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Brad: Naughty Choirboy 16

by BubbleButtLuvr

Brad looked around the auditorium of St. Thomas Church. Today was his cousin Annabelle's wedding. He hadn't been back here since he left for college. There were lots of memories here. Brad's father, Lawrence, had been insistent that he be brought up with religion so the church had just always been there. It was something that Brad & his father did every week. It was routine. Brad never even thought about it.

As he got older Brad developed a bit of a wild streak. Nothing major just a few fights at school. But it was during his senior year of high school that Lawrence became most concerned with Brad. His attitude was changing. He was becoming cocky & full of himself. He started using his looks & body to coast through life. Lawrence did not want his son to be "that kind of person" so Lawrence turned to the local parish priest, Father Muldoon. Brad had always had a good singing voice so Father Muldoon suggested that he join the choir. It would get him more involved with the church and hopefully straighten him out.

Lawrence liked the idea so it was decided. Brad was not wild about it but his father was insistent and Brad knew it was useless to argue with his father once his mind was made up. So, he bit his tongue and did as he was told.

As Brad watched his cousin come down the isle in her long white gown he wasn't focused on her but rather on his memories of this place. And his memories of Father Muldoon, who was presiding over today's mass. His mind wandered to the first spanking he had received at the hands of the priest. It was his senior year of high school. Brad was eighteen. Father Muldoon had not been with the parish for very long. He was one of the younger priest at just 28 years old. He was able to identify with the younger generation.

The church was old and considered a landmark so the decision was made not to put in air conditioning which meant that summers were down right hot inside the old building. It was an unusually warm winter. Brad was into the swing of things with the choir and much to his surprise was not minding it all that much. But it was so damn warm and the long choir robe he had to wear over his clothes made it even hotter.

But Brad being Brad he found a way to work around the rules. He might have to wear the robe but there was no rule that said he had to wear anything underneath. He decided that when he got to the church he would remove all his clothes, except for his underwear, and wear just the robe. And that's just what he did.

Punctuality was never on of Brad's strong points and true to form he was running late. He slipped into the back where the choir robes were hung up after every service. He unbuttoned his dress shirt and let it fall to the floor. Next he began to peel his tan chinos down from over his melon sized bottom. There was never a point where Brad didn't have a large bubble butt. He was born with it and he would die with it. He could lose weight everywhere else but would still gain it in his ass. Since he had joined the wrestling and bulked up even more his ass had grown to obscene proportions. But, he didn't care. Brad was proud of his large caboose. He liked the attention it got him and had already learned how to use it to his advantage.

Brad pulled his pants off over his shoes. he now stood there in just his black wingtips, black nylon dress socks and bright red cotton thong. Brad had opted to wear a thong determining that it would be even cooler than briefs with his huge backside bared under the robe. Brad unzipped the choir robe and pulled it on the material was a red nylon blend with a faux silk look & feel. Brad caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. The choir robe open his bright red thong visible. Brad laughed to himself. The red in the thong matched the red of the robe perfectly. The nylon felt good against his bare flesh. Especially against his billowing bottom. Brad felt naughty as he zipped up the robe and took a look in the mirror. Only he would know that under his robe he wore nothing but a slutty little thong. He smiled to himself as he made his was to the room behind the auditorium. This was where the choir met every week.

Once in the holding area Brad joined the rest of the choir. He caught father Muldoon's eye. The father did not look pleased as he made his way to the beefy teen. "Bradley, you are late again. We discussed your tardiness just last week."

"I know, Father. I'm sorry"

"Well, I'd like to see you in my chambers after mass."

"Yes, Father."

After that things proceeded as normal. The choir performed and mass proceeded. The whole time Brad stood in front of the church he had to stop himself from laughing. He wondered what the congregation & Father Mulddon would have to say if they knew that under his robe he wore nothing but a thong. He was very pleased with his idea not to wear any clothes today not only had he been cooler but he liked feeling so naughty.

After mass Brad made his way to the back room with the rest of the choir. He figured he'd linger a bit and once everyone had left he would shuck the robe & get dressed. But, on the way Father Muldoon stopped him. "Brad, come with me. I'd like to see you in my chambers to discuss your tardiness."

Feeling cornered Brad thought on his feet, "Yes, Father. I'll be there in a minute. I want to go hang up my robe. I don't want to wrinkle it."

"You can do that after we talk, Bradley."

"No, really Father. I'd rather do it now. I really don't want to wrinkle it."

"Well, if you feel better you can take it off in my chambers and hang it on the door. I want to speak with you now." With that the father took Brad by the arm and lead him to his chambers.

Brad was nervous. He knew that all he had on under the robe was a skimpy thong. But, then he reasoned that there was nothing to be concerned about, after all father Muldoon had no way of knowing. He would be fine.

Once inside his chambers Father Muldoon took the seat behind his desk saying, "You can take off your robe and hang it on the back of my door, Bradley."

Brad gulped, "That's okay, Father. I'll leave it on."

Father Muldoon looked at Brad strangely,"You made such a big deal about not wanting to wrinkle it. And the fact that you wanted to go change right away. Now you refuse to remove the robe. Why? What's going on, Bradley?"

Brad was nervous, "Nothing, Father. I'd just rather keep it on."

"Why? Don't lie to me, Bradley."

Brad was cornered and he knew it. "Well, Father you see.... I'm sort of.... What I mean is I'm...not.... Well, under the robe...I'm not wearing anything, sir."

At hearing this the young priest perked up. Though he knew it was wrong he had been lusting after Brad from the day he came to the parish. More to to point he had been lusting after Brad's big voluptuous butt. It was so full and so round. It pushed out so far straining the seam in the back of his pants. Even in the choir robe his big mounds of ass flesh pushed the robe out. And sometimes when he stood just the right way the robe would rest on the large shelf of his buttocks driving the priest to distraction. And now standing before him Brad was telling him that under his choir robe he was nude. Father Muldoon composed himself and said,"Am I to understand that you are completely naked under your robe?"

"No, sir. Not exactly."

Confusion & irritation crossed the priests face. "Well, which is it are you or are you not naked under there? Perhaps you better show me."

"Show you, sir?"

"Yes, Bradley. I'd like you to lift your robe and show me what you have on underneath.", said the priest leaning forward in his seat anticipating what he was about to see. What he had fantasized about for so long."

"Right here? Now?"

"Yes, son. Lift your robe for me, now."

Slowly Brad bent down and grabbed the bottom of his robe and pulled it up to his chest revealing his scant red thong from the from. Father Muldoon gulped in amazement. The body on this young man was amazing and his package. It was huge. How could he get so much meat into such a small undergarment. Brad's heavy nuts tugged down on the thong making it dip in front. If Brad hadn't shaved all his pubes off they would have been peaking out. Father Muldoon simply said, "Turn. Show me that back of those underpants."

Brad did as he was told turning to reveal his large man cakes to the leering priest. Father Muldoon felt his own member grow as he took in the site of the eighteen year old wrestler's monster sized glutes spilling from the slutty little thong. He always knew this kid had a large ass but seeing it bared like this it somehow seemed even bigger than he had thought it would be. How he longer to caress it. To feel those large mounds between his fingers. Then inspiration hit.

"Bradley, I want you to remove the choir robe and hang it on the back of my door.", said the priest once he was able to speak again.

'Holy shit', thought Brad. 'Even Father Muldoon is perving on my ass.' But Brad didn't mind. Though he was straight there was something empowering about the way he could bring grown men to their knees simply by baring his over inflated bottom for them. So, without a word Brad let the robe drop. he unzipped it and allowed it to slip from his muscular shoulders and fall to the floor. He then bent over slowly and seductively at the waist taking great care to thrust his large buns out and wiggle them slightly at the priest. He then hung the robe on the back of the door. Walking slowly to give the father a good look at his huge mounds. he wanted him to see the way they bounced when he walked. Brad made his way back to Father Muldoon. The teen stood before his desk , hands at his sides letting the clergy man take in the sight of his tight wrestler's body in the scant thong.

Father Muldoon did his best to project an air of authority but in the presents of Brad in his scant state of dress it was difficult. He couldn't take his eyes off the youth's body. And that package. It was huge! He spoke to Brad but made eye contact with his crotch saying, "Bradely, I am very dissappointed in you. You have been showing up late on a regular basis. Then on top of that you pull this. You show up wearing nothing but your underwear underneath your choir robe. Then to boot your underwear...what can I say about them. They are quite revealing and slutty. Not Godly at all. Hardly the kind of underpants that a good Christian boy should be wearing."

Brad had to surpress a smile as he listened to the young priest lecture him. Was he kidding, 'Godly underpants'. This guy had to be kidding. Still Brad got a kick out of the effect his body had on the priest and the fact that the man could not take his eyes off his dick. He decided to play along. "Sorry, sir."

Father Muldoon cleared his throat, "That is all well and good but that still doesn't teach you a lesson. It seems to me that some for of punishment is in order. It was your father who came to me asking to help get you back on track. I would hate to have to tell him how you have been showing up late. Then there is the fact that you showed up for mass in just your underwear. And such naughty underwear"

Knowing where this was going Brad innocently said, "Yes, sir, what do you suggest?"

Now leering openly at the young wrestler Father Muldoon said, "I have always found a good sound spanking on a young man's bare bottom to be quit effective. And since you have taken it upon yourself to wear a pair of underpants with no seat in them it seems like the perfect punishment." At that the father rose from behind his desk and walked around the front. He sat in a chair that was in front of his desk. He smoothed his Cossack and patted his lap saying, "Across my knee Bradley."

Was there no one who was not hypnotized by his super sized booty? Even Father Muldoon. But Brad didn't care if he let the priest spank him then he wouldn't say anything to his father. And not only that there was a part of Brad that craved the spanking. A stirring took place in his groin every time he felt a strong hand come down hard on his elephantine rear end. And though he was as straight as an arrow for some reason the strong hand of a man seemed to get him off every time. He stood before the priest and said, "Forgive me Father or I have sinned."He then placed himself of the fathers lap adjusting his oversized package between the man's thighs.

Father Muldoon looked down at Brad's voluptuous buns. They were pouring freely from the bright red butt floss. His mounds of as flesh were so full and round. Perfectly smooth and milky white. Father Muldoon was actually drooling as he ran his hand across the young man's perfect posterior. The soft young flesh was warm to the touch. His raised his hand high and brought it down square in the center of Brad's protruding buttocks. CRACK!!!!!

Brad yelled out, his fat flaccid cock grinding between the father's thighs. He moaned in pleasure. Father Muldoon gasped as he watched Brad's enormous backside jiggle from the first swat. He was going to enjoy this. And he was not going to show any mercy. He had been fantasizing about this sine the first day he meet Brad. Again Father Muldoon wound up and let loose with rapid fire on the youth's mountains of butt flesh.


Brad began to wiggle and twist in the young priests lap. As he did the teen's cock began to grow, not just from the grinding but also from the stinging in his ample posterior. He loved the feel of the father's strong hand against his firm young ass flesh. And the father was more than happy to oblige him.


Brad's hefty caboose bounced up and down with each swat. Father Muldoon didn't let up. He was alternating cheeks and watching them jiggle and shake lewdly enticing him. Making his mind wander to place he knew it should not. As he watched the young man's full buns bounce he allowed his own mind to wander, imagining what it would be like to have the young man's over stuffed ass pillows swallow his own hard prick.

Father Muldoon fantasized about having Brad sit on his swollen member and having him ride him. He could picture the hot teen stud bounce up and down wildly on his cock. He could see his big buns shaking as he rode him. The thought was so deliciously wicked and the father's cock also grew. A fact that did not go unnoticed by Brad.

Brad could feel the priest's hard cock grinding into his stomach and thought to himself, 'Pervert, even you a man of God want's my big ripe ass melons.' And but he had no idea just how right he was.


Brad's cock was now at full mast as was Father Muldoon's. Both men were aware of one another's state of arousal but neither addressed it as Brad proceeded to have his voluptuos posterior redden by the perverted priest. He could feel his own fleshy mountains of ass jiggle.


As was always the case with Brad he knew that it was only a matter of time before the constant attention to his billowing buns made his could erupt in spasm of erotic pleasure. And as much as he liked and wanted this today it was somehow different, this was after all a priest. He suddenly became embarrassed at the thought of cumming in the man's lap. He yelled out, "Please Father, stop! I'm gonna cum if you don't"

But instead of stopping the father it only spurred him on to spank Brad harder. His big buns were as red as two tomatoes & matched his sexy little thong. The idea of spanking this kid until he blew his wad intrigued the priest who's own cock was dripping precum.


Brad wiggle and pleaded with the priest to stop. He knew it was only seconds before he came. One more swat and that was it. All at once Brad let out a loud moan of erotic ecstacy as his he felt his warm seed come exploding from his over sized dick and come shoot out inside the pouch of his scant thong.

Father Muldoon stopped spanking as he felt his lap get warm and wet. He pushed Brad back to his feet and saw that not only was cum dripping from the pouch of the youth's thong but also covered the lap and saturated his Cossack. With mock authority the priest looked Brad hard in the eye saying, "Look at what you have done, Bradley. I'm very dissapointed in you. Now get dressed and be on your way. I hope you have learned your lesson." He then shoved a box of tissues at the teen saying, "Clean yourself up. And from now on I expect you to come to church fully clothed and wearing underwear that are not so...slutty. If I have too I will preform clothing & underwear checks on you to make sure you obey." This he said with a bit of a smile & a leer.

Barely stiffling a smile himself Brad nodded his head saying, "Yes, Father." He then cleaned up and dressed quickly leaving Father Muldoon to himself.

That was as much of the story as Brad knew. But, if he had only know what had happened once he left the office and father Muldoon locked the door behind him Brad would have been more convinced than ever that the man was a huge pervert. Once the door was locked Father Muldoon removed his cum soaked Cossack. Underneath he wore just his collar & a pair of bright aqua blue bikini briefs. The bikini briefs were very small with a Brazilian seat so that they were not much bigger than Brad's thong.

He made his way to the desk his own full, round & perky buttocks peaking out from the leg bands jiggling as he walked. He cleared off the top of his desk and pulled a key from the top drawer of the desk. Then he bent over, his scant bikini riding up over his cheeks and planting itself firmly between his meaty flesh mounds. He unlocked the bottom drawer and pulled out an 8" dildo with a suction cup on the bottom. he slammed it down on the desk so that the suction cup held it in place. He then pulled some lube from the drawer and slathered the fake dong with it.

The he pried his tiny undies from between his valley of ass and dropped them on the floor. He then climbed onto the desk and lowered his tight pucker onto the fake member allowing his sphincter to swallow all of it. The young priest rode the large dildo like a horny girl on prom night pinching his nipples and licking his lips as he did so. He thought about the way Brad's ass jiggled when he spanked it and that thought was all it took for his own seed to come forth. He yelled out loudly and openly as his warm jizz coated the desk. But, fortunately for Father Muldoon Brad had missed this entire display so his secret was safe.

Brad had been snapped out of his memories as his cousin and her new husband came rushing down the aisle and out of the church into the word as man & wife for the first time. The rest of the bridal party filed out followed by the guests. In the vestibule Brad ran into Father Muldoon who stopped him saying,"Bradley, so good to see you. I hope college is going well for you."

"Yes, Father.", replied Brad.

"Good. I hope your staying out of trouble and dressing...properly.", This he said with a leer and half wink before turn and walking away.

Brad was left standing there speechless. All he could think was, 'Pervert". Then he smiled to himself.

The End

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Showing Ass With Your Buddies

Frankie The Face Sitter

Today's story is the first new one I have written in awhile. Mostly due to time. While most of the elements are familiar ground to me one of them is not. One devoted reader has been requested a story involving face sitting and farting. While farting is not really my thing I do like to try to give you all what you would like to read. I hope this new story and new character live up to the expectations of everyone. Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts.

Frankie The Face Sitter - Troy's Punishment

by BubbleButtLuvr

Troy Banks stood before the mirror in the boys restroom at St. Martin's School For Boys. He straightened his tie and washed his hands as he looked in the mirror at his own reflection. What looked back at him was a perfectly sculpted jawline & dazzling blue eyes. His thick dirty blond was hanging down over one eye. All in all Troy was pleased at what looked back at him.

Troy was an eighteen year old senior at St. Martin's. He was not only popular among the students but was the star of the high school swim team. This combined with his straight A average meant that Troy had a bright future.

He finished washing his hands and shook the water off, reaching for a paper towel. As he stood before the mirror wiping the excess water from his hands the restroom door burst open. It slammed off the wall with an ear shattering thud and began to swing back. But a thick meaty hand reached out preventing it from closing. In the doorway stood the towering frame of Frankie Sullivan. Standing behind Frankie were his two cohorts, Reggie & Skunk.

Skunk's real name was Roger but he was given the unflattering nickname years ago in gym class by Frankie. Roger had a problem with foot odor. He used foot powders and creams but nothing helped the smell. The stench was bad enough from normal activities but after running and sweating in gym class the odor would reach an all time high. As Roger removed his shoes his funky foot smell would fill the entire locker room. One day Frankie took note of this telling Roger that he smelt like a skunk and the name stuck. Now Roger was know as Skunk.

The presence of these three did not bod well with Troy. The trio meant trouble and Troy had no desire for trouble. He looked at Frankie. Frankie was a large boy. Like Troy he was eighteen but that is where the similarities ended. Frankie was not your average teen. He stood an incredible 6'8" and he was solid. Not fat but muscle. Frankie's family had a farm and mornings before school and evenings after he helped his family tend it. He was not unattractive by any means but while Troy was easy going and jovial Frankie was intense and mean spirited. It was this that made him ugly.

Troy threw the paper towel in the trash and nodded a quick hello to Frankie. He wanted out of there as quickly as possible but this would not be an easy feat as the three were blocking the door. Frankie stepped into the boys restroom and The weasely Reggie and Skunk scurried in after him. Each standing at one of his sides, evil gleams glistening in their eyes. This could not be good.

Troy said, "Excuse me, Frankie.", as he tried to slip past the trio. But Frankie had other ideas as he held his hand out to stop Troy saying, "You ain't goin' anywhere, Banks,"

Troy felt a knot form in his stomach as he looked up into Frankie's dim eyes. "W-w-what's up, Frankie."

"I don't like being made to look stupid.", snarled Frankie.

"Of course not Frankie. I would never do anything to try to make you look stupid.", said Troy unsure of what Frankie was upset about.

"Really? Well today in Algebra you made me look stupid."

"No, Frankie. I would never."

"Yeah, when I couldn't solve the equation and Mr. Willams asked you to step forward you did it in a second making me look stupid. A few people even laughed! Do you think your smarter than me, Banks!?", shouted Frankie as he leaned down his rancid breath wafting over Troy.

As illogical as Frankie's logic was Troy knew this was not good. All he did was answer a question in class but Frankie saw it as a slight and Troy had to try to change his mind. "No Frankie, not at all. I was just helping you out. I know you could have gotten the answer if Mr. Williams had given you more time."

"That's right! I could have!", snapped Frankie. "But the fact is you made me look stupid and you made people laugh at me so you gotta pay, Banks!"

"Yeah you gotta pay.", repeated Skunk with a laugh. At that the trio made their way forward causing Troy to step back.

Troy had no idea what the three had in mind. He had never had Frankie pissed at him before. He was always careful to stay out of the large farm boys way. He wasn't even sure how this had happened. The only answer was that Frankie was an angry young man and no one was safe from his wrath. Troy had seen people who had crossed Frankie in the past and after he confronted them there was always something different about them. Almost as if he had broken their spirit or was it something else.

Troy didn't know exactly what Frankie did to them. He had heard rumors but the stories he heard were so bizarre they had to be made up. He had heard that Frankie would lower his pants and sit on his victims face while Skunk and Reggie held them down. The rumor was he would grind his plump meaty ass into their face forcing them to eat him out. But this was insane who would do something like that? But still Frankie was intimidating and large so no matter what he had in store for Troy it could not be good.

There were even rumors that Frankie had "punished" members of the male teaching staff and the young parish priest Father Mulligan. But this too had to be rumor. Still several of the teachers did seem uncomfortable around Frankie. While others refused to make eye contact so maybe there was some truth to the rumor. But what did he do to them? Sadly it looked as though Troy was about to find out first hand.

"Reggie. Skunk. Pin him down!", ordered Frankie. At that point the two goons jumped on Troy and wrestled him to the restroom floor. Troy fought back but both boys were bigger and they managed to hold him down. As he lay there Frankie looked down at him with an evil smirk.

Looking up Troy began pleading, "Frankie, please. I'm sorry. I would never try to embarrass you intentionally. Please let me go. I'm sorry."

"Too late Banks. You need punished so I'm gonna put you in your place.", said Frankie as he unbuckle his belt.

Horror spread through Troy as he began to realize those rumors may not have been just rumors. "What are you doing, Frankie!!?"

Frankie, Skunk & Reggie all laughed at Troy's obvious fear. "I'm getting ready to administer your punishment, Banks.", snarled Frankie as he turned his back to Troy. "Here's a little preview of what your about to get!", laughed Frankie as he looked over his shoulder and Troy.

Troy began struggling as Frankie began to lower his grey school uniform dress slacks slowly. Troy was a big teen all over but his rump was probably his largest asset. It was plump, full, round and meaty at 44". With an ass so large it was hard to find pants that didn't hug his mega slabs of ass fat. And these pants were no exception. Troy watched in horror as Frankie fought to pry his slacks down over his elephantine booty. Slowly they came down and as they did Frankie raised the shirt tail of his white dress shirt and the back of his navy blazer to reveal his tight white brief encased lard ass.

They were just an average pair of tightie whities. Cotton, fly front with an elastic waistband but on Frankie's hulking frame and enormous ass they looked much smaller than they actually were. His large milky white cheeks poured from the leg bands as the briefs dug into his soft young ass flesh.

"Please!!!", begged Troy. But Skunk and Reggie held him down firmly.

"It's gonna happen.", said Reggie. "So don't fight it, fucker."

Frankie leaned forward bending slowly at the waist. His hamstrings clearly visible as he pushed his pants to the floor. As Troy looked up at his tormentors huge butt an odd though occurred to him. The way Frankie was bent over gave his ass a sort of heart shape and the way the briefs rode up his ass only added to this effect.

Frankie stepped from his pants as he straightened up. He then took several steps backwards so that he was straddling Troy. His rump was right above Troys face. At this point Frankie made his booty bounce. His large brief covered booty jiggled and shook taunting Troy. "Get a good look at that big butt, Banks. Pretty soon your gonna get to know it intimately."

"No, Frankie! Please don't do this to me!", begged Troy. But his pleas only drew laughs from the three.

Frankie continued making his booty bounce above Troy. "Please? Did you say please? Are you begging to see my blubber butt bare, Banks?"

"Noooo!!!", wailed Troy.

"You don't have to beg, Banks. I'll show it to you.", taunted Frankie as he looped his thumbs into the waistband of his tight tiny briefs. Slowly they came down, sliding over his plump ass pillows. He lowered them over his thick tree trunk like thighs and all they way down, throwing them to to side with his slacks.

By now Troy was thrashing wildly but to no avail. Skunk & Reggie were strong and he was not going anywhere. From his vantage point Troy could now see not only Frankie's ridiculously huge ass but also his hairy low hanging nuts. Troy had never seen a set of nuts so large and low hanging. But what was even more impressive was the fact that his fat flaccid cock hung even lower than his nuts. It was massive!!!

Slowly Frankie began lowering himself over Troys face. Troy continued to struggle and plead to be let go but the perverted trio only laughed. As Frankie lowered himself his ample ass cheeks began to part. Troy watched with a combination of horror and disbelief. This was a massive rump! The lower Frankie got the further his plump ass mounds spread until eventually his pink as peach rosebud became visible. Troy screamed out one last plea as Frankie settled his tight button on his victims mouth. The vibration caused by Troy's muffled scream shot through Frankie tickling him in a pleasing way.

Frankie began to grind his monster slabs into Troys face saying, "Eat me, Banks. Shove that tongue up my chute." This got laughs from his two cohorts.

Troy couldn't believe what was happening to him. He could feel the fleshy mounds of ass fat envelope his face. He was defeated and knew it. He figured that at this point the fastest way out of this was to do as he was told to do. And with that he stopped fighting and began rimming Frankie.

Frankie moaned a lustful moan as Troy's tongue entered him. Just then the bathroom door opened and George the school janitor took a step in and stopped quickly at what he saw.

Frankie looked back over his shoulder and bellowed, "Get the fuck out, George, or you'll get more of this!"

George's face flushed a bright red. He nodded his head and took a step back stammering, "Yes, Frankie. I'm sorry." He stopped and took in the sight of Frankie's massive white soft ass cakes cascading over Troy's face.

A multitude of emotions swept over the 42 year old janitor. Fear, humiliation, arousal & anger at himself for not helping Troy. But he knew it would only insight Frankie's rage and that he himself would become Frankie's victim once again. He couldn't have that happen even though a part of him longed to have that whale butt firmly pressed against his face once more.

George had become Frankie's victim when he caught Frankie, Skunk & Reggie jacking off to some old girlie magazines behind the furnace in the basement. He made the mistake of confronting the boys. This lead to his "punishment". It was an experience that humiliated as much as aroused him. But George was a married man with two teenage sons in Frankie's class, he couldn't let anyone know how much he had enjoyed being degraded and humiliated by three twisted teens his boys age. So he backed out of the restroom choose to push those thoughts aside, at least for now.

Frankie began bouncing up and down on Troy's face. Troy stiffened his tongue so that he could fuck Frankie with it. "That's it, Banks. Get into it. Earn my forgiveness."

Troy was surprised at what was happening to him. He did not want to have Frankie sit on his face with his abnormally large ass. He did not want to eat him out. But now that it was happening he didn't want it to end. It felt right to be dominated by the large farm boy and his twisted henchmen. He began licking up Frankie's long deep ass crack getting another moan of ecstasy from Frankie.

Next Troy allowed his tongue to slip deep inside Frankie. This caused an unexpected reaction in The large teen that no one expected. FFFFFFRRRRRRRRR was the sound that came from deep inside Frankie's bowels as Troys tongue pushed in a sudden rush of air. Frankie's fart was loud long and pungent. Troy gagged on the unexpected turn of events but Frankie just let out a breathy, "Oh, God yeah. That's what you get, Banks. Take your punishment."

Skunk & Reggie laughed out loud as Troy gagged on Frankie's fart. But Frankie continued to grind his ass into Troy's face. Troy recovered and continued to eat out Frankie's fragrant hole. The ass eating continued for another ten minutes or so until Frankie decided Troy had earned his forgiveness and stood up.

Troy found that when he did he was disappointed. He actually missed Frankie's ass and wanted it back on his face. It felt like something was missing now that it was gone. Troy was shocked by this sense of lose. Then he heard Reggie say, "Look at the front of his pants, Frankie." Standing over Troy Frankie looked down at his classmates package. It was bulging and the front of his slacks were wet from cum.

Laughing Frankie said, "I guess you enjoyed my lard ass. Pervert."

As Skunk and Reggie let him go Troy reached down and covered his cum dampened crotch. He hasn't even realized he had cum, he had been so wrapped up in eating out Frankie.

Frankie was wiggling his large rump back into his underwear and slacks saying, "Now this stays between us. I better not hear you told anyone about this or we will be back and it will be worse! Do you understand me, Banks?"

Troy was now on his knees looking up submissively at Frankie. "Yes, Frankie I promise."

Without another word Frankie and his buddies just laughed as the left the restroom leaving Troy very confused. He couldn't help wonder what had just happened. Obviously the rumors were true. And based on what Frankie said to George it was also obvious that the staff, at least one of them, had been one of Frankie's victims as well. But more than all of that Troy was shocked by the way he felt by the encounter. Going in he dreaded it but now that it was over he missed it. The domination. The forced ass eating. It felt right. He could have lived without Frankie farting in his face but even that humiliation aroused him as it put him in his place.

Troy crawled to the sink and attempted to wash the taste of Frankie's fart from his mouth as he wondered if Frankie's other victims felt this way after their encounter with with. He continued to pull himself back together he had to hurry or he would miss the bus home.

That night as Troy drifted off to sleep he couldn't help but think that he was glad he had answered Mr. Williams question that day in Algebra or he may never have had the pleasure of being Frankie's "victim". And as he slowly faded into a state of sleep he relived the encounter in his dreams.

The End