back of his nylon panties and tore a large hole in back of them. Harry felt so stupid as Seymour slapped his huge fleshy cheeks.

Next Seymour spit on his cock once and stroked it to lube it ever so slightly. He then grabbed Harry's hips and took aim at his virgin hole. Seymour began to thrust his super sized prick into Harry's tight hole. Harry screamed out and begged for mercy. He began pounding his fist on the floor yelling, "STOP!!! Take it out!!! You’re ripping me in two!!!"

Seymour just laughed at Harry's pleas and said, "I thought you were so big and tough. Are you saying that you can't even take a nerds penis?"

"NOOOOOOO!!!" yelled Harry. PLEASE!!!"

The whole frat laughed at Harry as he screamed out in pain. Seymour began to pick up speed and pound Harry even harder causing the deflated jock to cry out. Tears began to well up in his eyes as his virgin ass was roughly invaded for the first time.

Now the men who sat around watching Seymour use Harry for his pleasure began cheering him on encouraging him to pound poor Harry harder. Seymour slapped Harry' plump bottom as he slammed into him.

"Are you ready for it bitch!" yelled Seymour. "Are you ready to take my load?"

Harry never had a chance to reply because at that moment Seymour's cock exploded in a warm eruption of sticky man juice filling Harry's virgin hole for the first time. Seymour pulled out as Harry collapsed on the floor in a heap. Seymour made his way around to Harry's face and slapped him across it with his still hard cock. He then pressed his fat schlong to the defeated jocks lips and ordered him to clean off his penis with his mouth.

Harry looked Seymour in the eyes and opened his mouth. Seymour shoved his softening cock in. He could taste combination of Seymour's sour cum and his own ass on Seymour's manhood and he licked and sucked it clean.

Seymour pulled out his dong and said, "Very good. You follow instruction well. You may dress and leave." Harry rolled onto his stomach, the back of his panties ripped out and his plump rear on display. He looked up at Seymour and said, "Can I have all the pics and videos you shoot in my room? Please! I did everything you asked me to."

Seymour smirked, "Yes, you did." With that he walked over to a small table by the TV and picked up an enveloped containing all the pictures and files that had been shoot in Harry's bedroom. He handed the folder to Harry and said. "You may take the posters too."

Harry rose to his feet. He was completely deflated and humiliated. He looked down at himself and much to his surprise Harry realized that he was hard--and worse than that the front of his panties were covered in cum, his own cum. He hadn't even realized that he had ejaculated until this moment. His face burned hot from humiliation.

Wally noticed Harry's hard prick and pointed it out to the rest of the group who in turn laughed loudly. Then another guy shouted out, "He loved it. Look he came!" Harry tried t cover his dripping cock with his hands but it was too late. It had been noticed. The men of Kappa Chi watched Harry and continued to talk about him and laugh at his shame as he dressed and gathered up the posters, pictures and video files.

Without a word Harry left. He hoped no one was home at his frat house because he was still coated in cum from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. He had never endured such humiliation before but he made it through it and got back all the footage. He couldn't wait to get revenge on the nerds who had shamed him so.

What Harry was unaware of was the fact the entire encounter he had been forced to endure at the hands of Kappa Chi had been caught on video--his panty fashion show. All his dick sucking and even taking Seymour's cock up his ass, every last bit of it was caught on video. Of course Kappa Chi had lived up to their end of the bargain. They had told Harry that they would give him back all the footage that had been filmed in his bedroom. And they did. But, they said nothing about the new footage that they were filming. After all, the guys of Kappa Chi needed some guarantee that Harry wouldn't seek revenge.

The End

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