Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rear End Window, Part 2

by BubbleButtLuvr

It had been several weeks since I had been lucky enough to witness 18-year-old Dannny Macmillan's spanking at the hands of his father and I was convinced it was just that, a stroke of good luck. After the incident things remained the much the same, Danny would rise early and go for a run. He'd arrive home at 6:00 A.M. strip down to one of an assortment of skimpy bikini briefs that he owned and work out in front of the window with the curtains open and his large ass, popping out from under the leg bands.

I had been watching this hot teen for sometime now and knew that after his workout he would shuck his briefs, lie back in bed totally nude and jack off. He'd then shower and start the day. He'd also strip down and jack off each night right before going to bed. This was his routine seven days a week without fail.

It struck me as funny; I didn't really know this kid at all. I spoke to him maybe five times since he'd moved in but never anything more than a quick "Hello." Yet in some ways I knew him intimately. I had witnessed a very private moment between him and his father when Danny got spanked. Then of course watching him jack off twice a day--and all of this he did in front of an open window. It was as if he viewed it as a fourth wall rather than an opening into his private world. Since he had moved in the curtains hadn't been closed.

Another thing that was odd about Danny was the fact that he was never dressed. Oh, sure when I saw him on the street or in the courtyard he was but, even if I saw him come in through the courtyard and go in the back door by the time he appeared again a few moments later in his bedroom window he was already in his underwear or in the process of undressing. I remember being a teen and living at home and occasionally running around in my underwear but only boxers. This kids underwear was so scant it almost wasn't there. And that monster ass of his always seemed to be swallowing up the back so his firm young buttocks were almost always visible.

I know it's just my dirty mind because I have never witness anything that you would call inappropriate happen between Danny and his father, Tim, but I couldn't help wonder what Tim Macmillan thought seeing his son barely dressed all the time. Tim's curtains were never opened so I often wondered if he too ran around the apartment the same way Danny did in some skimpy briefs. But then I decided against it since every time Tim stopped by Danny's room he was dressed. Like I said I'm sure it's all just my dirty mind coming up with wild incestuous fantasies. And I was sure I'd never witness another spanking of this bubble butted young man.

Then one evening my luck changed. I was writing and peeking in on Danny occasionally. He was sitting at his desk in a pair of black cotton bikini briefs typing on the computer. My guess was a school paper. Then like the last time his bedroom door flew open and in walked his father yelling with a slip of paper in his hand. I made a snap decision. Not only did I want to see this but also I wanted to hear what had upset Tim so. I also was hoping that Danny would be going back over Tim's knee and wanted to hear Tim's hand come down hard on his son's bare muscular cheeks.

I got up and raced from my apartment down the stairs and into the courtyard. It was 7:30 P.M. in October so it was dark. I crept across the courtyard and hid behind a bush just outside Danny's window. Not only was this a perfect view but the window was open a crack so I could hear everything perfectly. Tim was yelling at Danny saying that he couldn't believe he had gotten another parking ticket. He also stated that apparently that last spanking had no effect on Danny whatsoever. So, that's why Danny had gotten spanked before. Wow Tim was strict I continued to listen.

"I'm sorry, Dad. Really."

"That's not good enough. It looks like you'll have to go back over my knee like a naughty little boy!", yelled Tim. "Now stand!"

Danny stood and his father took his seat at the desk. Tim continued lecturing Danny who just stood there with his massive ass barely covered, and I had a ringside seat. Then Tim grabbed him and pulled him across his knee. Smack! Came the first blow. Danny clenched his ass and I felt my cock grow. I couldn't believe what I was seeing or that I was at my neighbors window spying. Then I went a step farther. As this sexy big assed 18 year old got his ass spanked I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my growing cock and began to stroke it.

Tim was furious and was taking all his anger out on Danny's well formed behind. Danny squirmed and wiggled causing his big loaves to jiggle. I continued to watch as I stroked my cock. Part of me felt dirty spying on this poor kid and taking such pleasure in his pain but then another part of me was so swept away with lust that I couldn't stop myself. What a hot sight this was.

Danny began kicking his legs and screaming now. As he kicked his little black bikini rode further up his ass giving the appearance of a thong as his monster cheeks popped out the bottom. Danny was begging for mercy saying things like, "I'm sorry, Daddy. I'll be a good boy." Something about that statement drove me wild. Hearing this 18-year-old man call his father Daddy and seeing him revert back to childhood was something.

Then Tim grabbed the small waistband on Danny's briefs yanking them down in the back so that the waist now rested just below the kids large tomato red mounds. Tim then continued his assault on his son's ass as Danny kicked. From my vantage point I had the perfect view of Danny's ass and now that it was exposed each time he'd kick his big cheeks would separate giving me a peak at his pink hole. I could hear the tears in his voice as he yelled in pain. I just stood there watching and stroking using my precum as lube.

Then Tim stopped and told Danny to stand. He did and Tim lectured him some more. The whole time Danny was sobbing but made no attempt to pull his skimpy briefs back over his bubble butt, which was exposed to me outside and red as could be. Tim finished his lecture and told Danny to stand in the corner until he told him his time was up.

Danny went to the corner facing the wall and Tim left slamming the door behind him. Danny peaked over his shoulder to make sure Tim had gone. Then I noticed his right arm disappear in front of him and his right shoulder began to raise and lower rapidly. As this was going on Danny was looking at something behind him. It took me a few minutes but I finally figured it out. Danny was looking at the reflection of his well-spanked ass in the floor length mirror across the room and jacking off to the image.

I couldn't believe it, this kid was getting off on being spanked. That really got me going as I continued to stroke myself. Danny would reach back with his left hand and rub his ample rump as he beat his meat with the right still staring at his own large red ass.

This went on for a while until finally Danny began to moan softly. He then clenched his big ass and let out a soft yell as I saw his seed hit the wall. I had been holding my own load in and at the sight of this shot right there in the bushes. I hurried up and put my dick away but continued to stare at that huge red butt.

Shortly Tim stuck his head back in the room and told Danny his punishment was over. Danny slowly and seductively pulled his black bikini back up and turned around to face the window as he did he looked out with a huge smile on his face and gave a wink and a nod in my direction before disappearing into the bathroom.

I was so unnerved by this I raced back to my apartment and locked the door behind me. Had he know I'd been watching all this time? Had he orchestrated the whole thing? Was he really aware I was out in the bushes and was he really winking at me? I'm not sure but if any of this is true then I'm in for quite an interesting four years while Danny goes to college.

The End

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