Sunday, September 16, 2012

Controlling A Cop

by BubbleButtLuvr

It was a comfortable spring night as Officer Calloway made his way quietly around the side of the building. He was on night shift and had "fag" patrol, that's what all the officers called it. It seems that every night after the gay bars let out some of the men come to an alley behind an old donut shop. They park in the small lot and cruise one another. Some get into each other’s cars and fuck around while others get out and hide behind a dumpster or a stack of boxes. Officer Calloway had been on this beat for five years and couldn't believe how many men he'd busted in the exact same spot behind the dumpster. It was as if they didn't think he'd return.

Most officers hated this assignment but not Tim Calloway. He loved busting a fag quite simply because he hated them. He loved to come around the side of the dumpster and catch one on his knees sucking another's dick. He loved the scared looks on their faces. He loved slapping cuffs on both of them and dragging them out from behind the dumpster, their pants still down, dicks still hard. Them begging for mercy. Then he'd parade them out in front of all the other fags and make an example of them. They'd just shuffle along with their pants at their ankles, heads hung low. He loved to humiliate a queer.

Too be honest Tim Calloway was every gay man's hottest fantasy as well as every gay man's biggest fear. At 35 years of age stood 6'3", golden tan year round, dark eyes and jet-black hair hidden under his uniform cap. Perfect pecs and chiseled biceps with broad shoulders that tapered into a V shape at his 28" waist. Every muscle in his chest was visible thru the thin material of his blue uniform shirt. Then below his waist hung a nice thick 8" cock with big low hanging hairy balls. And his ass...his ass was incredible. Big, full, and round. Perfectly shaped but way to large to simply be called a bubble butt. It was much more than that. His ass was so large he had trouble finding pants to fit him and therefore every pair he owned hugged his two round melons tightly. So tight as a matter of fact that you could make out the underwear line of the skimpy bikini briefs he always wore through the thin nylon material of his blue slacks. This features are what made all the gay men lust after him. But then there was his sadistic homophobic side that frightened them.

Officer Calloway made his way along the alley and to the dumpster where he had made so many busts before. As he peered around the corner he was not disappointed. There they were. He'd guess them both to be in their early 20's. One was on his knees taking the others rock hard prick down his throat. "Fuckin fags", thought Tim. He loved to make a production out of this. He drew his gun from his belt.

"Okay freeze!", he shouted.

Both men jumped and looked his way--terror in their eyes. He loved that. He would have fun with these two. Making them squirm would be fun. But Officer Calloway’s joy was short lived. He felt something cold pressed into his back and a deep voice say, "Drop it if you know what's good for you."

Officer Calloway did as instructed and raised both hands over his head to show he had done just that. The new arrival told the two guys whom Tim had first come upon to get their pants up and get Tim's cuffs. They scrambled to get themselves back into their pants. Officer Calloway was soon to find out that the young man getting sucked off was named Andrew, the one doing the sucking was Lance, and the third guy also in his early 20's was named Craig. Andrew took the handcuffs from Officer Calloway’s belt along with the key.

As he was doing this Lance jumped up to pull down the ladder on the fire escape just above them slightly. Andrew then put one of the bracelets on Officer Calloway’s left hand and tossed the other end over the bottom rung of the fire escape ladder and the fastened the right bracelet to the officer's other wrist. Now officer Calloway was fastened securely to the fire escape with both hands over his head. He felt stupid and vulnerable.

Craig spoke, "Good job guys. We got him where we've been wanting him."

Tim perked up at hearing this and turned his head as best he could in Craig’s direction.

"That's right.", said Craig, "You were set up. We've been planning this for months. You like to make us feel stupid and put us on display. Well guess what its your turn." Then he turned sharply and said, "Lance set up the video camera. We got a movie to make."

With that Lance disappeared--to retrieve the video recorder.

"Please!", pleaded Officer Calloway, "You don't want to do this. Let me got and the whole incident will be forgotten."

Craig laughed, "But we ain't gonna forget what you've done to us. How you like to humiliate us. Now its your turn to be on display." As he finished saying this he got in the officers face and shot a cool stream of water right in his face from a green child's squirt gun.

"Damn.", thought Tim, "It wasn't even a real gun just a kids toy. How stupid I was."

Lance returned with the video camera and set it up right in front of Tim Calloway. As he did Tim questioned what was going on.

"Simple," said Craig, "We’re gonna have some fun with you and video tape it. If you try to fuck with us anymore we show the tape to all the other officers."

"NOOO!! You can't! Please I beg you!!!" pleaded Tim for all it was worth.

"Too late." sneered Craig as he began to grope the policeman's beefy ass. "You've got such a big, firm ass, officer. It's a shame to keep it covered." Then Craig began to undo Tim's belt and pants.

"NOOOOOO!!!" wailed Officer Calloway, "Please don't. I'm no FAG!!!

"Not yet!" laughed Andrew.

Craig continued to undo the officer’s pants. Tim's hands were still fastened to the fire escape and above his head. He felt his face flush red. Craig pushed down Tim's pants and pulled his uniform shirt high upon his back exposing the officer’s stark white bikini briefs that were riding seductively up his big firm ass. The contrast to his golden brown tan was amazing. Tim couldn't believe this here he was with his pants down around his ankles, his big ass on display for these fags to ogle. He was humiliated. He could feel the cool spring breeze tickle the part of his cheeks that were exposed. Then the most amazing thing happened. Without explanation Tim felt a stirring in the front of his bikini. It wasn't possible but his cock was growing.

He hoped no on would notice.

"What's this?" asked Craig, "The big tough officer wears panties?" Lance and Andrew laughed.

"They're not panties!" snapped Officer Calloway, "They are men's briefs!"

"Pretty skimpy." said Andrew.

"Not covering much.", stated Lance as he licked his lips, "And look guys he' s getting hard! I think he likes the attention."

Officer Calloway grew red from embarrassment it was true as much as he hated these queers at the same time he found himself aroused at being used as their plaything. He didn't understand it himself but he was getting off on it, which embarrassed him all the more. Part of him wanted them to stop and part of him wanted them to continue. Then the thought occurred to him, maybe he was a fag too.

"I say it's time to give the officer some discipline. And teach him not to spy on others," said Craig.

With that Craig began to slap Officer Calloway's partially exposed ass. Tim jumped at the first slap. Craig began alternating cheeks. He couldn't believe how firm this guy’s ass was. This spanking was probably hurting his hand more than the officer’s ass. That's when he reached behind the dumpster and pulled out a 2x4. Tim's eyes got big.

Craig walked around behind Tim. The helpless officer looked over his shoulder and saw the young man raise the board. "THWACK!!!" The board came down hard on Tim's bikini clad ass. He jumped with a start and let out a large yelp. But still his cock was hard and now there was a wet spot of precum oozing onto the thin cotton material of his briefs. Lance spoke up, "Ya, know when I was a kid and my Father used to spank me he always did it on the bare butt."

"Yeah mine too.", chimed in Andrew.

Crack went the board across the officers firm tan bubble butt again. "I suppose you’re right, guys," said Craig as he dropped the 2x4. He then grabbed hold of the small waistband of the cop's briefs and gave a hard quick tug. There was a loud tearing sound as the briefs flew from Tim's body his large 8" dong flopped out and his perfectly shaped ass melons were bared and on display.

All three men laughed as the officer let out a gasp. "Please guys stop this now. I'm sorry!" pleaded Tim. He was so conflicted part of him hated them for doing this and another part of him wanted them to continue to control and humiliate him.

With that Craig picked up the board and resumed his assault on the officer’s meaty mounds. With each slap of the coarse wood to his ass Tim felt his excitement grow. He felt his prick leaking precum as his ass felt like it was on fire. His firm round checks jiggled ever so slightly with each whack of the board. Officer Calloway knew the camera was running and his shame being filmed but he didn't seem to care any longer. After years of fighting it he was forced by these three faggots to finally admit to himself that he too had feelings for other men. The reason for his hatred for gays was because he never wanted to admit his own feelings and now in one night he was being made to face it and loving being used as a plaything for these faggots to humiliate.

Craig dropped the board and began to feel the officers burning ass. He took both over stuffed checks in his hands and squeezed. Tim clenched at the touch from the pain. Then Officer Calloway felt something he never had before as Craig parted his round globes and ran his finger along Tim's asshole. At this point Tim made no attempt to fight it. He pushed back on the intruding finger. Craig felt his finger slip into the warm opening and began to pump the officer's ass with his finger.

"Damn!" yelled Lance, "Watch that horny fucker ride Craig's finger!"

It was true the horny cop lost all inhibitions. There he was in a dark alley with his hands cuffed over his head riding some guy’s finger with a video camera catching it all and he could have cared less. Tim began to moan loudly and unashamed as he yelled out, "Finger fuck me! That's it!"

Andrew made his way over to where Tim and Craig stood and began to stroke the cop's rock hard prick. Not to be left out Lance reached under the uniform shirt and began to pull on the officer’s nipples. Tim moaned like a bitch in heat as he pushed his fat ass back onto Craig's finger trying to get all he could.

Lance dropped to his knees and as Andrew jerked the fat prick of Officer Calloway he wrapped his mouth around it and began to suck hard. Andrew moved his hand down and began tugging on Tim's over sized nuts as his buddy sucked the cop's dick.

It was not only long but also fat. The fattest dick Lance had ever seen but he kept sucking. Allowing his mouth time to adjust and then taking in more. His mouth was stretched to the limited and full of cock. Slobber was running down his chin but he continued to suck.

Andrew who was working Tim's nuts in his hand felt them tighten. Craig felt the cop's sphincter tighten around his finger. Tim yelled out' "I'm gonna cum!" Still Lance sucked and as the first wave of cum shoot from Tim's prick it hit the back of his throat. Tim just kept cumming as Lance continued to suck, swallowing all of the officer's cum that he could. Tim was screaming and shaking from the intense orgasm.

Craig's finger popped out of Tim's ass and he went around to turn off the camera. Lance let the cop's prick fall from his mouth as he rose to his feet. The three men stood before Tim and Craig spoke, "Looks like our friend here enjoyed himself." Then to Tim, "Remember we got this all on tape. So if you think of running your mouth we'll be forced to pass around copies of the video. And from now on I don't want you coming around here harassing us. You got it?"

Officer Calloway was breathing hard and spent, "Yes," he said nodding his head. "I promise."

At that Craig motioned for Andrew to un-cuff the officer. Tim was so conflicted. He had enjoyed what had happened to him and had to admit that he himself was a fag. This was gonna take a new way of thinking on his part now that he had been forced to face it. He pulled up his pants and hurried off, embarrassed by what had just happened. Craig, Lance and Andrew laughed and high-fived one another as they watched the cop's big ass disappear into the dark night.

But from that point on things did change. Oh, Tim still worked the shift, but now instead of harassing the fags after the bars closed, he too could be found on his knees behind a dumpster with a cock in his hands and two or three more in line waiting. And he wouldn't have it any other way.

The End

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