Monday, October 22, 2012

Brad: Spanked At The Doctor's Office, Part 5

by BubbleButtLuvr

It was an unusually warm fall day as Brad Tomkins strode across campus from his dorm to Dr. Marky's office. Brad had been feeling run down and sluggish so Coach Phillips suggested getting a full physical. After all there was a big wrestling match coming up and Brad was his best wrestler, he couldn't sacrifice him. Brad knew he was just run down from studying all night for midterms, holding down a part time job, and wrestling. He knew he just needed something for a little extra energy but did as Coach said.

When Brad reached the Doctor's office he was sweating. He probably shouldn't have worn a sweatshirt but he had expected it to be much cooler out. He was greeted by Nurse Farell, "Brad have a seat the Doctor will see you in a minute. We're a little short-handed today, everyone is out sick. It's just the Doctor and myself." she added.

Brad went to take a seat in one of the waiting room chairs but his ass was too big to fit in between the armrests so instead he took a seat on the sofa. He picked up a copy of Sports Illustrated dated October 1992 sitting in the table in front of the sofa. Brad chuckled to himself wondering if there was a company out there that supplied out-of-date magazines to Doctor's offices.

Soon the Nurse came out and took him back. She did the usually things, weighed him, took his pulse, and his temperature. He was then ushered into another room where Nurse Farrell informed him that the Doctor would be in shortly. She then told him to strip to his underwear to save time. On her way out she mentioned that all their dressing gowns were at the laundry and shut the door behind her.

Once she was gone Brad pulled his grey Nike sweatshirt up over his head. He was still hot from the walk over and his well-defined pecs were glistening with beads of sweat. He then kicked off his running shoes. He wore black running pants with an elastic waist so he began trying to get the waistband over his big round ass and remove them. He finally wiggled out of them and stood there clad only in his white calf length socks and a pair of skimpy white nylon bikini briefs.

Brad caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror across the room and immediately regretted his decision to wear white briefs. His whole body glowed with sweat still and the front of his little bikini was saturated with it making the material transparent. His cock was completely visible. He turned to get a look at his muscular ass in the mirror, to see if the back was as see thru as the front.

Looking at his big bubble butt in the mirror Brad noticed that his bikini was riding up his ass crack. He pulled it out and covered his beefy cheeks as best he could. However the back was soaked with sweat too causing the material to cling to his large melons.

The door swung open and in walked Dr. Marky, "Brad, good to see you." He set down his clipboard and keys on the counter holding out his hand to Brad.

Brad spun around, "Yes, you too Doctor." He took the Doctor's hand and shook it.

"So you’re here for a physical," stated the Doctor. "Well hop up on the table and let’s get started.

Once Brad was on the table Dr. Marky did all the usual things. He checked his heartbeat, ears, nose, throat, and so on. All the while making the usual doctor small talk.

"Okay, Brad stand up for me."

Brad did as instructed. Then the doctor told him to lower his underwear. "Why not."' thought Brad. "They're so transparent it's not like I have any secrets in these anyway." Brad lowered the small briefs to mid thigh. Then Dr. Marky grabbed his balls and instructed him to cough. Brad jumped at the doctor's cold hand on his nuts but did as told.

Dr. Marky continued to feel Brad's balls asking him to cough. After several minutes of this Brad began to feel uncomfortable. Almost as if he were being fondled instead of examined but he said nothing. When the doctor was done feeling up Brad he instructed the young man to turn around.

"I want to check your prostate," said Dr. Marky. "Why don't you rest your head on the exam table. I'm gonna need you to spread those big butt cheeks nice and wide for me. Your butt is far too large for me to spread your cheeks and examine you."

Brad found this strange. He knew he had a big round ass but never had a doctor address it as such during an exam. "Well, why not?" thought Brad. "Everyone seems to be in awe of my big hot ass." So Brad rested his head on the exam table and placed a hand on each of his massive ass cheeks spreading them as far apart as he could. Showing his pink puckered asshole to the doctor.

Dr. Marky watched this with great delight. Truth be told Brad's ass did turn him on and he was loving seeing this 19 year old wrestling champ spread his massive ass mounds and show his hot hole. The doctor put on a pair of rubber gloves as he licked his lips. He then put petroleum jelly on his finger and inserted it into Brad's ass.

Brad's hole tightened around the doctor's finger. "Loosen up," ordered the doctor. Brad did and Dr. Marky's long thin finger went in deeper. Brad moaned softly Dr. Marky began to massage Brad's ass from the inside causing a stirring in Brad that became visible on the outside as his dick began to grow. Dr. Marky continued his "exam", finger fucking Brad. But he knew he could only take this so far so reluctantly he stopped.

"Okay Brad stand and face me," said the doctor as his finger slipped from inside Brad's warm ass.

Brad stood, "I can't turn."

"Why not?" asked the doctor with a sly grin.

"I'm afraid I'm...Well my dick is...I'm hard." Brad finally blurted out, embarrassed.

"Oh is that all?" said the doctor. "All my patients get hard when I check their prostate.

Though it was a lie, Brad didn't know any better so it put him at ease. He turned to face the doctor his dick hard and sticking out straight as a board. The good doctor felt his own cock stir at this sight. At that moment there was a knock at the door.

"Doctor?" It was Nurse Farrell.

"Yes?" answered Dr. Marky.

"I'm stepping out to grab a sandwich. Would you like anything?"

"One moment." Then to Brad he said, "I'll be right back. Maybe you'd better get dressed." Not that the doctor wanted that, but he felt that he had probably already taken this far enough.

Brad's erection had started to go down and as the doctor left the room he pulled up his damp white bikini. When he looked up he noticed the doctor's keys lying on the counter and an idea came to him just like that in a flash. He could use the keys to unlock the cabinet where the doctor kept the medicine. He could then get himself some diet pills for the energy he needed.

Brad made his way across the room, his beefy jock ass peeking out from the leg bands of the little briefs. He grabbed the keys and went to unlock the cabinet. He stuck the key in and turned. The door opened and he reached in to find the diet pills. As he did so the exam room door opened and in walked Dr. Marky. Caught--red handed.


"I...I'm sorry," stammered Brad

"What are you doing?"

"I...Look doctor I've been so run down. All I need is a little energy boost to get me through the next couple weeks with work, mid terms, and my matches. I just thought..."

Dr. Marky cut him off, "No you didn't think, that's the problem. I'm disappointed in you. I would have expected better."

Brad hung his head in shame. He felt exposed, not just because all he wore was a skimpy pair of underwear that barely covered his manhood but because he got caught and he knew he was wrong.

"Of course I'll have to tell Coach Phillips!" said Dr. Marky. "I'm sure you'll be kicked from the wrestling team. Probably even expelled. Who knows there may even be legal action taken."

"No!" pleaded Brad. "Can't we work this out between us?"

Dr. Marky got a sly fox like grin on his face. He was hoping Brad would say something like that. Now he could take this a step farther. This young jock was in his control now. "Well, maybe."

"Great! I'll do whatever you say," Brad pleaded.

The doctor sat down in a near by chair. "Well if you’re gonna act like a naughty little boy we'll have to treat you like one. Over my knee!"

Why didn't Brad see this coming? That was everyone's answer when he did wrong--spank his meaty ass. But Brad didn't care it got him out of trouble and he secretly sort of liked it. Not that he was gay. He still loved women but he did enjoy a strong man's hand guiding him to do right. But Brad chose not to think about what that said about his sexuality. Brad placed himself across the doctor's lap,his big ass high in the air only partially covered by the scant briefs.

Crack!! Dr. Marky's bare hand came down hard on Brad's brief clad ass. Brad flinched and moaned. "You’ve been very naughty," reiterated the doctor. He then began spanking with a vengeance. First the left cheek then the right. Stopping occasionally to caress the youth's firm young buttocks.


Over and over the doctor brought his hand down watching Brad's muscular ass jiggle slightly as his bikini rode further up his butt. Then Dr. Marky took the briefs by the small waistband and lowered the back of them to just below Brad's big butt muffins and continued his assault. Brad began to kick and scream as he felt his cock grow despite the pain.

Then Dr. Marky took the hand he wasn't spanking with and inserted his middle finger in Brad's tight asshole. Thought the good doctor had had his finger there only moments before for the exam this was somehow more personal. The doctor massaged Brad's prostate as he massaged.


Brad had been in this position before and knew he was moments away from busting his nut. He thought he should warn the doctor. "Please doctor I'm gonna cum. Doctor please!"

But Dr. Marky just ignored him and spanked harder. The doctor then inserted his finger deeper. Brad squirmed, kicked, and moaned. The college jock was under the doctor's control but could hold back no longer. One last Crack! And Brad erupted in a sea of cum filling his white nylon bikini with his own love juices which spilled out onto the doctor's pants.

Dr. Marky stopped spanking and removed his finger from Brad's love canal. "Stand and get dressed."

Brad did so quickly as the doctor continued to speak. "That's mild compared to what you'll get next time. Understand?

Brad nodded.

"Good, now get out of here!"

Brad darted from the office practically running into Nurse Farrell on her way back from getting some lunch. As Brad walked across campus rubbing his burning ass, he wondered if Nurse Farrell had noticed the big wet cum spot on the front of his running pants.

The End


  1. I always love reading about brads bubble butted antics! Great story. Thanks!

  2. Thanks. Brad is one of my favorite characters to write. I will be posting several stories this week with Brad and Kyle & his father. I have Halloween stories in both of these series and wanted to post them by Halloween but didn't want to post them out of order so I am posting the stories that come before them this week so I can post the Halloween themed ones.