Sunday, July 15, 2012

Andy, The Pervert - In Walks Dad, Part 1

by BubbleButtLuvr

Andy Ormand was always horny. But, at eighteen that was to be expected. In fact in most every way Andy was a normal eighteen year old. He was in his senior year at St. Thomas' School for boys. He thrived in Science but hated Algebra. He enjoyed hanging out with his buddies in his free time. He was a member of his schools gymnastics team. And he could suck his own dick. It was this skill that set Andy apart from his classmates.

Andy's unusual ability was most defiantly a result of his many years of gymnastics. All the stretching and bending that was required in the sport left Andy's young body very limber. But as horny as Andy always was, and make no mistake Andy was horny 24/7, he had never even considered slobbing his own knob. The idea was presented to him, jokingly, by his buddy Garrett.

Garrett stopped by gymnastics practice to meet Andy one afternoon a couple of weeks ago. They had plans to hang out. Garrett entered the gymnasium to find Andy finishing some stretching exercises. Andy was lying on his back with his head between his legs, his face literally touching his own ass. Then from out of no where he heard Garrett's voice say, "Get a room man."

Andy broke free from his stretch and jumped to his feet laughing, "Shut up, man."

"Damn, dude, I thought you were gonna blow yourself right here in the gym.", joked Garrett.

Andy shoved Garrett playfully and said, "Shut the fuck up. Pervert." That was the end of the discussion but it was enough to get the wheels turning in Andy's head. He started thinking, 'I bet I could suck my own dick. I'm limber enough.' And he did like a good blow job. He had only really been blown once. It was outside under the bleachers by Gina Delvecchio. It had been awesome. But, then it should be Gina would just as soon suck your dick as shake your hand. There were even rumors that she had serviced some of the male teachers. But, no one really knew for sure.

All evening long Andy kept thinking about sucking his own dick. It somehow seemed so perverted but at the same time the thought kept him hard all night as he and Garrett hung out. He made the decision that when he got home that night he would try it, just to see if he could and how it would feel.

As soon as he got in he said a quick good night to his parents and rushed up to his room. He stripped naked and looked at himself in his full length mirror. His 8 inch cock was fully erect. Andy decided to do some stretching so he spread his legs wide lowering himself to the ground in a full split. His small, round, perky butt checks parted. Andy could feel the carpet fibers tickle his asshole. It felt good to have his pucker played with. He ground his ass into the carpet loving the feeling.

Next Andy lay on his back on the floor before the mirror. He threw his legs up over his head. His cock grazed his own lips for the first time. His pink tongue darted out and he licked his dick head. It felt so good. He allowed his cock to enter his wet warm mouth and he began sucking.

It didn't take long before Andy's stiff schlong erupted filling his young mouth with jizz for the first time. It was warm, slimy, sour & sweet. Andy swallowed his own load feeling both dirty and hot at the same time. This was Andy's first time blowing himself but far from his last. Soon he started blowing himself every morning after his parents left for work, every evening before bed and as many times in between as he could. Soon he was getting permission to be excused from class to use the restroom. There he would blow himself. Once he almost got caught when the janitor walked in. And if he hadn't been in a stall he would have been discovered. And as time went by Andy got more and more skilled in the art of auto fellatio. Soon he could get his whole cock all the way down his throat with ease. And as dirty as he felt he couldn't stop because it just felt to damn good.

Andy had managed to keep his dirty little for almost three weeks until one day it all came crashing down. It was a Wednesday morning. Both Andy's mother & father had left for work. Andy was in his room with the door shut just like he had done every morning for the past three weeks. He was stripped naked, his cock fully erect with his legs were thrown back over his head as he lay on the floor on his back.

Like always he started by licking up and down the shaft and working his tongue over his dick head. The fact that what he was doing was so taboo made him even hotter. Andy grabbed his perky buttocks and pushed down on them shoving his pelvis into his face and his thick member down his throat. He moaned as he slurped hungrily on himself like an animal in heat. He used the middle finger of his right hand and massaged the outside of his asshole. Andy found that cumming while teasing his hole made the experience even ore intense.

Andy was so into himself that he never heard the front door open. He never heard his father call out his name. He never heard his dad's foot steps as he climbed the stairs. He never heard his father call out his name again once he reached the top. He never even heard the door to his bedroom open.

As the door opened Mr. Ormand was greeted by a sight he never expected to see. Lying on the floor completely nude massaging his asshole and slurping on his own cock was his eighteen year old son Andy. So into his self gratification was Andy that he didn't even realize his father was there until he spoke.

"Andrew Aaron Ormand!!! What the hell are you doing!!!?"

Andy was jolted back to reality by his fathers voice. He let his cock fall from between his mouth. As it did it ran across his full pouty lower lip leaving a trail of precum and saliva as it did so. Andy's legs fell to the floor and he lay there on his back looking up at his father. The two men locked eyes. Andy's schlong stayed hard and unyielding. So taken with lust was he that without even thinking Andy took his member in his right hand and began stroking as he tugged on his heavy nut sack with his left. It was if he was unaware that his father was watching him, he was so caught up in his own lust. Time seemed to stand still as his father stood there watching him beat his meat, a hard mean look on his face.

Finally Mr. Ormand spoke again, "I asked you what you were doing, Andrew?"

"Dad, what are you doing home?"

"I forgot the Baxter report and came back for it. Now again I will ask you, what are you doing!!!?"

"Well, dad I'm eighteen years old. I get horny," replied Andy, still stroking his fat dong.

"I understand that. I'm a guy too, son. I even jack off several times a week myself. But when I walked in you were not just jacking off. You had your own dick in your mouth and you were massaging your asshole!"

Andy didn't respond he just kept stroking is dick. Mr. Ormand's large frame blocked the doorway as he stood there staring at his horny son.

Again Mr. Ormand spoke, "How long have you been doing this?"

"Only about 5 minutes."

"No, I mean how long have you been sucking your own dick!"

Continuing to beat his own meat and tug on his nuts as he looked into his father's eyes Andy said, "A few weeks now."

"What would posses you to do something so perverted!", snarled Mr. Ormand, disgust on his face.

"It just came to me one day. I am extremely limber as a result of all my years of gymnastics. I just thought I'd give it a try. And I could do it and it felt good.

Mr. Ormand just shook is head, "What if it had been your mother who had walked in and saw you lapping at your own privates like an animal in the wild!? She would have had a heart attack!!!" bellowed his father. "You don't even seem ashamed. I can't believe my son is such a pervert."

Andy knew his father was right. He was a pervert. He loved sucking his own dick and taking his own load. He even learned that different foods changed the taste of his cum. Pineapples seemed to sweeten his manly juices. So, Andy had begun eating lots of pineapple. But, no matter how dirty it was Andy couldn't stop. He was addicted to his own dong.

Mr. Ormand spoke again, "Well, if you’re gonna do it. Then do it!"

Still stroking Andy asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean if you’re gonna suck your own cock like some little pervert then go ahead and do it now!"

Confused Andy asked, "Right now…with you watching me?"

"Yes, you seem to think it is acceptable behavior so there should be no problem. Go ahead Andrew, suck your cock," ordered Mr. Ormand crossing is arms.

Andy didn't really want to suck himself as his dad watched but he was so boned he couldn't help it. He really did want his cock down his throat. He was getting close the cumming. Without a word Andy threw his legs back over his head and inserted is cock into his mouth. He began slowly sucking as his father watched wide eyed and amazed. "You’re really doing it. You’re really sucking your own cock. You are a pervert."

Andy ignored his father’s words and concentrated on making love to his own dick. He was grunting and moaning as he slammed his dick down his throat. "When I walked in you were massaging your asshole. Do that too," ordered Andy's dad.

Andy made eye contact with his father as he slobbed his own knob wordlessly asking him if he was serious.

Un-crossing his arms Mr. Orman nodded his head 'yes'. Without missing a beat Andy started massaging his asshole under the watchful eye of his father.

"That's it, you dirty little pervert, suck that cock."

Andy slurped on his dong as his father came further into the room. Mr. Ormand got down on his knees and watched in amazement as Andy swallowed all of his cock. "Shit you can swallow the whole thing. You fuckin' pervert."

Andy heard his father's words but he couldn't take offense, he was a pervert. Not only was he sucking his own dick but he was doing it as his father watched. And he was so boned he couldn't stop even if he wanted to. Andy's finger worked the outside of his tight virgin pucker as he grunted in ecstasy.

Andy felt his nuts sack tighten. He knew he was about to blow and so did his father "Swallow every fuckin' drop boy!" instructed Mr. Ormand.

Andy's cock erupted. The first warm burst of jizz hitting the back of his throat. It was sweet and followed by a second, third and forth blast.

Andy's dad watched as his son swallowed hungrily. "Every drop, son; swallow all of it like the pervert you are."

Even after he had finished cumming Andy continued sucking on his hog making sure he sucked every last drop out. He licked up and down the shaft. He didn't miss a drop. He swallowed everything. He let his dick fall from his mouth and laid there on the floor. His father rose to his feet and looked down at his son. Shock and disgust mingled on his face. "Get up, get cleaned up, and get off to school. You'll be late. And I hope that you can keep your own cock out of your mouth from now on. It is very perverted."

"Yes, sir. I won't do it again," Andy lied. He had no intention of not sucking his dick it felt way too good to stop. And as Andy rose to his feet and headed off to the bathroom to wash up he knew that his father really didn't want him to stop. He determined this when he noticed the huge bulge in his fathers tan chinos and the large wet spot. Andy knew he was a pervert, but he suspected that his father was one too.

The End

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