Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big Ass Humiliation: Trey Meets The School Bully

by BubbleButtLuvr

It seemed that no matter where Trey Fisher went he just didn't quit fit in. Trey had spent most of his 18 years being raised by his widowed father. Even as a small child he always preferred books to baseball. That combined with his shy quiet nature helped set him apart. Then there was his look. Trey had the look of the stereotypical nerd from a 1980's movie. He had a mop of unruly brown curls that he rarely bothered to brush let alone use product on. His glasses were thick black frames that looked more like goggles. And he always wore either penny loafers or wingtips shined to a high polish. His pants were always polyester dress slacks and were undoubtedly and inch or two short. Add to this that he usually wore a short sleeve button down shirt with a pocket protector with some sort of necktie. Sometimes he even wore a bow tie. This was not your normal dress for an 18 year old high school senior. But it's what Trey liked so its what he wore. It was if he didn't care at all about fashion or looking good to impress the girls. He was in his own world.

With that said Trey was not without potential. It's just that his potential had remained untapped. Under those thick framed glasses he had the most beautiful blue green eyes, the color of the ocean. And his lips were full and pouty with a slight unintentionally cocky curve to the left when he smiled. And underneath his polyester dress pants and pocket protector was a naturally lean and well defined body with six pack abs. And between his legs hung the biggest set of low hanging balls with a fat dick that even flaccid measured in at just over nine inches. But again all of this seemed wasted on Trey as he either didn't know or didn't care about what he had.

In fact the only thing that even registered with Trey as far as his appearance went was his larger than average backside. It had been the curse of all the Fisher men for generations. While being very lean and well defined naturally he had a 28" waist and had never worked out a day in his life. However, though his waist measured in at 28" his ass measured in at 44", a full 16" larger than his waist! This was certainly very obvious and something he had been teased about his whole life. His ample booty was a great source of embarrassment for Trey. As a result of the vast difference in his waist and his ass he always had to have his pants specially fitted.

In addition traditional underwear just did not fit him right. Briefs dug in to his plump mounds and hurt. If boxers fit in the seat they were too big in the waist and if they fit in the waist his big buttocks would come bursting through ripping the back seam right out. But it wasn't as if he could go without underwear due to his large endowment. He needed something for support. In the end Mr. Fisher had to start buying his son thongs. This was another source of great embarrassment for Trey. In gym class he always changed in a stahl so no one would see him in his ass exposing underwear.

And as a result he hated doctors visits. One time he overheard two male nurses talking about his thong and the fact that his ass was so large. They were commenting on how much it jiggled when he got on the scale. Trey was completely humiliated and turned crimson as he heard them discussing his monster ass and tiny undies. Shit he knew his ass jiggled. He could feel it every time he moved but he couldn't help it. Of course it was gonna jiggle. Something that big naturally jiggles.

But aside from that he didn't really mind so much that he didn't fit in so well. He was just sick of being picked on and all the name calling. That's why when his father announced that his job was transferring him across country to California Trey became excited. He had just started his senior year of high school and this was a chance for a fresh start in a place where nobody knew him. He could blend into the background quietly and no one would bother him. Or so he thought. But this was high school and no one could just blend in especially when their appearance made them stand out so far. Little did Trey know what new humiliations awaited him when he enter Mr. Barth's home room that first day. Nor did he know I how he would feel about these new humiliations.

Trey entered the room and made his way to the back hoping to go unnoticed. But that was not to be. He passed Will Tyler and his band of delinquent followers on his way to the back of the class. Will was a bully and always had been. He was quit large for 18. He was 6'4" and muscular with big meaty biceps and a rotten attitude. Will felt the world owed him something and if he didn't get it he just took it. Will delighted in picking on the weaker boys and humiliating them every chance he got. There didn't have to be a reason Will was just simply rotten. And the band if buffoons were no better bowing to his every whim helping him bully, humiliate & degrade their classmates. And Trey was a perfect target for Will.

Trey quietly passed Will and his friends. His short polyester slacks clung to his every curve and his big balloon butt bobbed up and down as he walked. Will caught sight of Trey's big wobbling bottom and took notice. "Holy shit! Hey, Fat Ass, that's one gigantic butt you have there."

Will's buddy's laughed at his comment as they took in Trey's meat cakes. Trey felt himself blush crimson. He knew the comment was directed at him but just kept walking hoping to ignore it.

Will rose to his feet. "Hey, Fat Ass, I'm talking to you. I said that's one gigantic butt you have.", he declared.

It was obvious Trey could not ignore this so he stopped and turned to face Will. "Yes, I know, my butt is massive. I'm sorry.", apologized Trey as if he's done something wrong.

This got a huge laugh from Will and his pals. But Will wasn't done. "That thing is fucking obscene. You should be ashamed having an ass so fat and round. It looks like a chicks ass. You should try to cover it it,", sneered Will.

Hanging his head and blushing Trey replied, "Yes I know it is obscene. I'm sorry I'll do a better job of covering it in the future."

Again the group of boys laughed. At that point Mr. Barth entered the room and told everyone to get to their seats. Trey took off in a hurry and sat but Will and his group continued to laugh. They were gonna enjoy screwing with the new kid.

The rest of the day was uneventful for Trey. That is until last period, which just happened to be gym class. His gym teacher, Mr. Killian, didn't have a uniform that fit Trey's oversized cakes so he was told he could sit out and just watch today. Tomorrow he would have to report to Mr. Killian so he could be fitted and have a special uniform ordered.

Unfortunately, Will was in Trey's gym class and every time he passed him he'd make a smart aleck comment. Things like, "What's the matter your ass too big to fit in gym shorts?" or "What's the matter that fat ass weighing you down?" All through class Trey had ignored him.

After gym Coach Killian asked Trey to round up the equipment and put it in the locker since he didn't have to change. But this put him in the locker room at the worst possible time. Most of the guys had showered and changed already and were headed out of the locker room but Will and his group were standing around bull shitting. All Trey had to do was grab his book bag from his locker and slip out but once again he caught Will's eye.

"Trying to slip out without saying good-bye, Fat Ass.", taunted Will.

Trey blushed, "No, Will. I just didn't want to miss my bus." Then awkwardly Trey gave a quick wave and said "Hi."

Will's buddy's laughed. "Come here, Fat Ass.", said Will.

"I don't want to miss my bus."

Anger flashed in Will's eyes. No one defied him. "Are you telling me no?"

Will was smart enough to know how to responds to this. "Of course not, Will. What did you want?"

"I've been tellin' some of my buddies who weren't around this morning about how fat your ass is. Turn around and show them, Fat Ass.

Trey's mind raced. This was awful. How did he get here? He was hoping for a fresh start here and already things were worse. "Please, Will. I'd rather not."

Again anger blazed in Will's eyes, "That sounded like a 'no' but I know I must be mistaken. You wouldn't say no to me would you, Fat Ass?"

Sheepishly Trey replied, "Of course not."

Will sneered, "I didn't think so, now turn around so my boys can see just how big your booty is."

Across the locker room was Coach Killian's office. A long two way mirror which took up the top upper half of the wall. On the other side of that wall sat the coach behind his desk. He watched as the scene between Will and Trey began to unfold. This was not a new scene to the coach, Will had always been a bully. This didn't bother Coach Killian so much though as he too was a bit of a bully himself.

Not being able to bully students himself he took a certain amount of enjoyment in watching Will in action. Though Coach Killian had only just met Trey he instantly disliked him. In the coaches opinion Trey was weak and asking to be picked on. So rather than step in Coach Killian just sat back and watched from behind his two way mirror.

Trey looked into Will's eyes pleading him not to humiliate him but Will just snapped, "Come on Fat Ass, turn around so my boys can see that ridiculous ass."

Slowly Trey turned. His white dress shirt was tucked into his black polyester slacks and his oversized bottom bubbled out. He heard audible gasps from the other guys. Including Will there were six of them. He heard one guy exclaim, "God damn!!! It's massive!" This made Trey blush profusely.

Then one of the guys commented, "It's as big as Miss Newsome's."

Another commented, "I have her for Algebra and trust me his is bigger. I mean hers is big but his is some how fuller, rounder."

The first guy said, "I wonder if it jiggles when he moves the way hers does."

"Go ahead, Fat Ass, show us. Does that jumbo booty jiggle when you move?", taunted Will.

Trey blushed, "Of course it jiggles when I move. I can't help it. It's so big it has no choice but to jiggle."

The guys all laughed. Will spoke, "I'd be embarrassed if I had a butt so fat. Your ass looks like a chicks."

Trey hung his head in shame, "It's not my fault. It just started growing and won't stop. All the men in my family have big butts but mine is the biggest."

"So make it jiggle for us.", ordered Will.

Trey looked back over his shoulder asking, "Are you serious?"

"Do it!", snapped Will.

Trey just closed his eyes and accepted his fate. He began wiggling his huge hind quarter from side to side. It wiggled and wobbled. The momentum built up and it to continue bouncing even when he stopped moving. Then Trey starting jumping up and down and his meaty rump began jiggling like jello. Then he stopped and just stood there. His jumbo cheeks continued to move even as he stood still. The laughter and hoots were loud from the guys.

The guys kept snickering and laughing as they chatted amongst themselves humiliating poor Trey. One of the guys commented, "His pants look painted on. How does he ever find pants that fit over that fat thing?"

"Good question.", said Will. "How do you find pants that fit over your whale butt."

Trey felt his face flush hot, "I have to have them specially made."

"What the fuck? You mean your ass is so big you can't even wear regular pants?", wailed Will. "What do you have to have specially made underwear too?"

Silence washed over the room as Trey hung his head in shame but said nothing.

Will pick up on this right away, "I was joking. But was I right?"

Completely humiliated Trey replied, "Regular briefs digging into my cheeks because they are so large. And my big butt always rips out the seat on boxer or boxer briefs. So my dad started buying me thongs."

This got the loudest laugh of all from the other boys. "Your 'daddy' buys you thongs?", teased Will. "So your wearing one right now?"

Again silence from Trey.

"No fucked way.", bellowed Will. "Show us."

"You want me to show you my underwear?", asked Trey shocked.

"Did I stutter?", sneered Will. "Shows us now!"

Trey had had enough, "No!"

"What did you say to me?"

"I said no. Ever since I first met you this morning you have gone out of your way to humiliate me calling me Fat Ass and making me do degrading things. I know I have a big butt. That's not my fault why do you feel it's your place to punish me for it? Now I have been a good sport and done everything you have asked but dropping my pants to show you my underwear is where I draw the line. So, no.", asserted Trey.

Anger blazed in Wills eyes. No one told him no. "You have one more chance drop your pants or my boys will take them down for you."

But Trey stood his ground. He glared back at Will. From behind the two way office mirror Coach Killian watched the scene unfold. The room was silent then Will said, "Get his pants off guys. Fat Ass needs to learn his place."

All if a sudden two of Will's buddy's shoved Trey face first into the lockers and pinned him there as a third started fumbling with his belt buckle and zipper. Trey screamed out and tried to fight them off to no avail. He felt his pants being pried from his mammoth ass. The pants were tight so it was a struggle to get them over his huge slabs of ass fat. Trey continued to fight trying to shake the guys off but that only added to his shame because the struggle caused his jumbo buns to jiggle wildly for the amusement of his tormentors. They laughed and hooted watching his huge cakes jiggle in his slacks.

A second guy jumped in and helped get Trey's pants down over his gargantuan rump. Trey fought and struggled but was no match for the four men on him. He could feel his pants slipping over his meaty white globes. His dress shirt only came half way down his bulbous bottom. The bottom half of his booty stuck out from under his shirttail.

His ass was full and round and if it jiggled before with his pants on now it was out of control. The slacks at least pulled all that milky white ass flesh in and contained it. But now with nothing but a thin thong strap between his soft young ass cheeks they just quivered and bounced all over the place.

From inside his office Coach Killian watched as the bullies stripped Trey of his pants. He knew he should stop it but there was a part of him that wished he were in Will's place ordering his buddies to strip the fat assed nerd, putting him in his place. As the pants slide down over Trey's ample ass the coach rose to his feet from behind his desk. He walked over to the two way mirror for a better look. His jaw dropped in awe as he saw Trey's big bare cheeks for the first time. They looked even larger unclothed. The thin white dress shirt did little to cover him. His long deep dark ass crack was clearing visible under the small piece of material. In a whisper to himself he said, "That's it guys expose his big blubber butt. Show him who's in charge."

Trey continued to struggle knowing that it was only making his ass vibrate all the more but what was he to do just let these guys strip him naked without a fight? He could feel his over sized mounds quiver and he blushed again. The two guys continued to pull his pants all the way down. Going so far as to lift one leg and then the other to slip them off completely.

Trey stood there pinned to the locker, pantless, his legs spread wide and his back arched causing his mountainous bottom to jute out.

Then the fifth guy moved in and raised his shirttail up high on his back and sort of rolling it up his back halfway so that now Trey's plump pillows were completely on display for the six bullies and spying coach to see. And planted firmly between his ample cheeks was the thin strap of his thong.

Now that the bullies saw the thong in person they all started to laugh. It was a deep purple with tiny lavender polka dots all over it. The sides and back were very thin. The tiny under garment dug into Trey's soft young flesh pushing his rump out further.

"Nice panties.", wailed Will.

"Screw you!", spat Trey.

Will reached out and grabbed Trey plump cheeks feel him up. Then he gave them a playful slap causing them to quaver. Trey could feel the weight of his flesh mounds moving. Then each of the guys took their turn groping at Trey's posterior. The hands of strangers who's names he didn't even know roamed his mega rump. They discussed his ass as he were not even there. It was as if he were just an object to be played with like a cat who had cornered a mouse.

Coach Killian's hot breath fogged his side of the mirror as he watched Trey's shame. He felt himself get hard inside his jock. Watching this jumbo rumped nerd being degraded was really getting him off. Softly he whispered, "Feel up those fat cheeks. Remind him who's the boss."

Eyeing up Trey's scant thong Will asked, "What's the point in wearing anything if your gonna wear something so small."

Irate Trey replied, "I told you I can't wear traditional underwear because of my large butt. But I still need support."

Will laughed, "Yeah I'm sure your hung like a horse."

This comment caused one of the guys pinning Trey to the locker to look down, "Aaahhhh...Will. I think he might be part horse."

This got Will's attention. "What?"

"His dick. It's crazy big. Like seriously abnormal."

"Spin him around.", ordered Will. "Let's have a look."

Trey didn't even have a chance to say anything. All of a sudden Will's two goons spun him around and pinned his back to the locker holding him in place.

The room fell silent as each of the six school boys took in the sight of Trey's package. It bulged out in front lewdly giving the appearance that it might burst thought the thin purple pouch of the thong at any moment. Trey's eyes scanned the group. He watched in embarrassed horror as each guy stared openly at his oversized member. He was soft but still a good nine inches, at least.

Coach Killian continued spying. He put his hand to the two way mirror as if to reach out and touch Trey's prick while with the other hand he groped the front of his uniform shorts. He bit down slightly on his lower lips as he said, to himself, "Fucking freak of nature."

It was Will who found his voice first, "What the fucks wrong with you, Fat Ass? Is there anything about you that's not abnormally large? Are you some sort of a freak?"

Now most guys would be proud to have a dick so large but Trey was not most guys. He was shy and backward. He hated to have the attention on him. He didn't yet understand the power if a big cock. All he knew was it made him stand out as different. And now Will, who was actually jealous, was making fun of his large endowment. All Trey could go was blush.

One of the other guys commented, "Look at the size of his nuts. They are like baseballs."

Will reached out and yanked down the front of Trey's thong. His long fat cock and round heavy nuts popped out and hung there. Without the thong to reign them in they hung low. Will let his hand graze Trey's dick as he said, "Your like some over morphed walking freak show. I bet those big nuts hold a lot of cum."

Trey blushed and looked away. It was true his nuts were full of cum. He could jack off five times a day and still have plenty to spare. His loads were always big and creamy. He could cum in his own face without even trying. Not that he did that often but that was why he could not lay back and jack off or he would coat his own face.

"I asked you a question!", barked Will.

Not making eye contact Trey replied with a simple, "Yes."

Everyone laughed. "Well this we gotta see.", said Will as he reached down taking hold of Trey's thick veiny member. To Trey's horror Will started to stroke him.

"No! Please!", pleaded Trey. "What are you doing?"

"First we're gonna see how much bigger this thing gets then we're gonna see just how big your loads are.", taunted Will.

"No!", cried Trey. "Please stop! Your gonna get me hard. You'll make me cum if you don't stop."

All the guys laughed. "That's the point, Fat Ass."

At this point the two goons pinning Trey to the locker pulled him forward so that he now stood in the middle of the locker room. They still held him in place but now he was no longer against the locker. His big cheeks jiggled as Will milked his growing cock.

It kept growing and growing much to Trey horror. He looked at Will. Their eyes met. Will's look was hard and mean. It was obvious this was about humiliating Trey rather than bringing him pleasure. Trey's eyes were pleading, begging this twisted bully not to put him through the degradation of a public milking. But still Will's skill could not be denied as Trey's cock continued to grow. Nine and a half, ten, ten and a half, eleven, eleven and a half, eleven and three quarters. And that's where it stopped growing just shy of a foot.

Trey's breathing became labored. Part of him hated Will. He had humiliated and degraded him more than anyone ever had. But at the same time his dick felt wonderful. Will had skills. But at the same time he could not allow himself to ejaculate in front of these twisted boys. He couldn't let them see him experiencing one if his mind blowing orgasms.

Will stopped stroking and said, "Fuck my hand, Fat Ass."

"Do I have to!", pleaded Trey.

In response Will squeezed his cock hard letting Trey know this was not a request but a command. Trey began slowly thrusting his hips forward as he fucked Will's hand. His mega rump shook and bounced as he fucked the bully's hand. His large nuts swung freely between his legs slapping off his thighs. They were like a pendulum on a dirty clock swaying back and forth.

"He's doing it. The freak is fucking Will's hand.", came a voice from the crowd.

Behind the closed door of his office Coach Killian watched Trey's humiliation with great interest. He could not believe the dick on this kid. His cock was every bit as large as his ass. "Fuck his hand you fat assed big dicked freak. Blow that big fucking load.", whisper the coach to himself.

Trey knew that it would not take him long to cum. Even under the circumstances. He felt all eyes on him. He felt foolish, his large endowment hanging out the waist band of his thong as a virtual stranger molested him for the amusement of other strangers.

Trey stopped fucking Will's hand but Will did not skip a beat as he began stroking Trey again. Trey's eyes scanned the crowed as he pleaded with Will to stop. "Please stop. Your gonna make me cum! Please, Will!!!!!!"

And that was it. He felt his balls tighten and his asshole clench as his balls drained. Trey's eyes scanned the faces of his six tormentors as his hot load fired from his oversized hose. Blast after blast of jizz hit the locker room floor. Trey's body convulsed as he screamed out. The feeling was euphoric. The intensity of his ejaculation combined with the odd feel he felt as the boys watched him cum. It was humiliation but was it something more. He wasn't sure what though.

Finally his cock stopped shooting and Will let his cock drop. It slapped off his thigh with an audible slapping sound. His freakishly large prick crept down his leg. With a devilish grin Will said, "Look at the mess you made fat ass. Get down on all fours and clean it up."

Trey knew there was no point in fighting so he dropped to the floor on all fours. Looking up he said, "I need a towel."

Wills grin was pure evil as he said, "Use your tongue."

"What!!!", wailed Trey. "You want me to lick my load off the locker room floor like a animal?"

Will nodded and said, "And as you do it I want you looking up at us so we can see the look in your eyes."

"Your fucking twisted!", snapped Trey. But even as he said it he knew he was beat. He bent forward. His plump ass hung out the back of his thong. His huge cock dragged on the dirty locker room floor. He lowered his face to the ground and began licking up his own cum.

"I said look up at us!", ordered Will.

Trey looked up. His tongue dragged across the floor. Cum filled his mouth and overflowed. He made eye contact with Will who snapped a picture of Trey using his phone. Anger blazed in Trey's eyes. He continued crawling across the floor licking up his own sperm and swallowing it. His big bottom quivered as he slowly crawled. He had never been so degraded in his life. But again there was something else he was feeling. Something he'd never experience before. He was conflicted. Was there a part of him that was enjoying what was happening? He wasn't sure how to process this.

From inside the office Coach Killian continued whispering encouragement to the bullies and spitting out degrading comments to Trey. Not that his words could be heard by the boys. He was in shock when Trey blew his load. It just kept shooting out with such force. And now watching him crawl around on the locker room floor and feast on his own cream as his fat ass wobbled and his large dong dragged along the floor. It was all too much. Coach Killian looked down to see he had jizzed his shorts. And as much as he was enjoying the show he knew it had to end at some point.

Untucking his shirt to pull down and hide his erection and cum stain the coach entered the locker room bellowing, "Alright boys. Get moving. Your gonna miss your buses." Then looking down at Trey on the locker room floor, his own cum pouring from his mouth and dripping from his chin, he said, "And what the hell your doing, Fisher? You didn't even take gym today! Get dressed and get out!"

Trey looked at Coach Killian then at Will, who dared him to speak with his eyes. But Trey was not stupid. He just replied, "Yes, sir.", as he stood and tried his best to retrieve his dignity.

Will and the other boys left and Coach Killian went back to his office leaving Trey to dress. As he did he thought, "So much for a fresh start." But strangely as he thought this he was smiling.

The End


  1. Ah, a brandnew story! Finally! Of course, this was a super story, congratulations. I am waiting the sequel.
    And I am waiting the sequels of your old stories with the great characters (Brad, Kyle & his father, Officers Matthews & Carter, Glen, Harry, Timmy and Agent 69.


  2. Thanks, Blake. I have a couple of things in the works right now. One is a sequel to Agent 69.

  3. Hi BubbleButtLuvr!

    A new story with Agent69? Great news! I'm sure it would be excellent.

    P. S.: I found a new story from you on Men on the Net. The history of Alonso is very exciting!

  4. Yes, Alonso The Naughty School Boy was posted on MOTN right before Big Ass Humiliation. I had intended to post the Alonso story here first and still do plan on posting here but I was hoping to have an added surprise element when I post it here and am waiting to iron out the details on that so more to come.

  5. Really great to see you writing again!! Look forward to seeing some more along the way!

  6. I wouldn't mind a sequel where "Fat Ass" turns the tables on his tormentors -- the Coach included!

  7. Thanks. It's not always easy for me to find the time to write but I am glad to be back as well. As far as a sequel to this one I am kicking around some ideas. I hadn't considered "Fat Ass" turning the tables on his tormentors, thought that may be a good idea for a future story. I kind of wanted to see him humiliated a little more first as he explores his unexplained new feelings to being sexually humiliated.

  8. I always enjoy reading your stories, my favourite is "Scott's Bare Bottom Adventures: Moving In With Gary & His Son Jack". I would have loved you to explore that one further.

  9. Thanks, David. Scott's Bare Bottom Adventures was inspired by a buddy. And I don't consider that story done. I would like to do more with it. I can't promise a timeframe but I want to do more with Scott.

  10. I'm happy that you don't think its done yet. Love reading stories with thongs and G-strings on men especially muscle men always get me excited and you write them just perfectly.

  11. THis story was so hot to read just like all your stories! Cant wait to see what happens when Trey gets his fitting for his gym shorts with his perverted coach...and yes i too would love to see a sequel to scotts bare bottom adventures too ;) im glad i was able to inspire that one!

  12. Thanks, man. Glad you liked this one. I promise more adventures with Scott as well. That jumbo booty of yours is a great inspiration.