Friday, October 26, 2012

Brad: Trick Or Spank Part 7

by BubbleButtLuvr

It was late October. It was also Brad Tomkins’ first year away at college and he was having the time of his life. The biggest sorority on campus was having their annual Halloween, masquerade party. Brad and his two buddies Grant and Kirk decided that they wanted to be part of it. They thought it would be a good way to meet new women. They only condition was that you had to come in costume.

Grant went traditional, he put on some Levis, a flannel shirt, cowboy boots, an over sized ten-gallon hat and tied a bandanna around his neck, and a cowboy was born. Kirk went as Zorro, complete with mask, cape, sword, and hat. Brad ever the exhibitionist went as Tarzan. And his costume was much more revealing than his two friends. It was nothing more than a leopard print loin cloth with a flesh colored thong underneath--and no shoes.

Brad was on the wrestling team at his university and it showed. He had a very well defined muscular body with broad shoulders that tapered at the waist into a V shape. He was cut and chiseled but the most spectacular thing about Brad was his massive ass. It was so large it stuck out four inches from the rest of his body. Plus it was round and firm.

His loincloth barely covered it and every time he moved it rode up on him. Since he was only wearing a thong underneath anyone lucky enough to be standing behind the muscular 19 year old would get a glimpse of his bare muscular mounds. But, Brad didn't care he knew he had a hot ass and enjoyed the stares he got. And he got many from women and men alike. And tonight was no exception especially since his monster cheeks came popping out with every move.

All night at the party Brad found people "accidentally" bumping into him and groping his bare ass. He'd just smile and play it off. One guy went so far as to drop something on the floor near Brad. Then he got down on his hands and knees to pick it up just so he could get a look straight up Brad's loin cloth. Though Brad is straight he didn't mind and even gave the guy an extra thrill by bending forward slightly causing his ass to protrude out further making his costume ride up further. The other guy blushed and hurried off.

It had been a good night and Brad had scored a couple of numbers as had Grant and Kirk. On the drive back to the dorm Kirk had an idea. He wanted to play a Halloween prank on Professor Jenkins, the English Professor. He had some cans of black spray paint in the trunk of his car. He thought it would be fun to go to the Professor's house and spray the stone lions on either side of the Professor's porch black. No one really liked the Professor so it was agreed.

The three teens pulled up around the corner from the Professor's house. They each took a can of paint from the trunk and snuck around to the front yard. They were laughing as they snuck across the lawn in their costumes. They'd teach old Professor Jenkins. Brad could feel the soft ground between his toes since he was bare foot and it had just rained that afternoon.

While making their way across the yard they set off the motion detector causing the front yard to light up like a football stadium. "Shit!" screamed Grant as he took off back to the car. Not wanting to get caught Brad and Kirk followed. However, being bare foot Brad had no traction and slipped in a patch of mud. Brad hit the ground face down with a thud, his loincloth flying up exposing his ample buttocks. Kirk didn't even stop to look he just kept running.

The neighbor’s dog began to bark and Professor Jenkins door flew open. The Professor came running out and was greeted by Brad's big naked ass lying in his front yard.

"Who's there?" asked the Professor running toward Brad.

Brad looked up is faced covered with mud. "Brad Tomkins," stated the Professor. "And just what do you think you’re doing?"

"Nothing," Brad lied.

Then Professor Jenkins spotted the can of spray paint a few feet in front of Brad. "You were going to vandalize my home!"

"No...we were...I mean I was...", Brad gave up knowing he was caught. Grant and Kirk got away and he was busted.

"Get up and get in the house. We need to discuss this!" ordered the Professor.

Brad stood pulling his loincloth back down over his massive buns as best he could. That's when Professor Jenkins saw he was covered from head to toe with mud. "Hold it!", said the professor. "You’re not going in my house like that. Stay there."

Then the Professor went to the side of the porch. Brad saw no point in running he had been caught already. All of a sudden Brad heard a rush of water followed by a cold blast from Professor Jenkins hose. Brad danced around trying to avoid the onslaught of water but it was to no avail. His muscular ass jiggled slightly and peeked out from under his skimpy costume as he jumped around. Then the water stopped and he stood there soaking wet from head to toe front and back. The cool October night air was chilling him. A slight breeze blew up his loincloth forming goose bumps on his big butt.

"Stand there on the mat. I'll get you a towel," said Professor Jenkins as he disappeared inside.

When the Professor returned he threw a towel at Brad and told him to dry off and get inside. Brad ran the soft towel all over his muscular jock body. He tried to soak as much water from the loincloth as possible. Then he stepped inside as Professor Jenkins shut the door behind him.

"You realize I should call the police, Brad?"

"Yes, sir but please don't," urged the boy.

"Then what do you suggest?" leered the Professor.

Brad knew where this was going. In the past he had been able to avoid trouble using his beefy ass. He had allowed some guys to spank him rather than face the consequences. He had a strong feeling that this was also the desire of Professor Jenkins so he went for it. "You can punish me like my Dad used to."

Professor Jenkins perked up, "Oh, and how was that?"

"Well, sir, he'd spank me."

"Is that what you want, Brad? Do you want me to spank you?"

"Yes, sir. I mean if it will get me out of trouble." Brad knew this would work and really didn't mind getting the spanking but still he blushed slightly discussing it.

"Then ask me to spank you, Brad."

Now Brad was really blushing, "Please, Professor Jenkins will you spank my ass?"

"That's good," said the Professor. "Now put your hands on the mantel piece and stick out that big butt."

Brad did as he was told. As he stuck out his massive ass the loincloth rode up exposing more of his bare ass underneath. Professor Jenkins licked his lips in anticipation. Secretly he had wanted to do this since the first day Brad walked into his classroom. Now was his chance.

Professor Jenkins reared back and let Brad have it square in the center of his protruding ass. The wet leopard print loincloth clung to Brad's round melons. The Professor brought a second blow to Brad's meaty posterior. Then a third and a forth and so on.

The stinging in Brad's ass caused him to recall a recent spanking that Coach Phillips had administered to the seat of his wet Speedo. The pain was intense but it made the pleasure so much more pleasurable. Brad's cock began to stir within the confines of his skimpy thong.

The Professor continued to bring his hand down hard on Brad's ass, which was half covered by his costume and half exposed. Brad pushed his ass back further exposing more of his fleshy mounds. Both cheeks peeked out seductively at Professor Jenkins, driving the man wild and causing him to spank harder as Brad moaned.

"Okay," said the Professor. "Let's get rid of that loincloth so we can see how red that ass is."

Then without hesitation Professor Jenkins grabbed hold of the side of Brad's costume and undid the Velcro that held the tiny piece of material to the young man's muscular frame. The loincloth fell to the floor and Brad stood there in his English Professor's living room wearing only a flesh colored thong. His big ass sticking out as far as possible as he clung to the mantel--his cheeks had a nice pink glow.

"Nice panties," laughed Professor Jenkins.

Brad blushed again. His Professor really seemed to enjoy humiliating him. And Brad was getting harder by the moment.

Crack! The Professor had started spanking again. Now that the wet loincloth was off the stinging wasn't as intense. Brad grunted and moaned with each slap.

Professor Jenkins loved the feel of the youth’s hot flesh against his hand. He also enjoyed watching his monster ass go from white to pink and now to red as the young man squirmed under his control. The Professor went from cheek to cheek without stopping. Then abruptly it came to an end.

"Straighten up and turn and face me," instructed the sadistic Professor.

Brad did but was embarrassed at how hard he was. Professor Jenkins enjoyed both Brad's hardness and his embarrassment. As the Professor ogled Brad his embarrassment grew.

"You like that boy?" asked the Professor Sarcastically. "Tell you what take your little panties off. The pile those two throw pillows on the floor and put that towel over top of them and lay on top with your ass up high for me."

Brad blushed again at hearing his underwear referred to as panties. They weren't panties they were men's underwear. Admittedly they were skimpy but still they were men's but he listened anyway. He pulled the string out from deep in his ass crack and pealed the small piece of material from his large buttocks. He then piled the pillows and covered them with the towel he used to dry himself with earlier. He the laid on top with his ass raised high waiting for the next phase in his humiliation.

Professor Jenkins pulled his belt free from his pants and brought it down hard on Brad's big, exposed melons. "Yaaah!!" Brad couldn't believe how hard he'd been hit.

"Keep quite! I have neighbors.", ordered the Professor and again he brought the belt down on Brad's glowing ass.

"Yaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!," wailed Brad again.

"This is your second warning, boy, keep it down. If I tell you again I'll gag you!!" yelled Professor Jenkins as he snapped the belt across Brad's stinging hind end.

"Yaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!," Brad screamed in pain. He couldn't believe what a sadist his Professor was. He also couldn't believe how much he was enjoying it.

"That's it! You were warned!" said the Professor. And with that he dropped the belt. He then picked up Brad's thong from the floor. He ordered Brad to open his mouth and Brad tried to protest but as he did the Professor stuck the string in Brad's mouth. He then pulled the two ends together around the back of Brad's head and tied them together. "Taste your own ass, boy!"

It was true Brad tasted his own ass. The sting that had been firmly planted between his massive butt cheeks all evening was now in his mouth. He could taste and smell his own scent and found it strangely arousing.

Crack! The leather of the belt came down hard on Brad's rump. He tried to scream but couldn't. Crack! Brad moaned part in pain and part in pleasure. He was being totally degraded and loving every minute of it. What did this mean? Was he gay? He opted not to think about it and just enjoy.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

The leather felt like it was cutting through Brad's soft flesh. Brad could feel the tears in his eyes and before he could even think about trying to stop them they were running down his cheeks. He sobbed into his thing, which was now a gag. His ass now bore the strips from the belt--his dick grinding into the pillows.

Professor Jenkins had no mercy and just continued to belt the star wrestler. He had to admit this kid had stamina. Then he saw what he had been waiting for. Brad's massive cheeks clenched and the teen moaned loudly through his gag. Then Professor Jenkins knew he had cum.

"Stand, boy!" ordered the Professor.

Brad was weak in the knees but steadied himself to stand. Cum was dripping from his large and semi erect dick. He was still sobbing. His thong still shoved in his mouth he could still taste himself as he rubbed his burning ass. Professor Jenkins untied the thong and threw it at Brad.

"Now get dressed and go!"

Brad wiped the cum from his body using the towel he had been laying on and pulled his thong back on. The string was wet with his own saliva. He wrapped the loincloth around his waist. Even the soft cotton material hurt his ass.

"Next time your really gonna get it, boy," sneered Professor Jenkins as Brad turned and left into the cool dark night.

Brad knew he looked a sight to anyone that may pass him as he walked to his dorm. But, he didn't care. He let the tears run down his face. With each step his loincloth rode up exposing his severely red ass cheeks. The whole experience had been freeing and somehow he knew he'd need it again.

The End


  1. Great story! I really liked the slight ass sniffing from the underwear part. I hope the next story is about Glen. He's my favorite out of all your characters. Oh, and I hope we get some fart play too. :)

  2. I have one Glen story that I have not posted. I will post that today at your request.