Friday, December 27, 2019

Lance & His Stepdad: Joining Lloyd Part 3

by BubbleButtLuvr

Lance’s head was spinning after his crazy morning encounter with his new stepdad, Professor Lloyd Tuttle. He would soon learn that Lloyd came to breakfast every morning sporting his morning wood, went out side to get the paper in this state and proceeded with his day until his erection subsided. All of this was done with complete naïveté. His intent was not to flaunt his body. He truly had no idea he was teasing anyone, let alone his stepson. 

In fact as the days went by Lance noticed that the professor got many erections throughout the course of any given day. And as the day progressed his well shaved balls tended to swell. The more they swelled the heavier they got and the more freely they would swing. 

And as much as Lance was enjoying the naked antics of his new dad he couldn’t spend all of his time at home. He had to find a job. On his third day home the teen had an interview for a job at the mall. Nothing great just retail but he needed cash. 

It was on this day when he arrived home from his interview that he learned another aspect of Lloyd’s daily routine. Lance’s mother, Gloria, had plans that day and needed her car so Lloyd let Lance use his for the interview. Upon returning home the teen pulled the car into the garage and made his way through the laundry room up the steps toward the living room/dining room. 

As he made his way up the stairs he heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. He could hear a woman moaning long and loud begging to be fucked harder. He heard the sounds of skin on skin. His first thought was ‘Lloyd is cheating on my mom.’ He couldn’t believe it. He placed his hand on the doorknob and turned pushing the door open hard and fast as he raced through it. Then he stopped dead in his tracks. 

There on the couch sat his stepdad. He was completely naked except for his black framed glasses, black nylon dress socks and sock garters. His prick was at its full 13” and he was stroking furiously, his enormous nuts were swollen and bouncing up and down fast. 

On the 50” TV was a sexy young blond white woman with huge fake tits and an ass every bit as big as Lloyd’s bouncing up and down on a nice thick white cock. She was working her juicy booty very seductively making it ripple as she rode the man’s cock moaning and pleading for more.

Lloyd turned his head in Lance’s direction raised his hand and waved at Lance. It was an odd gesture but on Lloyd it seemed natural. “Hello, son. How was the interview?” And without skipping a beat he continued to pound his pud. 

Lance froze. He honestly didn’t know what to do. Clearly he was wrong the professor was not cheating on his mom he was just watching porn. But he was not only doing it in the living room with the drapes open wide but he didn’t seem at all embarrassed that his stepson had just burst in on him doing it. In fact he was making small talk. 

Lance wanted to look. He wanted to watch. But at the same time it was so odd. He didn’t know how to react. He just looked off to the side saying. “Sorry, Professor Tuttle.”

Lloyd sighed and said, “Now Lance I’ve told you we are family. Call me dad.” And he continued to stroke his abnormally large schlong.

Still looking off to the side Lance said, “Sorry. I mean Sorry dad. I didn’t realize you were...taking care of yourself.”

“Oh no worries.”, said Lloyd. “Come join me, son.” And then he patted the spot on the sofa next to him. 

This got Lance’s attention. He now turned his head and looked at his stepdad. “You want me to join you? Are you asking me to masturbate with you, mean”

“Well if you’d like. Don’t feel obligated. I guess this isn’t really your kind of porn though is it? You probably would rather see gay porn. But this guy has a really big dick. Do you like big dicks?”

Lance just stared at his stepdad in confusion. He knew after only a few days that Lloyd did not think like most men and was socially awkward but had he really just asked if Lance liked big dicks? Without thinking Lance just answered honestly. “Yes, sir.”

“Yeah I’ve heard that gay guys like that.”, said the professor. “I will confess I like to see a woman take a big dick. But my real weakness is a woman with a big butt. Like the woman in this scene.” He then pointed to the screen. “Do gay guys like big butts or is that just a straight guy thing?”, he asked innocently and earnestly.

Lance could not believe this conversation but he couldn’t help but answer honestly either. “Yes, gay guys like big butts. I mean I can’t speak for all gay guys but I do.” He couldn’t believe he’d just admitted this to his mothers new husband and he started to blush. What if Lloyd made the connection that Lance was getting off on his over sized derrière? It was Lloyd that was naked and jacking off but it was Lance that was blushing. 

Lloyd seemed to be considering what his stepson has said. “Yes, I guess that makes sense. I guess I can’t say all straight guys like big butts to. I can only speak for myself. And i sure do.” Then he continued rambling on. “I’ve been told that I have a big ass. When I was about your age there was a guy in my class that used to bully me and make fun of my ass saying it was too big and round for a guy. He used to say it looked like a chicks ass. I used to be real self conscious about it. That’s sort of why I got into being a nudist as a way of learning to accept my body. What do you think? Do you think my ass is big?” With that Lloyd rose to his feet at turned his back to Lance.

Lloyd sort of clenched his cheeks make them raise up. This caused a multitude of dimples to appear. Once he unclenched they dropped slightly and began to wobble as the man stood perfectly still. It was the most erotic thing Lance had ever seen. His stepdad’s ass was so large that simply clench and unclenching his cheeks caused a ripple effect that lingered. Sort of like the after effects of an earthquake.

It was another bizarre moment but there was something about his stepfathers candor and honesty that allowed Lance to follow suit. “Yes, sir, it’s big. It’s VERY big.”

“But is it too big? I mean as a gay man would you be attracted to someone with a butt my size? Or would you be repulsed? I guess sometimes I can still be a little self conscious of the size.”

The honesty continued to flow from Lance. “Repulsed? No I would not be repulsed. I’d definitely be attracted. VERY attracted.” Then it hit home what he had said. “I mean if I saw a gay guy with an ass as big and round as yours I’d definitely be into him. I didn’t mean I was into you, dad.”

Lloyd turned to face Lance and laughed out loud. He gave him a playful slap on the chest, “Well off course you’re not attracted to me silly boy. I’m your father.” And like that the tension was broken.

Lloyd took his place back on the sofa and continued jacking off as he continued speaking. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but since my balls are extra large they tend to make sperm very fast and swell up. When they swell they get really sore. To help with this I have to get off at least five times a day. It doesn’t make you uncomfortable that I’m jacking off in the living room does it? Your mother had suggested that maybe I shouldn’t do it so out in the open with you here but I didn’t expect you to be back so soon from your interview. If your uncomfortable I can go upstairs my bedroom.” But even as he spoke he kept stroking. 

This was a golden opportunity and now that Lance has a chance to absorb it and take it all in he went with it. “No I don’t have a problem with it at all. Please feel free to get off as often as you need. You have a medical condition. I’d hate for your balls to get swollen and cause you pain.”

Lloyd smiles at him as he stroked. “Thank you. And the offer stands if you do want to get off with me anytime please feel free to join me. Sorry it’s not your type of porn.”

But Lance did not care. His stepdad was like live porn and he’d been hard watching him pretty much since he got home from college. But he played along. “Well if you don’t mind I wouldn’t mind getting off, sir. I haven’t gotten off since I got home and really could use the release. This of course was a lie. All Lance has done since he’d been home was beat his meat. How could he not with all the unintentional cock teasing from the professor? 

“Not at.”, said his stepfather. And once again he patted the spot next to him on the sofa. “Strip down and join your old dad.”

And that’s what the teen did. At first he felt a little self conscious. Not that he had a bad body, he didn’t. He was built quit nice. But his dick, which was fully hard, only measured in at just under 5” and less than 2” soft. And while he had never actually measured his stepdad’s he was pretty good at guessing size and he figured Lloyd to be about 9” soft and about 13”. 

Like Lloyd Lance has dealt with his own bully in school, Eric Manners. Eric used to take great pleasure in pointing out just how small his limp dick was in the locker room and go out of his way to make Lance look and feel foolish. But there was something so innocent and naive about Lloyd that tended to put Lance at ease. He would never laugh at his stepson’s tiny endowment because it would never occur to him that he was anything other than average in size and Lance instinctively knew this.

Lloyd looked as his stepson’s hard dick and exclaimed, “WOW! You must need release. You’re already hard. And with straight porn playing.”

Lance blushed slightly and laughed. “Yeah, I guess so. Thanks for letting me join you.” He could play this game.

The younger man took a seat next to his new father on the black leather sofa. The leather was cold on his naked flesh but it barely registered as he looked at Lance stroking his huge cock right next to him. It all felt like a dream. But if it was he did not want to be awaken. 

Now the big bottomed woman on the screen was on the floor on all fours. A Latino man had joined the fun and was now fucking her in the ass doggy as the white guy who had been fucking her earlier now fed her his large prick. She was moaning with delight and making love to the cock as if it were life sustaining. 

Lloyd nodded at the screen and said, “I do enjoy a big butted woman getting spit roasted. Do you like watching that sort of thing? I mean do you like seeing a big butted man taking dick from both ends?” 

The question sounded so matter of fact and innocent coming from this man Lance just replied honestly, “Yeah. I really like seeing a big ass jiggle.”

Lance nodded, “Oh, yes so do I.”

After that the two sat in silence stroking for some time. Lance could have cum three times already he was so worked up but he wanted this to last as long as possible so instead he took it slow and easy edging  to his stepfather. 

Lloyd on the other hand was pounding his cock fast and hard. At first Lance would sneak peeks out of the corner of his eye but he soon realized Lloyd was not really paying any attention to him. He was lost in this X rated world of fantasy and pleasuring himself. So it made it easier to just openly watch him.

The teen noted that the professor seemed to enjoy a certain amount of ball torture. His nuts were so swollen at this point that they looked like two softballs encased in skin and every time Lloyd would even graze a finger over them he’d let out a moan that sounded like half pleasure half pain. But this did not deter him from playing with them. Soon he was grabbing them roughly and squeezing slightly as he pulled downward on them. When he did this he let out a louder version of the pain/pleasure cry and threw his head back, his eyes rolling back into his skull. 

Lloyd was moaning and talking but not to his stepson but rather to himself, “Oh fuck yeah! Oh that feels so good torture those balls. Fuck yeah. That’s so good.”

It didn’t take Lance long to understand that this was part of his new stepdad’s routine and that in his mind he was playing out some familiar fantasy. He just kept stroking and tugging on his huge scrotum and moaning like a bitch in heat, which he kind of was at this point.

Then Lloyd stopped his stroking and tugging abruptly and reached down beside the sofa and pulled up a Fleshlight and bottle of lube. He squeezed a fair amount of the cool slick gel into the tube and then some on his pulsating penis. He then aimed the device at it and slide it down. As he did he cried out in ecstasy and looked over at Lance asking, “Have you ever used one of these?”

The words being addressed to Lance broke him from his trance. Leave it to his stepfather to want to “chat” as he buried his bone deep inside a Fleshlight. “Aaahhh...yeah. I have one. They are great.”

Lloyd was panting as he spoke, “Cool. Next time you’ll have to bring yours along too.”

Next time?!?!?! Did he just say next time? Lance was just happy to have this time but was Lloyd implying that maybe this could become a regular thing. But wanting to play it cool Lance just casually replied, “Yeah, maybe.”

Again the two became silent as Lloyd got lost in his own fantasies. He was thrusting the sex toy onto his schlong with such force Lance thought it might break in two. With his other hand he continued to abuse his smooth over sized sack. Now he was actually “swatting” them back and forth and moaning, “That’s it fucking take it.” Periodically he’d stop batting his scrot and start tugging on it again before going back to slapping it. Each time he’d change the form of torture a new cry of pleasure/pain would slip from his lips.

This went on for some time and Lance just kept slowly stroking as the precum oozed from his own hard dong. He could not believe how lost in lust the professor was and thought to himself ‘If his students could only see him now!’

Then like before Lance stopped stroking. This time he stood up and positioned the Fleshlight between two of the couch cushions firmly. He towered over his step son as he looked down and explained, “When I’m getting close I like to fuck it. It gets me there.”

It took Lance a few seconds to find his voice at hearing this. “Oh sure. I’ll move so you can do your thing.”

But Lloyd just waved his hand as if he were waving aside the silliest notion he’d ever heard. “No need for you to move, son. There’s plenty of room for me to fuck this thing with you right where you are.” And without another word he aimed is elephant dick at the Fleshlight and buried his bone letting out a loud cry.

Lance’s eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped. His step father was now thrusting his pelvis into the sex toy. He was inches from him and he was actually getting to watch him fuck it. Lloyd’s breathing became labored as he pounded his prick into the tube. His massive ass was covered in goose bums and jiggling out of control. His nuts were even more swollen and slamming into the couch with each thrust and the professor was loving it. Each time his big nuts swung back then slapped the sofa he’d moan “Oh, yes.”

He was moving so fast his mega cakes were rippling and bouncing wildly. His back was to the TV so he was no longer watching but instead staring at the wall in front of him but whatever fantasy was playing in his head it was vivid. He was moaning, whimpering and almost crying as he fucked the Fleshlight. He was building speed. As he did he spread his thick thighs wide. His left thigh rubbed against his son’s. But there was no reaction from Lloyd. He was too lost in his own thoughts to notice.

But Lance noticed. He didn’t move. Instead he enjoyed the friction of the older man’s thigh rubbing against him. He was loving this more than words could say. Each time Lloyd would pull back his cheeks would spread so wide his tiny asshole would come into view for a split second. 

Lloyd started screaming as he fucked faster, “This is it! I’m so fucking close! I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna cum!” At that moment he looked to his left and made eye contact with Lance. It was intense. Then Lloyd pulled his cock from the Fleshlight and rolled to the right onto his back on the sofa. He grabbed his throbbing member with one hand and tugged on his nuts with the other. He let out a earth shattering cry as he started to cum. 

He ejaculated with so much force. One thick blast after another came spurting from his cock. And with each blast he’d cry out again. Lance had dropped his dick at this point and just sat there slack jawed watching the jizz erupt from his  new fathers massive pole. He just kept cumming. It was shooting out like water from a hose drenching the professor. His stomach all the way to his neck was covered in the warm sticky love juice. A few sprays even hit him in the face much to Lance’s delight. 

In fact it was the third spray to his face, this once landing in his lips and coating his mouth, that caused Lance to cum hands free as he sat and watched. And like with Lloyd it just kept coming. He didn’t even try to guide the stream. He just let it pour from him where it may.

Out of the corner of his eye Lloyd saw this. Now it was his turn to look at his stepson in shock and awe. “Wow you must have needed to get off! You came without even touching yourself!” 

Lance was breathing hard but managed to get out, “Yes, daddy.”

Both men laid there for several moments basking in the glow of an intense orgasm. Finally it was Lloyd that broke the spell. “Well, I best get cleaned up. I told your mother I’d start dinner.” He then bounded to his feet. When he did he took note that several blasts of cum had overshot his head and landed on the back of the sofa and were running down slowly. “Shit! I better go get a towel to clean that up.”

“Don’t worry about it, dad.”, said Lance you go clean yourself up and start dinner. I’ll clean this up and turn off the porn.”

Lloyd smiled big and tussled Lance’s hair. “Your a good boy.” As he jogged from the room Lance watched the way his whale butt wiggles and jiggled. 

Once he was sure the professor was upstairs and out of view Lance dropped to his knees in front of the sofa and cleaned up the mess Lloyd had made with his cum just like he said he would. 

He leaned forward with his long pink tongue extended and slowly began licking the sticky spunk from the back of the sofa. There was a fair amount but he was in no hurry. He could hear the shower running as he took his time lapping up and savoring every bit of his stepdad’s juices. As he did he pumped his own still stiff prick. 

The cum had its own taste. It was unlike any he’d ever swallowed before. As he ate his stepfathers seed he moaned softly now lost in his own world of fantasy as he moan and whimpered. Then just as he started to cum on his own thigh he cried out, “Yes, daddy feed me.”

This was shaping up to be a most interesting Summer.

The End

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Lance & His Stepdad: Morning Wood Part 2

by BubbleButtLuvr 

The rest of Lance’s first day home went pretty much the same with Lloyd, now naked except for his black nylon dress socks and sock garters, going about his afternoon and evening activities acting as if it was completely normal to be in this state in front of his stepson. And Lance’s mom, Gloria, seemed as oblivious as her new husband. But as odd as this all was Lance was enjoying the show his new stepdad was putting on. As Lance drifted off to sleep that night all he could think about was Lloyd’s naked 6’7” frame. And he had pleasant dreams indeed. 

The next morning Lance was the first to arise. He was in the kitchen in his bathrobe eating a bowl of cornflakes at the counter when he heard some movement from upstairs. A few minutes later he heard foot steps on the stairs and then Lloyd appeared as naked as ever. He had a bad case of bed head but this was not what Lance took note of. It was Lloyd’s morning wood that made the 19 year old choke and spit cornflakes and milk onto the counter. 

Lloyd rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he yawned opening his mouth wide. Then he scratched his head as he leaned back and stretched. When he did his huge smooth ball sack ascended and his completely hard prick bobbed up and down. 

Lance’s mouth hung slack at the sight, milk dripping from it. It it was impressive limp it was ridiculous hard. He had to be over a foot. Lance gauged him to be about 13” and the weight of it seemed to pull it down. 

“Morning, son.”, said Lloyd as he entered the room and passed Lance tussling his hair.

‘WTF???’ was all Lance could think as he tried to find his voice. “Good morning Professor Tuttle.”

Lloyd turned quickly to face his stepson. His rock hard prick smacked into Lance’s bowl of cereal pushing it to the end of the counter. It teetered on the edge but Lance caught it in time and pushed it back. He couldn’t believe how much power the man’s cock had to push his bowl like that from just a tap. As always Lloyd was oblivious that anything had happen. He just said, “Aaaahhh aaahhhh what did I tell you about that professor stuff. We are family. You call me dad.”

Lance knew it was rude to stare and certainly more so to stare at his stepfathers hard cock but He couldn’t help himself. He spoke but directed his words to the professors dick. “I’m sorry sir. I mean good morning dad.”

Of course Lloyd was oblivious to all of this and just smiled saying, “That’s better, son.” He then turned and made his way to the refrigerator. His round oversized bottom bounced up and down as he did. He opened the refrigerator and began looking on the top shelf for something that he could not find. Then he bent slightly looking on the middle shelf. His plump bottom pushed further out. Then he bent over further to search the lowest shelf pushing his monumental rump out even more. 

As he rooted around in the refrigerator searching he wiggled his wide round buns. It was as if this process helped him think as he searched and in reality it did. It was all completely innocent and normal to the professor but what Lance saw was his naked stepfather wiggling his enormous bottom lewdly making it bounce up and down in a private butt show only he was privy to. The teen was hypnotized. 

Finally Lloyd straightened and looked at Lance. “Do we have any more milk?”

Again Lance searched for his voice, which came out in a squeak. “Sorry, I put it in the door.”

“No worries.”, said his new father as he grabbed it from the door and set it on the counter next to the refrigerator. “Did you bring in the morning paper?”

Lance shook his head no. “I didn’t realize you subscribed. I didn’t realize anyone still subscribed.”

“Oh, yes!”, exclaimed Lloyd. “There is something about print that I love. An electronic reading device is just not the same.”

“Oh.”, said Lance. “I’ll go get it.”

But before he could rise Lloyd said, “No worries I’ll go out and get it.” as he made his way to the front door, naked, with his morning wood bobbing up and down wildly and his round curvy rump bouncing up and down. 

From his seat Lance leaned forward and saw his stepdad open the door and boldly walk outside as if were normal to go outside naked with a full on 13” erection. 

‘I’m not missing this.’, thought the teen as he grabbed his bowl of cereal and raced to the picture window next to the front door. 

Lance’s eyes were glued to the window as he watched his new father take the two steps down from the small front porch. He could see the paper all the way at the end of the drive on the ground below the mailbox. He marveled at the way the professors ass rippled and jiggled like mounds of jello as he just walked. And not for the first time since yesterday he wondered what it would be like to have his step father sitting on his facing bouncing up and down as he drove his tongue deep up his straight fuck chute, those cheeks bouncing all over his face.

To the right Lance saw old Mrs. Spencer in her yard. He noticed she was looking at her watch and holding a bag of trash in one hands. When she saw Lloyd she began walking toward the end of her drive as if she had not been standing motionless just a moment before. 

Through the window he watched as he took a spoonful of cereal. She waved at Lloyd. He could hear her speaking“Good morning Professor Tuttle. Lovely day.”

“Yes, Mrs. Spencer it is.”, replied Lloyd stopping and taking in a deep breath of the morning air. 

Lance could not help but notice that like him old Mrs. Spencer had not taken her eyes of his stepdads 13” of cock. Then he realized what was going on. She had been standing in her yard waiting for Lloyd. That’s why she was looking at her watch and started forward when he appeared. He realized that this must be a daily occurrence and one the spinster thoroughly enjoyed. The teen laughed as he said out loud “You go, Mrs. S.” He then took another spoonful of cornflakes as the show outside continued. 

Back outside Lloyd was bending over and picking up the paper. His knees were perfectly straight as he bent at the waist. His acres of ass thrust out in the direction of Mrs. Spencer, who was fanning herself with her hand and licking her lips. 

Again Lance laughed out loud. He’d never have expected it of her. But hey everyone had needs, right?

Lloyd said goodbye to her and she deposited her trash in the can as she watched him walk back up the drive. To the left was Mr. Charles our in his yard walking his dog. The man was about Lloyd’s age and was clearly not enjoying Lloyd’s nudity the way Mrs. Spencer had. In fact from the look in his face that seemed to say ‘Here we go again’ Lance felt even more certain that this was a daily occurrence. 

Mr. Charles tried to pretend he did not see the professor headed his way. He bent down to clean up after his dog hoping Lloyd would keep walking but no such luck. He looked up to see Lloyd’s hard throbbing 13” less that an inch from his face. His lips curled in disgust as he pulled his head back but as always Lloyd did not pick up on social cues so he moved a step forward. His enormous dong grazed the lower lip of Mr. Charles. 

Mr. Charles eyes grew wide with shock but Lloyd just looked down at him and smiled a big smile. “Good morning. Lovely day.”

Mr. Charles just dropped the baggy of dog doo and made his way to his front door without a word. But still Lloyd picked up on none of it. He just continue to smile like a fool as he came back toward the front door with his his sack swinging between his thick thighs as his dong bobbed up and down rhythmically in front.

Lance raced back to the kitchen and resumed his seat at the counter. Lloyd came in, shut the front door and dropped the paper on the dining room table before entering the kitchen. “The neighbors are so nice.”, he stated without a clue as to how annoyed Mr. Charles was with him. 

Lloyd grabbed a cereal bowl from the cabinet above the sink and set it on the counter next his new son. “Now don’t tell your mother. She doesn’t like me having sugared cereals but  Fruity Pebbles is my one vice.” Then once again with no spacial awareness he stood two inches from Lance and opened the cabinet above the counter in which he sat. 

Lance looked to the left and got an eyeful of hard daddy dick. It was almost eye level. He wanted to open his mouth wide and see how much he could get him. He wanted his stepdad to gag him with that dick of death. But he knew that would be too much even for his clueless stepfather so instead he just watched it bob up and down. 

“I hide it far in the back so your mother won’t find it.”, said the professor. He moved forward a step and got up on his tip toes as he continued looking through the cabinet. Now his oversized piece was eye level with Lance. As the older man moved it bobbed up and down and bounced off the tip of the younger man’s nose over and over. But Lloyd seemed oblivious to this. 

Realizing this Lance got bold. Lloyd’s head was buried in the cupboard. Lance knew deep throating the man may be too much. But he seemed clueless that his schlong was bouncing off his son’s face. So Lance leaned back slightly and tilted his head back. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Now when the professors cock bobbed up and down instead of hitting the end of his nose it was hitting the tip of his tongue. 

God it tasted amazing! Lance had been hard from the moment his stepdad walked in with his throbbing boner bouncing around but now he honestly felt like his prick was gonna rip free from the thin white cotton briefs he wore under his robe. How could his stepfather not feel his dick bouncing off his tongue? But then he did seem rather clueless to everything.

All of a sudden Lloyd pulled his head from inside the cabinet. Lance closed his mouth quickly and looked straight ahead. Lloyd was mumbling to himself, “I thought it was in there. Maybe I put it on the other side.” 

The professor turned quickly and with great forced his pulsing cock slapped his stepson across the face. Lance had to stifle a yelp as he raised his hand to rub his cheek. He could not believe how much it hurt. ‘Damn step daddy has a powerful cock’ thought the teen as he allowed himself a moment to day dream about his new dad whipping him across the face repeatedly with his veiny member. Fuck he’d love to be cock whipped by his sexy clueless stepdad!

But Lance was pulled from his day dream at the speed of light when Lloyd, again on his tip toes, stuck his head inside the other cabinet. This time his elephantine rump was practically up against Lance’s face. The teen gulped at the sight as he noted even as the older man stood still his extra heavy cheeks still seemed to be quivering from his recent movement as if by their own force. 

Then like before Lloyd leaned into the cabinet and started rooting around shoving his globular rump right into Lance’s eager waiting face. Lance just let it happen and rubbed his face all over his new father’s ridiculously large rump. But the man seemed not to notice. Then as he did when he was concentrating on finding the milk he started to sort of wiggle his bare booty back and forth. Lance pulled back slightly to get a good view of the gelatinous mounds quivering and jiggling. 

“Here it is!”, cried Lloyd grabbing the box from the shelf and taking two steps back.  

It all happened so fast that Lance didn’t have a chance to react or move. His nose was aimed dead center at the professors ass crack. As the professor moved back his crack made contact with Lance’s face and as if of their own accord his ample cheeks parted and seemed to suck in the teens entire head so that it was swallowed whole by the huge hungry ass. 

This time Lloyd did feel something as Lance‘a nose brushed up against his  sensitive rosebud. The teen could feel his new fathers over stuffed cheeks jiggle and ripple all over his face. But he was not complaining. In fact by this time the front of his white Calvin Klein briefs were drench in precum.

Lloyd jump forward slightly. There was an actual popping sound as Lance’s face burst free. Professor Tuttle turned quickly to face his new step son and as he did his gargantuan butt slapped him across the face and then as he completed his turn so did his still rock hard dong. Again Lance was in no way complaining. 

“My God!”, wailed Lloyd I’m so sorry son. At that point he took a step back and his meat pillows knock the milk from the counter and to to floor with so much force the cardboard cartoon exploded as it hit the ground and milk began to flow. 

Stunned by the whole thing Lance said, “Please don’t worry. It was an accident. All is good.” And it really was. But he couldn’t tell his new step daddy he’d like him to do it again. 

Seeing the milk start to run Lloyd dropped to his all fours on the kitchen floor. Lance’s eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped seeing his step dad in the doggy position with his legged spread wide. His cheeks parted ever so slightly and his huge smooth ball sack swung back and force like a pendulum on an X rated clock.

“Paper towels, son! Hand me the entire roll. And step back so you don’t track milk everywhere.”

Wordlessly Lance obeyed handing the older man the roll of paper towels then stepping back to watch the show. Lloyd began unrolling the paper towels then he’d start sopping up the milk in wide broad strokes. He’d push the paper towels in his hands out far in front of him pushing his humongous backside out causing his thick thighs to spread wide and his muscular back to arch. Lance watched in anticipation hoping those slabs of ass fat wound spread exposing his tiny little ballon knot but they were so large that even with his legs spread so wide apart his most private part remained private. 

Lloyd then began crawling forward slowly on his hands and knees taking great care to soak up the cold white liquid from the kitchen floor. His blubber buns wobbled as he did so and with his legs spread so wide his hairless low hanging sack actually dragged across the floor and through the milk. Lance bit his lower lip as he watched this. 

On and on Lloyd unrolled dry paper towels and continued to sop up the milk. Once he thought he had it all up he did on finally inspection crawling slowly and methodically around the kitchen on all fours. In his mind there was nothing more to his actions than cleaning up the mess he’d made but to the outside observer it came across as something more erotic. He looked like a slut in heat crawling around with his gigantic derrière bouncing up and down as he slowly crawled with his legs spread and back arched as he stuck his head under every surface. 

Finally he decided he’d got it all up. He straightened to his full 6’7” and took a look down at himself. His morning wood was still throbbing but he had no reaction to this. To Lloyd this was normal. But then he saw the milk dripping from his big ball sack and said, “Fuck I got milk on my balls. Will you run a wet mop over the kitchen floor while I get a quick shower?”

Lance was in such a state of arousal he couldn’t speak. He was afraid that if he did even this slight movement would cause his cock to erupt in his tighty whities so instead he just nodded ‘yes’.

At that his stepdad took off in a jog. His super sized butt jiggling lewdly as he did. This was all it took Lance could hold back no more. As he stood there in the kitchen in just his briefs and bathrobe his cock finally did erupt hands free right inside his Calvins as he watched the professors whale butt wobble and his heavy low hangers swing between his thick thighs. And as he did he smiled openly as he thought to himself, ‘This is gonna be one interesting Summer.’

The End

Friday, December 6, 2019

Lance & His Stepdad: The First Meeting Part 1

by BubbleButtLuvr

Lance Harper knew when his mother remarried things would change but he had no idea just how much. His parents had divorced when he was quit young and his dad moved across country so most of his life it had just been him and his mother, Gloria. Then Lance went away to college. He was hesitant to leave his mother alone but she was insistent that he go. 

Within two weeks of Lance’s departure Professor Lloyd Tuttle moved into the neighborhood. He was a new professor at the local university. Many of Lance’s friends had stayed home and were attending the local university so he had heard many stories about Professor Tuttle. 

From what he had heard the professor had all the qualities of a stereotypical nerd from an 80’s movie complete with pocket protector, thick horn rimmed glasses, short slicked back hair with a severe part, cardigan sweaters & plaid dress pants that were pulled up a little too high at the waist causing them to come up way to much above his ankles. 

The one comment he heard more than any other was that he was an amazing teacher with a great knowledge of economics but absolutely no social skills at all. He had no concept of personal space, often standing way too close. He never picked up on normal social cues. And he had no filter, often saying things that were not considered socially acceptable.

Based on all Lance had heard about a Professor Tuttle he was very shocked when his mother announced that she had started seeing the man. He didn’t seem to be his mothers type. But then he thought about it and realized he did not know what his mothers type was. She had been single since he was three. That was sixteen years. And he could not remember her ever dating after his dad left. And not that he was in college she was probably lonely so Lance decided it best to keep his thoughts to himself and just let her be happy. 

But once they started dating things took off very fast. Lance & Lloyd were to meet over Christmas but Lloyd had gone home to visit family and could not make it back in time thanks to a snow storm. Then in February Lance was to come home for his cousin’s wedding but had to back out last minute due to his hectic class schedule. Then the next thing he knew his mother was calling to announce that she and Lloyd were getting married. 

She had said that she already had a big wedding the first time so they were just going to go to the courthouse, no big ceremony needed. Lance wanted to object but he knew it would not be fair. His mother was happier than he’d even seen her. And he was away at school. He’d be home summers and after he graduated and got his own place on holidays but he really didn’t live at home full time anymore. Plus to be fair he really didn’t know the man. Even if he was socially awkward he made Gloria happy so Lance didn’t say a word.

Today was the day Lance would be meeting his stepdad.  He had completed his freshman year of college and was headed home for the summer. He was nervous but hopeful as he made his way up the front steps. He placed his hand on the doorknob and took a deep breath. Why was he so nervous? This man made his mother happy.  He opened the door and made his way down the hall. From the living room he heard a man call out.

“Is that you Gloria? The internet went out again. I’m trying to fix it.”

Lance rounded the corner to the living room saying, “No, it’s Lan....” But at that point his voice trailed off due to the sight in front of him. 

Kneeling on all fours with his head half way under the entertainment center was Lance’s new stepdad, Lloyd. This in and of it self was not odd as Lloyd had announced he was attempting to fix the internet. But what was odd was Lloyd’s manner of dress. He was wearing grey and red argyle socks held up with sock garters and a pair of the skimpiest white and blue stripped bikini briefs Lance had ever seen. Add to that the fact that Professor Tuttle had without a doubt the largest ass he had ever seen on a man. It was full and perfectly round. It looked like two hams encased in a pair of underwear. And due to the the massive size of his rump and the minimal size of his bikini it appeared that his hungry cheeks were trying to swallow the briefs whole.

At hearing Lance’s voice Lloyd backed up on his knees causing his elephantine cheeks to wobble madly. Then he rose to his feet standing his full height of 6’7”. At 5’8” Lance had no choice but to look up at the man just to make eye contact. The professor was wearing his thick glasses and had the severely parted slicked back hair that his friends had described. But what no one had told him, because they had no way of knowing, was what was going on under those cardigan sweaters and plaid dress pants. Professor Lloyd Tuttle had an amazing body. He had not six pack abs but an eight pack. A big broad chest and shoulders and a tiny 30” waist. His thighs were thick and meaty. And his whole body was completely smooth. Lance found this odd. He didn’t figure the Professor to be someone who’d care about such things. 

Lance just stood there taking in  the sight of his new stepdad looking over every inch of him when his eyes stopped on the man’s crotch when his mouth dropped open on it’s own. The man had to have the biggest cock the teen had ever seen. If he didn’t know better Lance would have said Lloyd had but a cucumber down the front of his bikini briefs, which appeared to be stretched to the limit. It had to be 9” limp and about “8 round. The underwear were wrapped so tightly around it that the big mushroom head was clearly visible as were the thick veins in the shaft. 

Lloyd turned his back to Lance to lay down the screw driver he held in his hand giving his new step son a clear view of him from behind. His butt appeared to be an odd mix of marble but with just the right amount of jiggle as if Jello had been mixed in. Lance could not believe the way it ballooned out from his small 30” waist. His ass had to jut out 50”. There was actually enough shelf to sit a pitcher on. Not a cup but a full pitcher! And the briefs were wedged so far between his cheeks Lance wondered if he would ever be able to get them out. 

“Lance! So nice to finally meet face to face.”, beamed Lloyd as he turned back around to face Lance.

The teen extended his hand to shake his new step fathers. But Lloyd would not settle for a handshake from his new son. He wanted a hug. At the same moment he stepped forward arms spread wide. Due to the great difference in the men’s height when Lance raised his extended hand it was level with Lloyd’s ridiculously large dick. So as Lloyd stepped forward and Lance went to take his hand what he got was an overflowing handful of cock and balls. Everything happened so fast. Lance squeezed and began to pump his arm up and down as if he were shaking hands with the man. 

As Lance in essence began stroking his new dad’s cock he felt it begin to swell in his hand. This caused him to look down and see that it was Lloyd’s prick he held rather than his hand. Lance was an odd mixture of aroused & horrified. Aroused because he was an openly gay young man and his step father was hot as hell. And at the same time horrified because in essence he had just molested his step father.

Lance dropped his new dad’s bikini clad dong. It slapped against his thigh. Lance was glowing red. “I’m sooo sorry, Professor Tuttle. Please forgive me.”

Lance just laughed. “It’s no big deal. Accidents happen. And please no Professor. We are family.”

“Okay.”, said Lance. “Thank you for understanding, Lloyd.”

“Lloyd!?!?”, I said we are family. I want you to think of me as your father. You call me dad, son.”

Still in shock by the whole exchange Lance nodded his head up and down. “Yes, dad.”

Lloyd was grinning from ear to ear as he moved forward and wrapped his arms around Lance in a big hug. At that point Lance realized that when he let go of Lloyd’s cock it did not stop growing. As the professor hugged him tight he could feel it pressing into his stomach. When the older man pulled back his cock was still growing and had popped out the waist band of the minuscule bikini. 

Lance took note of this. He didn’t know how to tell his new dad that his cock had broken free. Lloyd saw him looking and looked down at his own dick and just started to laugh. “You know how it is with us guys and our penis’. They seem to have a mind of their own. I have so much trouble finding underwear that fit properly. I don’t know if you noticed but I’m a little above average in size.”

“A little!”, blurred out Lance, his face reddening.

But Lloyd was just as oblivious to the outburst as he was to the fact that he had a dick made for porn. So he just smiled and nodded his head, “Yep. In fact I don’t usually wear clothing around the house let alone underwear. I’m a nudist. I prefer the freedom it allows. Clothing is so restrictive. But your mother and I thought that might make you uncomfortable so we agreed I’d at least wear underwear while you were home.”

Lance’s head was spinning from all he had seen and been told. And he also understood what his friends meant when they said Professor Tuttle had no social skills. Then it hit him all of a sudden, this was a unique and interesting situation. And just like that he decided to see how far he could push things and just roll with it. 

“Well, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable in your own home.”, said the eighteen year old innocently. “You live here now too. If you feel more comfortable nude you should be nude. It will not bother me at all.” 

“Really!”, ask Lloyd full of excitement.

Lance’s heart was racing but he tried to be casual. “Yeah sure. If your more comfortable go for it. It’s not an issue at all. Sometimes I like walking around naked too.”

“Cool!”, exclaimed Lloyd as he pried the scant stripped bikini from between his ample ass and peeled it from his monster dick of death and tossed then in the corner of the living room. Then he gave his pelvis a shake. His semi erect cock wobbled left to right then up and down. “Oh, damn that feels so much better. You can feel free to strip down too if you like, son.”

Again Lance was shocked by the fact that his new dad was shaved completely bald. No pubes and not one hair on his huge low hanging balls. Like his dick they had to hang a good nine inches. At this point the teen was not only hard but dripping precum. “Oh no. I’m good right now. But you go ahead and be comfortable. “

Just then the front door opened and down the hall cane footsteps that stopped at the archway to the living room. “Lance!”, exclaimed Gloria. “You’re early. I ran to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner.

“Yeah I was able to get a ride with a friend who was headed this way earlier so I got a ride with him.”

“And I see you met Lloyd.”, she gushed. Then she realized her husband was naked. “Lloyd! I thought we agreed you would at lest wear underpants around Lance.”

Lance cut her off. “It’s okay. Lloyd...”

At hearing Lance refer to him as Lloyd and not dad Lloyd tilted his head and gave him a look that said ‘call me dad’.

Lance corrected himself, “I mean it’s okay, dad and I talked about it. It’s all good. I don’t have issue with the nudity. He should be comfortable in his own own. 

Gloria grinned ear to ear and pulled both men in for a hug as she exclaimed, “ My two guys!”

Again Lance felt Lloyd’s cock press into him. But this time he was not wearing underwear and his stiff prick was softening. 

As Lance stood there in the odd embrace he thought to himself ‘This is gonna be an interesting Summer.’ But even he had no idea just how interesting it would get.

The End