Sunday, December 30, 2012

Officers Carter & Matthew: Hotel Spanking

by BubbleButtLuvr
It was the last day of the week long State Trooper Convention being held in South Beach and Officers Matthews & Carter were getting ready to check out shortly for their 1:00 P.M. flight back home. Their room was a complete mess. Dirty clothes were thrown all over the place. A pair of used multi-colored stripped bikini briefs hung from the a bed side lamp. Officer Jim Matthews arose from a sound sleep as the alarm clock began blaring. He threw the covers off himself revealing his well muscled beefy 46 year old frame which was covered only by a small pair of purple bikini briefs. He stood pulling the seat of his briefs from out of the crack of his over sized ass as he headed for the bathroom.

On his way into the bathroom he pasted his best friend and partner on the force, Chad Carter. Chad was fully dressed in tan Dockers and a tight blue T-shirt, having arisen earlier and gotten his shower. Chad was 22 year Jim's junior but the two got along like brothers. And even though there was a vast difference in their age they actually bore a striking resemblance to one another. Both were over muscled with classic good looks. And both had the biggest, roundest, fullest, fattest asses imaginable, which they tended to pack into bikini briefs that were way too small to cover their ample back sides. It was their larger than life backsides and similar looks that earned them the nickname "The Bubble Butt Twins" by all the guys on the force. Besides this the two shared similar views on life and were two of the biggest homophobes in the department.

As Jim passed Chad, Chad said, "We have no clean towels I called housekeeping to bring us up some more. They should be here any minute. I'm heading down to the lobby to pick up a paper. I'll be right back."

"Sure," grumbled Jim still half asleep. Jim heard Chad exit the room as he started up the shower. He placed his thumbs in the waistband of his undersized underwear and pulled them off revealing his oversized ass. He then entered the shower allowing the hot water to beat against his barrel chest. Jim grabbed the bar of soap and began rubbing it over his rock hard pecs working his way down his chiseled abs to his thick cock and shaved balls. Then the officer reached back and spread his ample ass cheeks apart with his left hand as he ran his right along his ass crack with the bar off soap working up quite a lather.

There was a knock at the door followed by a soft male voice stating, "I have your towels, sir."

Jim called out, "Come in." Jim heard the door open and yelled through the closed bathroom door, "Just leave them on the bed by the bathroom. Thanks!"

The bellboy placed the fresh towels on the bed and looked around the room. He had been looking for a chance all week long to get into this room. He had seen Jim and Chad as they checked in and was instantly smitten by their beefy muscular builds. Now he had his chance to snoop around. He had seen the one guy leave and the other was in the shower.

The bellboy, Timmy was an 18 year old blond-haired blue-eyed twink who had a weakness for sexy muscular men. And the fact that these two were state troopers made him very hot. Timmy was dressed in a traditional bellman's uniform complete with creased black slacks, starched white shirt with black bow tie, red waist length jacket and red pill box style hat. The young man looked around the room at all the dirty clothing. Then he noticed the stripped bikini briefs hanging from the lamp. He looked over his shoulder just to make sure he was alone. When he was certain he reached out and grabbed the small garment in his hand.

The youth held the underwear up in front of his face by the waist band and marveled at how small they were and wondered how either man could cram his voluminous backside into something so small. He then raised them higher to his face and pressed the seat of the briefs to his nose and inhaled deeply taking in the wonderfully manly musk. Next he opened his mouth and began to tentatively lick along the back of the briefs in the spot where one of the officer’s ass cracks would have been. He then began to suck on the briefs tasting the sexy officer’s ass in the briefs as he did. Then he started sniffing them again and he began to grope his growing cock through his slacks.

Just then the door opened and in walked Chad who snapped, "What the fuck are you doing!?"

Timmy's hands feel to his side as he dropped the stripped bikini but it was too late he had been caught. He wasn't sure what to say or do so he just stood there looking and feeling stupid.

"I asked you a question!" barked Officer Carter.

"I-Nothing-I mean-I..."

"You were sniffing my buddy’s underwear!" Chad bent down and snatched up the scant bikini from the bellboy’s feet. When he did he felt that the seat was wet from where Timmy had been sucking on them. "You were sucking on them too!!!? What are you some sort of faggot!?"

Timmy just hung his head and remained silent.

"Excuse me. I asked if you were a faggot, Boy!" snapped Chad as he grabbed the bellboy's chin forcing him to look Chad in the eye.

"Yes, I'm gay, sir. I'm sorry."

"You like sniffing and sucking on guys’ dirty underwear?"

Timmy said nothing.

"Answer me!" commanded Officer Carter.

"Yes, sir. I guess I do," came his meek reply.

"You guess? You don't know?"

"Yes," replied the teen who was clearly embarrassed. "I do like to sniff and taste men's dirty underwear. Please may I go now?"

"No! I'm not through with you!" the officer circled Tommy looking at him with contempt. "Well, since you like to sniff a guy’s briefs once he's taken them off, I bet you'd love to sniff them while he's still in 'em!"

Timmy was confused by this. Then he heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being unzipped. The young man turned to see Officer Carter standing behind him with his pants down around his ankles. The officer was wearing a skimpy pair of white bikini briefs with black polka dots splattered all over them. Timmy looked at Chad with confusion. Chad grabbed him by the shoulder and forced the bellboy to the floor saying, "You want to sniff some underwear? Well here boy--sniff these!" The officer pushed Timmy to his knees and against the bed as he turned quickly shoving his melon sized ass in the boy's face.

Chad began rubbing his ass against the young bellboy’s face while laughing and saying, "You said you like to sniff a guy’s underwear--so go for it--faggot!!!"

The bathroom door opened and out stepped Officer Jim Matthews who was dripping wet and naked, "What the fuck?" he asked.

Chad replied, "I walked in from getting the paper to find this queer sucking on and sniffing your briefs so I thought I'd teach the homo a lesson."

"Oh really," replied Jim.

Chad's ample butt was wrapped around Timmy's face and the boy was gasping for air. Timmy was so conflicted. He loved the chance to see these two hot men up close and personal but he didn't like that they were humiliating him in the process.

"Get the faggot to his feet and hold him still," ordered Jim.

Chad did what the older officer requested dragging the bellboy to his feet and holding his arms behind his back. "No. Please…" pleaded Timmy.

As Chad held the young man still Jim who was still wet and naked began to undo the bellboy's pants and lower them. Timmy fought and squired but it was no use. Jim removed the youth's pants to reveal a silky red G-string. The older officer began to laugh at the site of the skimpy garment. "A G-string. What are you a stripper, kid?"

Timmy blushed turning as red as his G-string, "No. I just like them."

Chad pushed the boy to the bed and the two officers just laughed at the humiliated twink.

"Okay, Buddy," said Jim to Chad, "Go for it sit on the fag's face!"

Chad laughed as he removed his pants completely and shucked his shirt. He then hoped up on the bed and straddled Timmy's face. Timmy saw the plump checks coming his way. Part of him lusted for Officer Carter’s big sexy buns in his skimpy underwear. But part of him felt humiliated and laughed at.

Officer Carter's ample rear was pressed right up against the bellboy's face with nothing more than the thin material of Chad's bikini between them. Officer Matthews was yelling at the youth to "stick out his tongue and taste his partner’s ass!" Timmy complied, sniffing and sucking on Chad's brief encased ass. By this point the briefs had ridden so far up Chad's ass that they looked more like a thong than briefs. Chad continued laughing and rubbing his ass along the teens face as the bellhop continued to lick away, but since the briefs had ridden up the officer's ass, he was now licking the officer's bare ass cheeks. And against his better judgment his cock was growing in his G-string.

Officer Matthews noticed the swelling in the young man's G-string. "Look the fag likes being made to sniff and lick a real man's ass."

Chad looked down and saw the twink like bellboy's cock growing. He immediately jumped up, his fat buns bouncing. "Fuck!!! That's disgusting! I don't want some fag getting off while he licks my ass!!!"

"I know what we'll do." said Jim. "This will teach the little queer to respect people's property." With that Jim reached out and flipped the frightened bellhop onto his stomach shoving a pillow under the young man so that his small perky butt was aimed skyward.

"What are you going to do to me?" asked the blond twink of a bellboy.

In response to the question Jim brought his big strong hand down on the kid's small round buns Timmy yelped and jumped slightly. "Please no! Don't spank me."' he begged. But it was too late. An officer stood on each side of the bellhop and was taking turns spanking his smooth white ass. First Jim brought his hand down on the bellboy's tiny ass the Chad. They alternated swats quickly and without mercy. The two muscular patrolmen laughed at the sight of their red hand prints on the smooth white ass of the humiliated youth.

Timmy's rump was burning. He began kicking his legs and begging for mercy. "Please! Stop! I'm sorry! I'll never do anything like that again!!! Just stop!!! But it was no use the two officers were enjoying humiliating the teen too much to stop. His cries for mercy only fueled their fire.

"Stick that little butt out boy!" barked Officer Matthews, who was still completely naked but had dried off by this point.

The bellboy gulped but knew he had no choice. Meekly he stuck his cute perky butt out as far a he could for the two men. As he pushed out his bottom Timmy’s checks spread. There was a white line on the inner part of his cheeks that had remained un-spanked. At this point the two beefy officers began to assault the inner part of Timmy's backside, even going so far as to spank his pink asshole which was covered only slightly by the thin string of the silk G-string.

The combination of the pain and humiliation was too much for Timmy as much as he didn't want to he knew what was about to happen. He felt the burning in his eyes and the lump in his throat. The tears began to stream down his eighteen year old face, streaking his cheeks.

"He's crying!' exclaimed Chad.

"Good," said Jim. "Maybe he'll think twice before he goes through someone else's belongings and sniffing their underpants." With that Jim gave the bellboy a good hard shove knocking him onto his side.

"Get up on your feet!" barked Officer Matthews.

Timmy stood before the officers, tears running down his cheeks, his ass red and burning. His erection had gone down by this point. Jim grabbed the young man by the arm and ushered him to the door. He yanked it open and pushed Timmy into the hall.

"Wait!" Timmy exclaimed, "My pants."

Chad picked up the young man's pants and threw them at them. Hitting him in the face and causing him to fall backwards into the wall and lose his balance. The two officers laughed at the humiliated youth and slammed the door. Out in the hallway an elderly man and wife were passing on their way to their room and witnessed poor Timmy's shame. The old woman just clicked her tongue in disgust, but the old man began to leer and the half naked youth who still dressed in his full bellboy outfit with the exception of his pants.

Timmy rose to his feet and began to pull his pants back on. His back was facing the old man who licked his lips as Timmy bent to pull up his slacks. Timmy's small round buns peeked out and gave the old man a free show. The old woman called out to her husband, who hurried off down the hall toward her, but was still looking back over his shoulder at the youth.

Inside the hotel room Jim and Chad were still laughing at what had just taken place. Chad reached back and pulled this polka dot bikini free from between his ample cheeks. "Shit!" exclaimed Chad. "I gotta change this underwear. That fag got ‘em all wet with his mouth." Chad placed his thumbs in his waistband of the small undergarment and pulled them off. His hairy nuts swung free between his legs.

Now both officers were naked. Both had big low hanging nuts but Jim's nuts were slightly bigger, hung lower, and were shaved. Chad's were impressive as well but not quite as big as Jim's and covered with hair. "We better get moving," said Jim. "We have a flight to catch."

Both men made their way to their dressers to get dressed, their large rumps bouncing freely with each step. Officer Matthews pulled out a pair of white nylon bikini briefs not much bigger than an eye patch and began to wiggle his fat buns into them. At the same time Officer Carter was fighting to get his own plump rump into an equally small pair of lime green bikini briefs. Both men fought to get their larger than average hind ends into the smaller than average underwear.

Jim looked over his shoulder at his partner and asked, "Does this underwear seem to fit okay? I mean they're not too tight are they?" he asked.

Chad looked at his partner on the force taking in the sight of his massive butt muffins straining against the scant under garment. The white nylon was stretched to the limited. His ass crack was clearly visible through the thin material. The leg bands rode up high over the older officers big ass mounds showing more of his butt than it covered. The underwear were clearly too small of the officers big meaty frame but both men had a fondness for skimpy tight underwear.

"They look just fine to me," Chad responded numbly. "How do mine look?"

Jim eyed up his friend in his small lime green bikini. Chad's heavy balls wear pulling the front dinky underpants down exposing the top part of his pubes. "They look fine." said Jim. "Turn so I can see them from behind." Chad spun around so that his friend could see his massive ass in the scant under garment which rode up over his ass and showed even more cheek than Jim's did. "They look perfect," Jim announced.

With that both men went about their business straightening the room in just their minuscule underwear completely unaware of how exposed they were or how homo erotic their actions were. Both man considered himself to be a big macho straight stud and were very secure in their sexuality.

As the two men continued to straighten up there was a load knock at the door. "I'll see who it is," said Chad. He peeked through the peep hole and saw Sergeant Andrews standing there with an angry expression on his face. "It's the Sarg," said Officer Carter. "And he looks pissed."

Officer Matthews moved closer to the door, "Well open it."

Chad opened the door as both beefy officers stood there in just their scant briefs. As the door opened Sergeant Andrews pushed passed the two nearly naked men, behind him was Timmy, the bellboy that the two arrogant officers had just got through humiliating. The Sergeant looked from Chad to Jim and then back again. "I am very unhappy with the both of you! Because of your actions this young man is threatening to sue the force!!! Do you know what that could mean to the department! We do not need a scandal!!! Just what were you both thinking???"

"S-s-s-sarge.", stammered Chad. "You don't understand. I entered the room and found him sniffing a pair of Officer Matthews’ dirty underwear. We had to teach him a lesson."

"I don't care what he was doing!!! That is no excuse to humiliate him the way you two men did! He has agreed not to sue but under one condition," snapped the Sarge.

"What's that?" asked Jim.

"If you men submit to the same treatment he was submitted to and he will drop the whole thing."

Chad felt his briefs riding up his ass crack and pulled them free from between his two meaty mountains of ass. Both men shook their heads violently saying that there was no way that was going to happen.

But Sergeant Andrews held his ground, "You do as this kid wants or if he sues, you’re on your own. The force won't back you up and you'll be suspended and most likely taken off the force."

The two macho officers looked one another in the eye. They knew they had no choice but to do what the vengeful bellboy wanted so they relented. "Okay," said Jim Matthews. "What do we have to do?"

Sergeant Andrews looked at Michael and said, "Well what did they make you do?"

The bellboy pointed to Chad and said, "He made me sniff his big butt. So I want him to be forced to sniff the other guy’s fat buns."

Chad gulped, "You want me to sniff Officer Matthews’ ass? I don't think I can do that."

"Then I'll sue," sneered Timmy.

"Do it!" snapped Sarge. "Turn around Matthews and stick out that big rump of yours."

Officer Matthews was embarrassed as he turned pushing out his too large rump. The scant white nylon rode further up on his ass as he did. Chad sheepishly got down on his knees behind the older officer. His face was inches from his buddy’s plump hind end. He looked back over his shoulder at the Sergeant and the bellboy pleading with his eyes to be let out of this but it was to no avail. "Do it."' ordered Sergeant Andrews.

Chad moved his face closer to the massive posterior of his best friend. The white nylon of his bikini was transparent--his ass crack clearly visible. Chad sniffed as he had been instructed to. The smell of clean material and a fresh shower filled his nose. "Press your face right into his ass. Like you did to me," ordered Timmy. Humiliated Chad leaned in closer to Jim's big butt and pressed his nose right against Jim's ass crack. "Deeper!" yelled Timmy as he pushed Chad's face further into his buddy’s ass. The younger officer found it hard to breathe as his buddy’s rump engulfed his face.

"That's right," instructed the bellboy. "Take in the scent of that manly ass." Timmy let Officer Carter’s head go and the patrolman gasped for air as he leaned back against the bed. Jim stood up and looked at the Sarge asking, "Is that good enough? We've done what he asked."

Sergeant Andrews looked at the bellboy to see if he was satisfied. But Timmy was not done with these two. He was having too good a time humiliating these two muscular men. And he loved the fact that they were clad only in very skimpy bikini briefs. "They spanked me too." Then looking at the Sarge he said, "I'd like for you to spank their asses, then I’ll be content and will not sue."

"Now wait just a minute," Jim protested. "I will not submit to a spanking--especially in front of you. You’re young enough to be my son."

"You will do it," stated Sergeant Andrews or you'll be on your own when you’re sued."

Again knowing they had been beaten, they reluctantly agreed to submit.

"Okay," said the Sarge. "Both of you get in the bed on your knees side-by-side."

Humbly, the two beefy cops made their way to the bed. "Wait!" shouted Timmy. "They spanked my bare ass."

"What are you saying?" asked Jim.

"Lose the briefs," snarled the bellboy.

"Come on!" yelled Chad Carter.

Again Sergeant Matthews commanded, "Do it!"

Knowing they had lost another battle both men began to remove their minuscule under garments. Timmy watched with great excitement as the two beefy studs wiggled and fought to get their plump buns out of their tiny underwear. Now the two officers stood before the bellboy and their Sergeant completely naked.

"Okay," said Sergeant, "In the bed on your knees side-by-side. Assume the position!" The patrolmen climbed in the same bed side-by-side--their large asses sticking in the air. Timmy licked his lips lustfully at the sight. Sarge took his place behind the two officers. "Arch those backs and stick out those fat asses!" he ordered. The humiliated officers grudgingly complied. "Now get closer. I want those rumps touching." The two men arched their backs sticking their rumps out further and moved closer—precisely as they had been instructed to. Their big fleshy ass cheeks touching one another and their tight virgin assholes winking at Timmy.

Bending down to pick up a belt off the floor Sarge surveyed at his two meaty targets. He raised his arm high in the air bringing the leather belt down hard across both plump asses at the same time. Both men pitched forward and Chad let out a whimper. Sarge pulled the belt back and raised it high again. From his vantage point Timmy could see the red mark forming across the lily-white asses of the homophobic patrolmen. Crack! The belt came down again. Chad bit his lip.

Timmy couldn't believe this turn of events; not too long ago he was the one being spanked and humiliated by these two muscular cops and now he was the one calling the shots. And he now had a front row seat to witness their shame and humiliation. He could feel his own cock rising as he watched with his new found sadistic delight.


Sergeant Andrews was bringing the belt down with great force across the exposed rumps of two his best men. Officer Matthews couldn't believe how exposed and humiliated he felt. The pain in his plump backside was intense but it was also strangely arousing. He couldn't understand why he and his partner, Officer Carter, kept finding themselves in these types of situations. But ever since his first adult spanking at the hands of a sadistic motorist, Jim had discovered that he enjoyed having his round booty spanked by the strong hand of another man. He was by no means gay--it was just that a woman could not deliver a spanking with the same force that a man could; at least that’s what he told himself as his thick cock began to rise.

Next to him Officer Chad Carter was thinking pretty much the same thoughts. Although he was humiliated at being forced to strip nude before the gay bellboy and then suffer a spanking at the hands of his Sergeant, he couldn't help but find himself aroused. His meat was rising and with each healthy swat of the belt, he cared less and less about his shame. He had reached the point of erotic pleasure. His secret desire of being spanked was about to be exposed to his Sergeant and Timmy the bellboy--and he could have cared less at this point.

The two beefy officers’ ass cheeks continued to rub together as Sergeant Andrews continued to bring the belt down hard onto the officers’ backsides. Both men were now moaning, partly from pain and partly from pleasure. Chad looked at Jim to see his eyes were closed and he was licking his lips. Chad knew that look. It was a look of lust. He had suspected that Jim had derived the same pleasure from these spanking sessions they kept finding themselves in but was never 100% certain until this moment. But the look on his buddy’s face told him all he had to know.


Timmy noticed the swelling in both the officers’ manhood and blurted out, "They're getting hard! Both of them are getting hard!!!"

Sergeant Andrews stopped spanking and bent down, looking at both men's growing dicks from behind. He let out a laugh and said, "Well, I'll be."

"They're gay!" shouted Timmy.

Through clenched teeth Jim looked over his shoulder and snapped back, "We are not gay!"

"No," said Sergeant Andrews. "I've heard of this happening. Although the spanking can ignite an erection it does not make the ‘spankee’ gay." With that he lifted the belt again and continued his assault on the wayward officers’ butts.

The spanking continued and the officers’ cocks continued to grow with each swat. Timmy's own cock was rock hard as he watched the show. Both men's asses were burning hot and red as beets. Both officers were moaning loudly now. The pain had totally been taken over by pleasure. Chad knew that if it didn't stop any second he was about to blow his load. Next to him Jim was thinking the same thing. Neither man wanted this to be witnessed by the faggy bellboy or their Sergeant.

"Please, Sir," pleaded Jim. "We've learned our lesson."

But the Sarge was not listening. He continued to belt the two officers’ asses good! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!!

That was all that Chad could take as the belt came down again across his full booty he let out a loud scream of pleasure as his hot man juice came shooting from his cock with massive force. Timmy let out a gasp as he saw the younger officer seed fly from his body. Jim knew from the look on his buddy’s face that he had just emptied his nut sack. Crack--came the belt one more time and that was all Jim needed as well. He felt his own sperm rising and make its way from his cock, then spraying his sticky goo everywhere. The Sarge brought the belt down one last time. Sagre looked at Timmy and noticed a huge wet spot on the front of his black trouser. It seemed that the sight of these two muscular gods being spanked and humiliated had brought the offended teen to the point of ejaculation himself. The Sergeant looked at Timmy and asked, "Are you satisfied?"

Timmy was speechless at what he had just seen. All he could do was nod his head "yes".

"Okay then," said Sarge. "Both you men get packed and dressed. We have a flight to catch." He then slapped both of them hard on the ass as he and the bellboy exited the room.

Both men began to rise slowly. Somewhat embarrassed by the fact that he had ejaculated. They cleaned themselves up and dressed and began to pack. It only took a few minutes for both men to feel comfortable around one another again. The way they saw it they had each shot their load--so what was there to be embarrassed about?

Of course they didn't discuss what had taken place, they never did after one of these sessions. But now each man knew the other man's secret desire. But of course that didn't make them gay. Right?

The End

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blubber Butt's Post Holiday Gift

Some people had been asking for new pics or videos from our friend Blubber Butt. Well, he has listened and supplied us with both. Check out the way his booty claps in that slutty pink g-string. It's enough to make your mouth, among other things, water. Let him know just how much you enjoy his big muscular rump in motion.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I hope you will all forgive me. I know there is only one ass in today's post but I felt like I wanted to do a Christmas themed post and had a heck of a time finding pics to post. I think you will appreciate all the sexy Santa's though.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Adam: Washing The Car

by BubbleButtLuvr

"Do you understand me, Adam? I expect my car to be spotless by the time your mother and I return."

"But, Daaaad.", whined Adam at his father's command.

"Adam Higgins!", snapped the boys father. "We had a deal. If I let you borrow the car last night you would wash it today. That is the whole reason we are taking your mother's car to run errand, so that you can wash mine."

"I know, Dad, but well, I kinda had plans.", responded Adam.

"Such as?"

"Well, it's such a nice day. I thought I'd lay out and get some sun.", replied Adam.

"Lay out! Lay out! That's all you ever do is lay around half...or should I say almost completely naked!!!" yelled Mr. Higgins.

In all honesty Adam's father was correct. Eighteen-year old Adam Higgins loved to expose his body whenever possible, which was understandable since he did have a body to be proud of. His body was lean and defined and he never likes to cover it up. Today as he stood before his father arguing Adam wore a white t-shirt that was cut off just below his nipples and a pair of cut-off jean shorts that revealed as much of his round teen buns as it covered. And when he bent over even more of those milky white globes became visible.

Just then Adam's mother appeared purse in hand ready to go. "That's enough, Adam!", snapped the teen's father. "You know what you have to do so I suggest you do it. And all I can say is if the car is not washed by the time we get home You’re gonna be in some deep shit, young man!" And with That Mr. & Mrs. Higgins were out the door and gone.

As much as he hated to have to do it Adam knew he had no choice. He knew his father would be furious if the car was not washed. He also knew that if if was not washed he would not be able to use it next Friday night for the concert so he just sucked it up and did what he knew he had to do. Adam went through the laundry room which connected to the garage and gathered a bucket, some rags & sponges, soap to wash the car and the hose. He then hit the button that opened the garage door. As the door creaked up slowly the sun came streaming in and the car sitting in the driveway came into sight. Adam sighed. He hated the fact that he would be missing all that sun. He stepped into the drive way and went to the side of the house to connect the hose. That's when he saw Mr. Hopkiss sitting out on his deck reading the paper.

"Hmmmm..." thought Adam. "Maybe this won't be so bad."

Adam loves showing off his body and Mr. Hopkiss is the perfect audience for him. He's older, Adam is not sure how old, but he would guess mid 40's to early 50's. The thing about Mr. Hopkiss that intrigues Adam so much is complete indifference to the young man's antics. Oh, sure Mr. Hopkiss will stare at Adam in his way too small swim bikinis as his perfectly round buns pop out. But his face is unreadable. It's hard to tell what the man is thinking as he watches Adam's half bared buns jiggle around. But, this game is what turns Adam on all the more, trying to break the older man and get him to make a pass at him.

The way Mr. Hopkiss's deck is built he has a clear view of the Higgins back yard as well as their driveway. Adam grabs the bucket and fills it with water from the hose then adds some soap. He bend slowly and seductively to pick up the bucket. With his back to Mr. Hopkiss he pushes out his round eighteen year old ass and wiggles it slightly. In the car window Adam can see Mr. H's reflection. The older man lowers the paper slightly and watches Adam's sweet young cheeks.

Adam tosses a sponge in the bucket and grabs hold of the hose. He begins the squirt the car with the hose. As he does so the youth bend and stretches a little more than needed shoving his round rump out in an obscene manner at his older neighbor. Mr. Hopkiss lowers the paper further and stares and the teen. Then Adam turns the hose on himself. Holding it above his head and allowing the water to rain down him like a shower; his cut off t-shirt clinging to him like a second skin, his hard nipples protruding. Adam seductively bites his lower lip as he looked across at Mr. Hopkiss, who had now lowered the newspaper to his lap as he openly stared at Adam.

Adam turned his back to his neighbor and aimed the hose over his shoulder allowing the water to run down his back and over the back of his jean shorts. His half exposed ass glistened in the sun as the water wet him down. He then dropped the hose and bent over to pick up the sponge from the soapy water in the bucket. He then began running it over his father's car. As he did he allowed his body to rub up against the vehicle causing his clothes, what little there was of them, to get covered in soap suds. He turned and looked at Mr. Hopkiss who was watching intently but without expression. Adam gave the older man a shy coy look as if to say' "Look what I've done now. I better remove my clothes before I get them all messy."

Again Adam turned his back to his neighbor as he undid the snap on his shorts. He then slowly lowered the zipper and bent ever so slowly at the waist making sure not to bend at the knee as he peeled down the sopping wet denim. As he did his bright lime green swim bikini came into view. It rode up high on his perky teen buns causing the bottom 2/3 of his bouncing ass to pop out. Adam straightened up and gave Mr. H. a look over his shoulder as he pulled the itty bitty bikini free from between its meaty prison. But it was pointless for as soon as Adam let go of the scant garment it rode right back up between his young smooth buns almost as if the center of his ass were a vortex sucking in the little bikini. Mr. Hopkiss just continued to watch.

Adam began washing the car again in just his bikini and cut off T. He rolled around on the vehicle showing off his sweet round booty and thick teen cock in the now soaking wet bikini. The youth was covered in suds. He peeled the T-shirt off and tossed it to the side. He continued to parade around in front of his neighbor as his meaty ass continued to swallow up his lime green bikini.

It was now time to rinse the car off so again Adam grabbed the hose and rinsed off the car. And again he held the hose up over his head and wet himself down. The suds rolled off his young smooth swimmers body and onto the driveway. Mr. Hopkiss just stared at the young man with no reaction. Adam dropped the hose and began to run his hands over his defined body taking extra care to feel up his own full ass cheeks for the benefit of his old neighbor.

Adam then took a chamois and began drying his father's car, still shoving his ass out teasingly at Mr. Hopkiss. As he shoved his hot ass out his balls hung down low in the bikini between his legs giving quit a nice appearance. The car was now dry and there was nothing left to do but gather up the cleaning supplies. Adam did this slowly. Taking great care to bend slowly and tease his neighbor with his almost completely exposed body. Adam dragged everything back into the garage and then went back to the driveway to gather up his clothes. As he re-entered the driveway he saw Mr. Hopkiss' back as he entered his home and then the door shut.

Adam smiled to himself. He still wasn't sure what to make of his neighbor. Obviously he enjoyed these little shows or he wouldn't stick around to watch. But, why didn't he ever react or say something. "Oh, well," thought Adam as he picked up his clothes. "I've got all summer to break him." And with that Adam closed the garage door behind him as Mr. Hopkiss watched from his kitchen window.

The End