Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glen: Exposed At A Soccer Match

by BubbleButtLuvr

It had been a good season and it all came down to these last four minutes of the soccer match. Glen Deaning's High School soccer team, the Wolverines, were minutes away from scoring the biggest victory of the year. If they could triumph and beat the Hurricanes they would be able to go to the National Championship in Miami, Florida. Each young man wanted this and was working hard to achieve it. Glen was playing his usual position as goalie.

Glen crouched low in the net, trying to block as much of it as he could with his well-defined body. The blue nylon material of his Umbros stretched to the limit against his colossal backside. As he did, Glen thought how great it would be to go to national competition. But, at the present he had one more thing on his mind: he hoped that his soccer shorts would hold out and not rip until the match was over.

You see at 18, Glen was a very handsome young man bearing a remarkable resemblance to a teenage Dean Cain with his dark hair and sexy eyes. But, the one big difference between Glen and Dean Cain was Glen's massive butt. Glen had always had trouble when it came to being fitted for pants. If they fit in the waist, they were tight in the ass. If they fit in the ass, they were loose in the waist. It was a vicious cycle.

At the first soccer practice of the season, Glen had split his shorts right down the back. He was slightly embarrassed. But, it wasn't too bad. When his shorts split his bare jock-strapped backside was displayed to all of his teammates. But hell, they had all seen his bare ass before in the locker room. And, he had seen theirs. So, while it was somewhat embarrassing to be the only one on display, it wasn't as bad as if the stands had been filled with fans. In fact, when his Umbros split Coach Adam's just slapped him on his exposed backside and told him to hit the showers. He was excused.

Ever since that day, Glen had had his soccer shorts specially made to ensure extra room in the seat. And, he never ever put them in the dryer, just to make sure there was no shrinkage. Well, last night after washing them, he accidentally put them in the dryer. He was furious with himself, yet had no choice but to wear them today.

As he stood in the goalie box, he could feel the nylon pulled taut against his voluminous 18-year old ass, caressing his jockstrap-encased buns. Mentally, he envisioned the shorts giving way. It was as if he could actually feel the threads coming loose. But, that was silly. The game was almost over and he had to do was concentrate on the match. Everything would be fine.

Glen watched as the blue & white uniforms of his team intermingled with the red & white of their opponents. The score was tied. But, Glen had vowed that no one would score another goal on him today. He intended to keep that vow.

The next thing Glen saw was a soccer ball flying through the air. He jumped up and dove at it, his excessive butt jiggling in his tight Umbros. He stopped the ball in mid-air, preventing the Hurricanes from scoring. However, as the teen jumped up there was the audible sound of material ripping and Glen felt an unmistakable cool breeze rush over his plump buns.

Glen landed on the ground face down on top of the ball. The seat of his pants had finally given way under the unbelievable strain of his oversized ass. The youth’s big buns were completely exposed except for the small leg strap of his jock.

Coach Adams called a time out and all the young men gathered. "Deaning," he said, "I guess you’re out of the game."

"No!" pleaded Glen. "I can play. My parents and brother are in the stands. Mom always carries a sewing kit in her purse. She can put a few stitches in my shorts and I'll be fine. Please!" . Coach Adam's agreed and sent one of the players to the stands to get Glen's family. It was true that Glen's mom always carried a sewing kit. It came in handy more than once after Glen's mammoth butt ripped out so many pairs of pants.

Glen and his team waited for what seemed like an eternity for his family to make it to the sidelines. Glen was red with embarrassment at the thought of his entire school staring at his big naked behind.

When Glen's family finally arrived his father was laughing as hard as could be. "Oh, Glen," he said, "Not again!"

Coach Adams looked at Mrs. Deaning and asked, "Do you think you can stitch them up?"

"Yes," she replied.

To Glen's father she said, "You pull the two pieces of material together in the back. I'll pin them and I can stitch the shorts right up with him still in them."

Mr. Deaning got behind his son, still laughing at the sight of his massive exposed butt. He grabbed the two pieces of material and tried to bring them together. But, Glen's behind didn't want to cooperate. It still stuck way too far out.

Mr. Deaning put his hands on his son's super-sized ass and tried to shove it into the ripped shorts. But, it was no use. Finally, Mr. Deaning took the two ripped ends and with one quick tug pulled as hard as he could to make the pieces meet. There was a loud rip and the shorts were torn right off Glen's body.

Mr. Deaning fell back onto his butt, the two pieces of his son's shorts still in his hands. Glen's vast ass jiggled and bounced up & down. The teen tried to pull his jersey down to cover his nakedness. But, it was no use. He was exposed and humiliated before all his classmates. Glenn just stood there red-faced as his teammates laughed at him, as did his father, mother and brother.

"Well, Deaning," began Coach Adams, "I guess you’re out of the game now. I'm sorry. Winslow will have to finish the match."

Bill Winslow was nowhere near as good as Glen. Even Bill knew it. Glen wanted to lead his team to victory and the National Championship. Bill would crack under the pressure for sure.

"No! Please, Coach let me finish out the game!" begged the boy.

"How?" asked the coach, "You have no pants. No offense, but your backside is kinda large. You'll never fit into anyone else's uniform."

Glen blushed when the Coach talked about the size of his ass. But, he knew it was true. He had only one choice.

"I'll play like this," murmured Glen.

What?" declared Coach Adams. "You can't play in just your jock, Deaning."

"Is there a rule against it, Coach?"

Coach Adams stammered, "W-w-w-ell, no. But, your naked butt will be exposed for everyone to see."

Glen knew this and was embarrassed by this thought but he wanted to win this match more than anything. The clock was down to just over three minutes. He would suck it up and do it.

"I don't care. I want to play," he said.

Since there was no rule against it and Glen wanted to play so badly, Coach Adams relented and Glen rejoined the game. He played without any pants and wearing just a jock.

There was a combination of cheers and laughter from the crowd in the stands as the bubble-butted youth jogged back to his post as goalie. His tremendous ass jiggled and bounced as he ran.

As the youth looked into the stands he saw the leering face of his neighbor, Mr. Bennington. Something about this old pervert made Glen feel exposed even when he was fully clothed. Now, with his ass on display he felt like a piece of meat for this old man to inspect.

With just over three minutes left, the game resumed. Glen stood in the goalie box, his legs slightly bent and his fat ass pushing way out behind him. The people in the stands behind the teen had a clear view over his white and meaty mounds. As Glen moved around the goalie box his whopping behind jiggled like a mound of flesh-colored Jell-O. There were hoots and catcalls from the fans in the stands, no doubt led by Mr. Bennington. Glen felt his face flush with embarrassment.

One of the guys from the Hurricanes came charging down the field at Glen. He kicked the ball and Glen jumped at it, knocking the ball to the ground and stopping the goal. His mountain of an ass bounced as he hit the ground.

Back on his feet, the game started up again. The clock was ticking away. The Wolverines scored a goal and were now ahead. Glen just had to stop the Hurricanes from scoring and his team would go to Nationals.

The game progressed with Glen's whopping butt on display for the entire crowd to see. The clock ticked away as Glen defended his goal. Despite the laughter and catcalls from the crowd, the teen did his best to protect his goal. And, in the end he was successful. The buzzer went off and the match was complete. The Wolverines were the victors. The whole team came running over the Glen. They all jumped on him and congratulated him on his good game. All the guys slapped Glen on his fat bare ass. A couple even seemed to actually grab his huge hind end and cop a feel, though with all the people around him Glen couldn't tell who it had been.

The next morning, plastered across the front page of the local sports section was a large photo of Glen jumping up to stop a goal. His big ass was bare as he dove through the air. Glen was totally embarrassed by the picture. But, his family thought it was hysterical. His neighbor, Mr. Bennington, on the other hand loved it so much that he bought a few extra copies and was sure to cut them out and save them for future use.

The End

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Guido, Arrogant Muscle God Part 1

by BubbleButtLuvr

Arrogant, cocky & narcissistic were the three words that best described Guido
Scarpelli. Though in his defense it was hard not to be arrogant when you looked
like him. Dark sexy Italian good looks with short dark brown hair so dark it was
almost black. Deep dark eyes set in a perfectly chiseled face.

Then there was his body. He was 100% lean muscle. He had a perfect six pack and
muscles that bulged. He took great pride in his ass. It was full and bubbled.
The result of squats and lunges five days a week. The kind of meaty derriere
woman wanted to fondle and men wanted to fuck, regardless of their sexual
preference. But, Guido didn't get fucked. He was a total top.

He was cut eight inches and veiny. He was equally proud of this. One time while
in the steam room at the gym a buddy surprised him by reaching out and grabbing
his veiny member and saying, "This is your biggest muscle." Cocky as Guido was
he just laughed and replied "I know." it wasn't so much the comment that Guido
found odd. He was used to getting hit on by men as well as women. He just never
expected the comment from a straight buddy.

Guido himself was gay and didn't care who knew it. At the same time he was very
macho and straight acting. He loved meeting a hot chick out at the club. He
liked dancing with her and getting her all worked up. Then when she suggested
going back to her place he'd tell her he was gay and wait for the stunned
reaction. Each woman believed they could change him. But Guido knew that there
was no way. He loved cock too much. Still the attention was great.

Guido loved teasing everyone with his body. People thought that because he was
hot he was also stupid. This was not the case he knew exactly what he was doing.
For extra cash he worked as a model and without fail each photographer found and
excuse to fondle his hot body.

One guy stood out from the rest. The picture was to be a black and white for a
coffee table book saluting sports and the bodies of the men who played them.
Guido was dressed on a white jock which really made his already protruding ass
pop. The set was a locker room scene with Guido wearing nothing but the jock and
shoulder pads bending over to pull on a sock. His ample bottom stuck way out. Of
course the photographer found multiple excuses to stop and adjust his jock
because the strap "was just not laying right". Guido laughed to himself knowing
that no matter how that strap layed the photographer was gonna find an excuse to
fondle his plump meaty rump. But of course he did not care. He put lots of work
into his ass and loved the attention.

The gym was where he received the most attention. Oh sure he got looks on the
street and stares at the clubs but at the gym he was king. He would strut around
the gym in shorts way to small and suggestive. Then there were the exercises
themselves. He'd have to bend slowly or thrust out his perfectly round booty.

And everyone looked woman or man. Straight or gay. Because Guido had an ass that
was beyond fuckable.

And if he ruled the gym then he was a god in the locker room. He loved stripping
down slowly by his locker and teasing the other men. He loved knowing they
wanted him. He loved the power he felt driving them crazy but knowing that he
would never give himself to them. He just loved the lust in their eyes.

He'd strip down to either a jock of some incredibly small pair of underwear and
strut around the locker room as if he owned it. He'd chat with friends. He'd
primp in the mirror. He'd even pull out his mobile phone and make calls all in
this state of semi dress teasing the men with his hot body.

But there was one man at the gym that wanted Guido more than most. And that was
college student, Nate Quinn. Nate was gay as well and at twenty years of age he
was nine years Guido's junior. And while not nearly as well built as Guido he
was still thin and lean. With his thick framed glasses and hair parted severely
to one side he fit the bill as the stereotypical "nerd".

Nate loved Guido's body, his face, his veiny cock and his confidence. But most
of all he loved his full round rump. At the small of his back Guido had a tribal
tattoo. It was a pretty fair size and stretched from side to side. Nate loved
how it almost disappeared into Guido's underwear. He found it very erotic. And
Guido was well aware of this.

Things came to a head one day in the steam room. Nate was in there alone, towel
around his waist getting a steam when Guido walked in. He too had a towel
wrapped around his waist but rather than a regular size towel it was more of an
over-sized hand towel, which covered very little. Around his shoulders was
draped a larger towel, which he took great time to spread out on the bench. He
did all of this with his back to poor horny Nate. He'd bent over slowly at the
waist and stretch the towel out. His huge ass mound popping out the bottom of
his tiny towel and teasing Nate as he bent over. Not only that but his fat thick
flaccid cock swing freely between his muscular thighs.

Then he undid the towel around his waist and let it drop to the floor leaving
Nate's mouth hanging wide open. Then he straddled the bench in a suggestive
manner as if he were straddling a cock. Next he wiggled his full fleshy bottom
as he got settled. Finally he got himself in place and laid there for his steam
knowing what he was doing to Nate. He knew this geeky kid wanted him but he
would never get him. And he laughed to himself.

Nate's breathing became labored as he watched the round perfect buttocks if his
sexual obsession aimed at him. Every so often Guido would more making his

mountainous booty quiver slightly. Then Guido spread his legs slightly. Not
much, but enough for his bulbous buns to part and his tight virgin pucker to
wink out at Nate. It happened so fast but it did happen. At this point Nate was
so worked up that his own cock had grown to it's full 6 1/2". Normally
self-conscious about his body, today Nate didn't even think about it. This was
the most forward Guido had ever been. Nate removed his towel so that his hard
cock was exposed. Nate wondered if maybe he had a chance with Guido. Maybe Guido
wanted him to fuck him. Oh how he wanted to slam his cock into that perfect ass.

Nate's cock grew and started to drip precum as he considered this. Guido moved
again adjusting himself of the bench lifting his ass up causing his meaty rump
to part once more. Sweat ran down his back and off the sides of his tribal
tattoo. Nate was hot but afraid to make the first move.

Guido knew what he was doing and he loved every minute of it. Suddenly without
warning he flipped onto his back exposing his own fat 8" member to Nate saying,
"So, which view do you prefer? Front or back?"

This caught Nate by surprise. He never expected Guido to flip. And his cock was
so big and veiny and HARD! Then there was a stirring in his ball sack. A
stirring he could not control and without warning and hands free he ejaculated
all over himself. His small cock bobbed up and down as his hot wad exploded from
it. Guido let out a loud laugh as Nate's face burned red hot from embarrassment.
He grabbed his towel quickly and covered himself as he fled the steam room,
Guido's laughter ringing in his ears.

Guido loved it and couldn't stop laughing. Nate on the other hand had heard the
laughter his whole life having been picked on through out his school days. It
was at that point Nate vowed he'd get his revenge, though he did not know how
just yet. Now the object of his desire had become the object of his wrath.

If Guido knew what was to come he would have done things differently that day
but too bad for him he was unaware of what awaited him in the days to come.

The End