Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ricky & Mr. Corrigan: Busted

by BubbleButtLuvr

Ricky has worked for me for the past six months and has been driving me into a
wild sexual frenzy for just as long. Who am I? My name is Don Corrigan. I'm a 42
year old manager of an outfit called Pack-N-Move. We rent trucks and vans.

Anyway, six months ago Ricky comes in for an interview. At 23 the kid is young
enough to be my son. But, he's not and he's cute as hell. Jet black hair, dark
eyes and complexion. Latino. And while all of this appeals to me greatly the one
thing that stood out overall this was this kid's ass. It was absolute
perfection. So full, round and plump. I don't mean plump in a bad way either.
This kid was lean it was jut that he had this insanely big bubble butt.

In case it's not obvious yet I'm gay and out. And I above all things am an ass
man. So, this kid is dressed all preppy in a tie and sweater, the preppy look
drives me mad. And he's wearing these tight black slacks that just cling to his
ass melon's. At this point the interview was a formality I knew the kid had the
job. I know that's not fair the most qualified person should get the job. Well I
don't care that big booty had me under it's spell.

But aside from his looks he was a nice respectful young man. I had no problem
seeing him fitting in with the team. So, as I said he was hired.


He started the following Monday. He showed up his first day in another
sweater/tie combo and wearing tight grey slacks. His ass popped in them. I love
getting him to bend over to pick up things. The pants stretch tighter across his expanse of ass.

I also have a bit of an underwear fetish. A big butt in tiny undies makes my
dick twitch. Anyway, his pants are so tight you can clearly make out his
underwear line. And it is always very skimpy coming up high over his ass mounds.
He drives me crazy. I wanted that ass so bad and wondered if he knew what he was
doing to me.

I didn't know him well so I didn't know his sexual preference. Or if he was just
a cock tease or completely oblivious to what he was doing to me. As I said I am
out and proud so he knew I was gay. But still as his boss I was hesitant to make
a move.

Then one evening I was at home surfing the Internet and found a golden nugget
right there on line. I was looking at pictures on a popular online picture sharing site when I came across the profile of a guy who called himself ThongLover1988. I quickly clicked on his profile was was treated to an assortment of pics of one of the biggest, roundest butts I had ever seen.

This guy had pics of himself in thongs, g-strings, jocks and bikini briefs. All
scant and sexy with his plump ass overflowing. My cock twitched at the sight.
None of the pics featured his face. They were all ass shots. And in each shot
you could see he had just dropped his pants and pulled up his shirt to take the
picture. As if it had been done in a hurry.

Then I noticed that most of the pics were taken in the same restroom. It looked
like a public restroom to me. And the funny thing was it looked familiar to me
but I couldn't place it. But public restrooms do have a sameness to them.

I continued to look through the pics until I came across the most recent, which
had today's date on it. I clicked on the image to make it bigger and everything
came into perspective. The guy had his grey slacks pushed to his knees and his
baby blue sweater and white dress shirt pulled up high so that you could clearly
see his big rump bursting from a pair of red Unico bikini briefs. The briefs
exposed way more ass than they covered and I drool at the sight.

This was where I put all the pieces of the dirty little puzzle together. I knew
those slacks and that sweater. That is what Ricky had worn to work today. Not
only that but I knew why the restroom looked familiar, it was our restroom at
work. Ricky was taking dirty pics of himself on the job and posting them. My
cock had expanded to it's full thick 7.5". I immediately thought, 'naughty boi
needs a spanking on his full bottom'.

I pulled up his profile and read. He was 23 from California. Well, duh I knew
that. Sexual preference was gay. Score! Now I knew I stood a chance. It went on
to say, 'I'm a slutty young boi who enjoys showing off my big butt in teeny tiny
undies. What do you you think is my butt to big for my skimpy underwear? Do I
deserve a spanking for being so naughty? Send me a message and tell me what you
think.' It was at this point where I masturbated to completion. This was way to
much to handle.

The next day I knew what I was going to do. I was gonna fuck that large ass. It
was bold and I knew I could get in trouble but he was posting pics of himself at
work in the restroom barring his big butt. This was grounds for termination so I
knew I had a bargaining tool. Anyway it was his word against mine if he chose to
say I sexually harassed him but I had saved copies of the pics he had posted so
I felt confident.

At work our files room is more or less a big open garage with rows of metal
shelving we have boxes stacked on. It is connected to the store by a long
hallway and is very private. The next day I asked Pam to watch the floor saying
that I needed Ricky to help me find some old files in the file room for and audit. It was just the three of us working and I let Ricky lead the way down the hall so I could watch his meaty rump dance in his right black slacks as he moved. I wondered what kind of
underwear he was wearing for me today but from his underwear line I knew it was

We entered the room and I gave him something to search for on the bottom shelves
just so I could watch him bend and thrust out that big caboose. As we started
searching we started to chat. I steered the subject toward the Internet and
posting pics online. We chatted and laughed and he seemed clueless as if he
didn't know I had discovered his secret. Then I said, "I came across a profile
last night I bet you'd find interesting."

Still clueless he replied, "Really?"

I said, "Yes, his name is ThongLover1988 and he has a big old rump. Every bit as
big as yours."

Ricky stopped working and straightened up turning to look at me. He was nervous.
His face was flush from embarrassment. He tried to play it cool but the jig was
up and he knew it.

I told him the funny thing was the guy must work for us since most of his pics
were taken on our restroom. Still trying to play cool. He said, "Really? Who do
you think it is?"

I gave him a sly grin saying, "With a butt that big and round I think we both
know it's you. Isn't that right, ThongLover1988?"

His face flushed a brighter red as he asked if I was gonna fire him. But I let
him know if he played the game my way his job was safe. He looked relieved but
hesitant as to what that meant. Fuck I loved watching this little hottie squirm
as I said, "Why don't you give me a sneak peak of what you'll be posting on line
tonight? Strip down and show me what slutty little underpants you have on

Again his face blushed brighter and he gulped nervously asking, "You want me to
show you my underwear, Mr. Corrigan?"

He asked so innocently as if he were shocked by the request. I could understand
the innocence if he hadn't already been flaunting his huge can all over the
Internet but this kid was not innocent by any means. He was a full-blown cock
tease and I was beginning to realize this was his game. So I replied with, "Yes,
Ricky, I think you had better show me your underwear. Your job depends on it."

He looked at me almost sheepishly as he said, "Well, If I have to to keep my job
then I will do whatever I have to, sir." He then began to undo his pants and
push them down. He then pulled his shirt and sweater up so I could inspect his
briefs. And they wear brief. They were a sort of rainbow colored booty shorts.
But they were way too tight on him and his package bulged obscenely. I took in
the sight with delight and told him to turn so I could see them from behind. He
obeyed without a word turning do that his elephantine ass faced me. The view from
behind was even better. His large billowing bottom spilled from the tiny shorts.
Again I was amazed at how small they were. I wouldn't say they didn't fit him. I
think they fit him just the way he wanted them too, barely. So much of his ample
rump was exposed it really played with your mind. He was covered but just

Looking over his shoulder at me his back arched and his full buns thrust back as
he asked, "Is this what you wanted to see, sir?"

Without skipping a beat I said, "I think I need to see more before I can
determine your punishment. Remove everything but your underwear."

Again playing innocent he looked at me batting those long dark lashes saying,
"But Mr. Corrigan if I do that I'll be so exposed. My undies are so small they
barely contain me."

This kid knew how to tease. "Bot my problem.", I replied playing the game along
with him. I then stood there and watched as he removed his clothing. Every
stitch but the rainbow booty shorts.

Again he looked at me asking, "Is this what you wanted to see, sir?"

"Yes, very nice.", I said as I circled the young man slowly eyeing up his hot
young body pouring from the scant underwear. I liked what he had to offer and he
knew it. Time to turn up the heat. I cleared my throat saying, " it is wrong of
you to take such lewd pics on company time. I think you need to be punished to
learn your lesson. A good hard spanking on your big butt should help you to
remember. Bend over that stack of boxes."

"Your going to spank me, sir. In these briefs? But they offer little protection
and besides my big ass will jiggle if you do that."

Damn this kid liked to tease. "Not my problem.", I said as I ordered him to bend
over. "You need to learn proper workpplace behavior.

"Yes, sir.", he said with a naughty smile as he bent over. I got behind him, head spinning as I took in the sight of this kids huge bubble butt bursting from the tiny undies. I brought my hand up high and down hard on his ass. As my hand made contact his massive buns jiggled and there was a sharp CRACK sound. I love that sound.

He pitched forward and moaned. I wasted no time and I lifted my arm and brought it back down again. Over and over I brought my large hand down on his even larger ass. It was a sight to behold. He sort of danced from leg to leg in an effort to soften my blows. I could tell it hurt him but hd still seemed to like it. He was moaning and whining but on a mixture of pain and pleasure. He pushed his large ass out and met each blow.

Then he started talking. Dirty talk drives me crazy and this kid was pushing my buttons. He started by saying, "I'm sorry for being such a bad boy, Mr. Corrigan. I promise I'll be good." this just aroused me more and made my hand come down harder on the little cock tease.

The briefs ride up as I spanked and more of his ample bottom spilled out. It was no longer a creamy white. It was a deep pink now. I love that and I loved the way it bounced. He keep talking saying, "I'm sorry I was so naughty. I know I deserve to have my big ass spanked."

And spank him I did. His massive ass was perfection as far as I was concerned and I loved how it moved. His moans were getting more lusty, if that were possible. His ass was now fire engine red. The way it quivered reminded me of a mound of strawberry Jello.

Then he said, "Please Mr. Corrigan I can't take anymore. My fat ass is on fire. Please stop. I'll do anything you say if you'll stop spanking me. I'll accept any other punishment."

At that point my mind started racing as I stopped spanking his over inflated bottom. He looked back over his shoulder at me. We made eye contact as I asked him, "Any punishment I see fit, Ricky?"

With a dirty leer and a wiggle of his ample booty he replied, "Anything, Mr. Corrigan, sir."


My cock twitched, fuck he was a tease. I ordered he to stand up and remove his underpants and face me. He obeyed straightening up with his back to me. He bent over at the waist and pried to scant undergarment from between the sark valley of his ample cheeks. He slowly lowered them down his thick muscular thighs. He took great effort not to bend his knees. He just bent over ever so slowly at the raise teasing mesas he lowered the minuscule underwear. He let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them and turned to face me. His dick was completely hard and bobbed up and down. His sack was bald but above his 6" penis there was a small dusting of hair. Not much more than a 5:00 shadow. The kid had obviously groomed recently.


We stood there for shat seemed like an eternity. Our eyes locked on one another. I had to give the kid credit here he was before his employer naked with a throbbing boner and a red well spanked fanny but he seemed comfortable in his own skin. There was no embarrassment. Oh, he enjoyed playing coy but it was just a game to him. He was a tease and loved it. I looked down at his cock and He made it bob up and down. What a cock tease.


It was Ricky that broke the silence asking, " What should I do now, sir?"


I ordered him to his knees and then to unzip my pants and take out my dick. He did. My fat 7.5 x 6" cock was at full mast and dripping. I looked down as he looked up into my eyes waiting for instruction. I nodded saying, "Go on boi. Take me in your mouth."


He just looked up at me as if waiting for more instruction. The kid knew how to tease and draw out a moment. He licked the head saying, "Like that Mr. Corrigan? Is that what you want?"


I threw back my head moaning with delight. He then took my head in his mouth and started biting on it playfully. My head was spinning as he began to go down on me. His mouth was warm and wet and well skilled. He knew how to suck dick and he knew how to do it well.


I looked down to find him looking up at me. My cock head stuffing his mouth a desire to please in his eyes. I tussled his hair to let him know how good it felt. He was moaning and fighting to get air. He'd gasp and cough but refused to stop blowing me. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled Him onto my schlong. It felt so good! He gasped and began drooling. Saliva dripping from his chin as he gagged. Fuck I love that sound. I pulled out and flapped him across the face with my member loving the sound of flub on skin.


Lust filled his eyes as he asked, "What can I do for you now sir? I deserve more punishment."


Fuck he had me so worked up. I replied with, "Get on your hands and knees. I'm gonna fuck you like an animal."


A desire to please filled his sexy eyes as he dropped to his knees and shoved out that fat rump. He shook his extra large rump at me and said, "Please sir, fuck me. I deserve it. I've been very bad."


I didn't waste time with a condom or wait to be asked again. I took my cock which was still covered in his saliva and aimed it at his waiting hole. It slide in so nicely. He moaned as I entered him but I knew he'd adjust to my thickness. He yelled out, which I love.


"Please Mr. Corrigan wait!", he pleaded. "Your too big. I can't take it!"


But now that I was in I wasn't stopping. I grabbed his hips and pulled him in tight. He screamed out. Fuck I loved that. Then I began to built speed. His large bottom rippled as I slammed into it. I grabbed his slabs of ass fat and began feeling them up. That ass was mine now and I wasn't gonna give it up until I bred this horny slut.


He screamed and pleaded for me to take it easy on him. That's when I raised my right hand and brought it down hard on his ample right cheek saying, "Shut the fuck up and rake it. You've earned your punishment."


He whimpered saying, "Yes, Mr. Corrigan, sir. I'll try."


But as my cock slammed in and put of him he continued screaming like a virgin on prom night. While I love that I couldn't take the chance that someone would hear. I wrapped my left hand around his mouth and I pulled him in closer with my right. He was now up on his knees and stroking his own raging bone. Through my hand I could hear his muffled pleas.


I pressed my lips to his left ear saying, "Keep it down boi. Do you want everyone to know what a slut you are?"


I heard a muffled, "No, sir." and continued pounding into his over inflated butt. His tongue flicked out licking my index finger. He was trying to work my finger into his mouth so I allowed it to slide in as I felt his tight hole lock around my veiny member.


He began sucking my finger like it was a dick. Fuck this kid was hot. He got so caught up in the moment the pain of my relentless pounding as he sucked my finger. He was slurpping and saliva ran down his chin. He moaned a deep hearty moan as I whispered in his ear, "You like being my slut?"


He moaned a low throaty moan. He loved being called names and listening to my dirty talk and that got me going. Again I whispered in his ear, "So where do you want me to cum, whore?" I dropped my hand from his mouth for his reply.


Without missing a beat he replied, "In me, Mr. Corrigan. I want you to coat my insides for being such a naughty cock tease."


I guess his dirty talk got to me too because right then is when I blew filling his guts with my sticky love juices. My balks tightened and my Vick spasmed as my seed emptied me. He push that fat ass back on my cock and we each screamed out in lust.


As my cock finished draining I felt his hit tight hole tighten. He reached back holding me in him. He tilted his head and as my own cock finished unloading his started. Our lips met and our tongues intertwined invaded one another's mouth for an all too brief tango. We collapsed on the floor with me on top of him, a place I would have gladly spent the day but we were at work.


I rose to my feet and began pulling myself back together. I instructed Ricky to visit the men's room and get himself together before reporting back to work and ended things with, "The next time you are out of line in anyway you can expect more of the sane young man."


With a dirty grin he said, "Yes sir." before disappearing to the restroom.


That was six months ago and needless to say Ricky has been "punished" many times since. He's no longer a sales associate but rather my "ASS"istant. We have come in early many a morning to "prep" things for the day and spent many a late night on "inventory". I guess it's true what they say, 'It's not what you know but who you know'. Or should that be 'who you do.'?


The End

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