Also, per his instructions, I was in a black leather jock-strap,
kneeling at the foot of my bed with my hands behind my back. My pubes
trimmed down to the skin; my ass cleaned out and shaved smooth. I was
also wearing a leather dog collar with a thick, chain-linked leash
attached to
it. But these two accessories were actually my idea.
“Good idea,” he had said when I suggested the get-up. “I like that in
a boy. I think you and I really are gonna have a good time.”
I sure was counting on it. And feeling the leather collar around my
neck and the coldness of the leash against my warm skin was sending
tingles straight down to my cock, balls and hole. But as I kneeled
there, I began to realize that the weight of the metal was also
turning me on. My dick is so hard I’m pre-cumming. My nuts are so
tight they hurt. And my hole is so ready its burning in anticipation.
“Oh God, please let him be here,” I think to myself. “I really hope he
hasn’t changed his-“
And before I can complete my thought the door opens. And then quietly
“The lock!" I think to myself. "Oh fuck. He didn’t lock the door. Shit.
Did I remember to
tell him to lock the door? Oh man. What if he didn’t lock the door on
the purpose?” My dick begins to deflate. “Fuck. Oh shit, this could be
bad.” My thoughts are racing now, and I’m honestly freaking out. My
dick is totally soft now. My heart is beating so loud in my ears.
In the few seconds that I was freaking out, I had been so distracted
I never heard him make his way from my front door to my bedroom. But
suddenly, I feel his presence directly in front of me. And then
I hear him breathe out through his nose. In an instant, my cock is
rock hard again and I swallow, a little too loudly. He chuckles.
“Scared, boy?” he asks. It was more of a rhetorical question. I know
he doesn’t want me to answer.
I swallow again- this time a little less loudly.
I then feel him walk around my left and pause. And then continue.
behind me now. And stops. Another pause. Again, he continues.
I hear his clothes ruffle and
feel him bend down. A leather-gloved hand feels its way from my
right shoulder, down and across my back, and rests on my left ass
“Sweet boy,” he breathes out softly. “I hope you meant every word in
text, boy,” he half-whispers into my ear. “There ain’t no backing out
His hand leaves my ass as he stands, and he positions himself once
more in front of me. I lick my lips and he chuckles again.
“It’s okay, boy… I know. And don’t you worry. I’m gonna make it happen.”
I swallow again and think back to earlier that evening. I had sent him a
text message that read: “No
matter what I might say or what I might do to talk myself out of this,
please know that I've accepted I really, really need this. Please use
And then I feel his gloved hand on my chin, and his thumb pass over my
“Now,” he says, “let’s get this party started.”
He takes a step back to unzip and drop his jeans. Then he takes a
step or two forward and I know his dick is in my face. I inhale and I
him. He smells clean but like a man. I feel the heat radiate off his
meat, tingle my lips.
“Go on, boy. Get to work.”
“Thank you, sir.”
And I go at it. Not like hunger-crazed cock hound. Quite tenderly
actually. Softly. Licking lovely and sweetly. Passionately. I do this
because this is actually what he likes. He wants to feel like his boys
are worshipping his manhood—not chowing down like a barbarian. At
least not at first. And so I lick and kiss. Dart my tongue up and down
and all around. I breathe him in deep and loudly. Nibble on him with
my lips. Suck here. Suck there. All the while moaning. In response to
all my attention, he rises. Oh God, it must be such a beautiful sight!
But I wouldn't know. I can’t lay eyes on it. That’s one of the
conditions: the blindfold must stay on. I haven't earned that privlege.
Nonetheless, I can feel
it. And I fucking love it. And when it reaches its full length I take
it in my mouth.
“Yeah… that’s it, boy. Show me how bad you want it. Show me how bad
you need it.”
And with him in my mouth now I try to. I try very, very, very hard
to. But this is a test and I know it. He wants to see if I can
deepthroat him. No. That’s not it. He wants to see how bad I’ll try
to deep throat him. He’s not huge or anything but he’s a very nice
size, just about 8 inches but quite thick. I just can’t deepthroat to
save my life. I
admitted as much during one of our conversations. He told me I needed
to be prepared, that he would expect me to deepthroat. No
exceptions. I had said I would try and not give up. But that was then
and this is now. And though I tried and tried, I failed. I just
couldn’t do it.
“You’re a sorry piece of work, you know that boy!” he scolds. “What
kind of a bottom are you? Dragging me all the way out here and you
can’t even shove my dick down your throat.”
“I’m sorry, sir!” I say panting, trying to catch my breath, as I use
my left hand to wipe the drool off my mouth. “I’m trying sir, I really
want this. Please, sir.”
“You need some help, boy?”
“Yes, sir. Please, sir.”
“Wrong fucking answer.”
And instinctively I chomp right back down on his cock. Trying my best
to take him to the base to no avail.
“Boy, you need to do better than that. Come on now. You wanted this.”
I’m choking myself now. Gagging. Tears running down my face.
“You need to get my dick down your throat, boy, and you need to do it
on your own and you need to do it fast. If I need to help you, boy,
you’re gonna regret it.”
I take a quick breath, but I’m back on it in an instant, trying and
“I’m giving you 10 seconds, boy,” he says, and he places his hand
behind by my head, adding the slightest bit of pressure. “Start
“One,” I say as I gag.
But I continue…
“I don’t hear you, boy!” he says out loud.
“Eight!” I managed to muffle out.
“Keep counting!”
“Nine, sir!”
“That’s better!”
And he grabs my hair and pulls me off his dick.
“Good boy! Real good boy!”
He slaps me, but he's still got hold of my hair.
“That’s how you make your daddy proud,” he says, but I can’t tell if
he’s mocking me or not. “Now take my dick back in your mouth. I wanna
feel the back of your throat.”
And without as much as a warning, he grabs the back of my head and
shove his cock down my throat. I was completely caught off guard and
for an instant I almost thought I was going to die. However, I was
surprised at just how easy I was able to accommodate him in my throat.
It wasn’t hard at all. And I wasn’t even gagging!
“Yeah…! That'a boy! That’s how you do it!”
And that’s exactly how I did it. For the next few minutes or so I was
in heaven! I was deepthroating my top and he was moaning and egging me
on. Fucking bliss! So I was suddenly confused when he pulled me off
his cock by the hair.
“I’m sorry, sir!” I immediately yell.
A second slap.
“Nobody fucking asked you, bitch. Now get on the bed and hand your
head over the side.”
The slap had me really shaken up, but fumbling I stood up, felt my way
to the bed and did as he instructed.
And slam! Right down to the base. My cheeks are at his thighs and my
chin is resting on his groin area. And then he starts to buck.
“Oh fuck,” I think.
“Hell yeah, boy! I’m fucking your faggot face!”
Now I think I’m really gonna gag!
“I told ya you’d regret it if I had to help you take my dick, boy…”
And that was that. He’s fucking my face and there was nothing I could do
about it. I
was pretty powerless. Sure, I was tall but I was thin. He was taller
than me and had about 40lbs on me. But I laid there and took his
pounding. And yeah, I gagged a few times too. Luckily though I never
threw up! But at some point during the face fucking, he had managed to
get a finger up my ass. I guess I had been so busy trying to
concentrate on controlling my throat muscles that I had completely
forgotten my hole.
My hole. God, my hole. I was convinced I was hardwired to my hole. I
had shared this theory with John. I was hoping this was his way of
finding out just how much I love my ass played with.
He leaned over and had taken both of my legs and had them spread and
raised over my head, his arm was across my body and his finger was
working over my hole.
“You like this, boy?” he demands.
“Yes, sir!” I say with my full mouth.
“You want more, boy?”
“Yes, sir!”
“How many more you want, boy?”
“All of it, sir!”
“Good boy!”
And he slaps my ass.
Over the next several minutes, he works my ass completely over,
turning me inside out and sending me over the edge. Eventually, all of
his fingers
make it into my hole. He twists and turns them, pulls them in and out,
spreads them inside of me. All the while his dick stays in my mouth
and his verbal degradation abound. And it burns! Oh God, does it burn.
I’m sure it’s because he’s been using his own spit for lube. Fuck! It
becomes almost too much to handle.
He pulls his dick out of my mouth and his fingers out of my ass.
“On your knees boy!”
I quickly reposition myself so that I’m now on all fours, my ass facing
And suddenly, all of his fingers are back in my ass.
“Thank you, sir!” I manage to say, though I’m completely caught off
guard and out of breath.
“What was that, boy?”
“Thank you, sir!”
“I can’t hear you, boy?”
“Thank you, sir!” I say, louder.
“You want more fingers? Is that what you’re telling me?”
“Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!”
“Wait. What? What the fuck did I just say? More fingers?” I think to
myself. “How the fuck am I gonna take more fingers?”
“Beg for ‘em, boy!”
And against my judgment, I did just that. And John, being a most
generous man, obliged.
How I manage to take eight fingers-- two-halves of his hands --up my
ass, without any lube I don’t know. But his assault on my hole, for at
this point he was roughly manhandling me, feels too fucking good and I’m
so incredibly turned on that
I swear I’m gonna cum.
“Sir… Please sir…!” I say, gasping for air and praying for a reprieve.
“What’s that, boy? I can’t hear you?”
“Sir, please! Please sir… I feel like I’m gonna cum, sir…”
He shoves all eight fingers to knuckle and holds it there.
“Well you better not, boy. You know we can’t have that.”
“Sir, please! Thank you, sir! Thank you!”
And then instantly he withdraws both of his hands from my hole, and I
fall forward on to my chest in the aftermath of what my insides have
just endured.
“Thank you, sir!” I manage to gasp.
“You’re a fucking, sick pig is what you are.” He spits out. “Your ass
is completely defiled, boy. Totally, fucking wrecked. It’s so fucking
“Yeah, boy! Your hole is trying to close itself back up, but I’ve
fucking ruined it for life,” he says with a mean chuckle.
“And I bet you fucking loved every minute of it. Didn’t you, boy?”
“Sir, yes, sir!”
“What do you say, boy?”
“Thank you, sir!”
“Ass up, boy! Let’s see how that busted pussy tastes…”
I tremble a bit as I support my body weight with just my arms. And then
I feel
his face is up against my ass cheeks and his mouth, tongue and teeth
attack my hole. This just send my body in overdrive again.
God, I love my ass played with!
John chews, spits, licks, eats, and sucks on my whole for what feels
like an eternity. All the way keeping up his verbal degradation while
he takes breaths.
“Your pussy tastes too fucking good to pass up, boy," he says at one
point as he comes up for breath.
“Can I please taste it, sir?”
“Yeah? You wanna taste your pussy?”
“Yes, sir. Please, sir.”
“You really are a fucking pig.”
And then he shoves three of his fingers up my ass and fucks me with
them for a solid two minutes before he brings it up my mouth and rubs
them across my lips.
“Thank you, sir!” I say, and take all three of his fingers in my mouth.
“You nasty, fuck.” he says, retrieving his fingers from my mouth.
“Thank you, sir!”
I feel him get off the bed and hear him take a couple of steps backs.
Then, after a bit of fumbling, I hear the strike of a match and I hear
him inhale. I’m confused now, I don’t know what to make of what I just
heard. Until my brain registers the soft aroma of a cigar.
“Yeah, boy… that’s right. I’m lighting up.”
I gulp. “Fuck. Why? Why is he smoking a cigar in my bedroom? He knows
how much I absolutely hate cigar and cigarette smoke.” I think to
“Aw… poor baby. Does the little bitch not like cigar smoke?” he spits.
But as I open up my mouth to speak –because in many ways, I feel like
this is completely and totally unacceptable— he exhales the smoke right
into my face. And why I’m suddenly turned on to the point where I bite
the air to taste the smoke I don't know.
Of course, this sends him through roof, and he suddenly begins to
laugh out loud.
“Oh! Oh, this is too fucking much!” he says in between breaths. “Boy,
you really are something else!”
And for the next few minutes, John alternates between spanking my ass
and exhaling his cigar smoke right into my face, every now and then
cock-slapping me across my face. Finally, his fingers make their way
back to my hole, and he inserts one, then two, and then three, and he
starts to gently finger fuck me once more, only alternating between
fingers, so at any given time I may have one, two or all three fingers
inside of me.
“I gotta say, boy… you’ve really surprised me… You’ve really made me
proud… You know, I’ve been playing with your hole for the last 50
minutes… You’re a real trooper…”
“Thank you, sir…” I say, breathlessly.
“Have I pleased you, boy?”
“Yes, sir… Thank you, sir…”
“Are you ready to please me, boy?”
“Yes, sir. Please, sir. I need to please you…”
“You need to please me, boy?”
“Yes, sir.”
“You need my cock inside you?”
“Yes, sir.”
“You need me to fuck you with my cock, boy?”
“Yes, sir. Please sir.”
“You know, if I fuck you I’m not gonna use a condom, boy.”
“I know, sir. Thank you, sir.”
“So you want me to take your ass raw?”
“Yes, sir. I need you to take my ass raw.”
“Ah! So you need me to take your ass raw… And why is that, boy?”
“Because I need your cum inside me, sir.”
“You need my cum inside you?”
“Yes, sir.”
“You need my cum inside you, boy?”
“Yes, sir.”
“I’m sorry boy, I didn’t hear that. What did you say?”
“Sir, I said I need your cum inside me, sir!”
“Please, sir!”
“Please, sir! I need your cum inside me, sir! Fuck me, sir! I need your
fucking cum inside me!”
“Yeah, boy! That’s what I like to hear! That’s what I fucking like!”
“Sir! Thank you, sir!”
And then he grabs my hair and pulls my head up toward him. He grabs me
by the chin and forces my mouth open. Then, he exhales more cigar
smoke right into my mouth before he plants his lips on mine, and we
passionately kiss. Our tongues taste each other. We feel each other’s
teeth, gums, tongue and mouth. We explore each other. I feel a
tingling in my nuts, and I swear, if I don't stop this kiss I’m gonna
right then and there. And then, still holding on to my hair, he pulls
my head away from his and breaks the kiss. I’m out of breath.
“Lick my dick and get it wet boy,” he says as he pushes my head right
down to his dick.
I take him into my mouth and slobber all over his flesh. Then, I’m off
his dick and I spin around in half-a-second and present my throbbing
hole to him.
“Haha! That’a boy!”
“Alley-oop!” he said as he released his breath.
And he’s in.
As far as I was concerned, Tom’s dick was the perfect size: just under
8 inches, cut, and thick. He feels fantastic! And the way he works my
hole with his cock is beyond description. He fucks me for the next
20-25 minutes, and he has me in all different positions: from on my
hands and knees, to on my back, on my belly, on my side. Then, he has
me straddle him.
“Turn around. I wanna see your ass bounce up and down on my cock,” he
And I ride him that way. But God, I’m fucking exhausted. It feels so
good, but I’m just too fucking tired. “I hope he cums soon,” I think
to myself. But as he shows no sign of letting up, I just continue
doing what I was there to do: let him use my body for his pleasure.
At some point I sort of zone out of it. I don’t know what’s happening
anymore. I’m too worn out to really care. But he’s relentless. He
doesn’t stop. He just keeps going and going.
We switch positions again. He slaps my ass a few times. He pulls on
my hair. He tugs on the leash. He pulls the strings of my jockstrap
and lets go so that they slap against my thighs. He continues to
verbally abuse me, all the while his assault on my prostate reaches a
crescendo. And then…
“I’m gonna cum, boy…” he says.
I want to say something, but stay silent and instead I squeeze my ass
as tight as I can.
“That’s right. You just keep squeezing that hole. Don’t you let a
single fucking drop of my seed seep out or you’re gonna be fucking
sorry,” he warns.
I continue to squeeze but it’s no use. I’m too tired and my hole is
too worn out. “Oh God, I hope he cums already,” I think to myself.
“One Mississippi… Two Mississippi… Three Mississippi…”
“You ready, boy?” he asks.
I try to say, “Yes,” but only a gasp escapes my lips.
And then I feel it. He grips my hips and fully thrusts himself into
me. He’s cumming. No. He’s breeding me. He’s marking me. He’s emptying
his semen right into my body. He’s giving me his DNA.
“Yes,” I manage to whisper. “Thank you,” I say breathlessly.
I come to some moments later. He’s grabbing my hair and I feel his
cock is in my face.
“Lick it clean, bitch.”
And without another thought, I reach my head out, take his cock in my
mouth and lick him clean. I feel the blood start to flow to my cock.
“What the fuck?” I think to myself. “Shit, I must have cum on myself.”
Yes. I did. The fabric of my jock is completely wet and sticking to my
slowly, inflating cock.
“You want the blindfold off now, boy?”
“No, sir. Thank you, sir.”
“All right,” he says.
“You’re fucking hot.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“That was fucking hot.”
“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”
“Sir, with your permission, I’d like to finger your cum out of my
hole, and eat it for you, sir.”
And then I half-gasp, half-scream as his three of his fingers invade
my hole again, completely unannuonced. He swishes them around. I can
feel him. It’s like he’s
scooping the cum off the insides of my ass.
“You fucking pig,” he spits out at me.
And he brings his soiled fingers to my mouth. The heat emanating off
it is unbelievable. And the smell, God the smell, it’s fucking
intoxicating. I dart my tongue out and lap it up, and then take all
three of his fingers in mouth and lick them clean.
He withdraws his fingers and I’m left with my tongue hanging out. My
bottom lip almost trembling.
“One more thing, boy,” he says.
I hear him walk around behind me, and suddenly, he shoves something up
my ass. “A butt plug?” I think to myself.
“What do you say, boy?”
squeeze my ass muscles, one more time, and I feel the thing up my ass
give a little shake. I smile. It is a butt plug. But not just any butt
plug. The kind of butt plug with the puppy tail on it.
I feel his face directly in front of me, less than an inch away.
“Thank you, sir.”
And he leans in and kisses me for just an instant.
“You better keep that blindfold on until you hear me walk out that
door,” he says to me. “And then, you better go wash up, you little
slut. You’re fucking dirty.”

The end.