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K.Lo, Part Time BUTTler

by BubbleButtLuvr

I've know Kenny, who I refer to as K.Lo, for about 5 years now. As my story progresses you'll understand the nickname. Kenny started at the publishing company where I work as an intern while he was attending college. He was and is a good looking kid. No, he is not actually a kid he was 22 when I first met him but at 12 years his senior he seemed like a kid to me. He has wavy brown hair deep green eyes. His build could be described as slightly athletic. He is not overly muscled
but he is definitely in good shape.

But the thing about Kenny that makes him stand out from the crowd is his ass. This guy has one of the most amazing asses I have ever seen on anyone. It is full and meaty. Round and plump. And it jutes out and bubbles up sticking out obscenely.

My office has a moderately strict dress code. Not that the guys need to wear suits but jeans are not permitted, which means that slacks and Dockers are the norm. From the first day I saw Kenny and his huge mounds waddle down the hall I was in lust.

Since he was working as an intern Kenny was required to do much of the "grunt" work. Things like getting coffee and filing. I never missed an opportunity to get him in my office to do some filing. I would clear out the bottom drawer of one of my filing cabinets and have him file everything in there. Then I would sit behind my desk and enjoy the show watching him bend. His fat bottom would pop out. Sometimes he would wiggle it from side to side as he tried to get the files to fit in the drawer.

More than once I swore that the seam down the back of his slacks was about to give way. I'd fantasize about this imagining his colossal butt popping out the back. In my fantasy he would be wearing some obscenely small bikini briefs (what can I say I have a bit of an underwear fetish). I'd imagine his big bikini brief clad buns bursting free in a flash. The undies would be something flashy, maybe a bright yellow. He'd be embarrassed trying to pull the seat of his pants back together but it would be pointless. The underpants would be riding up high on his meaty mounds of ass flesh with me enjoying the show. But sadly that was all just a fantasy.

One night after Kenny had been interning for about 3 month we had a Happy Hour after work. The night wore on and most of the office staff had already left for the evening. There were just a few of us left. It was Me, Kenny & and a couple of others. I had had lots to drink so my inhibitions were low or I what happened next never would have. But, it turned out to be a good thing. Kenny was out on the small dance floor shaking his ample ass with some girl he had met that night. I watched this with great delight as his hefty man cakes swayed to and fro. After he was done dancing Kenny plopped down in the seat next to me at the bar. It was at this point I said, "Wow, you sure can move that big ass!" As soon as I said I it I wished I could take it back but it was too late.

At this point I should mention that I am not only gay but I am completely open about it. I am in no way flamboyant but I don't see the need to hide who I am either. Kenny on the other hand is 100% straight. Of this I had no doubt. But, Kenny has known about my sexuality almost from day one. After my outburst Kenny, who was also very drunk, looked at me and said, "Do You think my ass is too big, Mr. Hart?" He then stood up and turned his back to me looking back over his shoulder his back arching and his fat ass jutting out.

I stammered over my words not sure what to say next. I was one of his superiors this could get me in some trouble, "Well, mean Kenny your ass is perfect...What I mean is I've always been an ass man...No I don't mean that either...What I'm trying to say is...."

At that point Kenny cut me off and started laughing as he said, "Mr. Hart, it's okay. I know your an ass man. And I now you check out mine."

I blushed and said, "What do you mean?"

He looked me dead in the eye and said, "Sir, in the three months I've been here you've had me in your office 12 times to do filing. And it's always in the same bottom drawer. I know you watch my ass as I'm doing it."

I was speechless. I opened my mouth to speak but the words would not come. I had assumed that this kid was just a dumb jock, too stupid to realize that I was objectifying him. But, I was the stupid one for not giving him enough credit.

"It's okay sir, don't be embarrassed. I don't mind. I mean I guess it can be embarrassing to have such a big butt but I know that when you check it out it is because you like it and even though I'm straight It's still sort of a compliment."

I gave him a big smile and said, "Your a very open minded young man. And Kenny we've discussed this before you can call me Randy."

"I know sir, it's just habit for me. But let me ask you a question. A few minutes ago did you call me K.Lo?"

Again I blushed. I had indeed called him K.Lo. This was a nickname I used when referring to him behind his back. Obviously it was a take off on J.Lo since Kenny had an ass as big and round as Jennifer Lopez's. But he had no idea that I did this, until now. Once again words had escaped me.

"Don't worry about it sir, it's fine. K.Lo. Like J.Lo, right? I kinda like it."

I was starting to feel much more relaxed not only from the alcohol but also from Kenny or should I say K.Lo's attitude. I leaned back saying, "With that ass you should rent yourself out as a BUTTler."

Smiling Kenny said, "What do you mean Mr. Hart?"

Then much to my own surprise I shared with him the details of another of my fantasies about him. I told him that he could rent himself out to work parties. He could work the parties taking coats, serving drink & horderves. But, the whole while he could do it wearing nothing but a thong showing off his plump meaty ass cheeks. I told him it would be a quick easy way to earn money.

He laughed and said, "It would be fast money but I don't know if I could do it. I mean I would be embarrassed about having my bare ass exposed like that. I am slightly embarrassed about the size of my butt. I know that you like it so that is kind of flattering but overall I think it is way too large."

At that point I jumped in saying, "Trust me it is not too large. It is perfect."

We continued chatting and every once in awhile the conversation would come back to his ass and surprisingly it was not always me that brought it up. The more we chatted the more I came to see that Kenny had almost a love hate relationship with his own plump posterior.

The night came to a close and Kenny I parted ways. As he made his way to the door I called out, "Good night K.Lo."

He seemed to like it as he smiled a huge smile, chuckled, shook his head slightly and said to no one in particular, "K.Lo. I love that."

And from there the nickname stuck but only when no one else was around. We became much more friendly with one another it was as if K.Lo's massive ass mounds had opened up a new door for us. He knew I checked out his ass but didn't seem to care as long as no one else knew what I was doing. And thought it could have been in my head I think he would go out of his way to strut by or bend over near me just to tease me. As I said I think he has a love hate relationship with his ass.

Several more months went by and K.Lo graduated. My company ended up hiring him. And he turned out to be quit an asset. Then one day K.Lo showed up in my office saying he needed to talk with me. I told him to close the door and take a seat. He seemed uncomfortable with what he had to say. My first thought was he was leaving the company and wanted my advice on how to address our boss, Mr. Tucker. But I couldn't have been more wrong.

"Mr. Hart..."

I cut him off, "I've told you call me Randy. I'm not even your superior anymore."

"I know but it's like I always tell you it is just the way I was raised. Anyway, I have something I need to discuss with you. Do you remember that night at the bar? You had made a suggestion about a way I could earn money fast. You said I could work as a BUTTler serving at parties. Do you remember?"

Did I remember? Of course I remembered. It was after all my fantasy. I nodded 'yes'.

He continued blushing as he did so, "Well, I know you are having a Holiday party and I am trying to earn some cash to go to the beach at the end of the month with some buddies. I am low on cash so I thought maybe...Well...You know...Maybe you would consider hiring me."

I wasn't sure if he was serious or not but he looked so uncomfortable he had to be for real. My head began spinning with arousal and excitement. I asked, "Are your serious? Do you really think you could do that? I mean my friends are gay. You'd have to parade around in nothing but a thong in front of them. Your big butt would be exposed for all to see. Could you do that?"

He took a deep breath and said, "It would be very embarrassing but I really need the money so I would do it for $1,000.00."

A thousand dollars was more than I really wanted to spend but at the same time this was my fantasy coming to life. I thought about it and in the end the decision was easy I knew I would do it. But, first I wanted to set the rules so I said, "This is what I expect for my $1,000.00. You are to report to my house at 4 P.M. Saturday to start setting up. Don't wear any underwear to avoid any underwear lines. I will give you your outfit when you arrive. It will be a thong. You will act as my BUTTler for the next 24 hours. During your time of service to me you will be expected to wear nothing but the thong at all times. You will set up for the party. Serve at the party. Clean up after the party. And do any other chores around the house that I see fit. At 4 P.M. Sunday you may once again get dressed and I will at that time pay you."

K.Lo was quit for a long while as he took in what I said then he spoke, "Okay but nothing gay. I mean no sex of any kind. My thong stays on at all times and no one is allowed to touch me."

I agreed to his terms and we shook on it. Damn this was going to be exciting.

That Saturday K.Lo showed up at my house at exactly 4:00, just like we had planned. I could sense that he was nervous. He had trouble looking me in the eye. He kept talking about how he really needed the money for his trip to the beach and how if he didn't need the money so bad he would never consider doing something like this. I reassured him that I understood. I also let him know that if he didn't feel he could do this it wasn't too late to back out. After all, it was he who had proposed the the whole thing to begin with.

We chatted a bit more to put him at easy and then I finally said, "Well, we did have an agreement that you will be working for me for 24 hours. And that you would be in your costume for the whole 24 hours so, I think it is time for you to get dressed. You didn't wear any underwear did you? I don't want you having any underwear lines."

He assured me that he was indeed going commando. I disappeared into the bedroom and returned a moment later with a bag that was barely large enough to hold a spool of thread. K.Lo looked in the bag and got his first glimpse of his outfit for the next 24 hours. It was the absolute smallest thong I could find. The sides were less than 1/2". The material was a shimmering bright red satin. He gulped. I could tell that he had just pictured himself in the thong as had I. But, our reactions were completely different.

Without a word he disappeared into the bathroom to change. I waited a full 10 minutes before I knocked on the door. I knew he was nervous but the longer he stayed in there the more nervous he would get. He called out from the other side of the door, "I'm not sure I can do this."

Once again I assured him that it was okay and if he wanted to back out I would understand. Truthfully in the back of my head I always thought that this might be the case. I was never really convinced that he could go through with it. Was I disappointed? Sure, but I was truly surprised that he had gone this far. Then to my surprise the bathroom door opened and out stepped the most amazing sight I had ever seen.

No his abs weren't sculpted and he didn't have pecs hard as granite but he had the perfect build for me. And there was something about the sheepish look in his eyes that made him all the more appealing. Here he stood the object of many of my fantasies with nothing more than a tiny piece of material to cover his cock, which by the way bulged nicely in the tiny thong, and he had no idea just how sexy he was. He was actually uncomfortable and had no idea the power his body held.

He couldn't look me in the eye as I said, "Very nice. Now let's see the real star of this show. Turn around for me." He just gulped back his embarrassment as he turned his back to me. For a split second I found myself short of breath. I couldn't believe what my eyes were taking in. You know how they say that when you fantasize about something for so long the reality never lives up to it. Well, they were wrong in this case. The reality was even better.

Of course I knew his ass was massive, too massive for the rest of his frame which was much more of an average to lean build. But, until this point I had only seen it encased in pants. Seeing it bared like this I could take in the fullness, the true roundness of it. He didn't have a lot of shelf but he had tons of cheek. His mounds of ass flesh were full and fleshy and smooth like a baby's. I wasn't sure if he had shaved or if it was natural but which ever the case the end result was spectacular. The thin string of the minuscule thong disappeared between his mountains of ass flesh into the dark valley between them. I suddenly found myself wishing that I could be the strap on the back of that thong nestled firmly between those two massive slabs of beef. The way the thong arched in back made his huge bottom seem to pop out even more or perhaps that was in my mind maybe his big booty really did pop that much.

I let out a pleased sigh. K.Lo spoke asking, "Is everything okay, sir?"

"Yes. Oh my yes. Even better than I imagined. It's just the strap in back is a little crocked."

He reached back to straighten it asking, "Is that better?" I told him it wasn't. After several failed attempts he asked if I could help him. This was an invitation I did not need to get twice. I placed my hands on the waistband of the thong and tugged so that it went straight down the crack of his ample ass allowing both of my hands to run down the full globes of man flesh as I finished up. K.Lo tensed up a little at this but didn't say a word.

At that point we began to set up for the party. I had him start with some light dusting and cleaning around the house. I just sat back watching as his big bottom waddled around my home in the tiny red thong. He was by no means fat but his ass was not quite as firm as the rest of him. This was something that I liked. There was something to watching a plump young bottom jiggle and bounce. And K.Lo's had just the right amount of jiggle. I loved the way it bobbed as he ran up and down the stairs.

I next had him do a quick scrub of the kitchen floor. This was one of the highlights for me as I had him scrubbing the floor on his hands and knees. The floor was clean and really didn't need a scrubbing at all but the thought of having this sexy fat assed young man crawling around my kitchen floor on his hands and knees in just a thong with his huge bottom aimed skyward was too delicious not to see. And I was not disappointed. His huge mounds wiggled and wobbled as he crawled and scrubbed.

The thing about K.Lo's ass was that it was so large that even in this most provocative position his large as cheeks never separated. Most people's cheeks would separate and their most private area would be proudly on display but not this kid. His cheeks were so fleshy that there was no way for them to separate on their own. Something about that aroused me as I watched this hot young man's booty jiggle as he scrubbed.

Soon the cleaning and the preparations for the party were complete. By this point K.Lo had been around me for several hours wearing nothing but the thong. He had relaxed and was now able to look me in the eye again. We were even talking just like normal. I even think he got into teasing me with his big bottom wiggling it a little more than necessary. But I had no issue with that at all. I just enjoyed the show.

Finally my guests started to arrive. K.Lo greeted each one at the door in just his thong. He took their coats and waddled off to the guest room to place them on the bed. Each man squealed with delight as they were greeted by my sexy young BUTTler. And then when he turned to walk off with their coats each audible gasped. None of them had ever seen an ass quite so large with so much jiggle before.

K.Lo's big bare bottom became the talk of the party. He spent most of the night blushing as he heard people talk about lard ass. He couldn't even look anyone in the eye he just brought them the drinks they requested and cleaned up after them. It appeared to me as if he had found a mental escape. Maybe he was imagining himself on the beach. Whatever he did he managed to get himself through the evening and I was very impressed. My friends didn't talk to him but rather about him. It was as if he was an object to be critiqued.

The men discussed his state of undress. They discussed the size and shape of his ass. Some thought it was too large and he should be ashamed of it. Most, like myself, disagreed feeling that if anything it wasn't large enough. But, K.Lo took it all in stride. Even when a couple of the guys "accidentally" ran their hands along his fleshy melons. He just turned quickly reminding them that they could look but not touch.

Things were going quite smoothly until K.Lo, while serving a tray of drinks bumped into an end table and knocked a crystal vase off. It came crashing to the floor and shattered into a million pieces. The room went silent and K.Lo dropped to the floor immediately trying to gather the pieces. All eyes were on his ample caboose and he gathered the broken vase. I came rushing into the room. K.Lo looked up at me saying, "I'm sorry, sir. It was an accident."

I snapped back saying, "Do you have any idea how much that vase cost?!"

He assured me he would pay for it as he saw the angry look in my eyes.

"That vase cost $1,000.00. It was hand blown in Italy! How are you going to pay for it? I suppose you'll just have to work this party for free.!"

Fear crossed K.Lo's face as what I was saying sunk in. It would mean that he had put himself in this uncomfortable situation for no reason. It would mean that he had bared his ass to a house full of leering gay men for no reason. It would mean that at the end of the day he would still need $1,000.00 for the beach. He jumped to his feet saying, "No, sir, please can't we work something out Mr. Hart. I need that thousand dollars for my trip."

I looked at him sternly and was silent for well over a minute before I spoke. I could see that he was uncomfortable but I didn't care. Then I spoke, "I have one thought in mind. A punishment of sorts."

"Yes, that sounds fair, sir."

"You haven't even heard it yet."

"I don't care. I'll do whatever you say, Mr. hart. I really need that money for my trip."

I looked him up and down before saying, "Fine. You behaved like an irresponsible child so you'll be spanked like an irresponsible child." I pulled a dinning room chair into the middle of the living room and sat down. I patted my lap and said, "Now get your fat ass over my lap, young man."

His eyes grew wide as he realized what was happening. He said, "Please, no, not this. It's too humiliating."

"I thought you said you thought this was fair."

"Well, I never thought that you would want to spank me. And in front of everyone."

I stood saying, "Fine then you work the party for free."

"No!", he stopped me. Then with much effort he said "Maybe you could spank me in private after everyone has gone. It's just so humiliating."

"No, I call the shots and I spank you now or no deal!" I knew I had him where I wanted him and I knew I should feel bad but I didn't. You see when I shared my BUTTler fantasy with K.Lo originally what I didn't tell him was the part of the fantasy where I get to spank his big bouncy ass. Fate had taken a hand and supplied me with this opportunity and I was not gonna pass it up. I looked him in the eye and asked, "Well?"

He didn't say a word just nodded his head, 'yes'. I sat in the chair and he draped himself across my lap. I had an erection already from watching his ample booty wiggle all evening and now from the anticipation of spanking his large ass. I know he had to feel it as he lay across my lap but he never said a word. All my party guests made a semi circle around us to watch the show. K.Lo just hung his head in embarrassment. I raised my hand high and brought it down hard on his big jiggly rump. CRACK!!!! He yelled out and threw back his head arching his back and pushing out his fat bottom. The men cheered like spectators at a sporting event. A large pink hand print was emblazoned on his large left buttock.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! I wasted no time in assaulting his young fat bottom. His ass flesh was a soft creamy white. After the first several swats his big booty was taking on a light pink glow. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

K.Lo was kicking his legs at this point and yelling out in pain. He begged for mercy saying, "Please Mr. Hart, sir, no more. I'm sorry I'll be good." All this time I had been encouraging him to call me Randy but now with him over my lap, his ass bare as I slowly spanked it red I had to admit that I liked the sound of his calling me Mr. Hart and sir. It actually turned me on a little and seemed very right for the situation.




His fat ass melons jiggled with each swat. In addition to that he was wiggling in my lap in an attempt to avoid my swats. This caused his ample booty to wiggle from side to side as well. The guys cheered as his big buns bobbled freely. His fat cheeks were now a glowing red. They resembled two genetically enhanced tomatoes. The red of the thong almost matched the red of K.Lo's poor abused ass pillows.

After a few more swats I stopped spanking and ordered him to his feet. He stood but couldn't look me in the eye. I told him that the price of the vase had been paid for. I then instructed him to clean up the broken pieces and continue working the party. He did as he was told. But, was unable to look anyone directly in the eye the rest of the night. The night wore on and soon the party came to an end.

K.Lo spent the night in the guest room. My guess would be he slept on his stomach. In the morning he helped me clean the apartment. Most of the redness was gone from his large buns which were now a soft pink. He was obviously unhappy with me for having spanked him like that. But, to his credit he honored our agreement. He had spent 24 hours in the thong helping me clean and serve at the party and then clean up after.

Four O'clock Sunday afternoon arrived and K.Lo dressed. I handed him a check and thanked him for his service. He looked at the check then he looked at me saying, "Mr. Hart, this check is for $2,000.00. Our deal was for $1,000.00."

I just smiled saying, "Let's call it a bonus for being such a good sport."

A big grin crossed his face as he said, "Okay. Thank you, sir." And just like that things went back to normal between us. We never discussed the party or the spanking again after that, though I thought about it quit often. We went back to our old habits with K.Lo strutting around the office wiggling his ample hiney a little more than normal to tease me.

In fact on more than one occasion when I ran into him in the restroom K.Lo would go to the trouble of lowering his pants to his knees and make a big production about tucking in his shirt. I would watch from behind drinking in his large buns encased in his tighty whities. Then I would make some lewd comment about his large butt at which point he would act as if he didn't realize I was there watching him. What can I say I got off on the show and he obviously gets off on the attention.

I often wonder if he would be so cool with me if he knew that the "$1,000.00 hand blown Italian" crystal vase he broke was actually purchased at a local retailer for $10.00. Oh, well fortunately he'll never know.

The End

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