Sunday, February 10, 2013

Brad: Spanked Stripper, Part 14

by BubbleButtLuvr

It was that time again--the time where Brad Tomkins found himself short on cash. At nineteen Brad was in his first year of college and had already gone through a string of jobs. The simple truth of the matter was Brad was lazy and he tended to coast through life on his good looks and wrestlers body. Not to mention his big round booty, which he was not above wiggling to get what he wanted.

So once again he found himself on the phone asking his father, Lawrence, for money. And once again Lawrence turned him down. Brad's room and board was covered. If he wanted extra cash he would have to get a job. It wasn't that Lawrence couldn't afford to give money; on the contrary he was quit successful. But, Lawrence knew that his son had a tendency to get by on his looks and he wanted him to learn responsibility so, he refused to just give the money to Brad. So, yet again Brad was looking for a job.

His roommate and best friend Grant suggested that they go to the grocery store and get a copy of the free paper they gave away there. They each grabbed a copy and headed back to their dorm room where they settled in for the purposes of finding Brad a job.

After nearly an hour and a half neither man was able to find anything that Brad was qualified for. The all of a sudden it appeared to Grant. It was a small ad in the back of the paper for Luke's Hideaway, usually referred to as just Luke's. Luke's was a well known gay bar two blocks away from campus. And they were looking for male dancers.

Grant took a moment to imagine Brad up on the bar dancing in a tiny little thong; his massive ass pillows pouring out. Brad bent over shoving his fat buns in some delighted man's face as he grinds and gyrates lewdly. Then Grant imagined he was that man. His hot breath on his best friends fleshy cheeks watching them jiggle.

Grant snapped himself back to reality. He didn't understand what was going on. He and Brad had been friends forever but lately he started looking at Brad in a different way. Brad was always walking around the dorm room in some thong or tiny bikini briefs. The briefs were always so small Grant couldn't help but wonder why he even bothered wearing anything. But he really did enjoy the way the small thin fabric played with his mind. Almost concealing…almost revealing and Grant found himself lusting after his buddy’s huge bottom.

Grant was certainly enjoying all the free booty shows Brad put on. And what made it even better was that Brad didn't even have a clue that Grant was lusting after him. In the morning Brad's alarm clock always went off 15 minutes before Grant's. Grant loved the watch Brad shuffle around the room in as the beginnings of the early morning light started to filter in. Brad always slept in his underwear. And Grant loved seeing the way the scant undergarment almost, but no quit covered his best friend’s full ass melons. Not only that, but also most mornings Brad had a morning wood. Grant would lie there in the dimness of the room, his eyes barely open. He'd peer out the slits and watch his buddy’s huge cock and heavy balls bounce in his tiny briefs as his super sized ass jiggle in the rear.

Grant would fantasies about just jumping up and grabbing his friend. He longed to overpower him and throw him to the bed. In his mind he imagined ripping Brad's wildly small undies from his hot muscular body. He could even imagine Brad's shocked look as Grant mounted him like an animal in the wild. Then Grant imagined him aiming his own rigidly hard prick at Brad's quivering asshole. He'd then ram it in and slam it home to his pal. Brad flailing and screaming for Grant to stop but Grant would ignore him as he rammed his big fleshy mountains of creamy white man ass. Grant imagined how his cock would feel with Brad's humongous booty as he watched it quiver--even smacking it as he drove it home.

Once again Grant pulled himself from his fantasies and half jokingly said, "What about this ad for Luke's. You could shake it up on the bar for gay guys."

Brad laughed saying, "Can you imagine me shaking this big thing? If I accidentally hit someone I'd kill 'em."

Grant thought to himself, "What a way to go." Even though Brad didn't say it out loud he started thinking that maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. He could dance and it seemed like easy money. So, he started kicking around the idea.

The ad stated to show up Wednesday afternoon between 2 & 4 for open auditions. So the next afternoon Brad made the walk up the street to Luke's. He had never been inside before and was surprised when he opened the door only to find a flight of about 30 stairs that lead down. Brad made his way down the stairs to another door. He pushed this door open and walked through and found himself standing on a platform with a set of stairs on either side. The stairs to his right lead to a bar along the far wall. The stairs to his left lead to a few cabaret style tables and another smaller bar. Then in the center of the room between the two bars was a massive wooden dance floor with side stages all around it.

The fact that the club was underground made it appear that it was night even though it was the middle of the day. Sitting at one of the cabaret tables were two men. One was a heavy set Caucasian in his mid 40's and the other a lean dark skinned Afro-American in his mid 20's. Brad made his way down the stairs on his left and approached the two men who were eyeing him up.

"Hello. My name's Brad. I'm here to audition."

The Afro American, whose name was Jack said, "MMMM...Look at you. You’re quit a beefy thing." He then looked at the Caucasian man, whose name was Eric, and said, "Isn't he nice and beefy?"

"Yes" said Eric, "maybe a little too beefy.

Jack waived his hands in dismissal. "No, such ting as too beefy. I love me some beefy mens." Then turning to Brad he said, "So, honey tell me…you gay? Please say yes."

Brad smiled at his forward natured and said, "No, I'm straight. I go to the University up the street and I saw your ad in the free paper."

Jack clutched some imaginary pearls around his throat. "Oh I'm so sorry to hear that…but, a college boy. That's sexy. Isn't that sexy, Eric?"

"I do like those college boys. But, still I think he might be just too beefy."

Again Jack waived away Eric's words, "Nonsense. I'll tell you what let's have him strip down so we can see his body. Then we can decide if he is too beefy."

Eric thought for a moment then said, "Okay."

Looking at Brad Jack simply said, "Strip."

Looking from Jack to Eric Brad asked, "Strip? Right here in the bar?"

"Well, yes, sweetie," said Jack. "If we hire you this is where you'll be dancing and if you can't show us your body then, how can you do it for a group of gay men? So, strip down to your undies honey."

Brad really wasn't shy and yes he knew that these two gay guys were gonna perv on his body but he really didn't care. No he wasn't gay but he did enjoy the attention so he began to disrobe as Jack and Eric watched eagerly. Jack was practically drooling. And though Eric kept saying he thought Brad was too beefy he never stopped watching as the teen undressed. In fact his eyes were big as saucers.

Brad kicked off his shoes and pulled his sweatshirt off tossing it aside. Jack gasped as Brad's smooth broad chest came into view. His nipples were hard and perky. Brad grinned to himself as he began to undo his pants. Eric & Jack both leaned forward as they watched the over muscled teen peal his too tight jeans down off his too big ass and too muscular thighs. He then stepped out of them and kicked them aside. He now stood in the middle of the empty bar in just a pair of white calf-length socks and a pair of the skimpiest red and black stripped bikini briefs that Jack and Eric had ever seen. Jack just let out a barely concealed, "Fuck!"

Brad's huge manhood weighted heavily in the small pouch of his briefs; his weighty nuts pulled the underpants down causing the waistband to dip in front allowing a few well groomed pubes to show. Brad's dick head was clearly outlined as the lycra cotton garment wrapped around it like shrink wrap.

Looking from Jack to Eric and back again Brad asked, "So, what do you think? Do I get the job?"

"Oh, honey, yes! And will you marry me?" gushed Jack.

"Wait a second, Jack. I have a say so and I'm still not sure. I still think he may be too beefy."

"Oh, please!, snapped Jack. "Look at that body. He has the body of a god." Then looking at Brad he said, "Tell me, sweetie, are you an athlete of some kind?

Brad smiled at the flamboyant man's open flirtation, "Yes, I wrestle. I started in high school and now I'm here at college on a scholarship."

Jack grabbed Jack's shoulder and began pleading, "Ohhh did you hear that? He wrestles! All those beefy boys in their tight singlets rolling around on the ground, writhing under the weight of one another. I want him...I mean I want to hire him."

Rolling his eyes impatiently, Eric said, "Let's see him from behind."

"OOOhhhh, yes." said Jack clapping his hands like a 4 year old. "Turn around for us. Show us the wrestler’s ass."

Brad smiled to himself. He knew he had a hot body and he knew he had a cute face. But his ass was his masterpiece. No matter what fix he got into. No matter if it was woman or man. All Brad had to do was wiggle his voluptuous ass and whatever he wanted was his. So, he turned knowing full well the job was his.

Once his huge ass cakes came into full view Jack let out a squeal of delight. The too small bikini rode up high over his full caboose exposing 2/3 of his creamy white bottom. The tiny red and black stripped undergarment wedged itself firmly between the youth's mountains of flesh.

"Well, that's it. It's settled for me. He's hired!" shouted Jack

"Not so fast," cut in Eric. "I hold to my original stance. He's too beefy. And after seeing his ass I am even more convinced that he is wrong for the club. I've never seen an ass so large."

"I know," said Jack. "I love it. That white booty has so much junk in his trunk he could be a brotha!"

"It’s just too much; for crying out loud there is so much that it jiggles when he moves."

"I know! I love that. It’s perfect. It's so round and full. Don't make me beg, girl."

Brad stood there listening to these two strangers talk about his ass as if he wasn't even there. He felt like a piece of meat.

Eric was just about to open his mouth to argue with Jack some more when a loud booming voice came from the doorway of the back room. "I say he's hired."

Brad, Eric and Jack all turned around to see Luke standing in the doorway. Luke was an attractive 30 something dressed in tight leather pants, leather vest and leather cap. His huge biceps bulged and his bare nipples stood erect.

Eric spoke up, "I thought you put us in charge of hiring the dancers?"

"I did. But, you two obviously can't agree so I am breaking the tie. After all it is my name above the door. I do agree with you Eric, his ass is ridiculously large, very full and round and it does jiggle, a lot. But I also agree with you Jack. I love a big booty." Then to Brad he said you start tomorrow night. You will dance Thursdays - Sundays from 10 PM - 2 AM. We pay you $50 a night plus whatever you make in tips. I have one rule but I am very strict about it. I insist on punctuality. If I promote a dancer from 10 - 2 people expect to see that and I expect you to be here. You get one chance. You’re late even once for any reason you’re gone. No questions asked, understood?"

"Yes, sir!" said Brad

And with that Luke disappeared into the back again. Jack had a big grin on his face as he said, "See you tomorrow."

The first two weeks went by great. Brad was making money hand over fist. Showing up on time and even developing a following. Luke and Jack were right Brad's big ass was a big seller and the club was packed night after night. Brad being Brad began letting all the attention and small amount of celebrity go to his head.

The beginning of Brad's third week at Luke's' Hideaway Brad made the mistake of strolling in 15 minutes late. He was in the back room just about to slip into his tiger stripped thong when Luke entered slamming the door behind him. Brad dropped the thong and looked back at Luke. Luke was dressed in his usual tight leather pants, vest and leather cap.

"I gave you one rule to follow and you broke it. Be on time or you’re gone no questions asked. So get dressed and get out. You’re fired." And with that Luke turned to leave.

Brad turned quickly to face Luke, "Please, I'm sorry. I can explain."

Anger flared in his eyes as Luke stepped forward his face inches from Brad's. "No excuses. You’re cocky and a little too self-assured. I won't deal with a diva. You’re gone."

Brad had never had someone react so quickly before. Luke wasn't even giving him a chance to try to win him over. "I know you’re right. But, please give me one more chance."

"Why should I?!"

"Because I've seen the number of men who come in here ever night go up since I started." Luke opened his mouth to point out that this was not the point but Brad cut him off. "I know you’re right it's no excuse. Look what if I let you punish me. In any way you see fit. I really need this job and I really am sorry." Brad followed this by wiggling his huge ass slightly and enticingly making it quiver for Luke.

Luke stopped for a moment—punishment! That was something he could get into. And there was something he always wanted to try. And the fact that Brad was straight made it even more appealing. "Let's get one thing straight if I take you up on your offer I punish you any way I see fit. No complaints from you. And once I begin I don't stop until I'm done. Got it?"

Brad had used his ass many times to get what he wanted. Many a man had laid him across their lap and spanked his monster ass until it glowed red. But there was something different in Luke's eye--something that unsettled Brad. "What do you have in mind?"

"No questions. You either submit or get out. You have ten seconds to decide."

Brad knew there was no choice either submit or lose his easy income. "Okay."

Luke let a lascivious grin spread across his face. Pointing to a wooden table he said, "Lay face down."

Brad was completely naked as he made his way to the table. He couldn't help but notice that there was a large round cut out at the head of the table similar to a glory hole. Brad lay down as instructed and as he did his smooth lemon sized nuts and fat schlong fell through the hole.

"Stretch your arms out across the table."

Brad did as Luke told him. At that point Luke grabbed Brad's right wrist and wrapped a leather cuff, which was attached to the table, around it. Brad attempted to straighten up as he said, "What the hell, man!"

"No questions!" reminded Luke.

Brad looked up at him not sure if he should proceed but also not wanting to lose his easy job. So, he just nodded 'yes' as Luke fastened his other wrist. Then he made his way around to Brad's legs and fastened them to the table legs with leather bands. Brad was now securely in place. His fat white butt aimed skyward. Luke made his way to the wall where a series of leather paddles were hung. He grabbed that largest one and held it before Brad's eyes. "This is what happens to naughty college boys who don't honor their commitments."

Luke made his way to Brad's behind and ran his hand across his fleshy mounds. He began squeezing and feeling up the immobile teen. This was all very new to Brad. Yes, he had been spanked by many a man, employers, coaches even a girlfriend's father but never had he been restrained and felt up so lewdly. It was a little bit awkward.

The Luke raised the leather paddle high above his head. Instinctively Brad knew what was going on. He knew his big caboose was about to be struck. He tensed up just as the leather paddle made contact. "AAAHHHHH!!!" he screamed out as his fat buns jiggled. Luke laughed as he raised the paddle again. Brad clenched his fists and his fat ass as the paddle came down again. Brad had never had a leather paddle used on him before and was shocked at how much it stung. Then Luke let loose on Brad with rapid fire.


"Oh, fuck! Please, Luke. I'm sorry!!! I won't be late again! I swear!" pleaded the teen.

Luke just laughed and said, "I know you won't kid."

Brad's ass started out stinging. Then it felt as if it was burned and now it felt like a full blaze. As always with each swat of the paddle Brad could feel his fat nineteen year old cock growing. Brad never understood why but for some reason he got of on having his huge meaty posterior spanked. He had had many a girlfriend spank him as part if four play but for some reason it never quite met Brad's expectations. For him a woman just couldn't pack the punch that a man could. That's not to say that he was gay in anyway. Brad had never been with a man sexually. The only time he had ever got off with a guy was during one of these spanking sessions and they were just his way of manipulating a guy into giving him his way. Nothing gay about that; or so Brad liked to believe.


Brad's ass hurt like hell but his cock just continued to grow. Part of him was begging for mercy but a secret part of him was loving every minute of having his plump rear assaulted. Never before had he been restrained during a spanking, that aspect was new but if he were to be honest he sort of liked it. There was something about the fact that all control had been taken away from him that he was getting off on. At first Brad was nervous about being strapped down but once he let go he started to enjoy it and his hard dong was proof of that.


Brad's cock was now rock hard and bobbing up and down obscenely under the table with each whack of the paddle. In addition his enormous red ass mound vibrated wildly. Brad was screaming out in pain and ecstasy.

Out of the corner of his eye Luke caught Brad's over sized schlong bobbing up and down causing him to exclaim, "Holy shit!!! You little pervert. You getting off on this? You getting off on having me spank that big fat fuckin' straight jock ass of yours?"

Brad began blushing. He had been spanked by countless men. Almost every time he got hard and ejaculated during the session. He knew that each man secretly got off on the whole scenario the same way he did but never before had anyone ever called him on it. Never had anyone ever called him a pervert or asked it he liked it. Of course he liked it. He wouldn't be hard if he didn't. But here and now Luke was calling him on things and Brad found that to be very embarrassing. He just mumbled into the table, "No, I don't like it."

Luke laughed as he set the paddle down on the table and bent down for a better look at Brad's engorged penis. He reached out and took it in his hand and said, "It sure looks like you do."

Brad jump slightly at Luke's touch. Never had another guy touched his cock. "What the fuck are you doin', man. I'm straight."

Luke started stroking Brad's hog as he laughed saying, "You better tell that to your cock."

Brad began struggling against his restraints as the club owner stroked him, but his cock stayed hard much to his embarrassment. Brad was humiliated by the whole encounter not to mention by the fact that his dick was staying hard under a man's touch. Brad convinced himself that it was his still burning ass that was causing his erection as he thrust himself into Luke's' hand like an animal in heat.

"You may say you don't like it but your dick says different," said Luke. "Hey, I've got an idea!" And with that Luke was on his feet dropping Brad's manhood and darting across the room. As much as Brad hated to admit it he missed Luke's massaging of his member.

Luke pulled a contraption from a closet in the corner of the room. It resembled an old school vacuum cleaner. It was a large metal canister with a hose coming from one side and on the end of the hose there was an attachment that resembled a silicone asshole. And coming out the back was and electrical cord.

Brad's eyes grew wide as he asked, "What's that?"

Pulling the contraption over to the table where Brad was tied down pulled replied, "This is my milking machine."

"Milking machine?" asked Brad, fear spreading across his face. "What are you gonna do with that?"

Getting down on his knees and taking the hose hi his hand Luke replied, "Why I'm gonna milk you of course."

"NOOOOO!!!" wailed Brad as he began bucking, his fat as shaking as he did.

Luke took Brad's cock in his hand again. It was still rock hard much to Brad's surprise. He stroked it slightly causing Brad to moan. Then Luke took the hose with the silicone attachment and slipped it over Brad's dong. Next he plugged in the machine and flipped it on. There was a loud whirring sound as the motor hummed. Then there was a suction of the teen’s dick. It was the most intense suction he had ever felt. Brad continued to buck for few seconds, but soon he relaxed allowing the machine to service him. It was better than any blowjob he’d ever experienced.

Luke got back to his feet and grabbed the paddle again. CRACK! He swatted Brad's plump rump causing ripples and waved through the teen’s flabby buttocks.

"Oh fuck!" moaned Brad more out of lust than pain. The suction on his stiff prick was so intense. Then he called out, "Harder! Spank me harder!"

Luke had no problem complying as he let loose again on Brad's enormous glowing rear.


Brad couldn't believe how aroused he was--and how vocal! Never had he asked anyone to spank him harder. But lust had taken him over. And it was just him and Luke. No one else would ever know how hot he had been at having his ass spanked as his cock was milked.

"Oh, fuck man spank my fat straight ass. Keep spankin' me. I'm gonna blow!!!"

Luke continued spanking the college jock as he let out a scream of ecstasy. His huge nut sack drained and came shooting out his extra large schlong as the hose swallowed every drop. Brad was screaming, "OOOHHHH, FUCK YEAH MAN!!!!! SPANK ME!!!!!"

As the machine drained the last drops of cum from Brad Luke gave him one final swat. Brad collapsed on the table as the machine continued sucking on his now sensitive cock. Luke flipped off the machine and pulled the hose from Brad's manhood.

Luke began undoing Brad's restraints as he said, "I hope you have learned how I feel about punctuality? Next time you won't be so lucky; you'll be gone."

Brad stood up rubbing his fat burning ass. "Yes, sir!"

"Now get into that thong and get out there and dance."

"Now? But, my ass is all red. Everyone will know you spanked me."

"Not my problem. Now dance or you’re fired!"

After having gotten through the spanking Brad couldn't allow himself to be fired. "I'll dance," said Brad as he stepped into his tiger stripped thong planting it firmly between his red fat fleshy mounds.

Luke watched as Brad opened the door and stepped out into the bar. The teen was greeted, much to his surprise, to a roaring round of applause. Confused he turned, looking back at Luke.

"Oh, did I forget to mention. Our little session was all caught on camera and broadcast live onto the TV's set up around the bar?"

Brad looked in the direction that Luke was pointing and noticed a red light peeking out from behind some boxes. Brad now realized that the cam was hidden behind the boxes. He the looked out into the bar, he noticed that the TV's set up around the bar that normally showed the latest music videos was now broadcasting a picture of Brad's glowing red ass in the doorway where he now stood.

In recognition of what had happened settled in Brad's face burned hot with embarrassment.

Luke spoke, "I suggest you get out there and dance or get out."

Brad hated the way he had been manipulated, but he loved the money, so with his head hung low he walked out into the bar and took his place on the side stage. He began dancing and shaking his meaty red buns to cheers from the crowd to more cheers than he had ever encountered in his two weeks at the club. The men loved watching his well spanked ass jiggle and shake. Some even requested him to turn around and bend over, shoving his large delicious bright pink and red booty in their faces. He heard comments like, "He got what he deserved having his fat ass spanked" or "Damn that is one large red bottom!"

Brad danced the whole night as he always did shaking and strutting. And by the end of the night he walked away with $500 more than he ever had. Apparently seeing his behind- the-scenes show had helped to loosen the men's wallets.

What Brad was unaware of was that recently his best friend Grant had started stopping by Luke's. He never spoke with anyone or got out on the dance floor. He'd just sit back and watched--and on this particular night over in a dark corner of the bar and hidden behind a ball cap and pair of sunglasses sat Grant. He had witnessed Brad's humiliating spanking and milking and watched his over stuffed ass shaking and bounce in his tiny tiger-stripped thong all night long.

And he liked it, very much…

The End


  1. Brad stories are your best. We need some new ones soon. Please.

  2. Thanks, Brad is my favorite to write. I do need some new ones. I just haven't had the time.

  3. agree, Brad is just an excellent series of stores.
    Thanks BB your writing is sooooo erotic!

  4. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy the series.

  5. These stories always make me cum so hard! I love the visual of the fat ass shaking and jiggling. Could you write another about the black janitor with the huge ass who has the white executive going crazy? Love your stories and pics!

  6. Thank you very much. I would like to add to Janitor's Bitch by doing more stories. And do plan to at some point. Sadly I don't get much time to write. But I will try to get to it soon.