Monday, September 3, 2012

Officers Matthews & Carter - Visit To A Gay Beach 2

 by BubbleButtLuvr

Officers Jim Matthews and Chad Carter were in South Miami Beach, Florida for their annual week long State Trooper Convention. It was the first day and the men got into town early. It was just after noon and they were already registered at the hotel and unpacked. The convention was scheduled to kick off that night at 7:00 P.M. with a Meet & Greet type dinner with the actual seminars and so forth beginning tomorrow. The two men had been assigned to share a room, which only made sense.

They had been partners and best friends for the past two years when Chad, who was a 22-year-old rookie at the time, was partnered with Jim, who was 22 years his senior. But despite the age difference they became good friends fast due to their similar backgrounds and views on life in general--especially their horribly homophobic views on gay men.

Another interesting fact about the two was their amazingly similar physical appearance. Both had dark hair. Jim was graying only slightly at the temples. Jim stood 5'8" and Chad 5"9" but in every other way the two men were alike. They even had the same muscular build. Both had played high school football and had worked hard at maintaining his stocky muscular physique. Both had thick square necks and powerful arms. To say nothing of their broad chests and large tree trunk like legs. Then of course each man had a 32" waist that tapered out into the biggest roundest meatiest ass you had ever seen.

Even on two men as muscular as these two their asses were way to large and way too out of proportion. This fact and the fact that they were inseparable earned the duo the nickname "The Bubble Butt Twins" by the other officers on the force. But the two massive assed Troopers didn't care they were proud of their huge asses. The friends had over six hours until their Meet & Greet so they decided to have some fun in the meantime. They discussed it and decided that since they were in Florida it would be a shame not to hit the beach. And since they were not sure how much free time they'd have later they decided that they'd spend the day there. Jim asked Chad if he had remembered to bring his sunscreen and Chad laughed and replied, "After last year? There is no way I would forget it."

Chad was referring to a mishap that took place on the beach the prior year. Both men had used sun block over most of his body but didn't bother to put it on where his swimsuit was. Now being state troopers they had swimwear was issued to them from the department. They were black Speedo's with white writing across the seat of them that read STATE TROOPER in bold white letters. Of course being the big-butted men, they were both men found the swimwear to be too tight and very skimpy constantly riding up their oversized butt pillows. Even the largest size was too small but truthfully neither man cared because he was proud of his larger than average ass and the attention it got him from the ladies so the officers squeezed their enormous buns into the small Lycra garment and headed off for the beach.

Once one the beach they meet up with some women and started talking. The women asked them if they wanted to join their volleyball game. Jim was married and would never cheat on his wife but saw no harm in just playing volleyball with these young attractive women when were obviously taken by the fact that these two beefy gods were state troopers.

As the game went on both Chad and Jim were all over the place jumping and diving to get the ball. Their fat asses jiggling and bouncing with each jump. A crowd of women and gay men alike actually gathered to watch these two brawny officers play volleyball not because they were especially good but because they looked especially good jumping around in their small swim wear. With each move the Speedo rode further and further up into the dark valley between each guys massive fleshy mountains. By the end of the game the troopers looked as if they were in thongs rather than Speedo's.

That night after the men got back to their room they realized the mistake they had made. Since neither man had worried about putting sun block on his ass when the Speedo rode up it left his tender ass flesh exposed and unprotected. By morning both men's asses were bright red. In fact they were so sore and red that neither man could dress. They had to spend the rest of the week in the hotel room bare-assed because it hurt to bad to have anything against their burnt buns. They only thing that seemed to help the stinging was baby oil so each man took turns several times a day applying baby oil to his buddies beefy butt cheeks to help him ease the pain. Even after they returned to work their asses still hurt to a degree riding their motorcycles for the next week or so. It was then that they vowed never to hit the beach again without using sunscreen on their asses.

The two men began to undress so that they could apply their sunscreen before heading out to the beach. Each man had dressed casually for the flight. Jim in tan Dockers and a light blue button down shirt and Chad in blue jeans and a gray T-shirt. Both men began by removing his shirt and tossing it on the floor. By the end of the week the men would have dirty clothes over every inch of the floor. Then each man began to wiggle his round rump out of his pants. Chad had a harder time than Jim; his jeans were clinging to his large ass like a second skin. He had to fight to get them off over his massive buns. Jim peeled off his Dockers and tossed them on the floor next to Chad's now discarded jeans. Now the two officers stood there in just their bikini briefs. Both men had found out early on when their pants split while chasing a suspect that they had the same taste in underwear. Chad's were gray to match his T-shirt and Jim's a bright yellow, but both were the same cut, very small and skimpy with very minimum coverage.

Chad began to shake his bottle of sunscreen and then squeezed out a dab into his palm. He rubbed his palms together and began to run his hands over his smooth muscular chest. His body glistened as he rubbed the white cream into his skin. At the same time Jim was rubbing the lotion into his arms making sure not to miss a spot. Chad bent at the waist and began applying the lotion to his muscular calves. As he bent his bikini rode up his ass exposing more of his ass cheeks to his buddy. But Jim was oblivious as he was doing the same thing, his own small yellow bikini creeping way up his crack and over his well-rounded mounds.

Jim grabbed the waistband of his scant bikini and pulled it down kicking it into the pile with the rest of his clothes. He then began to squeeze more sunscreen into his palm. He then reached behind himself and began to apply the lotion to his ample posterior. Jim looked over his shoulders and watched himself apply the creamy lotion. He ran his hands all over his fleshy mountains, squeezing his cheeks making certain not to miss a spot. By this point Chad was removing his own bikini and doing the same thing that his buddy was doing. He too stood with his back facing the mirror watching himself lube up his ass with the sun screen. Chad was kneading his ass cheeks like a baker kneading dough with too much yeast in it. But he was afraid that he wasn't reaching every spot. "Hey, Jim could you check for me did I miss any place with the lotion?"

Officer Matthews stopped lotioning his own fat ass and turned to look his buddy over, who's ass was facing Jim. Jim looking his friend up and down and responded, "It looks like you missed a spot on your right buttock."

"Really?" replied Chad reaching back. "Where?"

"A little to the left. More. More. No back a little to the right. Now down. No now left." "Fuck." replied Chad. "I can't reach it. Can you get it for me?"

"Sure." responded Jim as he bent down to apply the sunscreen to Chad's over stuffed ass pillow. Then Jim noticed another spot Chad had missed. "Buddy, you missed a lot back here."

Officer Carter laughed, "Well, there's a lot of territory to cover back there. Can you get it for me?"

"Sure." said Jim. "Bend over you missed a lot on the inside of your cheeks."

Officer Carter bent over at the waist pushing his plump buns into his partners face. "That's better. Now spread your legs a little so I can get in between."

Chad complied by spreading his legs wide to give his best friend and partner better access to his ass. Jim continued to rub the lotion along Chad's fleshy ass mounds. Working his hand in between the younger officer's cheeks spreading them for better access. Chad's ass hole winked out at Jim who didn't think twice about it. Here he was on his hands and knees his best friends ass inches from his face. His tight pink ass hole plainly visible and it never occurred to Jim that most people would deem the act that he and Chad were participating in as homoerotic--but not to these two muscular troopers. As far as they were concerned it was just helping out a buddy. After all these men were as straight as could be. There was nothing gay or gay friendly about them.

As Jim was rubbing the lotion into the under part between Chad's ass and ball sack he accidentally grazed Chad's smooth balls with his finger tip causing Chad to jump in surprise. The department didn't really have a policy on body hair but both men preferred the sleek hairless look of a shaved chest and balls. Officer Matthews even shaved his pubes off completely while Officer Carter just trimmed his. Neither man was very hairy to begin with so it wasn't too hard to accomplish this.

The two men laughed. "Sorry buddy.", said the older trooper. "You’re done anyway. Maybe you could help me next, Pal."

The men switched places Jim's large ass now in his buddies face. His legs spread wide as he bent at the waist his tennis ball sized nuts swinging back and forth between his legs. Chad began to rub the lotion into his partner’s fleshy cushions. Running his hand in between the cheeks making sure not to miss a spot. This time it was Jim's ass hole that was winking at Chad. Jim's hole was a lot darker than the rest off his ass, which was a creamy white. Officer Carter rubbed the cream carefully around the older officers ass hole. Some of the lotion accidentally got on Jim's hole and Chad hand to rub it in.

"Hey, watch it back there, Man!" snapped Officer Matthews.

"Sorry, some lotion got on your ass hole. I was just rubbing it in. But you’re good now."

All lotioned up both guys began to wiggle their ample behinds into their department issued Speedos. They were black and across the seat of the Speedo embossed in white letters it read STATE TROOPER. In fact they were the same swim suits that the two men had worn the year before when they burnt their asses. So they were very skimpy and already riding up their asses.

They decided that they would stop at a beach that Chad noticed as they were on their way to the hotel. It was just a mile up the road and looked like it was packed. Both guys grabbed their towels and sunglasses as they headed out the door. They hopped in the car and headed for the beach. They parked at the top of a set of stairs that led down to the beach. The two beefy troopers made their way down the stairs their asses bouncing like two over inflated basketballs that were ready to explode. The Speedos riding up high on their asses.

The two beefy men made their way down the beach, literally strutting as the walked. The bright sun glinted of their sunglasses. The two cocky men knew they were being watched. They were in excellent physical shape and no one could resist looking at their super sized asses. They came upon a spot that looked inviting and spread their towels out. Chad looked over and not ten feet away he noticed two men sharing a towel and making out.

The younger officer smacked the older one on the arm. "Look at that. Isn't it disgusting?" Jim looked over and saw the two men engaged in a kiss. Disgust crossed his face, then he looked at Chad and said, "Watch this." Then two the two men kissing he yelled, "Hey faggots!!"

The two men broke their embrace and looked over in the officers’ direction confusion on their faces.

"Yeah, you two. What the fuck do you think your doing, faggots!!? Maybe you could get a room?" snarled Jim.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" asked one of the men.

The two troopers didn't take kindly to this rising to their feet and making their way over to where the two gay men sat on their towel. Both troopers were much bigger and more muscular than the two men that they were now standing over. "You fucking queers make me sick! I hate when your kind stares at me as I walk down the street. Checking out my ass." The two men looked confused.

Chad broke in, "Don't pretend you weren't checking out or asses as we came down the beach."

Jim turned his back on the two men sticking his ass out at them. You know you were staring at this. But this is 100% straight ass. And no fucking queer is gonna touch it. Why don't you two just get the fuck out of here so decent people can enjoy the beach without your kind!!!"

All of a sudden a voice came from behind the two officers. "If you don't like it why don't you two homophobic assholes get off the gay beach?"

The troopers turned to face the new voice. There stood a brawny muscular god all tanned and muscled in board shorts and behind him stood four men with similar builds and shorts. "Gay beach?" they stated simultaneously.

"That's right," responded the leader of the five buff homosexuals, whose name was Chuck.

Jim straightened up and said, "Look we're not looking for any trouble, so just back off."

"No, you don't want any trouble now that you see five buff guys who can kick your asses, but before when it was just these two scrawny skinny guys you were perfectly ready for trouble." replied Chuck. "Your kind makes me sick. You come into our area and harass us and as soon..."

Chad broke in, "We had no idea this was a gay beach."

"That makes harassing these two just because they're gay right?" snapped Chuck.

"Everyone has a right to be who they are where ever they are without being harassed. And I think you two need to be taught a lesson."

Chad gulped hard feeling frightened but it was Jim who spoke, "We are officers of the law so I suggest that you hold off with your threats."

Chuck laughed, "It's no threat. It's a promise. I believe you made a statement that no queer would touch your ass. Well, we're here to prove otherwise." Then pointing to his buddies, "these queers are gonna spank both your fat asses!"

Chad suddenly felt very exposed and on display in his Speedo, which was way too small for his large rump and creeping up his crack. He reached back pulling it free from between his fleshy mounds.

"The hell you are!" yelled Jim as he and Chad turned to run. What neither man was aware of is that while they were talking a crowd had gathered behind them and when they began to run they ran smack dab into the crowd of angry homosexuals who had heard the whole exchange.

"Get 'em!" yelled Chuck as he and his four friends dove on top of the two scantly clad troopers. The crowd grew forming a circle around the seven men as they wrestled. Chad scrambled to get to his feet but fell back to the ground when a strong hand grabbed the back of his Speedo pulling it down in back exposing his plump ass. Chad pulled the Speedo up and continued to fight.

One of the other men had Jim in a headlock. His small stretchy Speedo riding further up his ass than he thought possible. His white ass mountains jiggling as he struggled. Both officers continued to fight as the crowd cheered for Chuck and his four friends. They had overpowered the two bubble butted troopers. Jim and Chad were side-by-side laying face down in the sand. Each had one of the gay muscle studs pinning down his legs and another holding down his back. Their large asses were aimed skyward. From all the struggling the their Speedos had ridden so far up both men's asses that instead of reading STATE TROOPER across the seat it now appeared to read STER. Both officers’ milky white hind quarters came pouring out the leg bands.

Chuck got behind the two friends and said, "Now it's time for your lesson." He raised his hand high and brought it down on Chad's Speedo clad ass.

Chad let out a yell that was part pain and part pleasure. Chad and Jim had found themselves in a similar situation not long ago when they had been spanked by a red neck family. Although Chad was 100% heterosexual he found out that day that having his large rump spanked by the strong hand of a man left him strangely aroused and after feeling that first swat from Chuck he felt a stirring in his cock. Of course he had never shared this with Jim Matthews. But little did he know that Jim, although married and straight as an arrow, felt the same way.

The crowd gathered in tighter as Chuck began to get into his spanking routine. First he struck Chad's left cheek. Then his right. Then Jim's left. And then his right.


Officers Matthews and Carter continued to be pinned down by the four body builders. Both men were humiliated and aroused at the same time. Their now rock hard cocks ground into the warm sand--their meaty backsides jiggling with each smack. They struggled but to no avail. The only thing the struggle did was to cause the Speedos to go further up their asses.


The endless spanking continued as Chuck got on his knees between both men so he could spank them at the same time. The officers asses were a bright glowing red and almost completely exposed as their Speedos rode up. Both men yelled obscenities and threats at Chuck and his friends. But secretly each man was hard as a brick and ready to cum. Each hoped this would not happen. After all how could he explain to his straight buddy if he did.


There was no way to avoid it Jim knew he could hold off no longer. He felt his seed rise as Chuck continued to assault his fat ass. As Jim lay there facing his best friend and partner he tried to conceal the fact that he was about to bust his nut. "YEOWWWW!", bellowed Jim as he felt his spunk shoot from his throbbing cock and saturate the front of his skimpy black Speedo.

Chad wasn't certain since both men still wore their mirrored sunglasses but he thought he saw a look of pleasure on his buddies face and was shocked, but he didn't have much time to ponder this as he clenched his round caboose while his own warm sticky fluids shot from his rock hard prick with rapid fire. Soaking the front of his own Speedo. Chuck stopped spanking and spoke, "Okay, mother fuckers get on your feet and get out of here."

Officers Matthews and Carter looked one another square in the eye. They were afraid to get up because both men were still semi erect and covered in his own spew.

"Now!" barked Chuck.

The troopers had no chose but to comply. Each stood slowly leaving an impression of his muscular body in the sand as well as a visible imprint of where his hard prick had been. The front of each man's Speedo was wet with his own cum. Sand clung to the gooey mess that covered the front of each man's swimsuit. There were snickers through out the crowd and one man yelled out, "They came. The fuckers came while Chuck beat their fat asses." Each officer felt his face flush with embarrassment. Here they stood on display their Speedos so far up their asses they now resembled thongs. Red asses. Cum soaked Speedo and now the laughter.

"All right! Get going!" ordered Chuck. "And don't come back!" The troopers turned quickly and made their exit down the beach leaving behind their towels. Half way to the car Jim realized this but neither man was bold enough to go back so they just hurried up the stairs to the car, their big red buns bouncing as they ascended the stairs. Neither man even bothered to pull his Speedo from his ass. What was the point they were already humiliated and covered in their own juices.

Neither man spoke of what had just taken place as they drove back to the hotel. But each thought of the wonderful sting in his own ass and how intense his ejaculation had been from just from having his plump buns spanked. And although each man feared that the other had discovered his secret desire both men vowed to himself never to bring it up.

The End

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