Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kyle, His Father & The Prowler

by BubbleButtLuvr

Kyle was awakened by a loud "THUD". He shot straight up in bed. "What?"he garbbled still half asleep. He looked around his room trying to focus still partly unaware was where he was. As he awoke he realized he was in his own room and that something had awoken him. He had heard a noise, that’s right a noise. But was it real or just part of a dream? Maybe it was his Father. He glanced at his alarm clock and saw it was nearly three in the morning. His Dad had probably been in bed for three hours or so already. Oh, well since he was up he'd check and see if Dad was okay.

Kyle and his Father, Jeff lived alone for the past ten years since his mother’s death. It had been an auto accident and it hit Kyle hard. He had been 9 at the time and now was suddenly without a mother. But his Father did an excellent job filling in. No it wasn't exactly the same but he knew that his Father loved him and had tried to be both Father and Mother to him.

And Kyle’s Father had something to be proud of. He had raised a fine young man practically on his own. Kyle was now 19 years old and was getting ready to start college in the fall. He was the classic All American Boy. Good grades, good looks, he had it all.

While in High School Kyle had been the captain of his swim team so, he had a tight lean well defined swimmers build. One thing that no one could help notice about Kyle was his perfectly round bubble butt. No matter what he wore it seemed to protrude and get noticed by everyone, woman or man. Not to mention wavy sandy brown hair and piercing baby blue eyes. Plus he had one of those perfectly chiseled jaws with a smile that light up a room.

Then of course there was that monster between his legs that only genetics can give. He had to admit he had been blessed. Blessed with a 9" cock that was every bit as thick as a beer can. Of course in this case the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Kyle’s Father had a nice piece on him as well. Not quite as big, just a little over 8", but still just as thick. And to be honest at 42 Jeff still was very handsome. His brown hair was graying at the temples and his moustache had sprinkles of gray as well. But he had the same eyes and facial structure as his son. And while Jeff may not of had a swimmer’s build like his boy he did go to the gym faithfully to keep in shape. He always said, "Just because I sit behind a desk is no reason to be sloppy about my appearance." Though instead of being lean he was thick, but thick like a body builder with a massive chest and arms. And of course he also had that incredible ass that turned heads. After all that’s where Kyle got it.

As Kyle made his way across his dark bedroom he walked very carefully as not to bump into anything. His ass was straining to break free from the confines of the skimpy little red bikini briefs that barely covered his perfect ass as he walked. He made his way down the hall to his Dad's room and stuck his head in. The room was dark but he could make out a figure in bed. Kyle entered.

"Dad," he whispered. "Dad wake up!"

Jeff began to stir. "What? What is it son?"

"Dad I think I heard something downstairs. Someone may be in the house."

At this Jeff woke up immediately. "Okay don't panic. Hand me my robe, son."

As Kyle turned to get the robe a bright light shown in his eyes causing him to back up hitting the bed and falling backwards onto it. "Nobody's going anywhere. Unless I say so!" snarled a strange voice. The intruder was dressed in black from head to toe and carrying a sack and a flashlight.

"All right both of you out of bed and against the wall where I can see you." ordered the intruder.

Kyle rose and stood along the far wall suddenly feeling very exposed in just his bikini briefs. But Jeff didn't rise right away. He looked at the intruder and asked, "Would you please hand me my robe. I'm not wearing anything under the covers."

The intruder laughed a mean laugh. "I don't give a fuck what you are or aren't wearing. I said get up against the wall! NOW!"

That's when Jeff noticed the gun in his right hand along with the sack. "Okay, I'm sorry"' said Jeff as he threw off the covers and rose. As he walked across the room his big cock swung and bounced with every movement. He tried to cover himself with his hands but his cock was too big to conceal. He was now standing next to Kyle.

"What do you think you’re hiding? Hands at your sides both of you!"' snapped the intruder. As they did so the prowler’s eyes just about popped out his head. He couldn't believe the size of both these men’s cocks. He set the sack down and rubbed his crouch with his gun. The sight of these two hot men, one naked and the other almost naked was getting him turned on. And the fact that they were father and son got him even hotter.

"What are you going to do with us?" asked Kyle.

"Nothing bad. That is if you play along," sneared the prowler. "You in the underwea,r why don't you get on your knees and suck your daddy’s dick?"

Kyle was shocked. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had never even thought about such things. "Please no. I-I-I can't. I'm not gay and well he's... Well he's father."

"Well I'm the one callin’ the shots here," the intruder waved his gun. "So do it!" Jeff spoke up, "Go ahead, son it’s okay. Do what he says so he'll leave. It's not like we’re doing it for pleasure."

"Listen to Daddy, boy and DO IT NOW!!!" barked the prowler.

Kyle lowered himself to the floor and looked at his father’s cock. It was big. He didn't know if he could suck it. He took it in his hand and began to stroke. He then began to lick the big mushroom shaped head. Then up and down the shaft he started to tongue bath his Fathers dick. The whole time the prowler shown the light on father and son watching them go at it.

Jeff began to get into it as his cock grew in his son's mouth. He began to moan. He had never thought about such things but had to admit it felt good to have a hot mouth all over his cock.

Kyle was opening his mouth wider now so that he could take the thickness of his Dad's big meat. Kyle began taking more and more down his hot teen throat. Then something strange happened. Kyle didn't know what to think but his own cock began to grow in his underwear. He felt as if his growing manhood would rip the little bikini from his hot body.

The prowler must have noticed too because he ordered Kyle to pull his dick out and stroke as he blew his Dad. Kyle pulled out his own growing erection and the prowler went crazy. It was even bigger than Jeff's and dripping precum. The prowler unzipped his pants and pulled out his own hard 7" cock and began to stroke. "Yeah suck it boy. Suck your Daddy."

Both father and son were totally confused by all of this. They knew it was ‘wrong’ but they were both loving it. Kyle was a total pig over his Dad's dick now; drooling all over it and deep throating him like a pro. And Jeff was moaning and fucking his son's face like an animal.

"Oh, son I'm close. I'm gonna cum soon!"screamed Jeff.

But Kyle just sucked deeper and harder. Finally Jeff's cock exploded in Kyle’s hungry waiting mouth. He swallowed every bit of his father's cum and continued sucking even after Jeff had cum.

"Both of you, on your feet!"

Father and son stood, the flashlight still in their eyes. "Okay Kid remove those briefs. And you (to Jeff) I want you to grab hold of that dresser and don't let go."

Each man did as he was told and waited for further instructions by this heartless intruder. "Alright Kid you’re gonna fuck your old man."

"What?!" asked Jeff.

"You heard me! The kid pleasured you and now you’re gonna give up your ass to him.

"Dad remember what you said lets just do what he says," Kyle chimed in a little too eagerly.

"Now get in there kid and fuck your old man dry," was the next order.

Kyle got behind his Dad and aimed his 9" rock hard prick at his ass hole. His cock was covered in its own natural lube since he had lots of precum covering it. He took aim at his father’s tight pink asshole and began to press the head of his throbbing member to it. Jeff began to grit his teeth. Kyle could hardly believe what was happening. His dick was inside his own father and he couldn't believe how hot it was making him. He had never thought of his Dad this way before and now he never wanted this to end.

As his son's dick entered more and more, Jeff was filled with incredible thoughts of lust her he was getting screwed by his boy and loving every second of it. It hurt but it was a good hurt.

Kyle’s manhood was totally buried in his Dad’s ass now. He then started to pick up a rhythm. He was now watching his cock slide in and out--his balls slapping off his Dad's beautiful ass.

"Yeah fuck him kid! Fuck your hot daddy’s ass with that big horse dick of yours!" ordered the intruder as he stroked his own cock. "Tell him how good it feels in there boy."

"Oh, Dad, Daddy. It feels so fucking good in that tight ass of yours," Kyle was totally wrapped up in ecstasy now and didn't care.

"Yeah, now you tell your son you love his dick in your round little ass."

"Yes Kyle I do!" said Jeff as he pushed back on his son's dick. Fuck me son! Fuck your daddy good!

The intruder was all worked up as well watching this father/son team go at it like wild beasts. He then ordered them to lie on the bed--Jeff on his back and Kyle on top so they could look at each other as they fucked.

Kyle re-entered his father and began to fuck him full force. Both men were lost in the heat of the moment. Feeling closer than ever. Father and son sharing a special moment. The intruder stood by the bedside beating his dick furiously as he watched this incredible sight.

"Give me that big dick Son! I want all of you in me. Fuck your Daddy good."

"Yes Daddy! Take my dick, take your boy’s fucking dick!!!" responded Kyle as he furiously fucked.

Then at the same moment both men found themselves drawn to one another as if by some unexplained force. They embraced not as father and son--but as lovers. And they began to kiss--a hot steamy, sexual kiss. Their tongues explored one another’s mouths as their hands explored one another’s bodies and Kyle continued to pound his Fathers hungry hole.

This sight was too much for the intruder, "Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum!!" And with that he shot a pearly white load of hot cum all over the incestuous duo. But Kyle and Jeff were so into each other now that they didn't even notice.

Still locked in their embrace Kyle felt himself getting close to cumming. He pulled his tongue from his Dad's mouth. "Dad I'm getting close. I'm gonna blow!"

"Stay in me son, cum in my ass."

And with that Kyle exploded inside his father, "OOOOOOOHH, Daddy! YES! AAAuugghhh!!!"

Cum was pouring out Jeff's sexy ass as he beat his own dick causing his second orgaskm of the night.

"Here I cum son. Daddy’s cumming again for you!! Aaaaahhh!"

Both men collapsed on top of one another and embraced. All of a sudden the reality of the situation became obvious to them both. They pulled apart and looked in the direction of the prowler. He was no longer there. In the heat of the moment he must have snuck out and they missed it. They had been so into one another they didn’t even notice the flashlight was no longer shining on them. They search the house and saw where he got in, but now he was gone.

They agreed that what had happened, happened because they were forced to do it and that was all. It was decided that they would never discuss it again. However, secretly each man knew the truth. It may have started out as something they were made to do, but somewhere along they way they started to enjoy it. And although they weren't going to speak of it, that didn't mean that they each wouldn't think about it in the privacy of their own room--dick in hand and stroking.

The End

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