Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Special Fitting

by BubbleButtLuvr

I had been working a second job part time a few nights a week to earn some extra money for the holidays. I was working at a little tuxedo shop. It wasn't difficult. All I had to do was give tuxedos to men who came in to pick them up or measure them if they came in for a fitting. It was not a busy place. Nice and easy. Perfect for a second job. The shop was located in one of those small outdoor strip malls. Besides the tuxedo shop there were only three other stores, a nail salon, a printing shop and a Chinese take out restaurant. Needless to say there was never much activity anywhere in the mall.
It was about 8:00, an hour before closing, when I heard the bell above the door ding. I looked up and saw the most amazing sight. He was 6'2", broad and muscular. His build resembled that of a power lifter. Covering his frame was a brown bomber jacket and tan khaki’s, which strained against his thighs with each step. His hair a light almost white blond and was cut into a military style flat top. His neck was thick as a tree trunk and square. His complexion was fair, his checks red from windburn.
He stepped up to the counter and I realized my jaw was hanging open. I composed myself and smiled as he said, in one of the huskiest sexiest voices I had ever heard, "I'm here for a fitting. For the Lawson Palmer wedding." I'm glad I was sitting on a stole behind the counter because at the sound of his voice I became weak in the knees and would have surely toppled over.
"Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes," I stammered. "Please come around back and I'll measure you." He just let out a little laugh of amusement as came into the back area. I directed him further into the back and instructed him to stand in front of the three-way mirror. I followed him back and as I did I got an extra surprise. This guy had to have one of the fullest roundest asses I had ever seen. His huge meaty globes were straining against his tight khaki's and I swear it looked as though the seam down the back of his slacks were about to give way under the pressure of his massive butt muffins.
I knew then and there I had to see this guy naked or at least in his underwear. I decided to pull a trick on this Adonis that I had pulled on a few other guys in the past. Sometimes it didn't work but others it did, so I decided to give it a try. He was pulling off his jacket as he asked me where he could hang it up. His chest was so broad. I could hardly believe it but every muscled under his tight blue sweater was visible. I swallowed hard and pointed him to a hook to hang his jacket.
I decided if I was gonna do it now was the time to try and get this stud out of his clothes. "Okay, I'll need you to strip down so we can get a proper fitting."
"Strip down for my fitting? I've never heard of that," said the Adonis as he flashed me a big smile.
"Well, it ensures a proper fitting," I lied.
He just flashed another smile and shrugged his shoulders. Then without a second thought he pulled his sweater up over his head and off exposing a smooth muscular chest. His nipples were very large and hard and he had a six-pack of abs. He then kicked off his boots and began to undo his belt. I couldn't believe how easy it had been to get this guy to strip for me. Though his pants fit in the waist they seemed way too tight everywhere else. His thighs and his ass were so large that I'm sure he must have had trouble finding a pair that fight properly. He began tugging at his pants trying to get them down. It was something to see as the muscular god fought to get his pants down over his big ass. He wiggled and squirmed and finally got them off and I was treated to a sight that was even hotter than I had imagined. This big muscle stud was now standing before me in just his black cotton socks and a sheer white thong. The thong was completely see-through and I was able to make out every inch of his impressive cock through it.
He stood facing me but I couldn't take my eyes off the reflection of his massive ass in the mirror. His butt pushed out so far in back it formed a sort of shelf in. the small string of his thong was planted snugly in between his melon like ass mounds. He was quite a sight to behold, a big muscular stud wearing nothing more than a small piece of material to cover his massive hulking frame. I also took note that his balls were quite large and straining against their nylon prison.
The stud must have noticed me staring because he said, "It was a gift."
"W-W-W-What?" I asked.
"My thong," he replied. "It was a gift from my fiancée'. She says she likes the way my ass looks in it."
"Fiancée'? Your the groom?"
He nodded, "Yes, I'm Derrick Palmer."
"Well, I see what she means," I blushed immediately. "What I mean is the thong really shows off your ass nicely. It really makes it push way out there." I grew redder not sure how to come back from this one.
The muscular vision before me was in no way offended. Again he just smiled and chuckled slightly. "Don't worry about it Bud, and it's not the thong that makes my ass push out. I just have a massive ass."
My eyes must have looked like they were about to pop out of my head because he then said, "Don't look so shocked. I know my butt is enormous. It's been like that my whole life. Even when I was a scrawny kid I still had this big fat ass."
I pulled myself together as I said, "That may be where we have trouble fitting you. Your behind is so large that it may not be easy locating a tuxedo that will fit you. We'll probably have to make some major alterations.
"I know," he said. "I've had to have my pants custom made my whole life because my ass is so large."
I was getting so hard listening to the Adonis talk about the size of his ass, but I knew I had to proceed with the fitting so I had him stand in front of the mirror facing it with his ass to me. First I measured his shoulders and jotted down the measurements. Next I got on my knees. The muscle gods ass was just inches from my face. I took a minute to get a nice close look. It appeared to be firm and the skin was a smooth creamy white. Oh, how I wanted to just stick my tongue out and lick it.
Somehow I composed myself and measured his seam down the outside of each of his thick legs, running my hands down them as I did so. I then jotted these numbers down. I then decided to try something else. I told Derrick that since we wanted to ensure a good fitting I wanted him to bend forward at the waist touching his toes so I could get an idea of how much extra room he'd need in the seat. This was one big lie but it sounded convincing.
Without even thinking twice about it Derrick let out another chuckle and bent over slowly at the waist. I was on my knees behind him and loved every minute of it. If I hadn't known better I would have thought that this stud was teasing me. He continued to bend slowly his big fleshy ass loaves pushing further out as he did so. His cheeks parted ever so slightly but they were so large that they never completely separated. It was amazing how the tiny string of his thong disappeared into the deep dark valley between his perfectly round ass mountains.
Without thinking I licked my lips. I reached up with the tape measure and ran it down the stud’s ass making sure to grab his ass cheek and feel him up as I did so. He didn't even react to my hand on his ass. I was delighted that his ass all though firm still had a small amount of jiggle to it. I ran the tape measure down his ass and then down his leg to the floor measuring him. I then went down the other leg making sure to run my hand over the other side of the groom's big round buttocks. The whole time he remained bent at the waist, hands on his toes and ass pushing out.
Next I told him to stand up straight again. He did as instructed no questions asked. Then I told him that in order to measure his inseam he'd have to stand with his legs parted so I could measure the inside of his legs. Again he let out another chuckle but he complied. I couldn't believe how gullible this hot stud was. There he stood with his legs spread allowing me to measure his inseam. I reached up under him with the tape measure and as I did his big balls brushed against my hand. I was so close my nose was almost buried in this hot guy’s ass. I took in his man scent as I ran the tape measure down both legs. I then announced that this was not working out right and I'd need him to turn around.
Derrick turned around, his thong encased dick and balls in my face. I wasn't certain but it appeared to me that his cock was getting bigger. Was he getting hard? Again I instructed him to spread his legs slightly so I could get in between them to measure his inseam. As he spread his legs his balls bounced a little bit in his stretchy thong. I reached up and took Derrick's balls in my hand moving them to the left as I put the tape measure between this hot man's legs. He jumped slightly as I touched his balls but didn't say a word. Then I moved them to the right squeezing slightly measuring down the other leg. I finished and let go of his nuts.
Now I was certain. Derrick's cock was growing. There was no mistaking it. I was still on my knees and I looked up. Derrick was looking down at me a big smile on his face. "Go for it," he said.
"W-W-What?" I asked, doubting what I’d just heard.
"You heard me," replied Derrick. "Go for it," he said as he pulled his thick cock and large balls from the confines of his nylon thong.
I looked up, my mouth gapping open. Our eyes meet and he nodded his head. While looking up at him I reached out and took his growing manhood in my hand. I took the head slowly in my mouth and licked. His eyes closed and he moaned. I took more of his cock in my mouth. I began to suck, feeling his dick grow harder and fuller as I did. In no time he was completely hard. He was about 7 inches and very thick. I began tugging on his balls.
I felt a hand on the back of my head pushing me down on Derrick's cock. Now Derrick had both of his meaty hands on the back of my head. He was ramming his thick cock in my mouth as he pushed my head into his fleshy pole. The sexy groom was grunting as I sucked hard on his cock.
I reached up and grabbed hold of Derrick's big round ass and began to feel it up. His big globes felt great in my hands as I kneaded them. I ran my finger along his crack as I continued to suck. He moaned as he spread his legs giving me access to his most private spot. I circled his asshole with my finger. I began to push in as he pushed his ass back on my finger.
"I want you in me," said Derrick. "I want you to fuck my big ass, man."
I didn't need to be asked twice. I let the hot stud's dick fall from my mouth and began to undress as fast as I could. Derrick shucked his thong and got on his hands and knees facing the mirror. His big ass was raised high in the air and spread as wide as he could manage to spread it. His big buns were so large that they never completely separated. I got down behind him and placed my hands on each cheek spreading them as wide as possible. His puckered hole stared back at me. I moved in running my tongue down his crack.
Derrick clenched. I began to lick around his hole pushing my tongue in. He moaned when I did this, which encouraged me to push my long tongue further into his warm manhole. I fondled his fat ass cheeks as I buried my face deep between them. "Fuck me!" he screamed out.
I got on my knees behind him and spit on my own cock, which was brick hard. I rubbed my spit into my own 7 1/2 inches. I then aimed my cock at his waiting puckered asshole. I pushed in slowly as his hole began to swallow me. He moaned loudly. I pushed more of myself in him--then more until I was buried to my pubes. I started slowly. Thrusting in deep and then pulling almost all the way out. I watched Derrick’s reflection in the mirror. His eyes were closed part way and he was licking his lips. It was a hot sight to behold. Me with my slight frame, I was only 5'8" and thin, fucking this big 6'2" brawny muscular god.
I looked down and watched my cock go in and out of Derrick's ass. He pushed back saying, "Harder. Fuck me harder, man!"
I began to pick up speed grabbing the sides of his beefy butt and holding on as I began to pound his ass as hard as I could. Derrick was pushing back on my dick to ensure he got as much of me in him as possible.
"Come on, Buddy. Ride that big ass. Make me fucking cum. I'm so fucking close!" barked Derrick.
Hearing him talk like that excited me so I began to pound into his butt cushions harder. I knew I was close. In the mirror I saw ecstasy in Derrick's eyes as he looked back ay me and said, "Aw Fuck, man this is it. I'm gonna blow!" And at that I felt his hole tighten around me as his jizz shoot out hitting the mirror and running down it. The sight of this was too hot for me. I felt my own balls tighten as my own cock erupted inside Derrick. I felt my juices fill his bowels.
"That's it!' he screamed out.
My cock softened as I let it flop out. My cum was all over Derrick's ass hole. "Damn.", I said. "That was hot."
"It sure was," responded Derrick rising to his feet and grabbing a wad of tissues from the box on the cash wrap to clean himself up. We both dressed in virtual silence until Derrick asked, "When do you work next?"
"Tomorrow. Why?" I replied.
"Good I'll be back then. For a real fitting.
"What do you mean real?" I asked.
"Come on, Buddy. I may be muscle bound but that doesn't mean I'm stupid. I saw you checking me out from the minute I walked in. And making me strip for a fitting. Come on I knew all along what you were up to. It just so happens I wanted the same thing. So tomorrow you can give me a real fitting for my wedding tux and then after, maybe another "special fitting". With that he winked and let out another chuckle and was out the door.
I couldn't believe that he had set me up. And I couldn't have been more pleased.
The End

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