Friday, June 29, 2012

Edin Sol Bares His Booty

Awhile back I posted pics of a reader known as, Mega Mounds. He and I were chatting the other day and he brought Edin Sol to my attention. Once I saw those perfectly round ass globes I knew I had to share. Everyone enjoy. The first pic is a gif. But, you have to click on it to make it move.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jordano Santoro's Perfect Posterior

I just recently became aware of sexy Jordano Santoro. His georeous face, big dick and perfectly round meaty ass are making him a new favorite of mine at lightening speed.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Glen: Locked Out Part 1

by BubbleButtLuvr

Eighteen-year-old Glen Deaning loved Saturday mornings. As long as he could remember his parents always took Saturday mornings to go to The Farms Market to get fresh fruits and vegetables for the week. And for the past year his brother, Carl had been working the breakfast shift at the restaurant, which left Glen alone to enjoy his solitude. Something he didn't get to do very often. So, he really looked forward to his Saturday alone time.

Growing up Glen loved to run around the house in his underwear. For him it was so freeing. But as he got into his teens his father sat him down and had a talk with him. Telling him that he probably shouldn't be running around practically naked in front of his mother. So out of respect for her he stopped this but he truly missed it. So whenever he was alone he always took the opportunity to revisit his younger days and strip down to just his underwear and roam the house freely like he did when he was a boy.

Glen was your average 18 year old. He was a senior in high school and played goalie on the high school soccer team. His grades were good and so was his reputation with the ladies. He was your typical All American boy next-door type. Glen was very handsome and charming and had no trouble finding a date. In fact Glen resembled a young Dean Cain, from his days on Lois & Clark. Glen was every bit as good looking resembling the actor not only facially but also physically. The biggest difference was in Glen's ass.

He had one of those asses that made everyone stand up and take notice. They reason being was its immense size. His muscular shoulders tapered into a 31" waist but his butt ballooned out so much in back that it looked ridiculous. It was full and round and just so out there. All the years of playing soccer had strengthened Glen's thighs and ass so much that they were now to the point of looking abnormal they were so massive compared to the rest of him.

Carl had already left for the restaurant and Glen was on the couch in his white terry cloth bathrobe, watching ESPN, waiting for his parents to leave so he could enjoy his alone time. Both parents entered from the kitchen and announced that they were off. Glen said good-bye and his parents were on their way out the door. His mother turned and said, "Oh, Glen, please be a dear and empty the trash while we're gone. There seems to be a funny smell coming from it and I don't want it to smell up the whole house." Glen agreed and his parents left.

Glen jumped up and watched his parents’ car pull out of the drive and down the street. As soon as it was out of view Glen untied his robe and let it fall to the floor in a heap. Underneath Glen wore his favorite and most comfortable pair of briefs. They were tan and green camouflage bikini briefs. Glen had ordered them from a catalogue when he was 15 because he liked the way they looked. They became his favorite pair of underwear. He liked the way the thin Lycra/cotton material hugged his fat ass cheeks like a second skin. And even after three years of wear they were still in excellent shape. However, over the past three years Glen had grown, especially his ass. Therefore, the bikini was a size or two too small for Glen's oversized rump. But he didn't care he still loved the way the garment fit him. He didn't even mind that his monstrous cheeks came pouring out the sides like water from a faucet.

The teen decided to make himself some breakfast so he headed for the kitchen. He pulled a loaf of bread from the breadbox and pulled out two slices popping them in the toaster. He then smelt something funny. Oh, yeah the garbage. His mother had asked him to take it out because it smelled bad. Glen got a twist tie from the drawer and tied up the bag. The trashcan was outside on the far end of the patio and a privacy fence closed in the whole back yard so Glen didn't worry about the neighbors seeing him in just his scant bikini. Without a thought Glen opened the door and stepped out onto the patio in his bare feet. His voluminous behind bouncing in the stretchy camouflage bikini as he made his way to the can.

Glen dropped the bag in the can and heard a slam from behind. He turned quickly to see that the back door had slammed shut on him. He raced back to the door. his colossal backside jiggling as he ran. He turned to knob and pushed on the door but it was useless. The door was locked and he had no way back in the house. He began to pace back and forth on the patio wondering what to do. Then it hit him. His Mom always left the window open a crack after everyone took their morning shower to give the room a chance to air out. He'd just climb in through the window. However, the window was on the side of the house and Glen would have to leave the yard to do this. But there was no other way.

He opened the tall wooden gate a crack and stuck his head out. No one was in sight, which Glen was thankful for. Old Mr. Bennington lived on this side of the Deaning’s and Glen never felt comfortable around the man. He had moved in a year or so ago. Supposedly after his wife passed away. Glen had a hard time believing that this man was ever married to a woman the way he leered at the good looking 18 year old. It wasn't the fact that Mr. Bennington was gay that bothered Glen but rather the way the older man appeared to undress him mentally every time they met.

In this day and age Glen knew several guys in his class that were gay and one of them, Eric Stevens, was even one of Glen's best friends. They had gone on camping trips together, had sleepovers together, even changed in front of one another in gym class. So Glen was far from homo phobic he just didn't like being oogled like a piece of prime rib by a man old enough to be his grandfather. And if Mr. Bennington saw him in his bikini briefs the old man wouldn't have to undress him with his eyes any longer since most of the teen was on display already.

Glen crept out of the yard slowly making sure the coast was clear. It appeared to be so he made his way out closing the gate behind him. That's when he noticed Mr. Bennington on his knees doing some weeding right along the fence. Glen jumped back startled. Mr. Bennington looked up and saw the scantly clad teen standing before, a big grin appearing on his face. "M-m-m-mr. Bennington," stammered Glen whose face was now crimson from embarrassment.

"What are you up to today, Glen?", asked the older man as his eyes roamed up and down the youths muscular body but never making eye contact.

"I accidentally locked myself out and was going to try and climb in through the bathroom window.", replied Glen fully aware of his state of undress. He tried to cover his crotch with his hands but really what was the point.

"Well, good luck.", said Mr. Bennington who was rising to his feet and heading for his back door.

This didn't fool Glen. He knew the old pervert was going to watch him from his window. And sure enough no sooner had the old man's door closed his draped began to move and out of the darkness one eye peered out into back yard and focused itself on the almost naked teen. Glen didn't have time to worry about Mr. Bennington now. He had to get in the house. He made his way to the bathroom window, which was open slightly. Then window was a little to high so Glen had to get a chair from the patio to stand on. This worked perfectly. He pushed the window all the way open and judged its size. It wasn't very big but he felt confident he could make it through.

Glen put his hands on the window ledge and jumped slightly to hoist himself up. The 18 year olds enormous backside jiggled and his skimpy bikini rode up on him as he jumped. He knew Mr. Bennington was loving this but had no choice. He needed in the house. He had to jump a couple of times before he was able to hoist himself up. He was able to get his head in the window then his left arm followed by the right. Now he braced his arms against the inside bathroom wall and began to pull him self into the bathroom. His chest was now in while out in the back yard his legs kicked and flailed as his buns bounced. Glen's stomach was now in and he continued to push himself. That's when he felt it. His ass was touching the window. "Fuck!" thought Glen. He wiggled and tried to pull his gigantic posterior through the small window but it was useless, his ass was just to fat.

He decided to push himself back out and come up with a new plan. However, this was not to be. Glen was stuck. He wiggled and squirmed and kicked but it was useless Glen's immense behind was jammed in the window. He was truly a sight to behold. His plump ass hanging out the bathroom window barely covered by a pair of camouflage bikini briefs that were working their way up his crack fast. This whole scene being watched by Glen's perverted old neighbor. "Great!", thought Glen. "The old pervert is probably taking pictures of my ass right now."

Time went by slowly for Glen as he lay there wedged in the window. A couple of hours passed and he was still stuck. Then he heard a car in the driveway. "Hey!" screamed Glen. "Back here. Help!"

Around the corner appeared Glen's 19-year-old brother Carl. Carl was every bit as good looking as Glen without the extra ass cushion but still he was no slouch with the ladies. Carl burst out in laughter. "What are you doing?", he asked his younger brother.

Glen recounted the whole story quickly and begged Carl to help him get out.

Carl just laughed and asked, "What the hell are you wearin', Bro?"

"Please, just get me out and you can critique my choice in underwear later."

"Okay," said Carl. "What do you want me to do?"

"Well," replied Glen. "It seems to be my big butt that has me stuck so why don't you pull me back out the way I came in."

Carl looked his little brother’s hind end over trying to decide where to grab and pull. He finally decided that the best thing to do was to grab hold of each side of Glen's bikini and yank him out this way. Carl reached up and grabbed either side of Glen's tan and green underwear and pulled quickly. Everything happened so quick Glen had no time to react or object. Glen felt the material of his bikini give way and then there was a loud RRRRIIIIPPPPP!!! Carl toppled backwards and the scant bikini went flying through the air. Glen's monster ass jiggled and bounced, his flaccid cock and well-groomed balls flopped out and grazed against the window ledge. From across the yard still peeking from his window was Mr. Bennington loving the whole sight.

Carl got back to his feet, "I guess that wasn't such a good idea."

"I guess not!," barked Glen looking back over his shoulder but unable to see anything but his own two flesh colored ass mountains. "Look maybe you can try and push me through the window."

"I'll try." So Carl got behind Glen and began to shove his legs which wasn't working. Then he got the idea to try and push down his over stuffed ass. Carl placed his hands on his brother's ass and began to push it down trying to squeeze it through the window. Carl had a hand on each big cheek and was pushing hard when he lost his footing and slipped. As he slipped his right hand slide down Glen's cheek and made it's way between his massive buns. As Carl feel forward his index finger actually made it's way straight up Glen's ass hole in one quick motion all the way to the knuckle.

Glen let out a loud shriek arching his back and lifting his head high shocked by what had just happened. Glen had never had anything shoved up his ass before so this was a shock to him. "What the hell did you do that for!!!!" Glen screamed enraged.

"Sorry, Bro it was an accident", said Carl popping his finger out of his little brothers ass and sniffing it. "Yuck, gross my finger smells like your butt."

"What's going on back here?", came the voice of Mr. Deaning as he rounded the corner with Mrs. Deaning at his side.

Mrs. Deaning gasp at the sight of her youngest son's hefty bare bottom wedged in the bathroom window. Mr. Deaning just began to laugh out loud. Carl quickly filled his parents in on how they had gotten to this point. The senior Deaning thought for a moment then spoke, "Carl you and your Mother get into the bathroom and push on Glen's shoulders. I'll pull on his legs from out here. I don't think we'll ever get his considerable ass through the window an other way."

Carl and Mrs. Deaning headed for the bathroom and Mr. Deaning got in between his younger boys legs, spreading them wide so he could get in between and wrap his arms around his sons big thighs. His face was inches from his son's ass which was now spread wide open, Glen's tight pink hole peaking out at his old man. "Okay.", called Glen's father to his mother and brother. "Push!"

Mrs. Deaning and Carl pushed on Glen's shoulders as Mr. Deaning pulled the teens thighs. Glen was wedged tight and didn't appear to budge. Carl put all his weight into Glen's shoulder. Mr. Deaning braced his foot against the house then all of a sudden without warning and with one big POP! Glen broke free of the window.

At exactly the same time Mr. Deaning lost his footing and fell backwards onto his back. Glen came flying from the window. Mr. Deaning looked up and in the split second before everything went black he saw his son's bare mammoth behind barreling at him. He opened his mouth to scream just as Glen landed smack dab in the middle of his face, ass down, his perfectly groomed balls resting on his dad's chin.

Glen's expansive behind enveloped his father's face as Mr. Deaning let out a scream. As he screamed Mr. Deaning's tongue licked the outside of Glen's ass hole and caused a vibration that shoot right through Glen's body. Glen jumped to his feet his cock and balls flopping and his considerable posterior bouncing. All the while Mr. Bennington was still watching from his window, just one eye peaking out. "Old pervert.", thought Glen.

Mrs. Deaning and Carl were laughing from the window. Mr. Deaning sat up and spit trying to get the taste of his son out of his mouth. Glen helped him to his feet and the two men headed for the house. Later once Glen's father had brushed his teeth and gargled with mouthwash, effectively freeing his mouth for the taste of Glen's ass the whole family laughed at what had happened that day. And the story became one they'd tell again and again.

The End