Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kyle And His Father, Part 3 - A Drive In The Country

by BubbleButtLuvr

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon as Jeff Hyatt and his 19-year-old son Kyle drove through the country. Jeff loved to take these long drives in the country and get away from the city for a while. Since he had made partner at his law firm these trips were becoming scarcer. So he treasured them all that much more. Plus it was a good time for him to get together with his Son and just talk and catch up on things.

Jeff had raised Kyle alone these past ten years since his wife's death and he knew he'd be gone to college soon and would miss these times so he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to be with his Boy. Kyle enjoyed these trips too. He truly enjoyed spending time with his Dad, something not many 19 year olds could say.

They drove along the back roads, driving a little faster than the speed limit, but after all they were back roads and not many people traveled them. It felt good to have the wind rushing all around them with the top down and the radio playing. So good in fact that at first neither Jeff nor Kyle heard the siren or saw the flashing lights behind them. Once Jeff saw this he pulled off to the side of the road. He could handle this.

The driver’s side door of the police car opened and out stepped the officer. He was 6'3" and solid with short blond hair and a deep tan. As he swaggered over to Jeff and Kyle his tight tan uniform strained against his chest and butt giving the appearance that his beautifully muscular body may rip free from his uniform at any moment.

"License and registration," stated the officer.

"Officer what seems to be the problem?" asked Jeff.

"Do you know the speed limit here?" asked the officer.


"That’s correct. And how fast were you going?"

"40 or so," Jeff lied.

"I don't think so. Try 55," responded the officer sarcastically. "Now license and registration."

"Look Officer..." Jeff looked at the Officers badge. "Officer Marks I am truly sorry. I must have been so caught up in my conversation with my Son that I didn't realize. I assure you I don't break the law."

"That’s good, now license and registration," stated Officer Marks as he held out his hand. Jeff just sighed and reached in the glove box for his registration and pulled his license from his wallet. He handed them over to Officer Marks who took them. As he looked at the license and back at Jeff he asked, "Jeff Hyatt? Jeff Hyatt the attorney?"

Jeff was impressed that this young officer who couldn't have been any more than 24 had recognized him. He must be making a difference; his name was out there. He felt confident now that he'd beat the ticket. Now Jeff was smiling. "Yes, That’s right," he answered.

Officer Marks just shock his head, "That makes it even worse."

With that the smile disappeared from Jeff's face. "What do you mean worse?" asked Jeff. "You're an attorney. You should know the law--and with your son in the car. Don't you think you should set a better example?" again Officer Marks just shock his head.

For the first time Kyle spoke up, "Officer Marks, Sir. Really it was an accident my Father is normally a very careful driver and no one was hurt. I mean nothing happened. So couldn't you just give him a warning? Please tell us what to do to get out of this ticket." Jeff gave Kyle a look as if to say "shut up". What was he doing he was going to make things worse?

All of a sudden the Officer got an evil grin on his face." Listen Kid if I want your opinion I'll ask for it. I don't need any lip from you! All right! Outta the car! Now!"

Kyle looked at Jeff and whispered, "Sorry, Dad."

"Alright stand in front of the car with your hands on the hood," ordered Officer Marks. "Officer pleases. This is totally unnecessary," said Jeff.

"I'll say what’s necessary now hands on the hood legs spread wide. I have to make sure you men don't have any concealed weapons."

Each man did as he was told. Officer Marks began with Jeff. He started patting him down starting with his chest. He wrapped his big arms around Jeff and began to feel his barrel chest. And was that Jeff's imagination or did he pinch his nipple. The Officer then worked his way down Jeff's tight stomached and to his crotch where he spent more time than needed feeling up Jeff's huge 8" cock. He the worked his hands down the front of the thighs to the calves and up the back of the thighs. He stopped at Jeff's big beefy manly ass and caressed that for a while then worked his way to up Jeff's muscular back.

When he was through mauling Jeff he moved on to Kyle. He was especially attentive to his hard round ass and big 9" cock as he grouped at the 19 year olds lean muscular body. As he felt up Father and Son Officer marks got an idea. "Alright both of you stand up straight. I'm not happy with this search. I think you men may be hiding something. I'll have to do a more thorough search. So I want to each to strip to your underwear."

"What!?" asked Kyle.

"Now wait one minute Officer all we did was speed and anyway were out in the open. Anyone driving by could see us," added Jeff.

"This road is not well traveled and even if someone does see you that’s your own fault. Now do you strip to your briefs or do I take you in for resisting an Officer?" said Officer Marks as he grinned sadistically at Father and Son.

"We better do as he says Son," said Jeff to Kyle.

As Each man began to undress wild fantasies filled their heads. Each man was secretly attracted to the other. And not since a perverted cabbie "forced" them to fuck around together had they seen each other naked. So each, Father and Son alike were excited at the thought of seeing the other scantily clad. And who knows what else the Officer has in mind. Plus both men kind of enjoyed being controlled by this hot young Officer, though neither would admit to that.

Now Jeff and his Son stood before Officer Marks clad only in their underwear. Kyle was wearing a very skimpy pair of blue and white-stripped bikini briefs that barely covered his semi erect manhood. The tight stretchy fabric hugged his beautiful round cheeks and crept slightly up his ass crack exposing the bottom half of his milky white buttocks for all to see. Jeff simply wore a white thong--his large beefy ass hanging out in plain view. His own cock was beginning to stir within the confines of his thong.

"What the fuck are you wearing!?" Officer Marks asked Jeff.

Jeff whispered his response, "A thong."

"Excuse me. What I didn't hear you. Speak up when talking to me and address me as Sir!" smirked the officer.

Embarrassed and strangely aroused Jeff responded, "It's a thong, Sir."

"You like showing off your body?"

"I don't know, Sir"

"Yeah well I think you do so turn for us and let me and your Boy see that big hot ass of yours!" barked Officer Marks.

Jeff could feel his dick growing as he turned his ass toward the Officer and his Son. The thought of these two hot young men staring at him really turned Jeff on. And the fact that one was his Son made him even hotter.

To Kyle the Officer asked, "So what do you think? Does your Daddy have a nice ass?"

"I don't know, sir, he's my Father," Kyle answer defensively.

"Yeah well your cock says you do. Look at it grow."

Kyle looked down to see his horse dick about the rip the material of his little bikini briefs. "Now I want you to search you Dad for any weapons," ordered the Officer.

"What?" asked Kyle.

"You heard me your gonna do a strip search on your Dad. Now move it!! Alright now turn back around and face your Son," this last part was directed at Jeff who did as he was told. When Jeff turned back around Officer Marks gasped at the amount his cock had grown. He knew that the Hyatt men were getting turned on by this and now he had the proof in their hard dicks. "Okay kid, feel your daddy’s big pecs."

Kyle Reached out and began to caress his Fathers big barrel chest. He started pinching the nipples. Jeff jumped when he first did it but got into it quickly. Kyle continued rubbing his Dad up to his shoulders. They were now standing face to face as Kyle wrapped his arms around Jeff and began to massage his upper back.

"That’s it," said the Officer as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his own 7 1/2" cock. "You better inspect your Father's mouth, kid. And use your tongue."

Kyle stared into his father’s eyes. They both wanted this and each could see it in the others eyes. The hot passion burned between them as Kyle pulled his father into him and began his assault on Jeff's mouth. There was nothing slow and easy about this kiss it was rough and passionate, very animalistic. Kyle’s tongue entered his Dad's mouth as he ran his fingers though his hair pulling his Dad in closer. Neither man wanted this to end. Jeff ran his hands down his Son's back and rested them on his bubble butt. Jeff began to group Kyle's ass as Father and Son made out on the side of the road in broad daylight for all to see, and both men could have cared less.

"That's good you follow instruction very well Boy," said Officer Marks. "But we still have the matter of your Daddy breaking the law. Don't you think he should be punished?"

Both men broke the embrace simultaneously and stared at the sadistic Officer. What was he getting at both men wondered.

"Well, answer me Boy don't you think your Father needs to be punished?"

"I supposed so Officer Marks, Sir," shrugged Kyle not knowing what to say.

"And how should he be punished?"

"I don't know," answer Kyle.

"When you were naughty growing up how did daddy punish you?"

"He'd spank me sometimes," answered Kyle still not sure if that’s what Officer Marks wanted to hear.

"Good Boy. And that's what your gonna do the dear old Dad. Your gonna spank his ass," laughed the Officer.

Jeff spoke up, "Wait one minute. If you think I'm gonna let my own Son spank me you have another thing coming!" "I suggest you remember who's in charge here! If you don't do as I say I'll throw you both in jail! And I'm sure they'd love both your hot little asses in there. So, don't fucking argue with me! Now you.!" he pointed at Kyle get over there and sit on that big rock next to that tree. And Dad you get over his lap," ordered Officer Marks.

As Kyle and Jeff headed for the rock Officer Marks couldn't help but stare at those two hot asses. Jeff's totally exposed except for the little string riding up his ass crack and Kyle's pouring out from under his skimpy bikini briefs.

Kyle sat down and Jeff stood before him, a mixture of arousal and nausea filled him. He wanted this in the worst way but yet he still felt wrong. But, after all he had no choice he was being forced to do this. That's what he told himself at least. He looked at the Officer who just pointed to Kyle's lap. Jeff complied and laid across his son's muscular thighs his own ass in the air.

"Good," said the officer. "Now I want you to tell Daddy what a bad boy he's been and spank him good."

Kyle looked down into his Dad's eyes for approval and he got what he was looking for. Jeff gave a slight nod of his head, as if to say, "It's okay Son spank your Daddy". Kyle could see in his Fathers eyes that he wanted this as much as he did. Kyle raised his hand and brought it down hard on Jeff's big muscular ass. SMACK. Jeff winched at the first blow. SMACK SMACK SMACK.

"You've been very bad Dad," Kyle stated. SMACK SMACK SMAK SMACK.

"Yes Son I'm sorry," responded Jeff getting into the whole thing now.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. "I'm very disappointed in you Dad. You've been naughty and must pay for it."

"Owww Son my ass is burning please stop!, whined Jeff.

"You should have thought about that before you broke the law," said Kyle.


Jeff was kicking his legs now and screaming in pain and still he was aroused and even fully erect within the confines of his thong. His ass was beat red. Kyle loved the sight of his big muscular Father over his knee, his ass in the air and all red, at his mercy. He continued the assault on his Dad's poor ass as Officer marks watched and stroked his own rock hard pole.

"Son, please stop! Please I promise I'll be a good Boy. But please stop," Jeff pleaded as the tears began to fill his eyes.

Officer Marks spoke up, "I don't think you want him to stop. I think you want more." Officer Marks approached the Hyatt men and bent down. He grabbed the thin material of Jeff's thong and ripped it from his body. "Now that big hard cock says you want more." To Kyle he said keep spanking with your right hand but I want you to finger your Dad's asshole with your left, while I stroke his big dick."

There was no point in pretending they didn't want it so neither man tried to argue. Kyle spit on his left middle finger and spread his dad's beefy ass cheeks. He inserted a finger and Jeff jumped a little. Kyle just held it there waiting for Jeff to adjust to this invasion on his ass. Then he began to finger his Father as he continued to spank him.

Officer Marks reached between Kyle’s thighs and took hold of Jeff's rock hard 8" and began to stroke. With his other hand he stroked himself as he watched Kyle spank and finger his own Father.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK The blows came quick to Jeff's ass. But even though he was crying like a 10 year old he was loving it. Having his hot Son spank and finger his ass while this sexy yoing Officer stroked his dick. Jeff began to moan in pleasure.

"You like that?" asked Officer Marks. "Yeah you love it! Fuck yeah."

Jeff could feel himself getting close to orgasm. He wanted this to go on forever but knew he couldn't hold off much longer. "I'm getting close," he said.

"That's it Daddy cum for us," instructed Kyle. "Come for your Boy."

Hearing that brought Jeff over the edge. Kyle could feel his Dad's asshole tighten around his finger as Officer Marks milked the cum right out of him.

"Yeah Dad shoot!" yelled Kyle.

Officer Marks was so turned on by the sight of Jeff cumming that he stood up and busted his nut all over Jeff's handsome face. Jeff opened his mouth and caught a few drops on his tounge and greedily swallowed.

"Okay Kid now it's your turn!" barked the Officer. "Pull out that big dick and cum for me and your Daddy."

Kyle knew he was close too. His underwear was covered in precum as he pulled his massive dick out and began to stroke his solid 9 inches.

"Okay get down there and lick your Son's balls," Officer Marks instructed Jeff.

Jeff did as he was told. He got on all fours and began licking his son's big shaved balls. He tried to get both in his mouth but couldn't. He licked and sucked as Kyle stroked his meat. It wasn't long before Kyle was ready to blow.

"Dad I'm gonna cum!" screamed Kyle. And he started to shoot all over his Fathers face, which was still covered with Officer Marks cum. Jeff hurried and put his mouth on his Son's cock to try and get some down his throat.

"Oh yeah Dad!! Fuckin suck the cum outta me."

Officer Marks couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. This father and Son really had gotten into it. As Jeff sucked the last drops of cum out of his Son Officer Marks snapped, "Okay guys. You’re free to go. But if I catch you speeding again you'll get more of the same." With that he got in his car and drove off.

Both men gathered their things and quickly dressed. Jeff used his ripped thong to wipe the cum from his face. As Father and Son headed for the car neither spoke a word about what had happened but both were wondering when they'd be able to take another driver through the country. And if officer Marks would be on duty when they did.

The End

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