Monday, April 29, 2013

Sean Storm & His Amazing Hungry Booty

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Sean Storm on line. And I am very happy to say he is as friendly as he is sexy. In chatting I told him what an ass fan I am and about the blog and asked for his permission to post his pics. He gave it and even sent me the top three pics as his choices. I then pulled some of my own choices to add to his. Sean is an amazing bottom with an incredibly hungry hole that begs to be filled. With those round meaty cheeks I would gladly bury my face deep in there for hours of feasting. My fantasy would be for him to just sit on my face and force feed me that hot ass.


  1. wanna eat it so bad!
    I'm about to lick the screen

  2. Fucking sexy as hell. I'm so glad to have Sean as a friend on Facebook.