Monday, April 6, 2015


While I am still taking a break from posting I recently met an incredibly sexy man on line with a colossal 45 1/2" ass. We began chatting and he sent me a few pics of his amazingly large booty that inspired me to write Christopher's Forced Black Gang Bang along with his encouragement. I wanted to share this latest fantasy here. I hope you all enjoy it.


  1. and lets hope your new friend is feeling generous enough to share some pics. That story was wild

  2. Nice blog. How many inches round was the biggest ass you met or saw? You should have a section with the biggest asses and their measurement.

  3. Thank you. The biggest booty I have ever seen is my buddy Blubber Butt. Some of his pics are posted on the blog. His current ass measurement is 44". Great ass with the right amount of muscle and fat to give it the right amount of jiggle and bounce.

    1. But what about that 45 1/2" inches butt u mentionned in your post? It s even bigger! would he accept u to share his pics in ur blog? I think we all would love to see it

  4. I guess you're right. lol he is on Tumblr under the name Culograndisimo. He does post many of his own pics. He has given me permission to post his pics in the past but I don't remember if I ever did. It really has been a long time since I've posted. When I have time I'll have to post some for you. But check him out on Tumblr. Pretty impressive.