Saturday, October 27, 2012

Glen: Three Strikes, You're Out, Part 3

by BubbleButtLuvr

Eighteen year old Glen Deaning stuck his head into the hallway and called out, "Has anyone seen my baseball uniform!?"

From downstairs in the living room Dean's brother Carl called back, "Yeah I saw it hanging in the basement!" From up above Carl could hear Dean's footsteps as he ran down the hall and the descended the stairs. Carl was sitting on the sofa eating a bowl of cereal and watching ESPN when Glen appeared at the foot of the stairs clad only in a ridiculously small pair of leopard print bikini briefs.

"Woah! Little Brother!" said nineteen year old Carl. "What the hell are you wearing?"

"They're my lucky briefs," replied Glen looking down at his lean well defined muscular body.

"Looks more like an eye patch to me," retorted Carl who in comparison to his brother was fully clothed in gray sweat pants and a bright royal blue T-shirt.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny," snapped Glen. "These are the underwear Jeannie bought for me the first time we fucked. She said she saw 'em and thought my ass would look hot in 'em. Unfortunately she didn't know my size and they are a little too small but they brought me luck that night with her so ever since then every time I have something big coming up I wear them. I guess you could say they're my "lucky" underpants."

"Those things are way too small to be called "pants" of any kind," replied Carl.

It was a fact--the underwear that Glen wore were way too small and tight for his build. Glen was by no means fat. He was lean and well defined. However, no matter what he did he couldn't lose his ass. In fact it just seemed to get larger and larger. It was perfectly round and stuck out far in back giving a sexy shelf appearance that the ladies loved. Not to mention some of the guys. Plus it had just the right mixture of firmness yet still had some jiggle and bounce. On top of this Glen resembled a teen aged Dean Cain so he was quite the ladies man.

"Again! Ha. Ha," Glen replied as he turned his back to his brother and made his way toward the basement.

"Holy, SHIT!" exclaimed Carl and he got a look at his younger brother from behind. If the briefs were small from the front they were minuscule from behind. The sheer size of Glen's backside and the smallness of the undergarment made Glen's ass appear to be twice as large and round as it was. And that was saying something.

"What?" asked glen looking back over his shoulder.

"Nothing," said Carl. "It's just well…I always knew you had a fat ass but in those briefs it looks even more enormous--if that's possible. I mean hell at least 3/4 of your ass is hanging out the back there."

Glen looked over his shoulder and down at his ass which from his vantage point appeared to balloon out in back. Then he backed up a few steps toward his brother and bent slightly at the waist shoving his big butt melons in Carl's face. He then ran his hand seductively along his meaty cheek and then gave it a quick slap. Then jokingly asked, "You checkin' out my ass Bro? You turning queer on me?"

Carl reached out and pushed Glen's ass, his fleshy buttocks was warm to the touch. "Fuck you, Glen," laughed Carl.

Glen let out a small laugh and then ran down the basement step, his big bottom jiggling with each footfall. Three minutes later Glen reappeared dressed in the red and white uniform of his team, The Sabers. Carl started to feel a little bit bad for what he was planning to do to Glen but then when he thought of how Glen ruined his chances with Beth Morgan the guilt went away. It was just last night that Carl had asked to borrow his brother's car while his brakes were being worked on. Glen said no because Carl never filled the tank. Carl begged him assuring his younger brother that he would fill the tank. He just couldn't break this date with Beth since it was their first and he had been trying for months to get her to go out with him. Glen refused and Carl had to break his date at the last minute with one very pissed off Beth Morgan. Carl vowed revenge on Glen.

Carl's plan was simple. Glen always had trouble finding pants that fit right because of his large buns. He tended to split them out easily. So after everyone had gone to bed Carl snuck into the basement and ran a razor along the back seem of Glen's baseball pants. He knew it was just a matter of time before Glen's monster butt broke the thin threads and his lard ass split out the back in front of everyone. That would teach him to screw with Carl. And after seeing Glen's choice in underwear, which wasn't much bigger than a thong, Carl knew it would be extra embarrassing for his younger brother.

Mr. & Mrs. Deaning appeared at the foot of the stairs. "Well, is everyone ready?" asked Mr. Deaning.

"Sure are," said Glen. And with that the entire family made its way to the car to watch Glen's game and ultimately his shame.

The Deanings’ made it to the field in enough time for Glen to join his team in some stretching exercises. Carl and his parents found seats in the stands while down on the field Glen and his buddies prepared for their game. Before long things were underway; the game progressed as normal. Glen got a home run and had stopped quit a few runs at his position on third base. The Sabers were up by 3 and at the top of the 8th it appeared as though the Sabers would be the victors.

From the stands Carl watched. He was beginning to think that maybe his plan to humiliate his brother had failed. The Sabers were out on the field and Glen was at his position on third, his white uniform pants taut across his ample backside. The other team was up at bat. The pitch was thrown, the ball made contact with the bat. There was a loud crack as the two made met. The ball sailed through the air and made its way toward third base. Glen jumped up his hand raised high to catch the ball. He was in mid air when it finally happened. There was a loud RRRRIIIIIPPPPPPP…followed by a rush of air across Glen's over stuffed ass cushions. Instinctively Glen's hands went to his behind to cover it. His glove fell to the ground and he tried to pull the seat of his pants together in vain. The entire back seam was ripped out of the teen’s pants.

There was a loud burst of laughter from the stands as Glen fought to cover his massive buns. The little cotton leopard print bikini briefs barely covered him. His huge cheeks appeared to swallow the small undergarment as the back rode up the youth's ass crack. Glen's face flushed red with embarrassment as he ran across the field to the dugout calling a time out. His melon sized ass cheeks quivered and bounced as Glen ran. Glen felt exposed and humiliated and the thought of all those people watching his huge hiney dance. Coach Hill and the rest of the team all came into the dug out.

"Deaning! What the hell is going on!?" demanded the Coach.

"Coach Hill, it's my pants, Sir. They...well, they split.," replied Glen turning his back to his coach and bending slightly to show his the huge rip, his meaty ass peaking out from underneath the remainder of his pants and scant bikini.

Coach Hill laughed and slapped Glen on the ass, "Nice "Panties! Okay, Deaning hit the locker Room. Stevens, you go in for Deaning."

With that Glen turned and ran toward the locker room. As he ran past his teammates one of the guys slapped his fleshy behind. Then the rest of the guys followed suit. Each guy slapped the fat ass of Glen as he ran past them. By the time he got to the locker room every one of Glen's teammates had slapped his monster gluts. His ass was stinging and red with hand prints.

From the stands Carl was laughing his head off and Glen's shame as he thought to himself, "That'll teach him." Carl rose and made his way to the locker room to make certain his little brother knew that what had happened to him was pay back for the night before and that Glen had better not fuck with him again.

In the locker room Glen was standing with his back to a full-length mirror looking back over his shoulder at the huge rip in his pants. He had hoped that maybe it wasn't as bad as he thought it was. Unfortunately it was. The entire seat of his pants was split out. His lard ass was completely exposed. His bikini briefs were so small that more of his cheeks were exposed than covered. However, the small animal print briefs were still visible. Glen blushed again at the though of all his teammates seeing his sexy underwear.

Glen pulled his pants off over his cleats then pulled his jersey over his head and threw it to the floor. He was now dressed simply in his cleats, socks and thong like bikini. The small garment rode up his ass and he pulled it out and over his ample cheeks as best he could. From the doorway there was laughter. Glen turned quickly to find Carl standing there laughing his head off. "What's so fuckin' funny!?" snapped Glen.

"You," said Carl. "I hope that teaches you a lesson."

"What do you mean?" inquired Glen.

"The next time I ask to borrow your car maybe you'll let me and then I won't have to tamper with the seat of your pants," sneered Carl.

A look of recognition passed over Glen's face as he realized that his brother was responsible for his humiliation. "You mean you tampered with the seat of my pants so they'd split just because I wouldn't let you use my car?"

"Yep!" laughed Carl.

Glen saw red as he charged at his brother. Carl didn't even have time to react. Glen was on him in a split second grappling at the waist of Carl's sweat pants. Glen grabbed the waistband and yank down Carl's Sweats to the knee's. Glen then pulled Carl's pants forward causing Carl to fall backwards onto his ass. Glen pulled Carl's pants off right over his sneakers. Carl was left in a bright blue jock strap that matched his T-shirt.

"There! Let's see how you like being exposed!" yelled Glen.

"You fucking idiot!" snapped Carl.

"Don't like it do you?" asked Glen.

Carl rose to his feet, his own small, perfectly round hard ass exposed the same way his younger brother's large perfectly round bouncy ass was. Carl charged at Glen knocking him to the locker room floor. The two brothers began rolling around on the floor. Glen's bikini rode up between his balloon-like ass cheeks as the two teens wrestled. Carl overpowered Glen pinning him to the floor as he sat on his younger brother's chest. Glen raised his legs and kneed his brother in the back causing Carl to flip off the younger boy. As he flipped Carl's ass went air bound and his small ass cheek's spread wide exposing his tight ass hole.

Glen jumped on Carl's back as Carl began to raise to his feet. Carl backed into the wall and slammed Glen into it causing the eighteen year old to let go and fall to the ground. Glen rolled trying to knock Carl off balance but Carl jumped and Glen missed him. Carl reached down and grabbed the waistband of Glen's skimpy leopard print bikini and gave him a wedgie. Glen yelled as the small material dug into his ass hole. Carl continued to pull until there was a loud RRRRIIIPPP and the minuscule underwear gave way and came flying from Glen's body. His massive ass quivered and his low hanging hairy nuts and thick flaccid cock flopped free.

"You asshole!!!" bellowed Glen as he jumped to his feet tackling his brother. Glen pulled the tail of Carl's T-shirt up over the older boys head in an attempt to blind him. Carl pulled the shirt up over his head and let it slide free down his arms so that now he was in just his bright blue jock and sneakers, which was still more than Glen had on now that Carl had ripped off his underwear. Glen stood there in just his cleats and socks, his naked body fully exposed, with his large balls swinging between his thighs.

Carl dove at his brother's knees knocking him off balance. Glen landed on his brother and the two began to roll around on the floor. Glen knocked Carl on his back and mounted his chest. Glen sat on Carl's chest with his back to Carl's face. Glen pinned his brother’s arms to the ground with his legs. Glen leaned forward and held down Carl's legs with his hands. As Glen leaned forward his massive ass pushed back and spread wide open. His puckered ass hole was visible to his older brother. Carl managed to get one arm free. Like an archer taking aim at his target Carl took his middle finger and took aim at his target, Glen's ass hole. In one quick thrust Carl rammed his finger up his little brother's ass.

"YYYYEEEEOOOWWW!!!!!" yelled Glen as he jumped off his brother and half way across the room. His heavy balls swung back bouncing off his jiggling ass.

From the doorway there was a loud burst of laughter. Both young men forgot about their fight and looked toward the door. Standing there watching their naked fight was Coach Hill and the entire team all laughing uproariously. During their fight the game had ended and neither guy had realized that they were no longer alone. Both youth's turned bright red at being caught not only in this state of undress but also at the idea that their naked fight had been witnessed by the whole team. Both boys grabbed their clothing quickly and wordlessly and ran to separate bathroom stalls to dress.

Once they were dressed the two brothers made their way across the locker room, which was still filled with team members, who were still laughing at the two guys’ naked wrestling match. Both flushed red again and hung their heads as they made their way through the crowd. They had both been exposed and humiliated and would think twice before fucking the other one over again.

The End


  1. glen sounds like a dream guy!!
    i got hard reading about his leopard pattern bikini briefs going up his huge ass cheeks

  2. This was the hottest story yet!!! Glen is my favorite! Out of all your characters, Glen seems to have the fattest ass! I thought we were going to get some fart action when Glen pinned Carl down. I hope next time Glen rips a few farts in his face!

  3. Thanks. I'm glad you liked this one. All of the ones I've posted recently are old. I've never written anything up to this point involving farts. I will try to work something in on a future story for you but like I said at this point I have never written anything involving farts.

  4. I love the image of a guy with a plump bottom in some skimpy wildly patterened underwear.

  5. You're a great and descriptive writer, I'm sure you'd make the story sound amazing! Every story you've ever written on the blog gets me hard. I can't imagine what will happen when you write a story with fart play.
    On another note, the way you describe Glen, he seems to look like pormstar Teavis Lee. Now that is one pornstar with a Glen sized booty!

  6. Thank you very much. I am not familiar with Teavis Lee. I did a search but can't find him. Does he have a big hot ass?

  7. Sorry, I meant to write Travis Lee. He's done some work for Bluelife. It's honestly the biggest balloon bubble ass I've ever seen. It's abnormally fat!