Sunday, June 3, 2012

Forgive Me Father

by BubbleButtLuvr

Father Ryan removed his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose. The pressure
was building up and promising to be one massive headache. Today had been quit an
active day at St. Augustine's University for Men, where he was Dean of Students.
As he closed his eyes and applied pressure to his forehead he could feel
everyone of his thirty-nine years. Most days Father Ryan enjoyed his work but
today had been filled with meetings and problems and he just wanted it to end.

Just then the intercom on his desk buzzed and Brother Jacob voice broke through,
"Father, Renee Rivera and Tucker Hanlon are here for their appointment."

Hearing this brought a smile to the Father's face. He had a special place in his
heart for the two young men. Or maybe it was a special place in his loins.
Father Ryan had gone to seminary right out of high school. Partly to please his
devout mother and partly to fight the urges he was feeling toward his male

But as he sat here twenty years later those desires has not died. He was able to
keep his desires in check most of the time, that's not to say that there had not
been indiscretions, but Renee and Tucker had a special kind of power over him.
It wasn't just that they were attractive and young. Both were twenty-three years
old and in their last year of college. They were roommates. Renee had dark
Latino good looks. Jet black hair with deep brown eyes and a deep tan
complexion. Tucker the farm boy had fair skin, white blond hair and sparkling
blues eyes.

In appearance they could not be more different with one exception. Both young
men had full round bubble butts so large that if one didn't know better they
would think that each man were smuggling a couple of basketballs down the back
of his pants. And this was Father Ryan's weakness, men with big meaty bottoms.

He had watched the pair on more than one occasion walking down the hall. Both
sets of elephantine buns jiggling with each step. He had many a fantasy
involving these two. How he longed to kiss, lick and make love to those two full
fannies before bending each young man over for a good hard fucking. This of
course was all fantasy but still he perked up at hearing the two young men were
here. It was he who had summoned them.

This had not been the first time he had to call these two into his office. And
the problem was always the same. St. Augustine's was a well respected well
established university with the strictest of guidelines. Each young man was
expected to follow a strict dress code all the way down to his briefs. The dress
code was as follows. White fly front briefs, black nylon sock, black polished
wingtips, lose fitting black trousers, white dress shirt, a burgundy blazer with
a burgundy and black stripped tie.

There was no room for deviation in the dress code whatsoever. The problem Renee
& Tucker seemed to have was with their slacks. They were always way too tight
hugging their enormous rumps. This caused conflict in Father Ryan. On one hand
he enjoyed seeing this spectacular sight of the young men's ample backsides
encased in the thin material. On the other he was the Dean of Men and had to
uphold the reputation of the university. Each time he called them in to point out
the fact that their tight trousers were against the dress code they would say
they were sorry and start wearing loose fitting pants for awhile but in time
they would both start wearing their tight slacks once more.

To say he would be sorry to see the duo would be inaccurate. But at the same
time it was his job to keep the young men in line and see that they followed the
rules. Tight trousers were against the rules. They led to lascivious thought, a
fact the young priest knew first hand. And they needed to be chastised for this.

He had heard several rumors about Renee. About he would orally service his male
school mates. Even that the would allow them to fuck him. But these were rumors
and the father had no way of knowing if they were true of not. While he had
never heard anything like this about Tucker he did wonder if the rumors about
Renee were true and if he and Tucker had ever "experimented".

This idea greatly aroused the perverted priest. His favorite fantasy was the one
where both young men stripped naked and took turns rimming one another. He could
envision Renee's huge mounds of ass flesh wrapped around his roommates cute
face. Tucker's eyes peeking over the young Latinos ass mountains as Renee
pushed back begging him to tongue him deeper. And then they would flip and
Tucker would ride Renee's face with his ample booty.

Father Ryan had to pull himself back to reality. The two men were about to enter
and he needed to compose himself. He adjusted his growing member under his
Cossack just as the door opened and Renee & Tucker entered looking as sexy as

Father Ryan put on his most serious face as the two twenty-three year olds stood
before his desk, hands clasped behind them and heads hung low. He spoke, "It
seems that you two are in trouble for breaking dress code again.Once more your
pants are obscenely tight. I want you both to remove your jackets and hang them
on the back of my door." This was done without a word. Father Ryan watched with
delight as both men's pants stretched tight across his over inflated rump. Then
both youth's returned to their original position in front of the father's desk.

Father Ryan stood and circled the two. He came to a stop behind them licking his
lips he said, "Hands at tour sides." Both obeyed and the father took in the most
amazing sight. Never had there been two such perfect butts. Full and round.
Meaty and perfect. "For some reason you two insist on wearing pants that are way
too tight on you. It is lewd and unseemly the way you flaunt your bodies. You
will both receive ten demerits and as penance you will scrub my office floor
with a toothbrush."

Renee turned quickly, "But father that's not fair. It really is not our fault.
We have bought new pants. To be quit honest the problem seems to be the pants
themselves. Each time we wash them they shrink a little more. It's not our fault
if we have large bottoms and our pants shrink. We try to follow the rules."

"Then you may need to consider dry cleaning or buy new pants more often. This
will not be tolerated. At this point you two have been here often enough to earn
a spanking. I have been far too tolerant."

Even though St.Augustine was a university. They did enforce a strict corporal
punishment policy. Up until now Father Ryan had chosen not to enforce it on
these two for fear of just what he might do if he had these large rumps in his
hands. He was afraid he may not be able to stop himself from going too far.

Both young men knew they would not win so they didn't even fight it. Instead on
unison both said, "Forgive us father."

Father Ryan took his seat behind his desk and pressed the intercom. "Brother
Jacob, I want you to get Renee and Tucker a new pair of slack two sizes larger
than they are now wearing. But before you do that please bring me a bucket of
hot soapy water, the boi's are going to scrub my office floor." He then
reached in his desk and pulled out a couple of toothbrushes and handed them

It didn't take Brother Jacob long to appear with the water. On his way out he
informed the father he would be back shortly with the pants. Father Ryan pointed
to a spot on the floor in front of his desk and instructed the two young men to
kneel side by side and start scrubbing.

Renee & Tucker sank to their knees before the bucket dipping their toothbrushes
into the soapy water and began scrubbing the floor. Father Ryan had the perfect
front row seat. As the young men scrubbed their large bottoms jiggled. How he
loved a large bottom with bounce. Licking his lips in lust Father Ryan leaned
forward for a better look. It was like his own private butt show.

He marveled at the way the black slacks hugged each curve of the young men
forming to their ample posteriors like a second skin. He was equally impressed
at the strength of the stitching used to hold the pants together. These were two
mammoth backsides both fighting to break free from the confines of their
cotton/poly prison. The seam was stretched to the limit but did not give.

A part of Father Ryan wished the tight pants would give way. He imagined a loud
RRRRRRIIIIPPPPPing sound as each boi's butt came bursting out. The full
posteriors encased in regulation white fly front briefs. Thin white cotton
stretched beyond it's limit. The dark valley of ass crack visible as each young
man reaches back trying in vain to conceal the shame caused by his exposed rump.

Oh, how he loved this image. The more he fantasized the dirtier his fantasies
got. Now he pictured Renee & Tucker in his minds eye stripped to just their
tightie whities. They were still on all fours before him but now they wiggled
their ample booties seductively at him. They didn't say a word just wordlessly
invited him to partake of their over sized rear ends. He imagined Renee reaching
back and caressing his own bubble butt like a cheap slut looking for attention.

His fantasies got dirtier as now he imagined both bois completely naked, still
on all fours. But now they looked back at him seductively. Tucker was licking
his lips and Renee was biting his full lower lip. They looked back at Father
Ryan as if wanting his approval. Both were feeling up their own full bottoms and
moaning loudly.

The father imagined Renee running his finger along his own crack and slipping it
inside his tight young pucker as he moaned with lust. This excited Tucker who
reached back and parted the young Latino's massive butt muffins so he could
better finger bang him as well.

Both young men laughed as they played on the floor. And before long the fantasy
shifted again. Now both young men had sponges instead of toothbrushes. They were
having a battle with the wet soapy sponges. They were wet and glistening as they
rolled around on the floor. Their flaccid penises rubbing against one another as
they laughed. As they rolled around and their legs spread fat buns parted
exposing tight holes.

Knock. Knock. Knock. "Father Ryan?" It was the knocking and the sound of Brother
Jacob's voice that broke Father Ryan's fantasies and dragged him back to reality
where Renee & Tucker, both still clothed, continued to scrub his floor with
toothbrushes. The father call out for Brother Jacob to enter and he did handing
over two new pairs of looser fitting trousers.

Once Brother Jacob had departed Father Ryan instructed the two young men to
stand before his desk. They did as instructed with their hands at their sides.
Their monster butts sticking way out. Father Ryan looked at the two saying,
"Brother Jacob was kind enough to get the two of you some new better fitting
pants. Now I want you to change into these right away and I'll get rid of the
offending pants." Then he handed the pants over to the two young men. He
couldn't wait to watch these two remove their pants. He wanted to see their full
breif clad butts. His cock twitched again.

Tucker looked very uncomfortable. He looked at Renee who looked back at him. The
two seemed to be communicating with one another without speaking. Then Tucker
looked back at Father Ryan asking, "Where can we go to change into these?"

Crossing his arms in front of his chest the father said, "What is the big deal?
We are all men. You may change right hear."

Stammering Tucker said, "I-I-I...What I mean is...Well...I....", he then just
stopped speaking and looked at Renee as if for guidance.

Renee stepped in saying, "Father, may we be honest with you?"

"That would be preferred.", said the older man.

Renee continued, "You see, father, we are afraid that if we disrobe in front of
you we will get in my more trouble."

This both confused and intrigued father Ryan, "Go on."

"You see, father, it's our underwear.", this Renee said looking over at Tucker
who simply nodded in agreement.

Now Father Ryan needed to hear more. What could the problem be with the boi's
underwear. This he needed to hear. "Go on."

So Renee went on, "Well, our underpants are not regulations."

Father Ryan could hardly believe that he was discussing underwear with these two
fat bottomed young studs. But he had to stay stern. He couldn't let the two know
how aroused he was. "So not only are you breaking the dress code with your tight
pants but also by not wearing regulation briefs?"

Both said in unison, "Forgive us father."

Arms still folded and doing his best to look cross Father Ryan said, "I'm very
disappointed in you both."

Renee said, "We really are sorry, father. It's just that there is no chance for
self expression here with the uniforms and all. Don't misunderstand we are both
happy here but we just wanted an outlet for self expression and we figured no
one will ever see us in out underwear so we figured what was the harm, sir."

"The harm, Renee, is that you knew the rules and you broke them. What if
everyone who didn't agree with the rules or who didn't understand why the rule
was in place each did his own thing? There would be chaos in the world. That is
why we have these rules to teach you young men to obey without question. I'm
very disappointed in you both. Now I want you both to remove your slacks and
show me your offending undergarments."

Tucker's eyes grew wide as he looked at Renee once more for guidance. Neither
boi made a move to do anything and the father spoke again, "I said strip. And
Tucker, don't look to Renee for guidance. You are in as much trouble as he is."

Tucker gulped but it was obvious that the young men had no choice so they kicked
off their shoes and began to remove their black dress pants. Father Ryan watched
with perverted delight. Each guy unbuttoned and then unzipped his pants. The
pants were so tight that it took great effort to get the pants down over their
large round bottom. Renee's rump was slightly larger than Tucker's so it seemed
to require a little more effort for him to peel the pants from his fat butt.
Both men struggled and wiggled their plump posteriors trying to get the pants
off which they finally did.

Again both men stood before the priests desk hands at sides. Their shirt tails
were long enough so that they draped over their large rear ends concealing their
underpants. The father looked sternly at each of them trying to hide his arousal
as he said, "Lift those shirt tails and show me your underwear."

Both Renee & Tucker looked at one another looking slightly uncomfortable but
they did as they were told and raised their shirts so that Father Ryan could
inspect their underwear. Father Ryan's eyes about popped out of his head when
he saw what the two were wearing. They were so small and scant. Father Ryan came
out from behind his desk and circled the two bios taking in the sight. From
behind the briefs looked even smaller. Their bottoms were so large and the
briefs so small that their plump soft young ass flesh spilled from the leg bands
of the minuscule briefs.

Tucker was in a pair of Joe Snyder orange Mini Cheek Briefs. They dipped low in
front and his well groomed pubes sprouted out the top. And while this was
impressive it was the back that most impressed the priest. The back was almost
none existent. Not much bigger than a thong. It was buried deep between the
youth's big bouncy buttocks. Oh how he longed to reach out and touch those big
blubber buns.

Then there was Renee. His briefs were just as offensive maybe more so with the
extra size to his buns. They were black with orange trim. Plastered all over the briefs
were little white skull and crossbones. Very wild and reckless for a young man
attending a religious university. Father Ryan gasped as he saw this. But worse than
that was the size of the briefs. Renee's ample back side just oozed from the scant
briefs. His fat fanny was more exposed than covered. Father Ryan could not believe
what he was seeing. He wanted to drop to his knees and give Renee's big naughty
bottom a well needed tongue bath. But, he had to remain composed. As he stood
behind the two he adjusted his now dripping cock under his Cossack.

He then walked around to face the bois again and spoke, "Self expression is what
you two were after? What do these briefs say about you, 'I'm a slut'?" Both hung
their heads in embarrassment as Father Ryan went on. "I'm very disappointed in
you both. Those underwear so small your large butts are pouring from them. You
are more exposed than covered. Is this the image you want to present? You look
like a couple of whores not students at a religious university."

Again both young men muttered, "Forgive us father."

Though he was greatly aroused Father Ryan kept the stern look on his face as an
idea occurred to him, "Since it is your big butts that seem to get the two of you
into the most trouble I think the best punishment for this offense would be a
firm spanking on those plump round bottoms."

"A spanking!?", asked Tucker with eyes wide.

"Yes, a spanking plus ten demerits each. Now I want you each to remove your
shirt and tie and bend over my desk side by side."

"Are you serious father?", asked Tucker. "Your going to spank us together?"

Mock anger flashed in the priests eyes as he looked at Tucker saying, "I have
had enough of your questioning me! You seem to have no problem strutting around
wiggling your fat butt in tight pants and slutty underwear that resemble panties
yet you are too embarrassed to have your buddy see you get spanked. You will
obey now or it will be 20 demerits instead of ten. Understood?"

Scared and humiliated Tucker shook his head yes his full blond hair falling into
his eyes as he did so. "Forgive me father."

Renee & Tucker removed their shirts and ties quickly. Then they bent over the
desk. Large asses aimed high and skyward as they cascaded from the tiny little
briefs. Father Ryan stood back watching the sight. What to spank them with? He
could use the belts from one of the young men or his own ruler. Both were viable
options. But for some reason he liked the idea of his own hand. That way he
could not only administer the discipline but also get to feel those two fine fat
asses in his hand.

Renee was on the left, his tiny skull and cross bone briefs
wedged between his ample buns, ass fat spilling out. Father Ryan raised his
hand high and brought it down fast. CRACK!!! The sound of flesh on flesh reverberated
through the small office and Renee yelled out. The father's large pink hand print
decorated the young Latino's full tan buttock.

Next he moved over to Tucker raising his hand again and bringing it down on his
large left buttock. Tucker yelled at the stinging in his bottom. Now he too had a large pink hand print on
his creamy white bottom that spilled from his little orange Mini Cheek Briefs.
The priest stood back to admire his handy work.

Now it was time to get serious. Father Ryan got behind the two and started
working his way down the line. First Renee's left cheek, then right, then
Tucker's left cheek, followed by the right. Each hefty buttock quivered with
each slap and long after. Then the priest started back at the beginning and
worked his way down the line over and over. Both young men, though 23 years old,
were yelling out in pain and begging for mercy like two wayward boi's.

The perverted father enjoyed the sight of the two gargantuan booties turning a
soft pink. And he loved the way they jiggled. It was Renee who first called out,
"Forgive us father." But soon Tucker was calling it out too. Father Ryan
continued spanking their blubber butts as the two continued saying it in unison as
if it were a chant. "Forgive us father. Forgive us father. Forgive us father."
This they said over and over as if it would somehow ease the pain of their large
stinging bottoms.

The spanking went on for another ten minutes as the two plump rear ends turned a
bright glowing red. There was no way that Brother Jacob could be missing the
distinct sounds of spanking. Or the pleas for mercy. Renee wiggled his big booty
trying to get away from the father's strict hand. As he did his scant little
skull briefs rode up higher on his large buns exposing even more of his bare
flesh than before, not that the briefs had covered much to begin with.

Finally Father Ryan stopped and stood back. He loved the sight he saw before
him. Two large young bottoms spanked beet red. He licked his lips and rubbed his
crotch absentmindedly. "Okay you two may stand."

Both young men stood and began rubbing their well tanned hides. Father Ryan
smirked. He liked the sight of these two sexy young men feeling up their super
sized asses. He walked around to stand before his desk and face the two saying,
"I hope you two have learned your lesson. You may not understand the rules but
regardless you are expected to follow them. Now You will wear regulation
underpants going forward and loose fitting slacks. As I said before you will
both receive 10 demerits in your file as well."

Both young men hung their heads in shame. As he did so Renee noticed something.
He noticed that the front of Father Ryan's Cossack was bulging. Bulging as if
he had an erection. Everything came into focus for him in that instant. He knew
right there that the priest was getting off on all this. He knew Father Ryan had
enjoyed seeing their big bottoms bent over his desk in the scant little undies.
He knew that the older priest was aroused at the way his and Tucker's large
bottoms quivered as he spanked them. And he knew that he could use this as a way
to work off the demerits. Boldly he looked Father Ryan in his eyes and said,
"Don't you think we can find a way to work off those demerits, father?"

Father Ryan looked at Renee with confusion as did Tucker. Renee continued to
speak, "I see you enjoyed the show father." He pointed to the priest's crotch as
he said this and went on. "Who's ass do you like better, father? Mine or
Tucker's?" As he said this he grabbed Tucker by the arm and spun him around.
Then then turned as well so that the priest could get a good look at both their
plump red backsides. Tucker's popping out the orange mini Cheek Briefs and
Renee's spilling from the rebellious skull and cross bone briefs.

Father Ryan was speechless. Then Renee turned back to face him and Tucker
followed his lead. "Here's my proposal, father.", continued Renee. "You
obviously enjoyed this whole encounter. We'll keep your secret. In exchange we
will give you a blow job and you won't give us any demerits. Deal?"

It was Tucker who spoke up next, "No way Renee. I'm not gay. I'm not sucking him

"No one will ever know.", reasoned Renee.

Father Ryan's head was spinning as he heard all of this. He couldn't believe his
ears. A blow job from these two fat assed young studs. In his wildest fantasies
he never expected this. But he liked the sound of it. He knew it was now or
never. He was about to open his mouth to speak when a though occurred to him.
This may be his chance to live out one of his real fantasies. He knew it was
wrong but what did he have to lose. "Okay.", he said. "But with one slight
change." Pointing to Renee he said, "You suck my dick. While Tucker eats your
fat ass out."

Neither young man had ever heard the father speak like this before. Both were
shocked. A dirty smirk crossed Renee's face as he said, "Okay."

Tucker was not so easy to convince. He waved his hands in front of himself
saying, "No way. There is now way in the world I'm doing that."

Renee pulled him to the side and spoke in a hushed tone, which Father Ryan could
still hear, "Come on, Tuck. It's not like you've never eaten my ass before."

Tucker blushed a deep red, "Sssshhhh. That was just between us. You said you'd
never tell anyone. The only reason I did it was cause you said you wouldn't blow
me if I didn't. And I was so horny. My balls were aching. Remember how big and
swollen they were? I came so much that night"

Father Ryan smiled to himself. So it was true, Renee did service his classmates
sexually. The image of Renee as a cock hungry slut appealed to the priest. He
imagined him stripped naked with all of his classmates around him in a circle,
also naked. He was going from cock to cock sucking. Taking load after load down
his throat as the others stroked theirs cocks and came all over him, coating him
like a glazed donut. He brought himself back to reality as he listened in on the
conversation unfolding before him.

"Look, Tuck, no one will know this either. Plus it will save us 10 demerits
each. I don't know about you but 10 more demerits is enough to get me kicked
out. Was it really so bad rimming me? Come on, what do you say?"

Tucker blushed but he thought about this. Ten demerits would be enough to get
his kicked out as well. And truthfully it wasn't so bad rimming Renee's ass. It was so
big and round that it actually resembled a woman's He could just pretend. He
nodded his head slowly. "Okay. I'll do it."

Renee smiled at his friend. Fuck this was gonna be hot. Father Ryan looked at
the two young men saying. "I want you two naked. Remove those slutty
underpants." Tucker looked at Renee once more as if for approval. Renee just
nodded yes.

Both wiggled their large buns out of the tiny undergarments and tossed them on
the floor before them. Tucker was completely limp but Renee was semi erect.
Renee walked toward Father Ryan and raised his Cossack. Underneath he was
wearing black slacks, which Renee unbutton and unzipped. He pushed them down
along with the father's regulation white fly front briefs. His full 8.5" sprang
to life. Father Ryan pushed his desk chair out of the way and propped himself up
on the floor. Renee sank to his knees and took the priest's cock in his hand and
began to stroke. His huge rump was aimed skyward and toward his friend, Tucker.

Father Ryan looked down at Renee with lust in his eyes, "Suck my dick, Renee."

Looking up at the father Renee took his member in his mouth and began slowly
sucking on the full head. Father Ryan moaned and threw his head back. Renee
was very surprised to see that Father Ryan manscaped. He hadn't expected that
from a priest. His pubes were trimmed low and his nut sack shaved bald. As Renee
went down on the priest he took his smooth nuts in his hand and
massaged them.

Tucker stood behind the two just watching. Father Ryan looked up at him and
said, "Tucker, on your knees behind Renee and start eating that big ass out."
Tucker took a step forward and sank to his knees. He took a good look at his
buddies full fat bottom. It was a bright red. And it's size and shape really did
resemble a woman's. In fact it very closely resembled Betty Gainor's. Betty was
the first girl who ever let Tucker fuck her in the ass.

Father Ryan was right Renee was sort of the slut of the school servicing the men
both orally and anally. But you would never know by looking at his tight fuck
pucker. Tucker took each cheek in his hand as he moved in. His tongue extended and
made contact with Renee's balloon knot. It was just Like rimming Betty. He
squeezed Renee's ample butt cheeks and licked down the crack. He circled the
hole with his warm wet tongue. Renee moaned.

Father Ryan looked past Renee, who was now deep throating him, to Tucker. The
sexy blond was making love to his buddies elephantine ass. He looked up over
the mountains of red ass flesh and made eye contact with the priest. It was just
as the father had fantasizes about so many times. The sight was incredibly hot.
Father Ryan lost himself in the moment and began to speak. "That's it Tucker,
eat your buddies big hot ass. Taste that tight sweet hole. Make him feel real

Tucker never broke eye contact with the priest. Though his words did shock him.
And much to his surprise he was hard. He was actually getting off rimming his
friend. Was it the resemblance to Betty Gainor or something else? He wasn't
sure. But he started stroking himself.

Father Ryan liked seeing the two young men get into their sexual tasks. He
grabbed Renee by the head and started skull fucking him. Renee looked up at him
in surprise. He was gaging on the older priest's cock. Drool ran down his chin.
He chocked and sputtered.

Then all at once it happened. Father Ryan let out a gut wrenching scream as he
creamed in Renee's mouth. Renee tried to swallow it all but it was too much too
fast and some spilled out the corners of his mouth and dripped from his chin. This
of course set Renee over the edge and his own cock erupted all over the floor he
had been scrubbing not so long before. As he ejaculated his ass hole tightened
and contracted around Tucker's tongue. Tucker was stroking and lost in his
thoughts about Betty Gainor and he two exploded on the floor. His own jizz
mingling with his friends.

All three men collapsed on the floor, not caring that they were laying in cum.
Just feeling sexually relieved and spent. It was Father Ryan who spoke first.
"Now I need both of you bois to dress and get back to your classes. Rest assured
that no demerits will be added to your files for today's infractions. But rest
assured that going forward I will be keeping a much closer watch on both of you.
And if I have to call you back in here again you'll get more of the same." This
last part was said with a dirty little grin.

Both young men dressed quickly as did Father Ryan. They both assured him that
they understood. Before leaving both young men turned to face the priest and
said, "Forgive us father." Then with a sly wink from Renee to the father both
young men turned and departed leaving the older man alone with his thoughts.
Today hadn't been such a bad day after all was all he could think.

The End

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