Sunday, August 26, 2012

Scott's Bare Bottom Adventures: Moving In With Gary & His Son, Jack

by BubbleButtLuvr

There is nothing particularly earth shattering about my story. My name is Scott. I grew up the Eastern part of the US. I'm 30's years old. I'm a bodybuilder/personal trainer. I stand about 5'10" and weight in around 220 pounds. Although I don't want to sound arrogant I will confess that I'm very proud of my physique. I worked hard to get it so I don't see anything wrong with that. 

But what I'm most proud of are my glutes. I work them out hard and the results show. I have a 33" waist and the last time I measured my ass was 42" around. It may be even larger now. I certainly work it out enough and in all honesty my goal is to grow it bigger. I am the poster boy for bubble butts. Again that's not arrogance. I worked hard to get my ass to where it is.

And this has been confirmed by others. I see people starring at the gym. Or the grocery store. Even my neighbor's husband checks out my big rump and he's as straight as an arrow. It's not only about being straight or gay. Many times it's simply awe at the sheer size and shape. And I don't mind the looks. Women, men, whoever. As I said I work hard for the results and consider stares a form of flattery.

I remember one time in the grocery store seeing this guy out of the corner of my eye. He was about my age, maybe slightly older. I was at the counter getting some steaks and he was staring at my ass so hard he walked right into a sign advertising fresh fish. Poor guy the sign was the big metal stand up kind. The sign hit the floor and echoed throughout the whole store. He turned bright red and made a quick retreat bumping into me before hitting the floor himself. He just got up and ran off leaving his basket of groceries. I couldn't help but chuckle.

But I'm straying from the point of my story. The point being I got into fitness at age 13 and developed my body into what it is today. At 18 I knew I wanted to be a personal trainer. My dad's old college buddy, Gary, lived in San Diego  and owned his own gym. Now I had never met Gary and dad hadn't seen him in years. However, they kept in touch regularly. So, when Gary heard I was interested in becoming a personal trainer he told dad to send me his way. He said I could stay with him and his son, Jack while going to school and work part time at his gym.

It was a win win. I'd have free room and board while going to school. Gary would have free help at the gym. And at 18 the idea of being out of my parents house was more than a little appealing. That's not to say I don't love my parents very much but I was reaching that point where I wanted to spread my wings and fly. So it was decided that I would head to San Diego.

I arrived at the airport and was greeted by Gary. I must confess my jaw dropped. If not literally at least figuratively. Gary was gorgeous. Early 40's brown hair slightly graying at the temples. 6'1" well muscled with a jaw line so chiseled Michelangelo's David would have been jealous. He had an easy going smile and a laugh that every time I heard it made feel like it was meant just for me. I was speechless.

I know I have not mentioned it yet but in case you hadn't figured it out I'm gay. At that point I was not out yet but let me make it very clear I was not questioning my sexuality, I knew who I was. I was just waiting for the right time to share this with everyone else. As it turns out no one was shocked or really cared all that much when I did come out. Not because I'm particularly feminine. In fact I'm pretty masculine. I guess what I'm trying to say is no matter how well hidden we think our "secret" is most people in our lives already know and most don't care. And those that do can go fuck themselves.

But this is not my coming out story. This is the story of my time living with Gary and his son Jack. Then Gary turned around and bent over picking up one of my bags and I felt light headed by what I saw. Gary had one of the plumpest, meatiest asses I had ever seen. I have always been an ass man and worked hard to grown mine. However, at 18 mine was no where near as full and juicy as his. I think I actually started to drool. I may have blacked out from lack of blood to my brain because it was all in my penis. The next thing I remember is Gary saying, "Okay? Are you alright?" blushing I muttered something about a long flight.

So, Gary takes me straight from the airport to his home. Along the way we exchange small talk and get to know one another. It didn't take me long to learn that aside from being an Adonis, Gary was also a really sweet guy. We pulled into the driveway and Gary turned off the car. He looked me on the eye and said, "Before we go in there is something I need to discuss with you."

My heart skipped a beat. What could it be?

Gary went on, "I've been into fitness as long as I can remember. I've worked hard to get my body where it is. My son, Jack, had followed in my foot steps."

I listened and noticed that he seemed uncomfortable. Like he didn't know how to say what he wanted to say so I sat quietly listening. He went on, "So anyway what I'm getting at is that Jack and I are rather muscular. Being as muscular as we are it is hard to find clothes that fit well. And even those that do are still rather restricting. Of course out in public we have to deal with this but in's just.... What I mean is.... I hope your not uncomfortable but...Jack and I don't wear much clothing around the house. Even underwear can be very restricting with how muscular and thick our thighs are. So we tend to spend our time at home in thongs or less. What I mean is many times we are naked around the house. Now that's not to say that you need to be nude. We want you to be comfortable as well. If your more comfortable dressed that is fine. But you are more than welcome to be naked around the house as well."

He said these last few sentences in a hurry as if he were just trying to get it all out but felt awkward saying it. I just sat there taking it all in. The thing he was trying to tell me was that he his equally muscular son like to be naked or in things when at home. And he was worried this would be an issue. If he only knew this was no issue but rather a perk. I wasn't sure about being naked myself for fear of unwanted erections but I would enjoy the show.

I quickly put his mind at ease telling him I was fine with this. It was their home and I was a guest. I let him know that I was not sure about my own nudity but had no issue with them living their lives as they always had. This put him at easy and we made out way into the house to meet Jack.

Gary called out to his son who appeared at the top of the stairs. Again I lost the power of speech. This young man was every bit as attractive as his father. It was as if Gary had stepped into a time machine and stepped out as his 19 year old self. Except for the graying at Gary's temples and a few laugh lines on his face they we identical. The difference was that while Gary was dressed in running pants and a t-shirt, both of which hugged him like a second skin, Jack was wearing just a flesh colored g-string.
Not much was left to the imagination as he made his way down the stairs. From the neck down his body was smooth. Not one stray hair on his body. His thighs were thick and muscular and between them swung the pouch which encased his meat. I could make out the shape of his cock head clearly. It was full and bulbous. His package stuck out lewdly and appeared to be very thick. His nut sack was full and heavy pulling down the front of his revealing string to just above his shaft, which was as expected silky smooth and hairless.

I know I was staring like an idiot but I couldn't look away. Jack was either oblivious or didn't mind the attention because he didn't bat an eyelash. When he reached the bottom of the stairs he simply stuck out his hand for me to shake while saying, "I'm Jack. Pleased to meet you."

I sputtered out something akin to likewise. Then turning his back to me Jack bent at the waist grabbing a couple of my bags saying, "Follow me to our room." his ample rump bubbled out. Same ass as his father. I knew then and there I was going to enjoy living with these two. It was like having my own private peep show. Then it hit me, Jack said 'our room'. Was I to share a room with this Godlike creature. My heart began beating so fast I thought it would pound right out of my chest. Obviously it did not or I would not be sharing this story.

I followed Jack up the stairs and watched in awe as his full ass cheeks bobbled up the steps. First the left cheek went up then the right. It was a glorious sight. His ass was perfection. I wanted to reach out. To grab it. To take a bite as if it were two ripe peaches. But I didn't. Instead I just watched.

Once inside 'our' room he once again bent over slowly at the waist placing my bags on the floor. God how I loved seeing him in that position. I longed to be behind him on all fours spreading his ample rump as he pushed back feeding me that delicious ass. Allowing me the pleasure of servicing him in the most intimate of ways. Then he spoke, "Sorry I hope you don't mind sharing a room."

After a beat I found my voice, "Not a problem." then I looked around and noticed there was only one bed.

Jack must have picked up on this because he said, "I know there is only one bed. Are you okay with sharing? If not I can sleep on the floor."

Share a bed with him. He hopes I don't mind. Again the blood rush straight to my penis. I would sleep on a bed of nails if he were beside me so, sleeping on his soft twin mattress would be a dream come true. I casually said, "Oh no problem. I can't put you out of your bed. I'm okay with sharing the bed if you are. I wouldn't feel right with you on the floor."

Then he smiled that same smile his father did. The one that was meant for only me as he said, "Cool."

With that settled he announced that we were going to cook out on the grill to celebrate my first night there. When we got downstairs we found Gary in the kitchen. He too was now in a g-string. His was bright red. Like Jack his body was hairless and the front of his minimal undergarment hung low from the weight of his heavy manhood. I hadn't even spent an hour with these two men and already I had seen almost every inch of them.

I offered to help prep things but they told me to sit back and relax since it was my first night. And being a good house guest I did as instructed. I watched as two generations of well muscled studs went about preparing dinner for me in their tiny strings. I must confess I marveled at how strong those itty bitty strings must be to keep all that cock encased. Both packages bobbed up and down but those strings stayed in place. I kept secretly wishing that the weight of their heavy nuts would just cause them to give way leaving father and son completely naked before me. But based on my earlier conversation with Gary I knew this would happen soon enough.

So I watched my own dirty floor show. Both men's big bottoms jiggling as they moved. That's not to say they were fat. They were far from it but let's face it, it's difficult keeping something that large from bouncing. And bounce they did. I watched as Gary stretched to get a bowl from the cupboard next to the refrigerator while at the same time Jack crouched down to get the lettuce from the crisper. He turn quickly, his gorgeous face making contact with his father's ass. Both just laughed it off as if it were an everyday occurrence, and in this house it might be.

But still my mind raced. I wanted to see Gary push his huge can back into his son's face encouraging him to eat him out. I wanted to see Jack part his father's gargantuan cheeks and dive in face first. I wanted to hear both men moan in an unbridled display of lust. Again sadly this did not happen.

Once the two had everything gathered we went out into the backyard to grill. It was fenced in and private. No on but me could see this amazing father/son team cavorting freely in their back yard. I watched as they stood side by side grilling and laughing. The two truly enjoyed one another's company.

I found myself looking from Gary's over stuffed ass to Jack's. Both were amazing. But who's was the bigger, fuller and rounder. I found myself pitting father against son in the strangest completion ever. A father son best buns contest to be held in my head. Both had the right amount of bounce. Muscular yet with just the right amount of jiggle to make you involuntarily lick your lips. Both had an amazing amount of shelf. They kind of shelf you could not only rest a glass on but a dinner plate and salad bowl as well. Both rounded nicely at the bottom giving lots of under cheek as well. In the end I could not choose a winner. I mentally called it a tie as the two men finished cooking.

We spent the rest of the night sitting in the back yard chatting and getting to know one another better. They were both genuinely nice people which only enhanced their sex appeal. Eventually we made our way in to bed sometime after 2:00 am. Being considerate I allowed both men to precede me up the stairs, and took in the sight of both those mammoth bottoms in motion.

Before heading to bed I took an extra long shower that night. I had had an erection since I first laid eyes on Gary and after meeting Jack it only intensified. I jacked off that night to what would become one of my favorite fantasies involving these two. I imagined them on all fours. Naked. Big asses spread wide open. I was on my knees behind them. Both men looking back over his shoulder at me.
I'd move in close and start by slowly licking up the length of Jack's ass crack right over his tight pink button. He'd moan. Gary would tell me to rim his son good. Hearing this would just encourage me to keep rimming. Soon Gary would start moaning "Now do me. Eat me out, Scott, like you ate my son." I would dive in face first. Jack would look over his shoulder wiggling his huge rump and encouraging me to 'make his dad feel good'.

I'd move from ass to ass. Both men encouraging me first to rim the other but in the end begging me to come back to his own ass. Big rumps pushed back in my face. A hot father and son moaning with lust as I pleasure them anally with just my tongue. In the end each man would get off one by one hands free with my tongue buried deep inside him. It was my magic tongue that brought each to orgasm.
Of course this was all in my head and I pumped away at my own pulsing cock envisioning this. The image was so hot that when I finally did shot the first blast hit the ceiling of the shower. The second, the shower door, but I kept cumming. Blast after blast of my own warm jizz spewing from me as I imagined my two new friends in the most obscene scenarios.

Finally I was spent and collapsed on the shower floor. Once my legs stopped feeling like jelly I finished my shower and made my way into bed clad in just my basketball shorts. Jack was already in bed. My eyes grew wide at the sight I took in. His g- string was off and he was laying in bed completely nude on top of the covers. With a big old innocent grin he asked, "Which side do you prefer."

Again the blood rush from my head to my cock as I though, "I'm gonna enjoy this arraignment."

The End

Friday, August 24, 2012

SweetBubbleBe Raiding His Girlfriends Pantie Drawer

I thought it was time to dig up some more old pics of SwetBubbleBe and his big hot rump. In this series he has wiggled his plump rump into a pair of his girl's panties.