Sunday, April 21, 2013

Halloween Night

by BubbleButtLuvr

It's Halloween. SweetBubbleBe’s at a costume party with his girl. He’s wearing a sexy Scot’s man outfit complete with kilt. He took the liberty to wear a kilt with the hem up a couple of extra inches to expose more of his muscular thighs. His fat ass pushes it way out in the back so that every time he bends over, his plump cheeks are visible coming out the bottom.

A stranger sees him as he heads off to the restroom. The stranger follows him.

Thinking he’s alone in the bathroom SweetBubbleBe stands at the urinal and lifts his kilt up high over his enormous flesh pillows so that it is completely exposed. But, he doesn’t mind because he thinks he’s alone and that the door is locked. However the lock is broken and the stranger snuck in behind him and he is just watching him like a huge pervert. He is dressed like the guy from the Scream movies so his face is covered by a mask.

SweetBubbleBe’s lard ass is enormous and he has on some skimpy little underwear, which are a thin cotton with a red plaid pattern that matched his kilt perfectly. He finishes and turns to see the stranger standing there leering at his plump rear and gets embarrassed saying, “Sorry, I thought the door was locked.” The stranger tells him it is okay and he enjoyed the show. SweetBubbleBe washes his hands quickly and rushes out blushing.

The stranger follows him out and waits for the chance to get him alone. He gets his chance when SweetBubbleBe goes to get his girl a drink. The stranger corners him in an out of the way area of the club backing him into a dark corner near the back so that no one is around. He wouldn't let SweetBubbleBe get around him.

The stranger tells him the only way he will move is if I gave him another private show. SweetBubbleBe blushes and says “Your crazy. I'm straight and my girl is here.” The stranger says if he doesn’t he will tell her that SweetBubbleBe flashed him in the bathroom and that he can prove it by describing his sexy little undies. He will tell his girl that they are thin soft red plaid cotton bikini brief that rides up high over his large milky white ass cheeks. SweetBubbleBe blushes but agrees to do it if the stranger agrees to leave him alone.

SweetBubblebe turns around and spreads his legs wide. He bends forward slightly at the waist and raises the kilt up high so that his plaid underwear clad fanny is exposed to the demented stranger. SweetBubbleBe looks back over his shoulder arching his back and pushing his fat rump out further asking, "Happy?" The stranger reaches out and runs his hand along SweetBubbleBe’s acres of ass feeling up each full meaty cheek like a pervert. The material of his underwear is soft. The perverted stranger kneels and lifts his mask and starts to kiss SweetBubbleBe’s ripe round melons. They are soft yet firm. He’s so humiliated and afraid someone will catch them.

The stranger stands stands and says he is pleased. He reaches into his costume and pulls out a $5 bill and tosses it at SweetBubbleBe like he’s a whore. He says thanks and leaves SweetBubbleBe there. He picks up the bill and looks at it, embarrassed that he was made to expose myself to a masked stranger. He is degraded but slips the $5 into the pouch of his kilt.

Later in the night the stranger sees SweetBubbleBe by the snack table. SweetBubbleBe is standing by himself on the back side of the table facing the wall. There are people all around even on the other side of the table but not on his side. The stranger slips behind him unnoticed and drops to his knees. He looks up his slutty little kilt and sees SweetBubbleBe’s thin red plaid undies wrapped tight around my man muffins. He reaches up and starts to grope his ass in public.

SweetBubbleBe jumps and looks down to see the perverted stranger. The stranger tells him to be quiet or everyone will see him being felt up by another guy. SweetBubbleBe blush’s and turns face forward not wanting anyone to know what is happening.


He’s embarrassed and aroused. He wants it to stop but he also wants it to go on. The stranger reaches up and grabs the waist band of his tiny underwear and pulls them down. SweetBubbleBe wants to fight him but can't without being seen.


He pulls them all the way down and tells SweetBubbleBe to step out of them. He refuses so the stranger slaps his big bottom. It jiggles and drives the stranger crazy. The music is loud so no one can hear the slapping sound on his huge ass. SweetBubbleBe still refuses to step from his tiny plaid underwear. The stranger slaps his big booty again and again. The masked perv is spanking SweetBubbleBe in the middle of the club. SweetBubbleBe’s girl is less than 5 feet away but no one knows what’s happening.

Beaten SweetBubbleBe finally steps from the briefs and watches as he slips them into his pocket.The stranger continues to feel SweetBubbleBe up under the table. No one sees him and SweetBubbleBe is feeling aroused, ashamed & embarrassed.


He starts kissing and worshiping SweetBubbleBe’s full back side. He pulls off his mask and then spreads SweetBubbleBe’s massive mountains of ass and starts licking down his valley of crack. He works his tongue deep inside SweetBubbleBe’s tight straight ass hole making him squirm.


He reaches up and starts jacking SweetBubbleBe’s hard dripping cock off. SweetBubbleBe whispers, "Please stop." He ignores him as he continues to eat out SweetBubbleBe’s fat ass and jacks his engorged cock. Soon SweetBubbleBe lets loose and cums on the floor.


He comes out from under SweetBubbleBe’s kilt, his scant plaid underwear in his pocket. He puts his mask back on and says, "Thanks" as he tosses another $5 at SweetBubbleBe and leaves the party.

SweetBubbleBe is completely humiliated having been forced to expose himself to a stranger and then have his underwear stolen, his plump bottom rimmed and his fat cock jacked off all in the middle of a crowded club.


He never saw the strangers face so it could be anyone in the crowd, even someone he knew. That thought humiliates SweetBubbleBe almost as much as the two $5 bills the stranger tossed at him. Now he’d have to come up with a way to tell his girl how he lost his underwear.


All in all it was a pretty good night.


The End


  1. You're the best BBL.

  2. Thanks, Charles. I thought you would like the little additions.