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Alonso The Naughty School Boy

By BubbleButtLuvr

Alonso was not a bad kid. But there was something different about him. But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Matthew Carns. I teach twelfth grade English at St. Manuel's School For Boys. Alonso Ortiz is one of my students. He's not a trouble maker and always scores above average on his tests. Though I suspect that with just a little more effort he could excel. Alonso seems to be a boy who skates by on his charm. I'm not saying he's insincere but rather that he just naturally exudes charisma.

He's eighteen years old with dark smoldering good looks. Deep dark eyes, dark wavy hair which he usually wears closely cropped and a crooked smile that hints to a big of mischief. But I've never known him to be in any real trouble. But the thing about Alonso that I find most distracting is his plump oversized rump. It's full and perky with lots of shelf and bubbles out in the most obscene way.

I guess I should stop right here and mention that yes I am gay. And obviously I have a weakness for plump butts. I also have a bit of an underwear fetish. Now don't get the wrong idea I'm not a leach. I have never behaved inappropriately with a student but there was something about Alonso that was different. He exuded a sexuality that the other students did not.

The school uniform consisted of black dress socks, grey shorts, white shirt and tie. Old fashioned, yes, but St. Manuel's was an old fashioned institution. But Alonso's shorts were always too short and his socks a little too high. Almost as if he were playing a school boy in an adult film rather than bring an actual school boy.

Then there was the way he'd lean over my deck to ask a question wiggling his round bottom almost seductively. Nothing over the top but enough to get my attention. Then his shorts shorts would ride up exposing the bottom part of his caramel colored cheeks. I would find myself wondering if he wore underwear. And if he did what kind? They had to be skimpy because when his big cheeks popped out his underwear were never visible.

Then there was the way he'd look at you, like you were the only other person in the world. He'd lock eyes with you and hold your gaze a smudge longer than socially acceptable. Again nothing really wrong with this but it left me feeling slightly off. I'd finally decided that this was my issue and not his. That is I till my friends took me out for my 40th birthday.

Three of my buddies decided it would be fun to take me to Club Donovan. Club Donovan is a strip club that caters to gay men. They have something for everyone. Twinks, bears, daddies, boys, young, old, smooth, hairy and everything in between. And the guys ranged in age from 18 - mid 50's.

I did like the place but did not frequent it often. Being an educator I had to be careful. I did not want a scandal and you never knew who would show up there. Or who might happen to be driving by as you were walking in. But it was my birthday and my buddies had been raving about this new young dancer, Victor. They said he had the fullest juicy booty ever. And knowing my weakness for mega booties the thought I would want to see him in action. So after dinner we made our way to Club Donovan.

The club itself was a very well maintained elegant looking structure. There was a main stage where the guys took turns performing their featured routines. When not performing the guys would either be dancing on the bar nude or walking the crowd selling shots or seeing if anyone wanted a lap dance.

We had a table right in front of the stage. Simultaneously the lights on the main stage came on as Hot For Teacher began blaring through the speakers. Given my choose profession I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. In the center of the stage was a blackboard on wheels and a school desk.

In front of the blackboard stood  a well muscled dancer I'd guess to be in his mid 40's. He wore khakis and a white dress shirt with a red & blue stripped tie. He was clearly playing the part of the teacher. Behind the deck sat a very attractive young man with close cropped dark hair and full sexy lips. He wore thick black rimmed glasses and was folding paper airplanes ignoring teacher.

My first thought was how much this guy looked like Alonso. This really was going to be enjoyable as Alonso had found his way into many of my sexual fantasies. So watching his doppelgänger strut on stage would be quit pleasing.

Teacher was clearly upset with student and he wagged his finger at him. Student just gave a crooked grin as he threw his paper plane. Again I could not believe how much this kid looked like Alonso. They even had the same smile. This infuriated teacher who motioned him to step in front of the desk. The student then stood to reveal his rather revealing school boy uniform. It resembled one of St. Manuel's uniforms except that the grey shorts were a little too short and the black so is came up a little too high, just like Alonso's. No that was crazy, this was not my student.

The student made his way to the front of the desk wiggling his large bottom as he did. The teacher motion for him to turn around and bend over the desk as the song continued to play. The student did as told and as he bent over wiggled his ample bottom ever so slightly. The dancer playing the teacher was clearly supposed to be flustered by this as his eyes grew large and his jaw dropped. He then raised his fist to his mouth and bite down as if to say "Damn".

It was at this point that everything came into focus for me. I had seen Alonso bent over my desk many times asking a question wiggling his large bottom in the same way. I knew that ass. And it belonged to Alonso. I said his name out loud in almost a whisper. My buddy Bob heard me and said, "No, his names Victor. We knew your love that big blubber butt."

Blankly I stared at the stage and said, "No, you don't understand I know that kid. His names Alonso Ortiz. He's one of my students."

At hearing this my buddies began to boot and howl. They found the whole situation amusing. I on the other hand was conflicted. Should I stay. Should I go. What were the moral ramifications. I mean he was 18. Legally an adult. But I was still his teacher. What was my moral obligation? But I was frozen. I couldn't stop looking. I had to see where this went.

The teacher pulled out a ruler and raised it high. He brought it down several times on Alonso's big backside. His ample cheeks spilled out the bottom of his shorts and this quivered seductively. Then Alonso looked over his shoulder at the teacher and gave that crooked grin again. But as he turned his head back our eyes met. They locked and he held my gaze. Everyone else slipped away. It was just is now. There was no slipping out. He knew I was here. He gave me that grin which was exclusively for me this time. He then slipped back into character as he straightened up and began gyrating and dancing around the other dancer on stage.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I watched completely enraptured by the scene unfolding before me. Alonso rubbed up against the teacher. The teacher acted uncomfortable and pulled away but Alonso pulled him in, rubbing his pecs through the this white shirt. Them Alonso began undressing. Pulling off his tie. Unbuttoning his shirt. Kicking off his shoes so that now all he wore were those sexy high black socks and flurry grey school shorts. Then with his back to the crowd he gave a tug on the shorts and they too fell to the ground revealing a bright blue thong. His over inflated cheeks jiggled as the shorts were ripped from his smooth young body.

My jaw dropped. So many times I'd wondered what kind of underwear Alonso wore under his tight school shorts if any. Now I knew, at least at this moment he wore a thong. I wondered if he wore a thong to school. This spurred all sorts of fantasies.  Fantasies I knew I should not be having but was powerless to stop.

Alonso continued grinding on the teacher/stripper. He then began twerking making his jumbo ass mounds bounce up and down. It was like watching two basketballs dribble in unison. Then he began making that fat booty clap. And this was no soft clap. It was a hard loud rhythmic clap that could be heard over the music blaring through the speakers. Next my fantasy school boy began rolling around on the floor. He spread his legs wide in a scissors motion then rolled onto his stomach as he simulated fucking the ground. Then he crawled across the floor to the teacher climbing up his body. Alonso wrapped his legs around the "shocked" teacher. He gyrated and made his ginormous rump ripple and bounce as he pulled in the other man. Their lips met in a passionate drawn out kiss. Finally Alonso broke the kiss and slithered down the muscular body of the pseudo teacher.

He then crawled around him and rose to his feet. The outfit the teacher wore must have been seen together and breakaway because Alonso grabbed hold of the outfit giving a hard quick tug and every stitch of the older mans clothing was ripped off. At the exact moment the teachers hands came down quickly in front of his crotch. Though  he covered himself before his business could be seen it was obvious he wore nothing under the outfit and was now stark naked. A look of mock horror crossed his face as the song ended and the stage went black.

Applauses and cheers swelled from the crowded if horny men. My head was spinning. I knew that once Alonso changed he'd be out walking through the crowd working them for lap dances. I didn't know what I'd say to him or if I could even speak. I got out of there as fast as I could leaving my friends behind. I had enjoyed what I saw but was not sure what the ramifications would be.

The rest of the weekend was a blur. I went between being so worked up and aroused by what I saw that I couldn't stop touching myself, I came seven times that weekend, to feeling that I was somehow wrong for feeling this way about a student and how I should address this with Alonso Monday.

By the time Monday rolled around I had decided that the best course of action was to do nothing. While a student Alonso was still 18, legal a man. If this was what he choose to do as an after school job it was not my business. Yes, I saw him and enjoyed it. So sue me, I'm a gay man who gets off on seeing hot guys strut their stuff.

I didn't have Alonso until last period so I was slightly nervous all day not knowing what to expect. If I didn't address the situation would he just ignore it? Would he feel the need to discuss it. My stomach was in knots when he walked into the room. He wore the same outfit that he worse the other night at the strip club except these shorts were not tear away. At least I assumed they were not. Today he wore a vest with his uniform. Again he looked out of place more like he was playing a school boy in a porno. But he looked good. He nodded his head at me and gave me that crooked smile. I melted.

Today Alonso choose to sit on the front row. He didn't usually sit up front. I was not sure what this meant. But I'd find out soon enough.  About ten minutes into class I looked his way. Our eyes locked. He was mindlessly nibbling on the back of his pen. Actually it was more of a slow sensual sucking than nibbling. He locked his eyes on mine and slowly sucked. Then he let his eyes wander down to his lap encouraging me to follow. I did of course. I was under his spell.

As my eyes dropped to his crotch I was shocked to see the front of his shorts bulging lewdly. He had a raging hardon that half way around his hip. He flexed to make his fat engorged penis pulse. I looked up at his face. He pulled the pen from his mouth and bit his lower lip slightly. The little prick was cock teasing me and I was powerless to look away.

All of this happened very quickly and would have been unnoticeable to someone who did not know what was going on. I composed myself and continued teaching. Time went by and the next time I looked his way I noticed that neither of Alonso's hands were on the desk but rather tucked below it. Again his eyes looked down at his lap encouraging me to take a look.

Again I complied to see that both hands were in his lap. One hand slowly ran along his thick member as he fondled himself through his shorts while the other slowly played with his huge nut sack. I looked back up into his eyes and he gave me that crooked smile.

The period seemed to drag on. What should I do now? The bell finally rang and everyone got up and let. Everyone except Alonso. He sat there staring at me almost sheepishly. Once the class was empty he stood. His erection was gone but those shorts were still obscenely tight.

Coming out from behind the desk he said, "We need to talk, sir." He then made his way to the door. His shorts were creeping up over his massive mounds of ass flesh and his big bottomed giggled with every step. He pushed the door shut then locked it. He then turned and headed back my way.

I wanted to speak. But could not. He now stood before my desk with his legs slightly spread and his arms behind his back. His large package protruding.  "I know you saw me the other night dancing at Club Donovan. I saw you."

I searched for words but found none. All I could do was nod. He kept talking, "I hope your not going to say anything about my working there, sir. I really need the money but I want to graduate from here. I don't want to be expelled."

I found my words, "Don't worry Alonso your secret is safe with me. I'm not gonna tell anyone."

He gave me that crooked smile again. "Good.", he said. "Because I have a secret about you too. I think you enjoyed my show. I think you really enjoyed what you saw."

My face grew flush. What was this? Was he gonna try to blackmail me? He must have sensed my unease because he went on. "Don't worry Mr. Carns I'll keep your secret too. I just wanted to talk. Did you enjoy my show?"

Again my words were gone his tone was so smooth and seductive. All I could do was nod.

"Did you enjoy watching me remove my clothes?"

I absentmindedly nodded my head 'yes'.

"Good I'm glad you liked what you saw. Can I tell you a secret?"

I nodded my consent. Alonso made his way around to my side of the desk and whispered in my ear, "I liked having you watch me, sir."

I gulped. What was happening here?

He then leaned over my desk like he had so many times before to ask me a question. He wiggled his ample bottom slightly. He kept talking. "I've seen you looking at me on class. Undressing me with your eyes."

I opened my mouth to protest but he wouldn't let me. He just went on. "Don't deny it and don't apologize. I like the way you look at me. It's as if your trying to see what I have on under my school uniform. Have you ever wondered what I have on under my school uniform, Mr. Carns? I mean my shorts are awfully small and tight. Have you ever wanted to know what I have on under here."

I gulped again and nodded. I was hypnotized my his body, his words.

"You know all you have to do is ask and I'll show you. Just ask me what I am wearing under my school uniform, sir."

I was his and he knew it. Softly meekly I asked, "What are you wearing under your uniform, Alonso? Let me see. Please show me." It was a plea.

He smiled that crooked smiled and stood up. He turned his back to me. He looped his thumbs in the waistband if his shorts and slowly lowered them. The tease had me going insane. Ever so slowly the shorts came down and his bulbous rump came into view. Underneath he wore red briefs. But these were no ordinary red briefs. They were Lycra spandex bikini briefs. They clung to his every curve. But there was not neatly enough brief to cover all the ass this kid had. The bikini was so small it looked like his rump was feasting on them.

He lowered the shorts to the floor and stepped out of them. He spread his legs slightly and his thick thighs parted. He stuck his obese ass out far and looked back over his shoulder at me asking, "Now you know what I wear under my school shorts. Do you think my ass is big, Mr. Carns?"

I just nodded yes.

"But is it too big, sir? Should I be embarrassed by how plump and curvy my rump is? It's so hard to find underwear to cover my large cheeks. These briefs barely give me any coverage at all, sir.", as he said this he ran his right hand along his voluptuous bottom.

I spoke but the words came out in a croaked, "Your ass is perfect, Alonso. Just what an ass should be. Plump, round and juicy. Full and meaty."

He smiled that smile, "Thank you, sir. You can touch it if you like."

I reached forward. My hand actually trembled as it made contact with his overly large ass. He shivered a little and goosebumps rose on his soft young round bottom. His cheeks were not Rock hard but not completely soft either. Here was a firmness, a bounce. I reached out my other hand and felt up both smoke buttocks openly.

Alonso moaned. Then spoke looking back over his shoulder at me, "I am sorry my underpants are so small, sir. Coach Danvers had commented on how lewd and obscene they are more than once as I'm changing for gym class."

My head spun hearing this, "Coach Danvers has commented on the size of your underwear?"

"Yes, Mr. Carns. He says they are not befitting a good Catholic school boy. What do you think, sir? Are my underwear to revealing? Should I be punished? Should I bend over the desk so you can bring the yard stick down hard on my big butt, sir?"

I gulped as I looked up at him. This kid was driving me wild with lust. He was pushing all of my buttons with great ease. Was I that easy to read. I nodded as I spoke, "Yes, Alonso. Bend over my desk. Your underwear are very inappropriate for school. This is an old Catholic Institution and you are dressed like a whore. You must be taught a lesson."

Again that crooked grin, "Yes, sir." Alonso then turned and bent over my desk spreading his legs wide. The scant red bikini red up high over his smoke backside. I grabbed the yard stick from next to the chalk board and made my way back around so that I was facing that big beautiful ass again.

I raised the yard stick high and brought it down hard on his plump caramel colored posterior. He pitched forward and moan, partly in pleasure and partly in pain. A thin strip of light pink the width of the yard stick showed up across the lower portion of his cheek that were exposed.

I lifted up and brought the stick back down on his huge derrière. Again he moaned. But this was not a real spanking. At least not one for real discipline. It was more like foreplay to something more. Again the yard stick came down on his curvy bottom. Alonso bit his lower lips and wiggled his full bottom enticingly as he said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Carns. I promise not to wear such slutty underwear anymore."

Crack! I brought the ruler down again. I needed to be careful not to leave any real bruises so u stopped placing the ruler on the desk. I then began rubbing his large cheeks. Getting bold I reached for the waistband of the tiny undergarment saying, "Let me inspect to make sure I didn't miss a spot." Thus was said as I pried the skimpy underwear off the kids plump ass.

He didn't fight it but let it happen. Stepping from the briefs Alonso spread his legs wide and thrust out his ginormous bottom. His entire butt had a slight pink glow. I continued to rub his blubber butt and he let me. He was moaning softly. He looked back over his shoulder at me. I was kneeling on the floor. "I want you to fuck me, sir. Right on your desk."

Looking up I licked my lips and nodded saying, "But first I need to loosen you up." I then grabbed hold of each plump cheek and spread them wide. His tight teen pucker winked at me as I dove in face first. I grabbed and caressed his voluptuous rump as my tongue invaded his most private spot. Alonso moaned loudly and three his head back whispering, "Eat me out, Mr. Carns."

I was loud and sloppy as I but tied my face deep inside the kids ass. My face was coated with my own saliva and the musky smell of his 18 year old booty. I stiffened my tongue and slammed my face in hard tongue fucking him like a champ.

And he was into it. He'd push those meat cakes back hard and grind into my waiting face. Then he pushed a little too hard throwing me off balance. I landed on my back on the floor. But he was not done by a long shot. I looked up to see him backing up. I didn't even have time to react as I saw those two mountainous buns coming at my face fast. He reached back and pulled them apart. Then the room went black as he now sat in my face. And he showed no mercy, not that I wanted any.

He began bouncing on my face. My tongue found his balloon knot and slipped right in. He squealed with delight as he bounced on my face. I could feel the layers of his ass fat ripple down around my entire head. I could feel the jiggle as he bounced. His words were muffled but I could hear him saying, "Eat that fat fucking ass, Md. Carns. Feel those big melon cheeks around your face, sir."

This went on fit awhile until Alonso decided he was done. With the full wright of his ass on my face I was powerless to stop it, even if I'd wanted to. Which I did not.

Finally he stopped riding my face and stood. I tried to catch my breath as I watched him slide everything from my deck in one swift motion. Papers, pen, books and so on went flying as he seductively climbed onto my desk. His big buns jiggled as he crawled across my desk moaning, "Fuck me, Mr. Carns. I need you in me. I need fucked so bad."

Far be it for me to disappoint him. I stood fast and felt the rush of being light headed. I pulled my pants and tightie whities off quickly and climbed on the desk behind him. He was on his knees with his head turned sideways resting it on my desk and his colossal rump aimed at the sky. I climbed on top of that mountainous booty and aimed my 8 inches at his twitching hole, slick with my spit and pushed my fat head in. He cried out but begged me to keep going.

I know I shouldn't have but I plunged my entire cock deep in him with one big thrust and held it there balls deep. He pounded his fists on the desk and threw his head back screaming out. I should have felt bad but I didn't. Hearing him scream out like that and arch his back as he threw back his head only caused my prick to swell further.

I slowly pulled back and then thrust back in him hard. "Fuck!", he cried out again pounding his fists on my desk. At that moment it struck me what an odd sight this would be to an onlooker. Alonso, dressed in his Catholic school boy uniform except for his shorts on top of his teachers desk on all fours. While on top of him, me, his teacher, a man old enough to be be the kids father was buried balls deep in him. I too was still dressed for the part of educator with the exception of my discarded slacks.

The intensity of the situation swept over me. I was fucking a student on my own desk in the school where I taught. It was dangerous and taboo and hot as fuck. I continued to pound my fuck stick into the teen. The sound of my thighs slapping against his well padded bottom really got me going. But not as much as the way his gargantuan cheeks jiggled and quivered.

"Fuck me, Mr. Carns!", pleaded Alonso. "Harder, sir. Slam that fat cock into me. Treat me like the whore I am."

Fuck this kid knew all the right things to say. I was pounding his large bubble butt now. I was so worked up that I slapped his meaty left cheek. This really got Alonso going. "More!", he cried out. "Slap my ass again. Spank me as you fuck me. Tame my fat ass. Make me your bitch, sir!"

The trash talk was having the featured effect on me. I was getting close. Soon I would deposit my load deep in his bowels. I began slapping his ridiculously huge rump first the left cheek then the right. "That's it, Mr. Carns, make my big butt jiggle! Show me who's in charge!"

This was my breaking point. I announced I was ready to cum inside him but Alonso had other ideas."Are you close to coming, Mr. Carns?"

"Yes.", I replied in a breathless tone.

"Then pull out now! I want you to coat my fat cheeks with that sticky hot load then rub it into my plump bottom.", he was a command and plea at once.

That was all I needed to hear. I pulled out and the cum poured from me with such force I thought it would knock me over. Alonso cried out in lust as my hot load covered his massive cheeks. Blast after blast shoot out covering tat perfect booty.

Per his request I reached out and began rubbing in my jizz. He bit his lower lip and moaned as I massaged my own load into his jumbo cheeks. The way they moved was hypnotic. They felt so good in my hands. But soon my load had dried on his plump cheeks leaving them shiny.

Wordlessly we both climbed from my desk. I watched as he walked gather up his shorts and underwear. I watched as he struggled to get the tiny briefs and tight shorts over his huge can as I absentmindedly pulled my underwear and trousers on. Turning quickly he sort of bounded at me pushing me against the blackboard. His lips met mine. Both of our lips parted and our tongues met. They danced briefly in one another's mouth before Alonso pulled away.

"I have to go Mr. Carns, or I'll miss my bus. But I could use some more one on one "tutoring"."

"Why don't you met me here tomorrow after last period, Alonso. We can review what you learned today."

Again that crooked grin. Then he nodded his head and said, "Yes, sir, Mr. Carns." And with that he bounded out the door, his obscenely large bottom lewdly jiggling.

I collapsed behind my desk unable to wrap my head around what had just happened. That was the first time I fucked Alonso. But it was far from the last.

The End


  1. Great story, I really enjoyed. Congratulations. Please, write more often with your „old” characters (like Brad, Agent69, the homophobic officers etc.), too.

  2. Thank you. I am working on an Agent 69 story right now.

  3. Great story, love reading them all