Monday, April 28, 2014

SweetBubbleBe's Round Globes

Some of you may remember SweetBubbleBe. He is a straight guy who loves showing off his meaty cheeks and slipping into his girl's panties from time to time. I even based the Andre character on him. It has been a long time since I have heard from him but I still have a ton of pics that I have not posted here. So here is around round with his flesh mounds.


  1. Straight!? Smh, damn shame. A girl wouldn't know what to do with all that ass.

  2. Actually my wife love to spank it, not a strong hand but not bad at all. I love those pics btw, my favorite is second last

  3. I'd be happy just to watch your wife try to tame that mega rump.

  4. I apologize if I seemed disrespectful. Just saying that sweet rump of yours deserves a spanking and more. Your wife is a lucky woman. With all due respect, no harm intended.

    1. No worries Dee I love the attention and I'm pretty sure that you have more imagination then my wife to use my big bottom for your own pleasure

  5. I know I have plenty of ideas on what to do to your big melon globes. I'd start with spanking but that would be the most tame thing I would do to your jumbo rump if you were in my possession. ; )