Friday, December 6, 2019

Lance & His Stepdad: The First Meeting Part 1

by BubbleButtLuvr

Lance Harper knew when his mother remarried things would change but he had no idea just how much. His parents had divorced when he was quit young and his dad moved across country so most of his life it had just been him and his mother, Gloria. Then Lance went away to college. He was hesitant to leave his mother alone but she was insistent that he go. 

Within two weeks of Lance’s departure Professor Lloyd Tuttle moved into the neighborhood. He was a new professor at the local university. Many of Lance’s friends had stayed home and were attending the local university so he had heard many stories about Professor Tuttle. 

From what he had heard the professor had all the qualities of a stereotypical nerd from an 80’s movie complete with pocket protector, thick horn rimmed glasses, short slicked back hair with a severe part, cardigan sweaters & plaid dress pants that were pulled up a little too high at the waist causing them to come up way to much above his ankles. 

The one comment he heard more than any other was that he was an amazing teacher with a great knowledge of economics but absolutely no social skills at all. He had no concept of personal space, often standing way too close. He never picked up on normal social cues. And he had no filter, often saying things that were not considered socially acceptable.

Based on all Lance had heard about a Professor Tuttle he was very shocked when his mother announced that she had started seeing the man. He didn’t seem to be his mothers type. But then he thought about it and realized he did not know what his mothers type was. She had been single since he was three. That was sixteen years. And he could not remember her ever dating after his dad left. And not that he was in college she was probably lonely so Lance decided it best to keep his thoughts to himself and just let her be happy. 

But once they started dating things took off very fast. Lance & Lloyd were to meet over Christmas but Lloyd had gone home to visit family and could not make it back in time thanks to a snow storm. Then in February Lance was to come home for his cousin’s wedding but had to back out last minute due to his hectic class schedule. Then the next thing he knew his mother was calling to announce that she and Lloyd were getting married. 

She had said that she already had a big wedding the first time so they were just going to go to the courthouse, no big ceremony needed. Lance wanted to object but he knew it would not be fair. His mother was happier than he’d even seen her. And he was away at school. He’d be home summers and after he graduated and got his own place on holidays but he really didn’t live at home full time anymore. Plus to be fair he really didn’t know the man. Even if he was socially awkward he made Gloria happy so Lance didn’t say a word.

Today was the day Lance would be meeting his stepdad.  He had completed his freshman year of college and was headed home for the summer. He was nervous but hopeful as he made his way up the front steps. He placed his hand on the doorknob and took a deep breath. Why was he so nervous? This man made his mother happy.  He opened the door and made his way down the hall. From the living room he heard a man call out.

“Is that you Gloria? The internet went out again. I’m trying to fix it.”

Lance rounded the corner to the living room saying, “No, it’s Lan....” But at that point his voice trailed off due to the sight in front of him. 

Kneeling on all fours with his head half way under the entertainment center was Lance’s new stepdad, Lloyd. This in and of it self was not odd as Lloyd had announced he was attempting to fix the internet. But what was odd was Lloyd’s manner of dress. He was wearing grey and red argyle socks held up with sock garters and a pair of the skimpiest white and blue stripped bikini briefs Lance had ever seen. Add to that the fact that Professor Tuttle had without a doubt the largest ass he had ever seen on a man. It was full and perfectly round. It looked like two hams encased in a pair of underwear. And due to the the massive size of his rump and the minimal size of his bikini it appeared that his hungry cheeks were trying to swallow the briefs whole.

At hearing Lance’s voice Lloyd backed up on his knees causing his elephantine cheeks to wobble madly. Then he rose to his feet standing his full height of 6’7”. At 5’8” Lance had no choice but to look up at the man just to make eye contact. The professor was wearing his thick glasses and had the severely parted slicked back hair that his friends had described. But what no one had told him, because they had no way of knowing, was what was going on under those cardigan sweaters and plaid dress pants. Professor Lloyd Tuttle had an amazing body. He had not six pack abs but an eight pack. A big broad chest and shoulders and a tiny 30” waist. His thighs were thick and meaty. And his whole body was completely smooth. Lance found this odd. He didn’t figure the Professor to be someone who’d care about such things. 

Lance just stood there taking in  the sight of his new stepdad looking over every inch of him when his eyes stopped on the man’s crotch when his mouth dropped open on it’s own. The man had to have the biggest cock the teen had ever seen. If he didn’t know better Lance would have said Lloyd had but a cucumber down the front of his bikini briefs, which appeared to be stretched to the limit. It had to be 9” limp and about “8 round. The underwear were wrapped so tightly around it that the big mushroom head was clearly visible as were the thick veins in the shaft. 

Lloyd turned his back to Lance to lay down the screw driver he held in his hand giving his new step son a clear view of him from behind. His butt appeared to be an odd mix of marble but with just the right amount of jiggle as if Jello had been mixed in. Lance could not believe the way it ballooned out from his small 30” waist. His ass had to jut out 50”. There was actually enough shelf to sit a pitcher on. Not a cup but a full pitcher! And the briefs were wedged so far between his cheeks Lance wondered if he would ever be able to get them out. 

“Lance! So nice to finally meet face to face.”, beamed Lloyd as he turned back around to face Lance.

The teen extended his hand to shake his new step fathers. But Lloyd would not settle for a handshake from his new son. He wanted a hug. At the same moment he stepped forward arms spread wide. Due to the great difference in the men’s height when Lance raised his extended hand it was level with Lloyd’s ridiculously large dick. So as Lloyd stepped forward and Lance went to take his hand what he got was an overflowing handful of cock and balls. Everything happened so fast. Lance squeezed and began to pump his arm up and down as if he were shaking hands with the man. 

As Lance in essence began stroking his new dad’s cock he felt it begin to swell in his hand. This caused him to look down and see that it was Lloyd’s prick he held rather than his hand. Lance was an odd mixture of aroused & horrified. Aroused because he was an openly gay young man and his step father was hot as hell. And at the same time horrified because in essence he had just molested his step father.

Lance dropped his new dad’s bikini clad dong. It slapped against his thigh. Lance was glowing red. “I’m sooo sorry, Professor Tuttle. Please forgive me.”

Lance just laughed. “It’s no big deal. Accidents happen. And please no Professor. We are family.”

“Okay.”, said Lance. “Thank you for understanding, Lloyd.”

“Lloyd!?!?”, I said we are family. I want you to think of me as your father. You call me dad, son.”

Still in shock by the whole exchange Lance nodded his head up and down. “Yes, dad.”

Lloyd was grinning from ear to ear as he moved forward and wrapped his arms around Lance in a big hug. At that point Lance realized that when he let go of Lloyd’s cock it did not stop growing. As the professor hugged him tight he could feel it pressing into his stomach. When the older man pulled back his cock was still growing and had popped out the waist band of the minuscule bikini. 

Lance took note of this. He didn’t know how to tell his new dad that his cock had broken free. Lloyd saw him looking and looked down at his own dick and just started to laugh. “You know how it is with us guys and our penis’. They seem to have a mind of their own. I have so much trouble finding underwear that fit properly. I don’t know if you noticed but I’m a little above average in size.”

“A little!”, blurred out Lance, his face reddening.

But Lloyd was just as oblivious to the outburst as he was to the fact that he had a dick made for porn. So he just smiled and nodded his head, “Yep. In fact I don’t usually wear clothing around the house let alone underwear. I’m a nudist. I prefer the freedom it allows. Clothing is so restrictive. But your mother and I thought that might make you uncomfortable so we agreed I’d at least wear underwear while you were home.”

Lance’s head was spinning from all he had seen and been told. And he also understood what his friends meant when they said Professor Tuttle had no social skills. Then it hit him all of a sudden, this was a unique and interesting situation. And just like that he decided to see how far he could push things and just roll with it. 

“Well, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable in your own home.”, said the eighteen year old innocently. “You live here now too. If you feel more comfortable nude you should be nude. It will not bother me at all.” 

“Really!”, ask Lloyd full of excitement.

Lance’s heart was racing but he tried to be casual. “Yeah sure. If your more comfortable go for it. It’s not an issue at all. Sometimes I like walking around naked too.”

“Cool!”, exclaimed Lloyd as he pried the scant stripped bikini from between his ample ass and peeled it from his monster dick of death and tossed then in the corner of the living room. Then he gave his pelvis a shake. His semi erect cock wobbled left to right then up and down. “Oh, damn that feels so much better. You can feel free to strip down too if you like, son.”

Again Lance was shocked by the fact that his new dad was shaved completely bald. No pubes and not one hair on his huge low hanging balls. Like his dick they had to hang a good nine inches. At this point the teen was not only hard but dripping precum. “Oh no. I’m good right now. But you go ahead and be comfortable. “

Just then the front door opened and down the hall cane footsteps that stopped at the archway to the living room. “Lance!”, exclaimed Gloria. “You’re early. I ran to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner.

“Yeah I was able to get a ride with a friend who was headed this way earlier so I got a ride with him.”

“And I see you met Lloyd.”, she gushed. Then she realized her husband was naked. “Lloyd! I thought we agreed you would at lest wear underpants around Lance.”

Lance cut her off. “It’s okay. Lloyd...”

At hearing Lance refer to him as Lloyd and not dad Lloyd tilted his head and gave him a look that said ‘call me dad’.

Lance corrected himself, “I mean it’s okay, dad and I talked about it. It’s all good. I don’t have issue with the nudity. He should be comfortable in his own own. 

Gloria grinned ear to ear and pulled both men in for a hug as she exclaimed, “ My two guys!”

Again Lance felt Lloyd’s cock press into him. But this time he was not wearing underwear and his stiff prick was softening. 

As Lance stood there in the odd embrace he thought to himself ‘This is gonna be an interesting Summer.’ But even he had no idea just how interesting it would get.

The End


  1. What a nice surprise, a brandnew and very hot story! I am very curios about what happened on this interesting Summer.

    But I confess I am very curious about your „old” characters too, like Brad, Glen, Agent 69, Officers Matthews and Carter, Kyle and his father, and Timmy.

  2. So glad to see you back, just got on blogger randomly to read some of your old stories and jack off and saw this one. Perfect! Can't wait to read about how Lance is gonna use Lloyd's lack of social skills to mess with his nice butt and big cock. He's gonna eat that ass, hopefully. Keep it coming!!

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  4. Holy shit dude, I can't believe you're writing again! This new series is super hot, glad to see it!

  5. My thanks to everyone. I am glad everyone is enjoying the new series.