Sunday, April 21, 2013

SweetBubbleBe - Tiny Red Undies On A Fat Ass

Many of you will remember SweetBubbleBe. I used to post pics of him all the time on my old blog and have a ton of his pics on my Flickr pages. And I have posted some of his pics in the past. Click on his name in the Tags section to see past posts of him. At one point he started his own blog for awhile. He an I corresponded for a couple of years and during this time I sent him a lot of little email fantasies involving his plump straight ass in humiliating encounters. When he started his own blog he asked if he could post some of these stories I had written exclusively for him. I gave him the okay and he began posting them. Since these stories were just quick little email fantasies I didn't worry as much about grammar and so on. When SweetBubbleBe posted these stories on his blog he changed some of the wording so that the stories would read better on his blog. He changed everything to first person perspective.

Sadly I never hung on to any of these stories as it was never my intent to post them anywhere. they were just private emails between myself and a friend. This past week I got a very nice email from a man names Charles who said he enjoyed my work and referenced this weeks story, Halloween Night. I told him while I remembered it I no longer had a copy of it (this was one of my emails that SweetBubbleBe had posted on his blog). Charles had hung onto a copy of this story and was kind enough to send it to me. I decided to post it here and made a few tweaks to it. First I changed the perspective back to third person then I added a few details not in my original story, mainly describing SweetBubbleBe's underwear. It is odd that I did not paint a picture of what they looked like in the original version of this story as that is something I always put great detail into. So I added this and have posted below. It is a short story but still full of lots of dirty details. I hope you all enjoy.

And my thanks to Charles for hanging onto this story and being kind enough to send it to me so that I can share it here with all of you.

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  1. Mmmm now thats an ass i would put my whole face in!!