Sunday, March 10, 2013

The New Suit

by BubbleButtLuvr

Ian Marshall's cousin Marie was getting married. While Ian was not part of the wedding party he was still in need of a suit to wear to the ceremony. He hadn't worn a suit in over five years. In fact the last time he wore a suit was when he was fifteen and sang in the church Christmas pageant. He was now twenty three years old and had grown at least three inches. Being in his last year of college he had no money to spare for a new suit. His father understood this and offered to take Ian to get one. Mr. Marshall's friend Eric Markham ran a Men's Shop and that was where they had decided to go because Eric had offered them a good deal.

Truthfully Eric was looking forward to the whole thing. He had been friends with Ian's father, Robert, since childhood and had watched Ian grow up. He was always just Robert's son, a super lean kid with glasses. It wasn't that Ian was unattractive it was simply that Eric had watched him grow up and while he was gay had never even thought of Ian as a sexual being. That is until this past week when Eric stopped by the Marshall residence to see Robert. He knocked on the door and much to his surprise the door opened and there stood Ian.

Eric had not seen Ian in several years since he had gone away to college. Ian had been home over the years for visits but his path had never crossed Eric's so Eric was surprised by what stood before him. He knew at a glance it was Ian but something had happened over the past few years. Ian was no longer a lean gangely kid. He was now a very sexy young man. Oh, he was as lean as ever, Eric guessed he had about a 27" waist, but there was something different about him. He was more mature. He had full pouty lips and studious black rimmed glasses. His hazel hair swept down over his forehead.

"Ian, I didn't know you were home.", said Eric.

"Hello, Mr. Markham. Yes, I'm home for summer break and my cousin's wedding."

That was how it began. Eric came in sat down and visited with his old friend Robert and his son, Ian. Through out the visit Eric could not take his eyes off the college boy. Another thing he noticed when Ian got up was his large bottom. He didn't remember him having such a large bottom before. But, then he had been a kid and Eric had never really thought about him like that, until now that is. But now as he watched Ian move he couldn't help but notice how large his ass really was.

Owning a men's shop and acting as a tailor Eric had a pretty good eye for measurements. He had already guessed Ian's waist to be about 27" and now looking and his full round fanny he was guessing it to be about 38". That meant that his ass has larger than his waist by almost a full foot. Eric involuntarily licked his lips as he stared at Ian's ample bottom. The young man wore tight tan dockers and his ass actually wiggled and bounced with ever move he made.

Eric wondered what those huge mounds of ass flesh would look like bared. He imagined what young Ian would look like draped over his knee, his pants and underpants around his ankles. Eric imagined himself spanking the big ass globes of his best friends son. He imagined that the young man's huge booty would jiggle and bounce lewdly with each swat from his strong hand. He envisioned the young man's big ass turning from milky white to pink to a glowing red.

All of a sudden Eric was snapped back to reality by the voice of Robert's voice saying, "Eyes up here, buddy." Eric blush. He had just been caught checking out the ass of his best friends son. To make it worse he had been caught by the young man's father. He began to stammer not knowing what to say. Robert just laughed saying, "Relax, buddy. I know he has a sweet ass. I'm not sure what happened this last year of college. He left here with a normal looking bottom and came back with that big luscious thing. Reminds me a lot of his mother's, God rest her soul. I have caught myself checking it out a time or two so relax I understand."

This put Eric more at ease and when Ian came back into the room it was as if the two older men had a secret between them as they gave one another knowing looks. It was kind of odd for Eric. Robert had never shown any signs that he might be gay or bi. And now he had just revealed that he had been checking out another guys ass and too make things stranger it was his own son's ass. Every time Ian got up the two older men checked out his ass and whenever he left the room they would discuss it.

Somewhere during the course of the day Marie's wedding came up and Robert mentioned that Ian was in need of a new suit. That was when Robert volunteered to give them a good price if Ian came to see him. But what seemed like a nice gesture was more an opportunity for Eric to get his hands on Ian's big booty and maybe even get him to bare it. So they made plans for Ian & Robert to stop by the following Saturday.

Ian & Robert arrived at the shop just before closing as Eric had instructed them. He wanted to get Ian comfortable so he could get him out if his clothes and he figured the odds of this happening were greater if the store was closed.

Eric told Ian to browse and see what he was interested in and that he would take his measurements as soon as he locked up. Again Eric's eyes were locked on the lanky twenty- three year olds acres of ass as it bounced out of sight.

Robert laughed saying, "Will you stop undressing my son with your eyes."

Eric blushed but Robert put him at ease saying, "I'm just kidding, buddy. I know it's hard not to look. It's so voluptuous. And let me say it looks even bigger bare."

Eric could not believe his ears. He must have given Robert an odd look because Robert went on to say, "No nothing ever happened between Ian and I. And to be honest I've never even thought about a guy like that before. But since he's come home that butt has grown and seems to just tease me."

"But you said you've seen it bare.", said Eric.

Again Robert laughed, "Yes, when Ian goes from the shower to his room. The first time it was an accident but I must confess that since that day whenever I hear the shower run I wait for him in the hall or leave my bedroom door open. Weird, right?"

It was weird but Eric understood. There was a hypnotic power in those over sized glutes. Eric finished locking up and he and Robert found Ian.

The large bottomed college boy was bent over looking at a pair of shoes on the bottom shelf. His above average sized butt was thrust out far and the pants stretched tight across it really making the thread along the back seam work overtime at it's job of holding in the youth's full fleshy ass mounds. Eric almost thought the seam would burst and wished it would. Both older men stopped in their tracks and just took in the sight until the clueless young man straightened and turned to face them saying, " I found a suit I like."

Eric & Robert gained their composure as Eric said, "Very good choice. Now we need to get your measurements. After you, Ian." This he said with an exaggerated swoop of his hand allowing Ian to guide them to the fitting room. Again the two older men watched young Ian's ass fat bob up and down.

Once at the fitting room Eric pulled out a measuring tape and started to take measurements of young Ian. After several minutes on making a show of this Eric stopped and with mock concern looked at Robert saying, "I'm just not sure that we are getting the most accurate measurements."

Robert looked at his friend confused and asked, "What do you mean?"

Eric explained, "Well to put it quit bluntly Ian is quit bottom heavy. He is very lean and lanky all over with the exception of his rump. It is much larger than his waist which will make him hard to fit."

Ian blushed hearing Me. Markham talk about his large rump. He spoke up saying, "I know since I started college I have put on at least 30 pounds and it all seems to be in my butt." This he said as he grabbed his ample backside for emphasis not knowing how wild he was driving Eric and his own dad.

Still not sure where Eric was going with this Robert asked, "Well what can we do?"

"I've found that the best way to get an accurate measurement is when the party being measured is completely naked."

Ian's eyes grew wide with shock and embarrassment at the sound of this. And it was at this point that Robert understood what his old friend was trying to do. He was trying to get his son naked. Robert took pause for a moment and thought about this. After all it was his own son but then again it wasn't as if they were gonna rape him. They were just gonna take in the sight of Ian's enormous buns bared. It didn't take Robert long to decide what to do as he said, "Well, then, Ian, you heard Mr. Markham. You'd best strip down."

Ian blushed and whispered to his father, "Dad do I have to?"

Robert looked at his son sternly and said, "We want a proper fit son."

Still whispering to his father Ian replied, "But dad it will be embarrassing, I'm wearing a g-string."

Eric and Robert both perked up at the sound of that. Those hugs mounds of man flesh flowing from a tiny string sounded like heaven.

"There is nothing to he ashamed of Ian. Trust me.", said his father. "Mr. Markham is a professional."

Ian looked from his father to Eric and finally said, "Okay where do I change?"

Casually Eric said, "You might as well just strip down right here."

Again Ian looked from one man to the other still unaware that they were perving on him and said, "Out here in the open?"

With mock annoyance Eric said, "The store is closed it's just us. Your gonna come out in your sting anyway so what's the difference? I really don't have the time for this."

Robert spoke up, "Ian, Mr. Markham is doing us a favor."

Ian thought about this for a moment and decided it was true. He would be coming out in his string anyway so he just shrugged his shoulders and started to undress as he said, "Sorry Mr. Markham your right." and still he had no clue that his father and his friend were filled with lust at the prospect if seeing him stripped bare.

The two older men gave one another a wink and a nod. Eric couldn't believe how easy this was. He then watched as the twenty three year old began to disrobe. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it to the floor. His jeans, which were supposed to be a loose fit, hugged his huge ass mounds. With an ass as large as Ian's there really was no such thing as s loose fit. He stood with his back to his father and Eric and began prying the denim jeans from his colossal rump. He always had trouble peeling his pants off over his over sized bottom. His large mounds of flesh wiggled as he fought to get the jeans off. This all went on with Eric and Robert watching with great delight and with Ian still unaware of how much the two men were delighting in watching his plump booty.

Ian now stood before the two men in just an aqua g-string. He felt a little foolish being in such a state of undress before his father and his father's friend. He spoke, "Well, I guess we should get going."

Eric was amazed at how much larger Ian's perfectly round bottom appeared now that he stood before them in just his tiny string. It was as if the jeans has contained it somewhat and now it was free to expand to it's full size and it truly was amazing. Eric took his tape measure and got behind Ian. He measured the young man's shoulders, arms and chest. Taking great care to write down all the measurements for Ian's upper body. He then wrapped the tape measure around Ian's slim waist and was delighted to see that he was correct the young man did in fact have a 27" waist.

Then Eric sank to his knees behind Ian. This was what he had longed for. This was his chance to feel up young Ian's fat fanny as he measured him for his new suit. Eric looked back at Robert and gave him a dirty little smile. Robert locked eyes with his friend and gulped in excitement. He knew his thoughts were wrong but he was enjoying seeing his son on display.

Eric took each of Ian's plump cheeks in his hands and gave a quick squeeze. Ian pitched forward slightly. Eric said, " Please my boy stay still. As I previously stated your bottom is quit large compared to the rest of your body. Your butt will give us some trouble with it being so large while your waist is so small. I need you to stand as still as possible and do everything I ask. I'm going to need you to strike several different poses so I can see how your bottom moves and so that I can ensure a proper fit. Do you understand?"

Feeling reprimanded but still clueless Ian replied, "Yes, sir. Sorry Mr. Markham."

Eric then took the measuring tape and held it against Ian's ample left buttock with his left hand. He then wound the tape around his full man cakes taking great care to feel his fleshy slabs. He began to pull the tape around front then allowed himself to drop the tape.

Then turning to Robert he said, "I seem to be having some trouble, Robert. Can you please help me." This was followed by a wink.

Robert licked his lips as he moved forward saying, "Sure."

This time Eric asked Robert to hold the tape to Ian's large left buttock ad he wound the tape around the young man and when the two ends of the tape met he gasped. He had guessed his ample ass to be about 38" but he was pleasantly surprised to know that in reality it was 40".

Robert could not believe that he was holding his son's big lard ass in his hand. It had a nice bit of bounce to it. He wanted to lean in and kiss the huge meat cushions. But he fought the urge.

Next Eric asked Robert to hold the tape at Ian's waist, which he did with an open hand so that he could feel up the big slabs of ass flesh. Eric ran the tape over the twenty-three year olds bubble butt allowing himself to feel

him up along the way.

"I need to measure your inseam now.", said Eric. Spread your legs slightly for me."

Ian obeyed spreading his legs so that Eric could get in between and measure. Of course all of this was unnecessary but Ian did not know this. Eric pressed the top of the tape measure against the young man's taint allowing himself to feel up Ian's g-string class nut sack. He fumbled like this for a bit before saying, "Robert, I think I need your help. Can you please hold the tape measure firmly in place while I get the measurement."

Robert gulped as he knelt behind his son. He was so close that Ian could feel his father's hot breath on his large exposed rump. Robert was breathing heavy as he allowed himself the chance to feel up his son as he help the tape measure on place. Eric went through the pretense of measuring.

Ian's original discomfort at being so completely exposed had evaporated the longer he stood here in his little aqua string. Even having his father press the tape measure against the soft flesh of his taint did not phase him. He seemed oblivious to the molestation taking place by his father and his father's friend.

Once Ian's inseam was measured Eric spoke again, "I'm very concerned about the seat of your new suit. I know the waist and the length will be fine but I'm not so sure about the seat. It is a good 13" larger than your waist and I fear you may not have enough room if you move on certain positions."

Ian looked concern saying, "Well there will be dancing Mr. Markham. I will be moving a lot. Is there anything you can do?"

This was music to Eric's ears, "Well why don't I have you bend and move a little so I can get an idea if the way your body moves. That way if I need to make adjustments I can."

Ian was buying it completely. Eric told him to keep his legs spread and to bend at the waist slowly until the palms of his hands were flat on the floor. As odd as this was Ian did just as he was told. He started to bend ever so slowly. Mr. Markham and his dad watched as the young man's meaty rump shoved out. Ian looked back over his shoulder as he bent over asking, "Is this what you mean?" this caused his back to arch and his humongous flesh mounds to jut out further.

Catching his breath Eric replied, "Yes, perfect, Ian."

Ian continued to bend. Robert marveled at how flexible his son was. The lower his hands got to the floor the more his meaty mounds separated. So that at this point his tight puckered virgin hole was winking at the two men. The thin strap if the g-string did little to cover his exposed hole. His hands were now planted on the ground. Eric and Robert now knelt behind Ian just inched from his wide spread ass. Eric spat out some nonsense about being fearful that based on the way Ian's body moved he may split his pants. Robert wasn't really listening as he and Eric stared between Ian's plump cheeks to his most private part.

Robert wanted to push the string aside and bury his face in there. Then once he had it good and wet he wanted to bend Ian over and bury his cock deep in his ass and ram him hard. He knew it was wrong, this was his son. So, he didn't do this he just looked.

Once more Eric spoke, "Ian, I want you to squat down low and get on the tips if your toes." Ian did this without question. "Okay now I want you to bounce up and down slowly so I can see how your body moves."

And again Ian obeyed. He was bouncing up and down looking like he was riding a cock. His huge buns jiggled as he bounced. Eric said , "Don't be alarmed I need to get down close to watch your body move." This still seemed to have no effect on Ian who kept bobbing up and down like a slut in heat. Eric was now laying on the floor with Ian's colossal ass just above him. He was bouncing up and down inched from Eric's face. His fat buns wiggled and wobbled as Eric said, "Come here Robert I am concerned that we may have a problem." Still Ian appeared to be oblivious to what was happening as his father got down low to watch his huge bubble but wobble and bounce.

Finally the two older men rose to their feet breathing hard and full of lust. "I need you to do one last thing for me, Ian.", said Eric. "I need you to just stand where you are and jog in place until I tell you to stop. This will help me determine how your body moves."

This seemed a little odd to Ian. He cocked his head and asked, "Really?"

Eric assured him he was serious. This seemed good enough for Ian who just shrugged and started jogging in place. His ample booty started moving up and down. Once it started moving there was no stopping it. He could feel his full fanny bouncing. Eric and Robert watched the youth's big bottom ripple in complete amazement.

Soon Ian got tired and stopped moving but it was as if no one told his ass as it continued to move even after he stopped. He looked at Eric asking, "Is that enough?"

Snapped out of his fantasies Eric assured Ian it was. Ian dressed and Robert paid for the suit and alterations. Both older men looked at one another, a knowing look in their eyes. They could not believe how gullible Ian had been. What a show he had given them.

On the way out Ian thanked Eric saying, "Thanks Mr. Markham. I hope you had as good a time as I did." With that he winked at his father's friend and exited the store.

Robert who was standing next to Eric caught his son's wink. Eric looked at Robert and Robert looked at Eric. Neither was quit sure what just happened. Had Ian really winked? And if so what did it mean? Maybe Ian had not been the gullible one after all. Maybe his was Robert and Eric who had played into Ian's hand. Maybe he had wanted to give his father and Eric a private show. Neither man was really sure. But each smiled to himself at this thought.

The End


  1. This is another really hot story. I recently enjoyed Billy F's contribution, with Kyle and Jeff. It's great that a new story is emerging with Ian, Robert and Eric! Thanks.

  2. I love this story too! It's soooo sexy! Ian sounds just delicious - what a horny fantasy! I'd love to meet a guy like him with a body and bum like his!

    I know some of your stories are based on real people - is Ian?


  3. K, yes Ian is based on a real person I used to chat with. The story itself was not something that happened to the real Ian, but the character is based on someone real.

  4. Wow!!! He's a real person? That's is just so amazing! Did you ever see his backside? Was it just like in the story? Have you got any pictures?


  5. K, I used to have a pic of his ass but I can't find it now. It was a nice ass. I may have embelished a little for the story but it was very nice to be sure. He himself is very lean but has lots of cheek.

  6. Wonderful more I was laughing all the way though!!

  7. Hi there BubblebuttLuvr and K,

    Believe it or not but this is Ian - the guy from the story. I've been following this site for a while and was flattered to find this story all about me being posted and being of interest to other guys.

    Would you like some more pictures of my bum to go along with the story?

    And Bubblebuttluvr - are you going to be doing a sequel?


  8. Ian, yes, I would love to post some new pics. I know I must have your old ones somewhere but can't locate them. Please email at so we can chat. I hadn't considered doing a sequel to The New Suit but that doesn't mean I can't if I can come up with a concept I like. Maybe we can talk about it. I hope your doing good.

  9. I'm doing really good thank you BubbleButtLuvr and I will send you those pics straight away! Hopefully you can post them on here to go with the story and the guys out there will like them!

    I would love a sequel - I've got a few ideas if you're not sure . . . who knows perhaps me and my bum will be as famous as your other guys!