Sunday, April 14, 2013

Brad: Spanked For Sneaking In Pt 17

by BubbleButtLuvr

Nineteen year old Brad Tomkins had been working at Luke's Hideaway for several
week when without warning the University put a curfew into effect. It seemed
that there were vandals on campus and to but an end to their late night
shenanigans the Dean had put a midnight curfew in place, no exceptions.
Therefore, Brad would have to quit his job at Luke's since the bar stayed open
till 3:00. However, the money was good and easy. All Brad had to do was shake
his abnormally large ass in the faces of drooling gay men and they threw money
at him. And though Brad was straight he did not care who drooled over his larger
than life rump. He loved showing off and he loved the money he was making so
there was no way he was quitting.

Brad shared a dorm room with his best friend, Grant. In fact it was sort of
Grant's idea that Brad take the job at Luke's. When Brad was looking for a job
it was Grant who found the add looking for male dancers and joked that Brad
should apply. What Brad didn't know was that Grant was not joking and had been
to the bar several times to watch his buddy shake his big can. Brad told Grant
he was working as a bar back and was unaware that Grant knew the truth.

At any rate Brad and Grant were roommates and Brad knew that if he broke curfew
Grant would keep his secret. Their dorm room was at basement level so that when
you looked out the window you were looking up. Brad would climb in onto a desk
chair that he would place in front of the window every night.

What Brad did not know was that for the past three nights the dorm supervisor,
Mr. Marshall, had been performing surprise room inspections. Each night it was
well after 1:00 and Grant was asleep so even he did not know that these
inspections were taking place. One the forth night when Mr. Marshall arrived and
found no Brad he awoke Grant and began to question him letting him know that
this was the forth night in a row Brad was not present.

Grant didn't want to tell on his buddy but there wasn't much he could do Brad
was not here and Mr. Marshall knew that he hadn't been present four nights in a
row. Still he didn't want to blow Brad's secret completely so he let Mr.
Marshall believe Brad was working as a bar back like Brad had told him.

Mr Marshall looked down at Grant laying in bed and said, "I'm very disappointed
in you. You should have come to me the first night Brad broke curfew. You could
be in some trouble as well for withholding information, young man"

Shocked Grant spoke, "I'm sorry sir, but how could I tell on my best friend? And
he wasn't hurting anyone so I figured what was the big deal?"

Mr. Marshall told Grant to go back to sleep and that they would discuss it
further in the morning. He was going to wait for Brad's return. Then Mr.
Marshall turned off the lights and took the desk chair Brad had placed under the window
so that his return would not be quite so smooth. He then set the chair next to
the light switch, which was next to the door, and took a seat.

Grant wanted to warn Brad but his phone was on the desk and he could not reach
it without being obvious. All he could do was wait with Mr. Marshall. Time went
by and Grant fell back to sleep and Mr. Marshall nodded off as well in the

The quiet of the night was shattered by the sound of window being opened. Brad
was back and Mr. Marshall was gonna bust him. He waited patiently as he saw the
outline of a leg come trough the window in the darkness. Brad stretched his leg
using his foot to feel for the chair but he couldn't find it. He stretched his
leg further. There was a loud RRRRRIIIIIPPPPP followed by the sound of Brad's
voice saying, "Fuck! Not again.", as his pants suffered a major blow out. The
entire back seam burst open as his large milky white bottom exploded out the
back. Having just gotten done dancing at Luke's he was still in his thong, which
was a shocking hot pink with large black polka dots splashed all over it.

He swung his other leg in so that his head was outside but his full plump ass
was inside. Mr. Marshal switched on the light and he and Grant were treated to the sight of Brad's big naughty rump hanging in the window. His tiny thong disappearing between his oh so round mounds of flesh.

This was the first time Mr. Marshall had ever seen Bead's huge posterior bare
but he had fantasized about it many times. Now seeing it here like this for the
first time he had to admit he was not disappointed with what he saw. The teens
ass was every bit as hot as it was in his fantasies.

Grant on the other hand had seen Brad's big lard ass bare many times. The two
had grown up together. There had been sleep overs, camp, gym class's and now
they were roommates. So Grant was no stranger to this sight but he never tired
of it. He loved the skimpy bikini briefs and thongs Brad wore. Even in high
school Brad wore these scant undergarments.

Grant remembered the other guys in the locker room teasing Brad about his tiny
flashy "panties", as they jokingly referred to them. But it never seemed to
bother Brad. Grant always sort of got the impression that Brad enjoyed the
attention in some strange way.

One time Grant remembered asking Brad why he wore the kind of underwear he did,
especially the thongs. Brad's answer was simple. He had always had a larger than
average butt and once he started working out in high school to build his body
even bigger for wrestling his rump got even bigger as did his thighs.
Traditional boxers dug into his thighs uncomfortably and tightie whities tended
to cut into his ample cheeks. However, most bikini briefs were much more
stretchy with larger high cut leg bands so they were more comfortable. And
thongs gave even more room. And as Brad said, "Once you get used to having
something between your ass checks they are downright comfortable." Grant though
of all this as he watched Brad wiggle his plump bottom in the window. Fuck he
loved how it jiggled.

"Are you gonna fuckin' help me out here or what, Grant!?", barked Brad.

Grant looked to Mr. Marshall who motioned for him to stay in bed. Mr. Marshall
stood behind Brad, his face close to the teens over sized ass melons. So,
close in fact that Brad felt the warm breath on his rump. Mr. Marshall reached
up and grabbed Brad's waist allowing his hands to feel up the young man's plump
bottom as he did so. He pulled Brad in and Brad landed on both feet asking,
"Why'd you move my chair, Grant?" He then spun around and came face to face with

Mr. Marshall. "Mr. Marshall what are you doing here?"

"I'll ask the questions, Brad. What are you doing sneaking in so late? And
before you answer I should mention this is the forth night in a row I've have
checked on you and found out you have broken curfew. Also, Grant told me about
your job as a bar back."

Brad shot Grant a look over his shoulder. Grant spoke up, "Sorry man. I didn't
even know he had been here before tonight. When he confronted me I didn't know
what else to say."

"It's cool.", said Brad to Grant. Then to Mr. Marshall he said, "It appears you
know the truth. I don't know what to say. I'm sorry, sir,"

Mr. Marshall gave Brad a stern look, "Bradley I'm sure that you are aware that
breaking curfew three times is grounds for being kicked out. You have broken
curfew four times, that I know of. I suspect the number is much greater. I could
have you kicked out right now."

"Please Mr. Marshall.", pleaded Brad. "My dad will be so pissed. I can't be
kicked out. There has to be another way to handle this."

The dorm monitor liked the position he had the large bottomed young man in. "I
should kick you out and let your father deal with you. If you were my son I
would put your big butt over my lap and spank it red."

Grant audibly gasped at the sound of this. And Brad smiled to himself. Once
again he would be able to use his full round bottom to get himself out of
trouble. He had allowed many men over the years to spank his ample bottom to
avoid trouble. But there was an odd twist here. His best friend was less than five feet away. That might be weird. Especially since every time he got spanked he got hard. And then most times ended up ejaculating. He couldn't have Grant
see him like this. But he couldn't get expelled either.

As Brad pondered this Mr. Marshall spoke, "I suppose if you were to submit to
some corporal punishment you would be receiving punishment for your misdeeds and
I could see my way fit not to turn in the demerits."Grant gasped once again at hearing this. And his dick twitched under the covers
in his tightie whities.

Brad thought fast, "Yes, sir. I think that is more than fair. I'll stop by your
office before my first class."

"No!", said Mr. Marshall. "You will submit to a spanking on your full rump now
or I will see that you are expelled."

"But sir. Grant is here."

"Not my problem. You should have thought of that sooner. Maybe the extra
humiliation of having your buddy see your big bottomed spanked will help drive
home the point. It may even help keep him in line. The choice is yours Brad.
Strip to your underwear and get of my lap or start packing." With that he pulled
the desk chair to the middle of the room and sat down.

Brad looked from the dorm monitor to his best friend and then back again. He was
clearly nervous while Grant was clearly excited. Brad locked eyes with Mr.
Marshall saying, "I'll take the spanking, sir," he them began to disrobe kicking
off his shoes and pulling off his T-shirt. He then undid his ripped pants
letting the fall to the floor. He stepped in front of Mr. Marshall, his large
polka dotted package in the older man's face. Grant watched with great interest
as his buddy climbed onto the dorm supervisors lap. Brad looked at Grant over
his shoulder and Grant looked back. They locked eyes then Brad turned his head
forward as Mr. Marshall brought his hand down.

Brad's large booty was facing Grant. Grant got a good look of his friend's big
bottom jiggling lewdly. He could not believe that he was witnessing Brad's lard
ass get spanked. And by another man. Fuck he was horny. His hard cock throbbed
in his briefs and he was glad for the covers to conceal his boner.

Mr. Marshal took the time to rub Brad's ample rump after the first slap.
'Pervert' thought Brad as he felt his dorm supervisor feel him up. CRACK! Came
the second blow. Brad's large buttocks rippled like waves on a lake.

Grant loved the way the thin strap of Brad's teeny thong disappeared between his
acres of ass flesh. He licked his lips with anticipation. Then Mr. Marshall let


With rapid fire he let loose of Brad's poor beefy ass and kept going, showing no
mercy. Brad started kicking his legs. The stinging was intense in his well
padded derriere and although he was kicking it wa a good pain. Once again Grant
let out an audible gasp. As Brad kicked his legs spread and his full fanny
parted. Grant could see right between his cheeks. He could see the hot pink and
black polka dot stripped material trail down his friend's crack. The only thing
that stood between Grant and Brad's tight straight virgin ass hole was that
strap. Grant wanted to pull it aside and make love to Brad's balloon knot with
his tongue.


The spanking continued and Brad's cock began to swell. As much as he tried to fight it the pain hurt so good. His balls ached and his cock was rigid. He tried
thinking of other things. It was bad enough his best friend was seeing him like
this. What would Grant say if Brad came in front of him. He'd probably think he
was gay. How could he explain it.

The spanking continued and then Mr. Marshall stopped without warning. He looked
over at Grant and said, "Go get me the hairbrush off the dresser."

Panic filled Grant. He couldn't get out of bed. If he did his erection would be
visible. "Me, sir?", he asked.

Irritably Mr. Marshall replied, "Well I don't see anybody else here!"

Grant gulped. He would have to do it but how could he hide his arousal? He got
out of bed and sort of shuffled sideways to the dresser. He grabbed the brush and
using his left and to hide his bulging manhood handed the brush to Mr. Marshall.
But Mr. Marshall took note that something was not right and spoke up. "What are
you trying to hide Grant?"

Grant stopped dead in His tracks and blushed. "Nothing, sir."

"Then place your hands at your sides and let me see for myself."

"Do I have to Mr. Marshal?"

"Yes, you have to. Hands at your sides Grant."

Grant took a deep breath. He could feel his face burn hot and knew it was
glowing red with shame but he obeyed slowly lower both hands to his sides. His
fat throbbing erection was clearly visible through the thin white cotton of his
tight white briefs.

"Do you have an erection, young man?!," barked Mr. Marshall.

Brad was still draped across the lap of the twisted dorm supervisor, his full
pink ass aimed skyward. His head spun around fast to see his friend's large
boner. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, Grant really was aroused. That's
when it hit him 'Grant must be gay'. He'd never thought about it before, at
least not on a conscious level, but at the same time he was not surprised. He
thought back to different situations over the years and it all made sense.

Never would Brad have thought of Grant as another man who wanted his big bulbous
ass but here he stood cock pulsating so obviously he did.

"I asked you a question, Grant. Do you have an erection?", repeated Mr.

Grant swallowed hard, "Yes, sir, I guess I do."

"What has you so worked up boi? Is it seeing your buddies big ass bare? Or maybe
it's the fact that I'm spanking it? Do you like the way it jiggles when I smack
it?" And with that he brought his hand down on Brad's big pink rump.

It was as if Grant were hypnotized watching Brad's colossal buns vibrate under
the older man's touch. He just stood there eye's glue to his best friend
bouncing butt nodding his head and whispering a soft 'yes'.

"Well", said the dorm supervisor, "This adds a whole new dimension to things.
Remove your briefs."

Confused Grant asked, "Remove my briefs, sir?"

"Did I fucking stutter remove your briefs!"

Seeing that Mr. Marshall meant business Grant lowered his briefs quickly and
stepped from them. He now stood before no only his dorm supervisor but also his
best friend completely naked and aroused. His secret was out. He was gay and now
Brad knew.

Brad's head was still turned toward Grant watching the show. But Brad being Brad all he could think was 'Fuck look at how much he wants my big ass. He's dripping precum.' and it was true precum dripped from the tip of Grants dong as he stood
there exposed in every way possible. His cock twitched involuntarily under the
watchful eye of the two men.

Mr. Marshall spoke, "Go stand in front of Brad." He sensed an argument coming so
he followed up with, "Don't say a word do as I say."

Gulping back his shame he went around to stand in front of Brad who was now
facing forward again ready for his spanking to resume. Grant looked down in
shame and Brad looked up. Their eyes met. Grant thought he would die. But then
Brad did something that made everything okay. He gave his buddy a crocked
sideways smile and winked. A moment had passed between the two. Grant knew from
that look and that wink that he and Brad were still cool. He knew in that
instant that Brad would accept him no matter what. And that made all the
difference in the world. Grant winked back.

"Move closer.", ordered Mr. Marshall. "And don't stop till I say so."

Grant inched forward ever so slowly waiting for Mr. Marshall to tell him to
stop. He finally did when Grant's fat 8.5" member was less than half an inch
from Brad's face.Then Mr. Marshall spoke again. "I want you to look at your buddies cock Brad.
And Grant you are not to move for any reason unless I tell you too. Understood?"
Still nervous but much more at ease Grant nodded in the affirmative. And that's
when Mr. Marshal brought the brush down on Brad's huge slabs of prime beefy.
CRACK!!!!Brad felt his own cock twitch at the attention his ass was being given but still
he did not want Grant to see him cum.


The brush came down hard on Brad's large tender rump. His eyes were on his
friend's dick as he was instructed and with each swat from the brush Brad
pitched forward and Grant's huge schlong would brush against his face. Either
his nose, or a cheek, even his lips. And when it did it left a trail of precum.
Brad could not believe how perverted Mr. Marshall was. But still despite the
humiliation or maybe because of it Brad's cock continued to grow to full mast.
He was so hard he thought he might rip right through his scant thong.

The spanking continued and Grant & Mr. Marshall both watched Brad's elephantine
ass quiver and shake. Shit how Grant wanted to fuck him.


Brad knew that he could not take much more. It was just a matter of time before
he came and Grant knew his dirty little secret, he got off on being spanked. He
fought it as long as he could but he was losing the fight.

Brad called out, "Please Mr. Marshal stop! I'm gonna cum!"

But this did not stop the dorm supervisor it only caused him to pick up the
pace. And caused Grant's dick to twitch as he thought, 'Is Brad getting off on


Brad's ass was glowing like two over sized tomatoes and his muscular legs
kicking. He felt his nut sack tighten and knew this was it. He yelled out,
"Aaaawwwww FUCK I'M CUMMING!!!!! And at that he emptied his balls into his teeny thong.
This was all too much for Grant as he looked down at Brad who was looking up at
him. Knowing that Brad was shooting his wad and seeing the lust in his eyes as he did was enough for Grant's own load to blast from his dick hands free. Blast after blast landed on Brad's face. It was like an out of control hose shooting
cum all over Brad. It landed in his hair. On his forehead. His cheek. His chin.
And one drop landed in his mouth much to his surprise and shock. Involuntarily
he swallowed causing and other blast to erupt from Grant as he watched. All Brad
though as he swallowed his buddies load was 'salty'.

Grant looked at Brad with panic in his eyes. Yes it was hot to see Brad's sexy
face covered in his jizz but what would his reaction be. Once again Brad gave
the sideways smile and this time shrugged. Mr. Marshall ordered Brad to his

Brad & Grant stood side by side as Mr. Marshal rose to his feet and eyed the duo
up. Grant was naked with cum dripping from the tip of his dick. Brad had Grant's
cum dripping from his well coated face while his own fat prick popped out the
side of his hot pink and black polka dot thong, which was coated in his own

Mr. Marshall spoke, "I hope you have learned your lesson, Bradley. The rules are

meant for you as well. And Grant I hope you'll heed this warning. Next time you
see someone breaking the rules it is up to you to speak up. Now to bed both of
you. You both have classes in the morning." And with that he left the room and
the two friends standing there. As he left both Brad and Grant noticed a
definite bulge in the man's pants.

As soon as the door shut behind Mr. Marshall Brad burst out laughing while
Grant rushed to get him a towel to clean his face.

"Brad, man I'm sorry about cumming in your face like that."

As Brad wiped his buddies load from his well chiseled jaw he just shrugged
saying, " I don't blame you. It was that twisted fuck Marshall. He put you in a
situation where he knew it would happen."

There was a long pause as Grant searched for what to say. But Brad broke the
silence when he said, "You could have told me you know."

Grant knew full well what he meant but played dumb anyway asking, "What do you

Brad shot him a look that said not to play dumb. "You know what I mean, Grant.
Your gay. And I don't care. We have been friends all our lives. This changes

Relief swept over Grant at his friends acceptance and he smiled. "Thanks. I
guess we all have secrets. You get off on being spanked?"

It was Brad's turn to blush. But Grant broke the tension by saying, "And I got
off on seeing it."

Brad laughed saying, "So you do want my big ass?" as he peeled off his cum
drenched thong.

The two laughed and continued talking till late into the night. Brad told Grant
all about the spankings he had received over the years from coaches, boss',
girlfriends fathers and even his own dad as the high school principal watched.
But he decided not to tell Grant about the time his father, the police officer,
spanked him. He thought that might be too much.

Then he confessed to Grant that he has been dancing as s go-go boy at Luke's
Hideaway. And Grant shocked him by telling him that he knew and had seen him
dance. Which prompted Brad to say, "No more spying from a distance. The next
time I dance I want you front and center. You get to see this big butt for free
everyday but at the club I expect you to tip me." There was more comfortable

The night ended with Brad climbing into bed and laying on his stomach asking
Grant if he'd apply lotion to his big red booty. Grant was more than willing to
comply climbing into bed with Brad. Both men were still nude and Grant was erect
again as he squeezed lotion into the palm of his hand and ran it over his
buddies colossal rear end. He had dreamed of this moment for do long and now
here he was feeling up Brad's man cakes. They felt so good Brad let out a soft

But all good things must come to an end and so did this night. Grant got into
his own bed and both men said good night and drifted off to sleep. Both knew
something big had taken place here tonight. Neither knew exactly where this
would take their friendship but each was enjoying the ride in his own way.

The End


  1. Wow I love this. The shift in dynamics between Brad and Grant was so smooth and this was fucking hot. I look forward to what will happen in future installments of this story! It got me off though ;)

  2. Thanks. I am working on future ideas for Brad & Grant.