Sunday, December 23, 2012

Adam: Washing The Car

by BubbleButtLuvr

"Do you understand me, Adam? I expect my car to be spotless by the time your mother and I return."

"But, Daaaad.", whined Adam at his father's command.

"Adam Higgins!", snapped the boys father. "We had a deal. If I let you borrow the car last night you would wash it today. That is the whole reason we are taking your mother's car to run errand, so that you can wash mine."

"I know, Dad, but well, I kinda had plans.", responded Adam.

"Such as?"

"Well, it's such a nice day. I thought I'd lay out and get some sun.", replied Adam.

"Lay out! Lay out! That's all you ever do is lay around half...or should I say almost completely naked!!!" yelled Mr. Higgins.

In all honesty Adam's father was correct. Eighteen-year old Adam Higgins loved to expose his body whenever possible, which was understandable since he did have a body to be proud of. His body was lean and defined and he never likes to cover it up. Today as he stood before his father arguing Adam wore a white t-shirt that was cut off just below his nipples and a pair of cut-off jean shorts that revealed as much of his round teen buns as it covered. And when he bent over even more of those milky white globes became visible.

Just then Adam's mother appeared purse in hand ready to go. "That's enough, Adam!", snapped the teen's father. "You know what you have to do so I suggest you do it. And all I can say is if the car is not washed by the time we get home You’re gonna be in some deep shit, young man!" And with That Mr. & Mrs. Higgins were out the door and gone.

As much as he hated to have to do it Adam knew he had no choice. He knew his father would be furious if the car was not washed. He also knew that if if was not washed he would not be able to use it next Friday night for the concert so he just sucked it up and did what he knew he had to do. Adam went through the laundry room which connected to the garage and gathered a bucket, some rags & sponges, soap to wash the car and the hose. He then hit the button that opened the garage door. As the door creaked up slowly the sun came streaming in and the car sitting in the driveway came into sight. Adam sighed. He hated the fact that he would be missing all that sun. He stepped into the drive way and went to the side of the house to connect the hose. That's when he saw Mr. Hopkiss sitting out on his deck reading the paper.

"Hmmmm..." thought Adam. "Maybe this won't be so bad."

Adam loves showing off his body and Mr. Hopkiss is the perfect audience for him. He's older, Adam is not sure how old, but he would guess mid 40's to early 50's. The thing about Mr. Hopkiss that intrigues Adam so much is complete indifference to the young man's antics. Oh, sure Mr. Hopkiss will stare at Adam in his way too small swim bikinis as his perfectly round buns pop out. But his face is unreadable. It's hard to tell what the man is thinking as he watches Adam's half bared buns jiggle around. But, this game is what turns Adam on all the more, trying to break the older man and get him to make a pass at him.

The way Mr. Hopkiss's deck is built he has a clear view of the Higgins back yard as well as their driveway. Adam grabs the bucket and fills it with water from the hose then adds some soap. He bend slowly and seductively to pick up the bucket. With his back to Mr. Hopkiss he pushes out his round eighteen year old ass and wiggles it slightly. In the car window Adam can see Mr. H's reflection. The older man lowers the paper slightly and watches Adam's sweet young cheeks.

Adam tosses a sponge in the bucket and grabs hold of the hose. He begins the squirt the car with the hose. As he does so the youth bend and stretches a little more than needed shoving his round rump out in an obscene manner at his older neighbor. Mr. Hopkiss lowers the paper further and stares and the teen. Then Adam turns the hose on himself. Holding it above his head and allowing the water to rain down him like a shower; his cut off t-shirt clinging to him like a second skin, his hard nipples protruding. Adam seductively bites his lower lip as he looked across at Mr. Hopkiss, who had now lowered the newspaper to his lap as he openly stared at Adam.

Adam turned his back to his neighbor and aimed the hose over his shoulder allowing the water to run down his back and over the back of his jean shorts. His half exposed ass glistened in the sun as the water wet him down. He then dropped the hose and bent over to pick up the sponge from the soapy water in the bucket. He then began running it over his father's car. As he did he allowed his body to rub up against the vehicle causing his clothes, what little there was of them, to get covered in soap suds. He turned and looked at Mr. Hopkiss who was watching intently but without expression. Adam gave the older man a shy coy look as if to say' "Look what I've done now. I better remove my clothes before I get them all messy."

Again Adam turned his back to his neighbor as he undid the snap on his shorts. He then slowly lowered the zipper and bent ever so slowly at the waist making sure not to bend at the knee as he peeled down the sopping wet denim. As he did his bright lime green swim bikini came into view. It rode up high on his perky teen buns causing the bottom 2/3 of his bouncing ass to pop out. Adam straightened up and gave Mr. H. a look over his shoulder as he pulled the itty bitty bikini free from between its meaty prison. But it was pointless for as soon as Adam let go of the scant garment it rode right back up between his young smooth buns almost as if the center of his ass were a vortex sucking in the little bikini. Mr. Hopkiss just continued to watch.

Adam began washing the car again in just his bikini and cut off T. He rolled around on the vehicle showing off his sweet round booty and thick teen cock in the now soaking wet bikini. The youth was covered in suds. He peeled the T-shirt off and tossed it to the side. He continued to parade around in front of his neighbor as his meaty ass continued to swallow up his lime green bikini.

It was now time to rinse the car off so again Adam grabbed the hose and rinsed off the car. And again he held the hose up over his head and wet himself down. The suds rolled off his young smooth swimmers body and onto the driveway. Mr. Hopkiss just stared at the young man with no reaction. Adam dropped the hose and began to run his hands over his defined body taking extra care to feel up his own full ass cheeks for the benefit of his old neighbor.

Adam then took a chamois and began drying his father's car, still shoving his ass out teasingly at Mr. Hopkiss. As he shoved his hot ass out his balls hung down low in the bikini between his legs giving quit a nice appearance. The car was now dry and there was nothing left to do but gather up the cleaning supplies. Adam did this slowly. Taking great care to bend slowly and tease his neighbor with his almost completely exposed body. Adam dragged everything back into the garage and then went back to the driveway to gather up his clothes. As he re-entered the driveway he saw Mr. Hopkiss' back as he entered his home and then the door shut.

Adam smiled to himself. He still wasn't sure what to make of his neighbor. Obviously he enjoyed these little shows or he wouldn't stick around to watch. But, why didn't he ever react or say something. "Oh, well," thought Adam as he picked up his clothes. "I've got all summer to break him." And with that Adam closed the garage door behind him as Mr. Hopkiss watched from his kitchen window.

The End

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