Sunday, March 17, 2013

Danny & Coach Davis: Hotel Spanking, Part 3

by BubbleButtLuvr

Coach Davis was bent over at the waist, his large hairy nuts swinging freely between his thick thighs. His ample well rounded ass aimed toward the hotel room door. He stepped into the leg openings of his scant leopard print thong and pulled them up over his meaty thighs. Just as the thin band of his sexy little under garment disappeared between his mountains of ass flesh the door burst open and in rushed Jake Morgan & Rick Spencer, two of the players on the senior boy’s baseball team that he coached. Both young men stopped dead in their tracks, eyes wide as saucers, mouths hanging open as they saw the thong strap disappear between their coaches massive ass cheeks. The youths began to giggle at the sight of their macho coach’s bare ass hanging out of his skimpy thong. Neither guy had ever seen their coach in this state of undress and they were shocked to see his taste in underwear leaned toward something so amazingly skimpy.

Coach Davis spun around, shocked and angered at the sudden intrusion. "What the hell?!" he barked.

"Sorry, Coach." said Rick. "It's Danny."

Of course it's Danny thought Coach Davis. It's always Danny Mannix. He is drawn to trouble like a moth to a flame. It had only been two short weeks since Danny's father asked Coach Davis to help him bring discipline into Danny's life. He had agreed under the proviso that he would call the shots and Mr. Mannix could not interfere. And here he was in trouble again.

Jake broke in, "He's in a fight with Eric Flemming, the pitcher from the Falcons."

Coach Davis shook his head in disgust. The guys were in the middle of an out of town tournament and now Danny was going to risk getting them thrown out. Suddenly realizing his state of undress Coach Davis grabbed his robe and threw it on as he raced from the room, Jake & Rick behind him.

At the end of the hall Danny was rolling around on the floor with the pitcher of the opposing team. All the members from both teams had come out into the hall to watch the fight. "Break it up!" yelled Coach Davis but both young men ignored him and continued to scuffle on the ground. Coach Davis got closer and tried to separate the guys. In the commotion Coach Davis got knocked to the floor and his robe flew up exposing his thong clad ass. The team members from both sides began to laugh at the sight of the coach in his sexy underwear.

Coach Davis jumped in between Danny and the Falcon’s pitcher. All three fell to the floor as Coach Davis found himself entwined between the two teens. He pulled the boys to their feet and again the lunged at one another. He pulled the boys apart but then they dove at one another knocking him to the floor. In the commotion the coach’s robe came untied. The three of them fell to the ground and Coach Davis' robe fell open. The laughter got louder as the youths were now openly talking about Coach Davis animal print thong. As the fight continued Coach Davis' robe somehow got pulled from his body. He now was rolling around on the floor in just his leopard thong with the two ball players.

One of the guys from the opposing team took the opportunity to grab the robe and throw it through the open door of his hotel room. There was no real reason for his action other than to add to Coach Davis' humiliation. Now the coach had no way of covering himself. Then from out of nowhere there was the loud sound of a whistle blowing. Everyone stopped dead in their tracks as they saw Coach Tucker, coach of the Falcons standing there, whistle in his mouth.

Coach Tucker looked Coach Davis up and down and with a sneer said, "Sexy panties, Davis."

This got a huge wave of laughter from all the young men. Danny, Eric & Coach Davis all looked up at Coach Tucker who was glaring at Eric. "You know better than this, Eric. To your feet…and to your room!"

"Yeah, but Coach Tucker..."

"I don't wanna hear it. I said to your room!"

Without another word Eric rose to his feet and disappeared into his room.

"That goes for the rest of you too!" snapped Coach Tucker. The rest of the Falcons bolted to their rooms. No one messed with Coach Tucker.

Danny and Coach Davis, who wore only his leopard print thong, his gargantuan butt hanging out obscenely, both stood as well. Coach Davis tried to gather his composure, a task that was hard to do in his state of undress as he ordered his own team back to their rooms. To Danny he said, "Mr. Mannix, I want you in my room. We need to talk."

The team all headed of to their rooms and Danny to Coach Davis' leaving the two coaches in the hall alone together. Once more Coach Tucker looked Coach Davis up and down and said, "What the hell are you wearin' Davis?"

Coach Davis blushed as he looked around for his robe, "I was wearing a robe. I guess it got yanked off somehow. I can't imagine where it went."

Coach Tucker just shook his head and laughed as he turned back toward his room and said, "Well, your panties are very pretty." This was followed by another loud burst of laughter from the man.

Coach Davis was humiliated but his anger at being humiliated rose to the surface and he stomped down the hall back to his room. His hefty butt jiggled with each foot fall. He entered his room and found Danny sitting on the edge of his bed flipping channels on the TV.

"Da, Coach there ain't nuttin' good on TV ta watch."

Coach Davis saw red. Danny was such an enigma to him. At eighteen years old Danny was every bit a man. And it showed physically but mentally he still acted like a kid. Here he was in big trouble for fighting and all he could think of was that there was nothing on television that appealed to him. And the way he just sat there staring at him with those big blue puppy dog eyes. His think dirty blond hair mused up from fighting. Coach Davis had to stop himself, yes Danny was attractive and yes he was of age but, he was the young man's coach. The thoughts he was having were inappropriate. Coach Davis refocused on his anger. "Stand up Danny!"

Danny stood as Coach Davis paced in front of him, he still wore just his thong but now that his anger had taken over it was as if he had forgotten that. He stopped inches from Danny and looked him dead in the eye. "Your father asked me to help bring discipline into your life since he obviously can't do it himself. In two short weeks this is the third time I have had to correct you! Why can't you stay out of trouble!?"

Danny's eyes darted all over the place, "I don't know, Coach. Da, I mean I ain't trying to cause no troubles for no one. It just sorta happens. Ya know?"

"No, I don't know, Danny. And since you can't stay out of trouble it looks like you'll have to take another trip across my lap. Now remove your clothing and get over my knee. You may leave your underwear on but remove everything else." With that last sentence Coach Davis sat on the edge of the bed.

Danny's eyes grew wide but he knew it was coming so he just complied. He kicked of his sneakers and undid his belt. Next he undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. Today Danny wore a pair of bright aqua colored bikini briefs. The undergarment was at least a size or two too small for his overinflated ass. His big white buns flowed freely out the back as the undies disappeared between his fat fleshy ass muffins. He then removed the rest of his clothing until he stood before Coach Davis in just his scant aqua bikini briefs.

"I want you to bring me your belt, Danny."

Danny just shrugged, a dopey look on his face, as he bent over to pull his belt free from his jeans. His large hind end was inches from the coach’s face as he bent over. His underwear rode up high over his cheeks as more butt spilled forth. Now Danny stood before Coach Davis, belt in hand. Coach Davis took the belt and ordered Danny over his lap. By this point Coach Davis had completely forgotten his own state of undress. As the teen draped himself over his lap Coach Davis didn't even think about the fact that all he wore was a skimpy little leopard print thong himself.

As Danny adjusted himself on the coach’s lap the Coach looked down at the young man's booty. It was absolutely perfect. It was so full and so round. It had just the right balance of fat & muscle. The perfect amount of jiggle yet firmness. Coach Davis had a nice ass, this he knew but Danny's was perfect. Once again he just wanted to worship at the altar of this young man's ass. He caught himself and brushed those thoughts aside. "I am his coach," he told himself. "His father asked me to discipline him and I will be true to my word."

Coach Davis raised the belt above his head. He brought it down on Danny's barely covered bottom. Crack! Danny winced in pain as the leather cut into his soft flesh. Again Coach Davis brought up the belt and brought it back down. Danny's big rear shook. Coach Davis gulped as he watched the teen’s big butt jiggle.

Coach Davis continued to bring the leather belt down on the naughty teen’s plump caboose. As he did all he could think about was the last two times he had spanked Danny. Both times Danny had gotten hard and both times he had ejaculated. He knew it was wrong but he couldn't help remember this with lust. This combined with the fact that Danny's tiny underpants were riding up high over his plump hiney exposing more and more of the teen’s bare ass which caused a stirring in the coach’s groin. His own cock became engorged in his tiny leopard thong. At this point Coach Davis was so over taken with lust over Danny's big pink bottom he had completely forgotten that all he wore was his thong and that his state of arousal would be evident in it.

Danny squirmed in the coach's lap as his butt began to glow red. Danny's legs were kicking causing his already bouncing ass to bounce even more. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Coach Davis continued to belt poor Danny. Danny began to moan out partly in pain but also in pleasure. Once again his own fat dick began to grow inside his tiny underwear.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Coach Davis could feel Danny's fat prick digging into his thigh. he knew Danny was hard. he loved the way this dumb jock got off on being spanked. CRACK ! CRACK! CRACK!

Danny knew he was getting aroused. He didn't understand it but he knew he was close to cumming, "Da, please coach stop!" he pleaded.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "I decide when to stop." said Coach Davis. He had been in this spot before. He knew why Danny wanted him to stop. He knew that the teen jock was close to cumming and he wanted him to cum. CRACK! Then all of a sudden Coach Davis stopped and ordered Danny to his feet. Danny was relieved, thinking that the spanking was over and that he would not ejaculate in front of his coach again.

Danny's stiff cock was popping out the waistband of his tiny briefs and the coach said, "Remove those briefs and get back over my knee."

Danny knew that all it would take was a couple more whacks and he would shoot his wad, "But coach, you don't understand..."

"I understand that you are back talking me. Now no arguing; remove your underpants and get back over my knee! NOW!!!"

Danny knew he had no choice as bent over to remove his itty bity briefs. His big butt hung out lewdly as he wiggled free from them tossing them on the floor. He now stood before his coach nude with a raging hard on but he really didn't seem too embarrassed by it as he draped himself over his coach’s lap again.

Coach Davis ran his bare hand over Danny's bare red butt. It was omitting a large amount of heat and the teens smooth ass cheeks felt good to Coach Davis. He knew his feelings were wrong but he was swept up in lust. CRACK! CRACK! The belt came down twice more.

Two swats were all it took. Danny let out a loud yell of ecstasy as his semen came shooting out, running down the coach's leg. One. Two. Three. Four. Five creamy wads of man juice came blasting from Danny's fat dong. "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

As Coach Davis felt the warm fluids hit his leg he stopped spanking. Once Danny's body stopped convulsing from his intense orgasm Coach Davis ordered him to his feet. His dick dripped with cum. "Sorry, Coach. Da I tried to warn ya."

"It's okay Danny. Don't worry about it. Like I said before it happens. I just hope you have learned your lesson. No more fighting."

"Da, yes, sir. No more fighting. I promise." said the teen.

"Now get dressed and head back to your room. Tomorrow’s a big day."

"Yes, sir." said Danny as he slipped on his jeans and T and scoped up his sneakers in his hand. He made his way to the door. He opened it part way and was about to exit but instead stopped and turned to face Coach Davis looking down and the older man's hard cock straining against his leopard print underwear, then he said, "It looks like I'm not the only one who got aroused by my spanking."

At this Coach Davis looked down at his own fat hard dong and blushed. He had been so angry he forgot he was only wearing the tiny thong. But, now Danny had not only noticed but made mention of it.

Danny just gave him a stupid sort of smile and shrugged saying, "Like you said, 'it happens." With that he turned and departed the room.

Coach Davis was humiliated but also still very aroused from the latest spanking session with Danny. He looked down and noticed Danny had left behind his bikini. He bent down to pick them up. He held them before his face and marveled at how much was being held in by so little. The ass was completely stretched out of shape by the ball player’s huge ass. Coach Davis leaned back in bed popping his cock and massive balls over the waistband of his thong. He then scooped Danny's cum from off his leg and smeared it all over his own cock using it for lube as he began to stroke himself off.

He took the young man’s bikini briefs in the other hand and brought them to his face taking in the scent of the stud’s manly odor. He began sucking on the place where the tiny briefs had disappearing between the eighteen-year-old's ass muffins. He stroked like a man possessed as he took in the smell and taste of the young stud. It took less than a minute before he blew his own huge wad. Cum came poring out of the coach’s big dick. He moaned with pure lust as he collapsed back in bed.

In the afterglow of his intense ejaculation all Coach Davis could think was, "I wonder what Danny will do next to earn a spanking." He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't wait to find out.

The End

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