Monday, February 3, 2020

Lance & His Stepdad: Discovering Lloyd’s Kink Part 4

by BubbleButtLuvr 

It had been several days since Lance first walked in on Lloyd masturbating in the living room. Since then Lance has learned that without fail Lloyd got off daily at 3:00. After that first encounter Lance had started joining him. To anyone on the outside this would seem odd but in the Tuttle/Harper house this was normal behavior. Lloyd referred to it as male bonding with his new son. 

And there was nothing secret about it either. Lloyd had told Lance’s mom, Gloria, how Lance had walked in on him the first time and was encouraging of his open jack off sessions. Gloria, who was every bit as clueless as her new husband, was glad to hear Lance was not uncomfortable and thought it was a fine idea that they should have found something to bond over. 

Lance felt a little guilty. After all this was his stepdad, his mothers husband he was perving on. But anytime he felt guilty he’d just remind himself that Lloyd was going to be Lloyd no matter what which meant he would continue to walk around naked with his morning wood and jacking off out in the open. And Lance couldn’t help how it turned him on. 

Then on night things took a turn. About 3am Lance woke up needing to go to the bathroom. So he got up, made his way down the dark hall did his business and started back toward his room. And that’s when he heard it. A loud slapping sound followed by his mother’s voice. She sounded stern as she said, “You have been a very naughty Professor spying on female students in the shower! You must be punished!”

This was followed by another loud slap. Then he heard Lloyd say, “Yes, Head Mistress I’ve been very naughty. Punish me. Spank my ass so I learn my lesson.”

This was followed by another slap, which Lance now realized was the crack of a paddle that his mother was using on his stepdad. Then his mother said, “I’m going to do more than spank you, Professor! I’m going to tie you down so you cannot move and then I’m going to torture those balls! I’ll teach you a lesson for being so naughty!”

“Oh, no! Please don’t Head Mistress!”, wailed Lloyd. But by his tone of voice he did not sound like he was displeased with this notion. 

Lance took a step closer to the closed door and the floorboard beneath his foot let out a groan. He froze. All sound on the other side of the door stopped. They must have heard him. What was he gonna do. He stood there motionless. 

His mother called his name softly. And if he was not mistaken she was trying to sound as if she had just awaken. He stood motionless for what seemed like an eternity but was probably three minutes. Then he heard whispers from the other side of the door. 

“You will learn your lesson, Professor!”, yelled his mother. This was followed by a series of loud paddling sounds as his mother started spanking Lloyd vigorously.

As much as he wanted to linger Lance knew this was his chance to go. So while his mother wailed on his stepdad’s enormous ass as Lloyd “pleaded for mercy” and promised to be good he took off for his room and slowly closed the door. From this side of the house he could hear nothing.

Lance lay there in his dark bedroom trying to put order to what he’d just heard. Clearly his mother and stepfather were role playing. He was the naughty professor spying on female students and she was the Head Mistress punishing him for his misdeeds. 

The professor may have been backward and socially awkward with his too short checked pants, pocket protectors and no clue about how to interact with people in normal society but when it came to sex he had a wild and kinky side. A side that would shock his students.

The first time Lance had walked in on Lloyd jacking off he discovered that he enjoyed having his balls tortured. Now he had learned that he enjoyed light bondage and spanking as well. This man had so many layers.

Lance could not stop thinking about what he’d learned. What he’d heard. His dick was hard thinking about Lloyd in such a vulnerable state bound as he was sexually tortured. Lance thought about what he’d do if he were the one punishing his stepdad. He was thinking about this as he drifted off to sleep. And as they often do when one goes to bed thinking about something his conscious thoughts got together with his unconscious thoughts resulting in the most graphic, erotic and realistic dream he’d ever had. 

There was Lloyd wearing his black nylon dress socks, sock garters and thick black rimmed glasses like always. He was bent over the dining room table. His legs were spread wide and tied to the table legs. His arms were stretched out in front of him and his wrists were tied together. The ropes that bound his wrists were long. They went under the table and  each end of the rope was tied around the two table legs where his feet were bound. This prevented him from straightening up. 

All could do was writhe slightly in place which he was doing causing his enormous rump to jiggle and his huge pendulous dick and balls to swing back and forth between his thick tree trunk like thighs. In his mouth was a ball gag that he was moaning into as a pool of drool oozed from the corners of his mouth and dripped from his face onto the family dining room table.

From behind Lance watched his stepfather try to wiggle free of his bonds. He took great delight in watching the older man’s well formed over sized glutes ripple and jiggle as he struggled in vain to break free. They were so large they were actually dimpled. You didn’t see that often. Especially on a man. 

Lance stepped forward. He was dressed in a pair of stark white Calvin Klein tighty whities with a black baseball cap which he wore backwards on his head. In his left hand was a long thick wooden paddle.

“So you think you can just walk around the house completely nude with your huge butt jiggling and your donkey dick swinging free, Professor?”, asked Lance in an evil tone. “You think it’s okay to cock tease your stepson?”

CRACK came the sound of the thick wooden paddle in Lance’s hand as it made contact with his stepdad’s impossibly large derrière. 

Lloyd screamed into the ball gag as he shook his head back and forth vigorously as he tried speaking into the ball gag. “No. I don’t. I’m so sorry. That was not my intention, son.” Was what he was attempting to say but it came out, “Mm. M mmmm. Mm mm mmmmm. Mmmm mmm mmm mm mmmmmm.”

Lance grinned to himself as he watched his stepdads huge mounds of ass fat jiggle. He raised his hand and brought the paddle down on the professors bare bottom over and over with force.


Lloyd wiggles and writhed but could not move much of his body. But his ass could jiggle. And jiggle it like a bowl full of jelly. 

“That’s it Professor struggle to break free. The more you struggle the more your plump cheeks jiggle. You like teasing so go one tease me some more with those big quivering cheeks. 

Then Lance reached out and ran his empty hand over his stepdad’s huge round cakes caressing them softly at first. Then squeezing one and then the other before laying down the paddle to grab both. He began feeling them both up in his hands. He looked like a demented baker preparing to make some sort of XXX baked goods as he kneaded the oversized mounds of ass flesh. Then he stopped and grabbed the paddle again.


Professor Tuttle was screaming into his ball gag. But the cries were not all cries of pain. They were mixed with cries of ecstasy. And if that were not proof enough that he was enjoying his spanking his pulsating 13” rock hard prick was.

As Lance continued to assault his stepdad’s bright red bottom he yelled, “That’s it Professor, you are a naughty boy and naughty boys get their fat bare bottoms spanked.”


As Lance spanked him Lloyd began bucking his hips forward wildly as if he were trying to fuck the air. Lance enjoyed this sight. “That’s it fuck the air Professor Tuttle. Show me just how naughty you can be.”

He brought the paddle down again on Lloyd’s soft white ass flesh as he reached for the ball gag and unfastened it letting it fall from Lloyd’s mouth, bounce into the puddle of Lloyd’s drool on the table and then fall to the floor.

“Oh Goooooddd!!!”, wailed his stepdad. “Fuck yes! I’m a naughty naughty professor. I deserve to be punished hard. Put me in my place son. Teach me a lesson for being a cock tease. I’m soooo sorry son!!!”


“That’s right you are very naughty!”, yelled Lance. But you deserve more than just spanking. You need those huge smooth daddy balls tortured. You deserve to have them tortured don’t you?!?!”

Lloyd was breathing hard. He gulped. “Yes, son. I deserve whatever you give me. Torture my balls. I deserve it for giving you blue balls.”

“That’s right!!!”, screamed Lance as he brought the paddle down again on Lloyd’s fire red rump. 

Then as things often do in dreams a ball stretcher appeared out of no where and was around Lloyd’s balls stretching the already long low hanging lemon sized nuts even longer.

“Aaarrrhhhh!!!”, cried Lloyd. “I’m sorry son! Please have mercy on me. I didn’t realize I was teasing you!!!”

“Tough!” Screamed Lance as he began tugging the professors balls even more. “This is what you get for teasing me. This is your punishment for my blue balls.”

As much as Lloyd cried out his dick stayed hard. “Yes, son, I’m sooo sorry. I deserve this. Punish your daddy!!!!”

Lance got down on the and scooted under the table so that he was sitting on his ass with Lloyd’s cock right in his face. He took his stepdad’s fat member in his hand and started tugging and stroking it. 

“You will cum for me as your balls are stretched. You owe me that for being a tease!”

Lloyd was crying out in lust. “I’m sorry son!!! Please forgive me!” 

The older man was fucking the air causing his his mountainous ass to ripple. His balls were restricted by the stretcher but not so much that it stopped them from swinging. Precum oozed from his engorged cock as his stepson stroked him. 

“Oh God, son!!! I’m gonna cum!!!”, cried Lloyd. 

“That’s it daddy!”, yelled Lance. “Cum for your son! Coat my face with daddy jizz your filthy cock tease.”

Lance kept pumping the oversized prick as Lloyd pounded into his fist. Lloyd let out a long loud yell as his spunk burst from his hard rigid prick. Warm blasts of warm sticky white delight came blasting from his fuck stick and landed on his stepson’s waiting face. Over and over it came blasting out covering the nineteen year old’s handsome young face leaving him looking like a cheap slut in a bukkake film. But it was just one dick that coated his face. And that was the dick of his well hung stepfather.

Blast after blast of warm wet cum filled the front of Lance’s briefs as he lay in his bed. At first the teen was disoriented and confused. Then as he shook the last bits of sleep from himself he was pulled back to reality. It had all been a dream. A wonderful erotic dick draining dream but a dream all the same. He had not spanked his stepdad. He had not tortured his low hanging balls. And he had not jacked him off.

But as he began to wake up more and reality set in he realized that he had over heard his mother and stepdad role playing. He had heard his mother spank his stepdad’s plump ass, tie him down and torture his balls. And that reality was hot enough for him as he reached into his cum drenched briefs, pulled out his still hard cock and pumped out another load before heading downstairs for breakfast.

The End