Monday, April 1, 2013

Readers Rump - Ian

Some of you may remember Ian from my last blog, More Cushion For the Pushin'. Ian was the inspiration for the main character in my story The New Suit, which I recently posted here. As a result of my posting this story Ian got back in touch with me and submitted a few new pics so everyone could see the round rump that inspired my story. Let Ian know just what you think of his bubble butt by leaving him some comments.


  1. Hi.

    This is Ian. Thank you for posting my pics, I hope some guys out there appreciate it! Does it live up to the description in the story? Would any of your guys desire to be the tailor that gets to measure this rounded rump?

    Please comment!

    Also guys I spoke to BubbleButtLuvr about me taking pictures of myself to go with the next story about me. So, do any of you guys have anything in particular you want the story to be about? Or anything you want to see me in? Underwear or other things? Comment to let me know! I'm willing to do most requests!

    Once again, thanks for posting my pics and hopefully others will comment to let us know what they think.


  2. Red underwear please!!

  3. Your wish will be granted. I've got both a red thong and red briefs!

  4. How about take pics while measuring your butt!

  5. white thong/white bikini/white spandex please!

  6. I'd like to see a picture of your hole!

  7. I will try and get some more pictures done for you guys and send them to our wonderful blog creator and see if he will post them.

    So far I will do pictures of myself in btoh a red thong and red briefs, measuring my butt (if the tape's big enough!) and in some white hoxerbriefs - so far I don't have any other white items.

    Keep any other requests coming and I will do my best!

    By the way, am I right to presume that people are liking what they see if they are requesting more?


    Oh yeh, I've also got a black wrestling singlet that clings to my naturally prominent backside! Anyone want to see that?!

  8. I will most certainly post the pics if you send them to me. Personally I would like to see you in your singlet as well.