Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jeff & His Son Kyle - The Conference.

by Billy F (based on characters created by BubbleButtLuvr)

Jeff Hyatt was doing well at his law firm. He had recently been made a partner. He was pleased for himself but also because he wanted to be a good role model to his son, especially since the death of Kyles mother in a car accident 10 years ago. Kyle was 19 now, soon to be off to college, and a son to be proud of. His good grades were matched by his impressive All American good looks, tight and lean well defined swimmers build and his perfectly round bubble butt that drew a lot of attention from men and women alike. With his piercing blue eyes and sandy brown hair Kyle was beyond handsome, and he knew it.

Kyle was a chip off the old block because his Dad, Jeff also got a lot of attention. In fact their looks were so similar that sometimes they were mistaken for brothers. At 42 Jeff was in excellent shape. His brown hair was greying at the temples and his neatly trimmed moustache was also flecked with grey. He was more muscular than his son, training at a bodybuilder gym, he had a massive chest and arms, and an enormous round ass. Another thing that Jeff passed to his son was a big dick. His 8 inch cock was as thick as a beer can. In fact Kyle was even bigger, with an amazing 9 inches between is legs. It was so big even when soft, that he would have trouble packing into the tiny bikini briefs that he liked to wear.

When the company asked Jeff to project manage an important conference for key business clients in central Manhattan, Jeff saw it as an opportunity to make a big impression on his colleagues. Hiring facilities in a downtown hotel and a suite of accompanying rooms for out of town colleagues and for himself so that he could be on call during the entire 3 days, he was careful to attend to every detail. This was a really important professional opportunity for him as well as for his company.

When one of the out of town clients withdrew at the last minute, Jeff offered the spare room which had already been paid for, to Kyle, encouraging him to spend time in town with his Manhattan friends, “As long as you keep the parties away from the hotel”, he joked, knowing that Kyle was always an asset and would always support him.

The first day of the conference went really well. All the delegates seemed happy and engaged and Jeff felt excited about the possibilities of the following days. The hotel manager, Mr Simpson, had been very accommodating, even about some awkward final requests for AV equipment that had been left off the initial list of requirements. Of course Jeff had his Conference Organiser deal with most of the management but he was in overall responsibility.

At the end of the first day, Jeff felt able to take the evening off and called up his college buddy Greg to meet him at the hotel for a drink. “Hows that son of yours?” Greg asked when he met Jeff in the hotel bar. “Kyles really great. Hell be off to college soon and Ill miss him,” Jeff responded. “Actually, hes up in his room now with his buddy Luis, who lives close by. As there was an extra room free in this block booking, I encouraged Kyle to come into town and stay.”

After some more general chat Greg suggested that they invite both Kyle and his buddy Luis out with them for dinner. “Great idea,” Jeff responded. Lets go up and ask them.

They knock on Kyles door and are met by Luis, a sweaty, handsome Latino jock. He is dressed in shorts, a vest and running shoes. A triangle of sweat wets his vest between his pecs. “Hey Mr Hyatt,” he says to Jeff politely, “Great to see you. Come in. Kyle is in the bathroom about to take a shower. We just went for a run. I always go early evening and Kyle said he would join me.”

“Who is it?” Kyle calls from the bathroom.

s me son,” Jeff responds.

Hearing his Dads voice Kyle kicks his sweaty running gear to the corner of the bathroom, slips on the big white towelling robe provided by the hotel and comes out to great his father.

“I was just about to take a shower,” Kyle says.

Standing in front of them at the bathroom door, all three men, Jeff, Greg and Luis, can
t help but notice how great Kyle looks. The flawless milk white skin of his tight chest peeks out from the robe. His ass balloons behind underneath the robe tie. Sweaty from the recent run, there is a soft sheen across his face and neck.

“Hey Greg,” Kyle says, noticing his Pa’
s buddy, “Dad said you were coming over tonight.” As Kyle moves forward to shake Gregs outstretched hand, he trips on the end of his hastily tied robe and stumbles backward. As he does so he reaches back to steady himself against the dresser, pushing the entire contents of a drinks tray, cups, saucers, jug and glasses out of the window Luis had opened moments earlier to get some air after the run.

After what seems like the longest few seconds, all four men here a loud crash as the contents of the tray hit the street below. “Oh my god,” panics Kyle as all of them strain their necks out the window, “I could have killed someone.”

As they are discussing what to do next there is a loud rap at the door. Jeff answers it to find Mr Simpson with a furious scowl.

“What on earth is going on here Mr Hyatt?” he snaps, “The entire contents of a drinks tray have smashed on the ground. You are very lucky that nobody was hurt or, God forbid, even killed. There are management rules about opening windows precisely to prevent this kind of behaviour. I’
m afraid I am going to have to ask you to leave the hotel immediately. I did not expect this kind of vandalism from you or your guests.”

Kyle apologises profusely to Mr Simpson, explaining that it was an accident and that it was nothing to do with his father at all. Mr Simpson angrily responds that he has to carry out hotel procedure or he will lose his job and that he has no choice but to cancel the entire conference booking and ask all the delegates to leave.

Jeff is horrified at this sudden turn of events. “Mr Simpson, let us apologise again. We assure you that this was an accident. Really there is no need to cancel the booking. Nobody was hurt.”

Knowing how much is at stake for his Dad with the conference Kyle politely asks Mr Simpson what he can do to change his mind. “There must be something we can do to make amends.”

Mr Simpson now takes in these four hot guys properly for the first time and he smiles a sinister grin. “OK, if you want to help your father to keep his conference moving forward as he planned, slip out of that robe and get yourself into a doggie position on the bed,” he sneers, shutting the door behind him.

“Is this really necessary,” Jeff intervenes.

“Do you want me to throw you and your entire booking out of this hotel Mr Hyatt?” Mr Simpson responds flatly.

Luis is incredulous at this and is expecting Jeff or Kyle to punch Mr Simpson, or at least to have an argument with him but Kyle just shrugs and begins to undo the robe. Greg licks his lips.

All the men stare at Kyle
s perfect swimmers physique, his lean tight chest and well formed abs. None of them can avoid his plump 9 inch cock that swings slightly above his low hanging shaved balls.

“Get on the bed now,” Mr Simpson blurts out, barely able to contain himself.

Kyle is now stark naked on all fours, perched at the end of the bed. His head is pushed into the blue satin coverlet, his soft meaty feet resting over the edge. His voluminous ass is high in the air. He is really sticking it out high, spreading his knees, so that you can just about see his beautiful pink puckered hole but his ass is so big and so round that the mounds of flesh obscure a proper view. He feels humiliated in this position, especially with Luis and Greg watching, but at the same time he can
t help but be a bit excited to know that they are all looking at his huge white melons and imagining what is going on in their minds. He also quivers very slightly remembering how his muscular Dad has touched him before.

His big shaved balls hang low beneath his balloon ass. His dick twitches as he feels the breeze from the open window across his but.

Mr Simpson is secretly delighted that his plan is working out so well. Luis stands dumb struck looking at his buddys booty. He always knew Kyle had an amazing body but he didnt really give it all that much thought. Now he is transfixed; glued to the spot, staring. Greg meanwhile has a wry smile on his face. He has seen this father and son fooling around before and he was hoping beyond everything that coming here tonight he would get to see some more of that hot action.

Mr Simpson breaks the silence. “OK Dad,” he says in a snide and threatening voice, “It seems your son is putting himself out for you so you had better show how much you care for him. Go over there and lick out your son.”

Jeff is startled as if from a haze. “I cant, I mean, Im not gay and, well, hes my son.” Kyle turns his face from where it is resting on the sheets and looks into his fathers eyes. Although he would never openly admit it, his look invites his father, as if begging him to touch him.

“If you don’
t want me to throw you out of the hotel immediately, then you have no choice,” Mr Simpson sneers.

Jeff looks at Greg who shrugs and then at Luis, but Luis is only staring at Kyles ass. Jeff is shocked that he and his son are put in this weird situation again but at the same time he has very little choice. Everything has been planned to take place in that hotel, all the meetings over the coming days, and it is vital for his business. The power of his sons ass is also extremely strong. The monumental mountains of flesh seem to beckon him.

“Do it now,” Mr Simpson says, casually touching his crotch.

Jeff moves over to the bed and kneels down in front of his son. He breathes in the smell of Kyle
s skin. It is fresh and manly.

“Start at his feet,” Mr Simpson orders.

Jeff rests his hands behind Kyle
s large teen feet and begins to lick the soles. The taste is salty but heady and strangely sexy. This is something new, Jeff thinks. He works over the whole of one sole in broad strokes with his tongue, working in between each of the toes. Kyle can feel his Dad work on his feet. Its a new sensation for him too. He lets out a slight moan. This encourages Jeff who moves onto the other foot and with the same dedication he covers every inch with his tongue. The feet glisten in the half-light of the room with Jeffs slaver.

Working up his sons leg with his tongue, Jeff is lost in desire. He feels his cock begin to throb in his tight briefs. He desperately wants to reach down and unbutton his pants and free his cock from his tight spandex bikini briefs but he doesnt want to reveal his desire to the others in the room.

Bent over like that worshipping his son, Greg, Luis and Mr Simpson can all see how huge Jeffs own ass is. Luis wonders how he finds trousers to fit round such a massive ass with such a slim waist.

Kyle is getting increasingly worked up by the feel of his Dads tongue on his inside leg. He is trying not to show his desire too much but he cant wait for his Dad to reach his hole, which quivers with anticipation. Almost without thinking, Kyle reaches back and pulls his fathers head firmly in between his giant cheeks. As Jeffs tongue finally reaches his hole Kyle gasps with pleasure, “Ahhh, oh yeah Daddy, now youve found it,” he whispers wildly. Kyle bucks into his Dads face feeling Jeffs moustache brush the edges of his hole and the hot darting tongue inside him.

Jeff is lost in abandon in his sons ass. He reaches up and parts the cheeks as wide as he can with his hands and dives in with his mouth. The perfect pink pucker opens at the touch his hot wet tongue. Kyle moans as Jeff digs deeper. Jeff wants to taste it all. Its like he has arrived where he belongs, this soft, inviting, manly hole of pleasure tastes miraculous. He feels his own ardent desire met by that of his son. Kyle pushes his ass back into his fathers face and reaches back to help his Dad spread his cheeks as wide as they will go. For both of them its like Jeff cant get deep enough.

Kyles dick is now rock hard. From the angle in which they are standing, Mr Simpson and Luis can see its fat 9 inches bobbing, a big drop of precum oozing from the tip.

Greg has unzipped his fly and is openly touching his own engorged member. As if offered permission by this, Luis drops his shorts and touches his own fat 7.5 inch cock. Mr Simpson is still rubbing himself through his pants.

“OK,” Mr Simpson says, “You seem to be enjoying that more than I had imagined. And your audience of friends are too. You really are a bunch of sick fucks. Now come on Daddy, show us where your son gets his genes. Strip.”

Jeff reluctantly takes his tongue out from his son
s ass and stands up but he keeps his eyes firmly fixed on Kyles wet hole, which winks at him gently. Kyle continues to spread his cheeks with his hands and pushes his ass into the air even higher. It quivers slightly and Kyle lets out a kind of desperate sigh. It is clear to everyone that he had not had enough of his fathers tongue.

As if he were hypnotised, Jeff unbuttons his shirt to reveal his impressive broad muscular chest and back. Luis starts to rub his dick even harder. Greg smiles. Jeff kicks off his loafers and unbuttons his pants and peels them over his preposterous rear. He is wearing a skimpy pair of white bikini briefs that are riding up his crack as if it were a thong. There is also no hiding his fat 8 inch cock now, the head and shaft of which are poking out the top of the briefs. Precum is dripping from the head of his dick. To be honest its a relief to Jeff to be finally out of his clothes. His erection was getting really painful inside his tight briefs and pants. He wiggles out of the bikini and stands tall, his erection firm and proud, staring at his sons begging ass.

Without any instruction from Mr Simpson, Jeff found himself drawn once more to taste Kyles hole. He drops to he knees and roughly pulls his sons thick 9 inch cock back between his legs, holding it like a gear stick. With Kyles cock in his hand, he dives back into the needy hole with his tongue; it pulls him with a magnetic force. “Taste me Daddy,” Kyle pants. A big drop of precum is forming at the tip of his dick. As Jeff comes out of the ass for a breath he notices the cum on Kyles dick and quickly darts down to get a taste of his boys sweet salty seed. It tastes so good.

“I want to feel you in me,” Kyle moans.

“OK, son, Daddy’
s gonna look after you,” Jeff gently reassures.

“Suck your Daddy’
s dick,” Mr Simpson splutters, barely able to contain his own excitement at the unfolding scene. Without even batting an eyelid Kyle flips over and sits on the edge of the bed his ass cheeks rubbing against the satin sheets. He looks up at his Dad and they exchange a meaningful glance, full of desire.

Kyle then takes his fathers dick in his mouth and sucks on the fat 8 inch shaft. Jeff moans with pleasure. Kyle doesnt know quite why but he wants his father to feel completely satisfied. He wants to give him pleasure. He works the shaft like a seasoned professional, pigging on it like it were a favourite candy.

“Fuck him, fuck him now,” Mr Simpson screeches.

Jeff bends down and gently moves his son
s head off his throbbing member and kisses him passionately. This is almost too much for Luis who can be heard sighing “Oh, oh” across the other side of the room. Hitching up his sons legs, Jeff pushes Kyle back onto the bed, kissing him all the time. Kyle lifts up his legs further and moves his arms around under his knees exposing his hole ready for his Daddys dick. Jeff nuzzles his hard pulsating fat 8 inch cock against his sons asshole and pushes in the tip. As their tongues intertwine, Kyle pushes out his ass and meets his Dads dick. Jeff thrusts in. Kyles eyes widen and his kissing becomes more passionate. They both moan hard as Jeff thrusts his cock in and out of Kyles eager hole. He feels so close to his teenage son, a strange and guilty pleasure but one he knows his son is responding to.

As Jeff fucks his son, gently at first and then harder and harder, Greg moves over to get a close up view. Jeffs enormous muscle ass expands and contracts with each thrust of his fat cock, his own hole exposed and then hidden with each movement. Between his legs, Greg gets a perfect view of his friends thick dick riding in and out of Kyles sweet fat ass. Unable to control himself any longer, Greg squirts a thick stream of hot jism over the fucking father and son. A hot streak lands around Kyles hole and lubes up Jeffs dick as he continues to fuck. Greg retreats, exhausted. Next Luis walks up. He too is completely enthralled by the in and out of Jeffs dick up Kyles perfect beckoning hole. In a second or two he busts 5 massive streams of hot cum all over his buddys ass and his buddys Dads dick and nuts, further greasing these two as they continue fucking. As Greg moves back to the corner of the room, still watching the action, Mr Simpson finally unzips his pants to reveal a solid 7 inch cock. Its not thick but the thinness only goes to make it look longer. Following on from Luis he goes over to get a close up of the action. Lying on the floor with his head in between Jeffs feet he gazes up at the Dads dick pummelling in and out of the sons ass. Greg and Luis watch as Mr Simpson rubs his pole, out of which explodes a fountain of semen.

Jeff and Kyle have been pretty much oblivious all of this, wrapped up in their own need for each other. Kyle has been so hungry for his Daddys dick that he doesnt want it to end. Jeff has sensed that his son wants him to keep going but he cant hold on much longer. “Im gonna cum son,” he says gently but his breathing getting harder. As he feels his Dad begin to spasm a single tear rolls down Kyles cheek. He does not want this forbidden pleasure to end. The force of his fathers orgasm is so strong, he can feel the ejaculation surge into him. “Oh Daddy, yeah, let me take your hot load,” Kyle pants. His Dads abs rub up against his dick with these final thrusts causing his own balls to tighten releasing a torrent of sperm out of his 9 inch cock. A stream hits him across the chest and face. Bending down, Jeff hungrily laps up his sons juice, cleaning away the cum with his tongue. As he does so, his softening dick falls from his sons asshole and a stream of cum follows it, mixing with Gregs and Luiss and falling onto Mr Simpsons face, whose mouth is open wide, his tongue awkwardly lurching forward to receive the gift.

Moments later Mrs Simpson is standing up, licking his lips and raising the zip of his fly. “OK Mr Hyatt,” he says as if nothing whatsoever odd has happened, “Im going to let you off this once. You can continue to stay in this hotel under the terms of the initial agreement but please be more careful in the future.”

With that he leaves the room. Greg says, “Well thank goodness we managed to persuade him to let us stay.” “Erm, yeah. Lucky that,” Luis chimes in, still in disbelief at what has just happened.

Jeff and Kyle are sitting on the edge of the bed looking a bit embarrassed. “Hey,” Greg says, “its not like you had any choice.”

As they started to clean up, father and son were both thinking what they would never openly admit, that they found the growing physicality of their relationship more and more addictive.

The End


  1. Omg I don't even know where to begin. I will say this tho LOVE IT!!! :-) I agree with bubblebuttluvr I was very satisfied!

  2. One of the hottest things I've ever read! Please do one on Glen next! He is my favorite! And if u can, guest author, please include some fart play!

  3. Dear Bubblebuttluvr!

    I am a huge fan of your superb stories and your great characters: Jeff and Kyle, Brad, Glen, Harry, Agent 69, Danny and his Coach and Timmy. I am waiting for their new adventures long time ago.

    And what a surprise! There is a new story with Jeff and Kyle! Congratulations, I think Billy F is a great talent! I am waiting the new stories by Billy F!

    Best wishes,

    Rex Palmer

  4. Thank you very much, Rex. Yes, I was very impressed with Billy F as well and hope to see more from him.

  5. This is awesome . . . Can Billy F have a go at doing one about Ian who went to the tailor shop!

    1. Great idea!

      There is a think from Ian's father Robert: „Then once he had it good and wet he wanted to bend Ian over and bury his cock deep in his ass and ram him hard.” This is a superb sex fantasy, let there be reality! And the loyal fiend, Eric deserves the reward for his favor.

      And my favourite question: who that lucky one will be, who fucks Brad first?
      And what will be the next adventure of Agent 69?
      And what's new with the homophobic cops, Carter and Matthew?
      And what Glen does now? Was he fingerfucked by his older brother one more time in a funny situation? Maybe was he fucked not with fingers? And the voyeur neighbour enjoyed the new sex adventure of Glen?

  6. Thank you for all the questions and interest in my characters. I will say the same thing I always say, which is I do have lots of ideas for rack of these characters but very litte time to write. With that said I do plan on doing more with them all at some point. As for Brad, thus series was never supposed to be more than spanking. However, at this point I think it has moved beyond that. And I think if Brad gets fucked it should be by Grant but I am not there yet. I want to do more to develope this new relationship first. Brad as always been my favorite character so I hope to do more with him soon.