Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rear End Window

by BubbleButtLuvr

I never used to think of myself as the kind of person who would spy on his neighbors. But all that changed a few months ago. My name is Rob Miller. I live in an old brownstone in New York City on the second floor. You know the kind, the ones where your back window faces the back window of your neighbors with a court yard in between. Those of you who have seen Rear Window understand. And in some strange way I felt like Jimmy Stewart spying. Only instead of being a wheelchair bound photographer I was a freelance writer with too much time on his hands.

It all began quite innocently. As I say my back window faces my neighbors back window. I have my desk set up right in front of the window, I enjoy the afternoon light that streams in on a sunny day. Anyway, directly across the courtyard from me on the first floor lives Tim Macmillan. I don't know too much about him except that he moved in about three years ago, he's divorced with an eighteen year old son who lives with his ex wife in Connecticut, and he works for an ad agency in the city.

Then of course there is the obvious. By obvious I mean Tim's appearance. He's probably about my age, early 40's--brown hair graying slightly at the temples but still sexy as hell. Good physical condition. That is even obvious through his designer suits. He's big chest and arms. Not to mention his tight round butt. So I guess I can assume he goes to the gym as well.

Most of our conversations consist of a quick hello or an exchange on the current weather. Not much more. Then one evening while coming home from my evening walk, I walk when I have writers block to clear my head, I noticed a moving van in front of his building. I noticed Tim in the back of the van and casually said, "So, you’re moving." That's when he informed me that no he was not moving but in fact his son, Danny was moving in with him. It seems that the boy was starting college in the fall, here in the city so he would be living with his dad. I wished him a good night and was on my way.

I have to admit I was curious what his son would look like. After all Tim was very hot himself so I could only assume that his son would be a sight to behold. I was lost in my thoughts as I entered my apartment. I went back to my desk and sat down to work. I looked at the clock on my desk three minutes to 7:00, I'd better get to work. I just casually glanced out the window when I saw him. He was pulling back the curtains in the first floor apartment across the courtyard. It was the Macmillan apartment. I couldn't believe what I was seeing either this was Danny Macmillan or I had stepped back in time and was seeing Tim Macmillan as an 18-year-old kid.

Danny was the spitting image of his dad. Same brown hair minus the gray. Same basic body shape only unlike Tim who I had never seen without a shirt, this kid was topless with perfect pecs and chiseled abs. His arms were huge. I watched as he began unpacking boxes. Apparently this was going to be his room. I don't know what this room had been used for before because in the three years that Tim had lived there I had never seen the curtains open once. Danny continued moving around the room setting things in their new home, then all of a sudden he turned and bent over to pick up something. My heart leapt. He was wearing nothing but tight soccer shorts and as he bent they wrapped around his ass and hugged it. This kid had the biggest ass I'd ever seen. I don't even know how to describe it. It was massive. It appeared to be straining against the thin material of his Umbros.

Needless to say I got lost in all sorts of fantasy. From wondering what he'd look like without the shorts to wondering how he ever found shorts or pants of any kind for that matter that would fit over those massive ass checks. I looked over at the clock to find it was 10:15. Had I really been watching this young man for over three hours? I became slightly embarrassed at myself. I decided to take a hot shower and turn in. I'd get up early and get started on my article to make up for the time I'd lost. After my shower I glanced out the window again but Danny's light was out. Which I guess was good? So I went to bed.

I arose the next morning at 6:00 and went straight to my desk to begin work. Again I gave a quick look out the window and peered into Danny's. My timing was perfect. As I looked in I saw him enter the room and close the door. He was in a tank top and a very revealing pair of running shorts. I then noticed the room. He must have come back and continued unpacking after I went to bed because all of the boxes were gone and the room appeared to be set up. In one corner Danny had it set up like a gym with a bench and weight and some other workout equipment.

Danny made his way over to the bench and sat down. He peeled off his sweat soaked tank top--he must have been jogging. Then he reached down and undid his sneakers. Then he stood with his back facing the window and slipped his hands inside the waistband of the little shorts and shucked them too. He was bend over for only a second but in that second time seemed to stand still for underneath he wore the smallest pair of underwear I have ever seen. They were yellow bikini briefs and they were riding up his big ass exposing his perfect gluts. I could feel myself drooling.

He then stood up and began to do his workout. Over time I was to learn that this was Danny's routine. I'm not sure what time he rose but he always got back from his run just after 6:00 am and would then strip down to just his bikini briefs and workout for about an hour. Again I found myself wondering how he found briefs to fit over that big butt of his. Too start out with there wasn't much too them but then on that massive ass they almost seemed to disappear as they rode up his ass crack when he'd raise his legs to work his lower abs. And the collection of underwear this kid had was amazing too. In three weeks I'd never seen him in the same pair twice.

Well, needless to say this became my routine. I would wake up every morning, seven days a week at 6:00 am to watch Danny strip down and workout. In all the time since he moved in and opened those curtains he never once shut them. It was as if he didn't care what anyone saw. He wasn't embarrassed about anything. Not that he had anything to be ashamed of but still privacy just didn't seem all that important to him.

After his Workout he'd shower then come back into his room with a towel around his waist. Still soaking wet, then he'd remove to towel and dry off. Bending over, digging his towel in between those big buns to get every inch dry. I was in heaven.

It only took me a day or two to realize that this was Danny's daily routine and nothing would disturb it. That's when I dug my old binoculars out of the closet. I might as well put then to use I though. It was great it was as if I was right in the room with him. I could see every inch of him. At first I felt ashamed of myself but then I told myself that if he didn't want anyone to watch he would close the window. I know this was a flimsy argument but it worked and I continued to watch.

Then one morning last week after watching Danny for about three months something different happened. He had come back from his run and stripped down as always and began his workout. Today he had on red and white striped bikini briefs and was hot as ever. His back was to the window and he was doing squats. I loved when he did squats. I loved to see that ass pop out at me. Then all of a sudden the door flew open and in stormed his father, Tim.

In one hand Tim held a slip of paper. Even with the binoculars it was hard to make out what it said but whatever it was it sure had Tim furious. His arms were flying all over the place to illustrate his point. His face was red and it was obvious he was screaming. Danny looked scared and it appeared as if he was trying to speak but Tim kept cutting him off.

Danny bent down and set the weights on the floor as he did his stripped bikini rode up his ass. He appeared to be making a hand gesture of some kind--maybe trying to plead his case. But Tim would hear none of it as he continued to yell. Then it happened Tim lost it. He grabbed Danny by the arm and pulled him over his knee as he seated himself on the bed. Now Danny was over his dad's lap with his ass in the air. Then Tim brought his hand down hard on Danny's left ass cheek dropping the paper he held in his hand. Danny began to struggle. Tim stopped and grabbed Danny's chin causing him to look him in the eye. I don't know what he said but whatever it was worked because Danny quite fighting and just lay there.

Then Tim started in on spanking him again. He would alternate cheeks. Left the right back and forth. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Here was this 18-year-old stud being spanked by his father. Needless to say I got hot watching this scene unfold. Mr. McMillan continued working over his son’s ass. Then he reached for something on the nightstand next to the bed. A brush. He began to use the brush on the poor kid’s ass. Danny jumped at the first stroke.

Tim then grabbed hold of the waistband of the skimpy briefs and went to yank them down. Danny started to protest grabbing them and fighting to keep them up. Tim grabbed his chin again and said something that caused Danny to relent. He let his father lower his briefs. I couldn't believe how red his ass was. It matched the red in his briefs.

It must have finally broken him because now Danny was kicking with each swat to his exposed ass. As he kicked his legs spread wide apart and when his legs spreads so did his beefy ass cheeks. As his ass cheeks spread his ass hole became visible noticeable. Here he was 18 years old, hot as hell, with his meaty ass exposed spreading his ass and showing off his hole. Damn! I was hard as a rock.

Then I got a glimpse of his face it was red and wet. He was crying. This beefy bodybuilder was crying at being spanked over his father's knee. Tim continued for a few more minutes. Then he had Danny stand. He was facing Tim who was still seated on the bed, therefore his back was to the window and I got a good view. Danny's shoulders would raise and lower as he continued to sob. His big melon ass checks quivered, as he stood before his father, bare. His ass was a tomato red all over.

Then Tim pointed to the corner and Danny waddled over to it with his skimpy briefs still around his ankles. He stood facing the corner as Tim stood up and headed for the door. As he left the room he said something to Danny and was gone. I continued to watch as Danny stood there and his sobs began to subside. He stood like that for nearly half an hour with his ass peeking out at me. Then Mr. Macmillan came back in and said something. Danny pulled his bikini briefs up slowly and in obvious pain. Tim said something else and gave him a fatherly hug before leaving. Danny didn't finish his workout that day. When his father left he just removed his briefs and laid face down on the bed and applied lotion to his big round sore ass. Then he fell asleep lying there.

Danny's workout resumed the next day and it appeared as if all had been forgotten with the exception of the red ass cheeks peaking out from underneath his little white briefs. In a few days all the redness was gone though and he hasn't received another spanking from his dad.

But the curtains still haven't been closed since he moved in and school doesn't even begin until next week. Which means that there are four years of possible spanking ahead for me to witness.

I wonder how Tim would react to poor grades? Only time will tell. And I'll be waiting with binoculars in hand.

The End.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

blamboy's Beautiful Bottom

If you are a regular viewer of this blog then you know that a couple of weeks ago Tchako sent me a couple of pics of what is without a doubt one of the most beautiful asses I have ever seen. He wanted to know if I knew who this was. I did not so I posed the question to all of you and Chase was kind enough to point out that this is a young man who goes by the name blamboy. Below I will post a few of his pics. As this is a blog celebrating the male ass I will keep the focus on his glorious rump. However, the rest of him is just as appealing. Here is a link to his Tumblr page . It is worth a look. I book marked it as a favorite. I think you will see why once you take a look. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Danny & Coach Davis: Coach Takes Control

by BubbleButtLuvr 

Trevor Mannix was in a state. He had just come from picking up his 18 year old son Danny at the police station. It seems that Danny had been out doing some drinking with his buddies the night before and gotten pulled over for driving under the influence that coupled with the fact that he was under age had landed Danny in the drunk tank overnight and most of the next day. The judge hearing cases had no tolerance for under age drinking and in his own words was going to "make that kid cool his heels for awhile."

As a result Danny missed his baseball game. Trevor knew that his son was in danger of being kicked off the team but wanted him to remain a player. He felt that Danny needed the structure that high school athletics could offer. Trevor was at the end of his rope with Danny he had never been a perfect child but in the past two years since Trevor and Danny's mother divorced Danny had just gotten out of control. He had failed the 11th grade simply because he just stopped showing up for classes. Then there was the shop lifting incident. Not to mention the vandalism to the local recreation center, and now the DUI.

Mr. Mannix waited patiently in the hallway outside the locker room. Danny was sitting nearby on a bench looking staring off into space. Trevor looked at his son and thought, "Who is he. I don't know my own son anymore. It seems like we just lost touch." Trevor was snapped out of his thought by the roar of the crowd out on the baseball field. Danny's team, The Bandits, had won another game. All Danny's friends and teammates came rushing down the hallway to the locker room along with Coach Davis.

Trevor stepped forward, "Coach. Coach Davis. Could I have a minute of your time? It's about Danny."

The Coach looked from Danny to his father and nodded, "Fine, Mr. Mannix, but Danny you wait out here."

Danny just looked at him with his dopey puppy dog eyes and said, "Sure, Coach." Coach Davis motioned for Mr. Mannix to follow him into the locker room. When the Coach entered there was a loud cheer from the team. There were young men in various states of undress. Some still in uniform while others simple wore a jock or nothing at all. Every man was completely free and open about his body and had no embarrassment about walking around naked in front of everyone. That was one of the things Coach Davis loved, getting to see all these tight young muscular bodies glistening with sweat after the game. He had jacked off many a time thinking about it. Of course no one on the team would ever have guessed Coach Davis to be gay. At 46 he stood 6' and was 188 pounds of solid muscle with dark hair, very blue eyes that actually appeared to sparkle. He was what you would call a real mans man.

Mr. Mannix however felt slightly uncomfortable at seeing all these hunky young men so completely exposed. He was even more shocked to see that no one seemed to care that he, a stranger was in the room. Still they walked around freely and openly some even continued to strip down with him just a few feet away. Coach Davis ushered Trevor into his office which had a large window that ran the length of the wall looking out into the locker room so that he could monitor what went on in the locker room. There was a curtain across the window but the only time that curtain was ever drawn was when the Coach had to administer some good old fashioned discipline.

Yes, Coach Davis still believed "spare the rod and spoil the child." Though in this day and age corporal punishment was typically not used in public schools Grant High was in much more of a rural area where most of the parents still felt the same as Coach Davis so it was decided that spankings would be administered as needed to the bottoms of unruly students.

"Now, then, Mr. Mannix, what can I do for you?" began Coach Davis.

"Well, I'm not sure where to begin. It's Danny. Since my divorce he has sort of gotten out of control."

"I see."

"The reason Danny missed today’s ball game was because last night he was out drinking and driving and received a DUI and spent the night in jail."

"Mr. Mannix that is very serious. We can't have that sort of thing on the team. You know that this means Danny will be kicked off."

"I do.", replied Trevor. "However I was wondering if you could make an exception this time?"

"An exception?"

"Yes, I know it is highly irregular and I won't ask except that I don't know where else to turn. If feel that high school athletics bring a sort of structure to a young man's life. And the way Danny is headed I fear that without that he may be headed for big trouble. Without the team I'm afraid he will spend more time on the streets with the wrong element. I just seem to have lost touch with him and don't know how to get him back. Can't you help me, Coach?"

Coach Davis leaned back in his chair and pondered this for a few moments before speaking. "You know Danny is not a very good player. It would seem that he needs the team more than the team needs him."

"I know. That is true."

"Still," continued the Coach, "I like Danny and I do want to help him. Let me ask you this Mr. Mannix how do you discipline him at home?"

"Oh, the usual way; I'll ground him. Maybe take away his driving privileges; straight home from school and straight to his room--things of that nature."

Coach Davis nodded thoughtfully and asked, "And how is that working for you?"

Trevor blushed as he stammered over his words, "W-W-Well...ah...not so good I suppose."

"Mmm I see. Ever think about corporal punishment?"

"Corporal punishment? You mean like spanking? I have never spanked my son Coach Davis. I don't believe in it and don't you think Danny is a little too old for that anyway!" snapped Trevor.

"Then there is nothing I can do to help you," replied the Coach as he rose to his feet signaling the end of the meeting.

"Wait. Please Coach. I need your help."

Coach Davis sat back down. "And I will help you as long as you do as I say. I don't want to see Danny in any trouble either. So, just let me say that while you neglected to spank your son I have not. You will note that Danny is never in trouble at school. That is due to the fact that he has a healthy fear and respect for my paddle. It is not too late to help your son, Mr. Mannix. But, you must do it through the seat of his pants. As long as he lives under your roof you call the shoots and not him. Take back the control."

Trevor was speechless. He didn't know what to say. It was true Danny was never in trouble at school only at home. Had he really failed his son by not spanking him? Could he have been wrong? "Coach I want to do as you say, I just don't think I can. Will you step in and help me?"

"What do you propose?"

"Well, I just don't think I can bring myself to spank Danny but maybe if I could bring him to you when he gets out of line you could sort of take over that role in his life. Administer that discipline that he needs."

Once more the coach thought on this. "If I were to do this I would need you total support and I would need the authority to discipline as I see fit."

"Yes, agreed. And Danny can remain on the team?"

"Okay. You have a deal. Call him in here so we can explain the way things are going to be from now on," instructed the Coach.

Trevor leapt to his feet and dashed into the hallway. By this point the locker room was almost completely empty except for a few young men. He ushered his son into the Coaches office. For the first time Coach Davis got a good look at the youth. His hair was tussled from having spent the night in jail and having slept on it. His t-shirt was wrinkled and his jeans were dirty. Obviously the kid had a great time last night goofing off and drinking but today he was feeling the effects. Still with all this going against him he was still one gorgeous young man. He was muscular, had great bone structure, wavy dirty blond hair, and big blue eyes. Not to mention one of the biggest, roundest, most muscular bottoms you'd ever seen on a teen-age jock. The weight training had really paid off on him.

Coach Davis & Mr. Mannix proceeded to tell Danny of their new arrangement. In the beginning Danny just stood there with his typical "dumb jock look" on his face but by the end it was replaced by panic and shock as he stammered, "You mean Coach is gonna spank my butt when I screw up?"

"That's right, son," replied Mr. Mannix. "Coach Davis will be taking over the rule of disciplinarian in your life."

Danny gulped as he thought of this. His handsome face scrunched up because he knew what was to happen next. He watched as Coach Davis pulled his paddle down off its perch on the wall. It was 20" long, 1/3" thick with holes drilled from the end to about four inches from the handle, made by an old custodian from an antique filing cabinet and used to keep jocks in line for over 15 years.

"Now Danny you know the drill normally I would make you strip down, draw the curtain and order you over my desk," said the coach. "But, today will be different. I want your father to witness this. I want him to learn how to administer discipline to your naughty bottom so lets step out into the locker room. Everyone should be gone by now."

Danny didn't argue. He knew it was futile. He just obeyed. All three men headed for the locker room and Coach Davis took special note of how Danny's jeans hugged the teens huge rump. It was true Coach Davis wanted to help Danny but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't looking forward to seeing the muscular youth strip down as well.

The Coach was right, the locker room was empty. He ordered Danny to strip down. Danny just looked at his father for help but Trevor wasn't going to back down. he knew if he did Coach Davis would throw Danny off the team and he couldn't have that.

"Danny!" snapped the Coach "I said strip and when I give an order I expect it to be obeyed."

"Da, yes Coach. Sorry," replied Danny a he pulled his t-shirt up over his head exposing his rock hard chest and six pack abs. Danny kicked off his sneakers and undid his belt. He began to unbutton his pants and pull down the zipper. Danny was very muscular for his age and his backside abnormally large so pants his size tended to be hard to find. They all tended to be a little too tight. Danny had to wiggle his big buns out of the tight denim and over his thick thighs. He then turned and tossed the jeans on the bench.

Both Coach Davis and Mr. Mannix let out an audible gasp when the saw the boys underwear. They were nylon hot pink bikini briefs with 1/2 sides and the back had a European cut that rode way up over Danny's perfectly round ass globes. Coach Davis was glad he wore his black jock strap today. It was extra tight and would hide his growing manhood. Mr. Mannix blushed with embarrassment at seeing his son in such feminine looking underwear. He could tell they were made for a man because of the extra room in front for cock and balls but still they looked very much like panties. But Danny was oblivious to anybodies reaction. He liked the underwear because all girls thought he looked hot in them. He just stood there with his "dumb jock look" plastered to his face unaware of the reaction his under pants had caused. "Yeah Coach, do I gotta remove my under pants?" asked the youth.

Coach Davis cleared his throat and gained his composure. "Ah, no Danny. That should be fine. That underwear you have on is very skimpy and I'm sure won't offer you much protection."

Mr. Mannix blushed harder. It seemed that he was more embarrassed about seeing his son show off his big meaty rump in his sexy somewhat see thru underwear than Danny was. And now to hear Coach Davis talk about them so freely, well that was ever more embarrassing to Trevor.

"Bend over the bench, Danny, and grab hold of it!" instructed the Coach.

Danny did as he was told shoving his huge bikini clad ass out, practically thrusting it in the faces of his father and his coach. As the teen bent over the thin bikini rode up over his milky white ass checks. The way his ass globes swallowed the small bikini it would appear that his ass hole was some sort of vortex sucking in the scant garment. Danny reached back and attempted to pull the underwear free from between his huge butt checks. But it was pointless because of the small amount of material and the European cut. He looked back over his shoulder and said, "Sorry my underwear are kinda small."

Trevor blushed again. But, Coach Davis was taking in the sight as Danny's fleshy buns poured out the leg bands of his underwear. "No, problem," said the Coach stiffeling an urge to lick his lips as he watched the youth's big lard ass pillow out of the barely there underwear.

Coach Davis raised the paddle high and brought it down quick on the hard exposed backside of the youth. Wood met flesh. Danny jolted forward as he fought back an urge to yell out. His huge back side quivered. A red mark the size and shape of the paddle lay across the bottom of Danny's semi exposed left buttock and disappeared underneath his little hot pink bikini.

Again Coach Davis raised his arm and brought down the paddle on the jocks huge backside. Danny's big ass mounds jiggled as the paddle made contact. Once more Coach Davis raised the paddle and brought it down on the youth's bottom. Each time Danny's plump rump was hit he'd pitch forward causing his scant bikini to lodge itself further up his ass allowing more and more of his well shaped booty to pour freely from his small under garment.

Mr. Mannix could hardly believe that he was standing by allowing someone to spank his son. he had always been against spanking. Still he knew that he had no choice. He truly felt that Danny needed the structure the team would give him and if he didn't allow the coach to punish Danny as he saw fit the Danny would be off the team. So, Mr. Mannix stood by and watched as Coach Davis spanked his son.

THWACK! THWACH! THWACK! Over and over Coach Davis brought the paddle down on Danny's well padded buns. This was starting to get to be too much even for him. The coach was finding the way the young man's underwear rode up over his huge ass checks to be very erotic. He himself had a huge hardon going on inside his baseball uniform. Again Coach Davis was glad he had worn his black jock today. It was extra tight and should keep his growing manhood from being seen. THWACK! THWACH! THWACK!

With each strike from the paddle Danny's monster glutes shook and bounced up and down but he was taking it like a trooper even as his as turned from white, to pink, to red. Coach Davis was finding Danny's partially exposed red buns very appealing and fighting every urge within himself to drop to his knees and worship at the temple of this kid's ass. The underwear had to come off. They were teasing Coach Davis way too much. He ordered Danny to stand and remove them.

"But, Coach I thought you said I could leave 'em on?" asked Danny with that confused dumb jock look he had.

"Never mind what I said just do as I say," ordered the coach.

Danny just shrugged as he stood up and pulled down his underwear. He kicked them off to the side and bent back over the bench; however, both Trevor and Coach Davis were shocked to see that Danny was sporting a hard on--and quite an impressive one at that. Trevor blushed again. He couldn't believe that he was seeing his son's erect penis. Coach Davis' jaw almost dropped as he saw the youth swollen manhood.

Danny was still oblivious to the reaction his exposed body was getting. He knew he was hard but didn't think twice about it. One time when he and his girlfriend, Erin, were messing around she had playfully slapped his ass several times and he got into it finding that his erection got much harder with each slap but truthfully he had never thought much more about it until now.

THWACK! THWACH! THWACK! Coach Davis was now spanking the bare backside of his sexiest player as his father watched by his side. This was way too much. The whole scene was very homo erotic. But, the coach forced himself not to focus to hard on it. He didn't want to cum right there in his baseball uniform. He would sit back later and think over the whole scene and jack off but he couldn't allow himself to cum right now in front of Danny & Trevor.


The assault on Danny's exposed backside continued. His huge ass was burning up by now. It was fire engine red and Coach Davis showed no sign of letting up. Danny coupled see his reflection in the full length mirror on the wall. He watched how his face scrunched up in pain each time the paddle came down on his ass. Yet, at the same time his cock was rock hard and felt so good. Danny was no genius that was for sure but it was at this point he decided that there was a thin line between pleasure and pain.

From his point of view Trevor could see his son's stiff prick clearly. He was shocked on so many levels. First why was Danny hard? Was he gay? And then there was the fact that Damn his son was hung! Trevor blushed again as he realized that Danny was better hung than he was, at least eight and a half inches and thick as could be. Mr. Mannix looked from his son to Coach Davis confused and looking for answerers but Coach Davis was preoccupied at the time.


The spanking went on and Danny knew he couldn't hold out much longer. It was never his intent to cum while the coach spanked him but the spanking just went on and on. He had been trying to hold off and not shoot his load but he was getting so close and he didn't know if he could hold off. "Coach. Please stop," he pleaded. But that made things worse.

"I'm the one calling the shoots!" snapped the coach as he picked up speed.

"Yes, sir but you don't understand…"

"I understand that you are back talking me," replied the coach as he picked up more speed.

Danny knew there was no point in arguing and he also knew that at this point he couldn't stop what was about to happen. The paddle came down one more time hard as Danny exploded. His jizz came pouring out in long thick white strands splattering the bench, the floor and one spurt even shoot out and landed on the mirror. Danny let out a loud yell of ecstasy as his seed poured out. Now it was Trevor’s jaw that dropped as he actually watched his son shoot his load without even touching himself.

Coach Davis allowed the paddle to fall to the floor as he watched the youth drain his nuts. He was speechless. When he finally was able to speak again, he told Danny to hit the showers and clean up.

"Sorry, Coach. I tried to warn you," said Danny sheepishly.

Thrown off guard Coach Davis replied, "Don't worry Danny it's okay. Just get cleaned up."

Without embarrassment from what had just happened Danny jogged off to the showers. His huge buns were flaming red and bouncing as he headed off. His cock was still rock hard and cum was dripping off the head as it bobbed up and down as he ran.

Mr. Mannix didn't know what to say. He was blushing as he stammered, "C-c-coach. I... I...don't know what to say."

Coach Davis had been so shocked by the scene himself he had to pull himself together. "About what?"

Mr. Mannix sort of nodded his head in the direction of where Danny had just blew his wad.

"Oh, that. Please don't be embarrassed Mr. Mannix. It's not the first time a student has ejaculated while being spanked and it won't be the last."

"Really?" asked Trevor, relieved. "Then I don't have to worry?"

"Worry. No; not at all. It is a perfectly normal reaction."

Danny returned quickly from his shower and got dressed. Coach Davis reminded him to stay in line or he'd get more of the paddle. Danny promised he would and Trevor thanked Coach Davis before taking his son home.

Once he was alone in the locker room Coach Davis allowed himself to go over the events of that afternoon. Danny certainly was one sexy young man. He couldn't believe that his father had placed him in charge of Danny's discipline. As he thought on this the coach began stripping off his uniform until he was left him just his socks and black jock strap.

He the proceeded to straddle the bench where he had just spanked Danny bare assed. He thought of the youth in his sexy little hot pink bikini. The way it rode up over his humongous back side. Coach Davis pulled his throbbing cock out the side of his jock and began jacking slowly as he remembered each detail. The way Danny's ass jiggled with each slap. And the idea that Danny's Dad was there to witness the whole thing. Coach Davis found that to be very erotic, then seeing Danny shoot his big load.

Now it was Coach Davis' turn to blow his load. He let out a low moan as his own engorged member spewed forth a thick load of man juice. His sperm mixing with that of Danny's on the bench. His body still convulsing with pleasure the coach took his dick head and ran it through his spunk mixing it with Danny's. Then with his still hard cock still hanging out of his jock Coach Davis got down on all fours and began to lick up his spunk and that off Danny. He licked every dropped off the bench and then started licking up where Danny had hit the floor.

And if that weren't enough he crawled across the floor on his hands and knees like a horny beast until he came to the mirror that Danny had cum on and he licked every bit of the youth's spunk off there too. Coach Davis lapped up the sperm like a sex starved animal. He then fell to the floor in a spent heap and thought how much he was going to enjoy this little arrangement.

The End