Sunday, February 17, 2013

Adam, Work Out Tease

by BubbleButtLuvr

Adam Higgins loved the summer. Not just for the warm weather but because both his parents worked and when they were gone he had the run of the house. This being the first summer after high school graduation Adam knew that there wouldn't be many more summer's this free & easy. With that thought in mind he decided to make the most of this one.

During his high school days Adam always managed to keep a lean well defined build due to his many extra curricular activities on many of his school various sport teams and thankfully to good genes. Not to mention the fact that he had been blessed with an amazingly round, perky, bubble butt that just seemed to call out and beg to be ogled. But, this summer Adam decided he wanted to put on a little more bulk so he bought himself a set of weights and a bench and set them up in the garage.

To Adam's way of thinking this accomplished two things. Number one he would get a good work out and number two he'd get to perform for Mr. Hopkiss. Mr. Hopkiss was Adam's neighbor. He was about 50 years old or so and Adam found him incredibly sexy and had determined that by the end of summer he would get his older neighbor into bed. Whenever Adam Swam in the pool or laid out in the sun there was Mr. Hopkiss watching and leering at him. But, he never showed any signs of approval or disapproval. Adam always assumed that since he always took the time to look that he must be interested. So, Adam being a good exhibitionist never neglected to give his old neighbor a good show. And since the Higgins garage faced Mr. Hopkiss' back yard Adam could workout and tease his neighbor at the same time.

Adam rose early to get the most of his day. He kicked the covers off to reveal his nude bronzed eighteen year old body. Aside from his much too small tan line every inch of Adam's body was golden from the sun. Adam bent over at the waist opening his bottom dresser drawer to decide just which skimpy little swim bikini he should wear today. His large melon sized butt pushed out and his thick schlong swung freely between his toned thighs.

Finally he settled on the orange bikini with the Velcro snaps on the sides. It was one of his favorites because it had a European cut to it that rode up high on his plump young ass cheeks. And no matter how often he tried to pry it free it would ride back deep in between his mountains of ass showcasing his huge backside provocatively.

Adam wiggled his full rear into the scant swim garment and took note that it seemed tighter than the last time he wore it. Turning his back to the mirror he had that it looked tighter too. Adam smiled with delight; clearly his squats and lunges were paying off.

To complete his outfit Adam slipped on his cross trainers and slide on a cut off T-shirt. Though in truth there wasn't much to the T. It was white and made of a cotton lycra mix so it clung to the youth like his own skin. And it was cut just below his nipples so that if he raised his arms even slightly they would be visible. "Perfect", thought Adam as he took one more look at himself. Then he was off down the hall steps headed toward the garage, his large barely covered backside jiggling and bouncing with each footfall.

He hit the switch and watched the garage door rise up. Like clockwork there was Mr. H. in his usual spot "tending" to his garden. Adam smiled to himself as he turned his back to old neighbor and bent over to pick up the weight bench and move it to the front of the garage. He could feel his thin lycra swim bikini work it's way between his full fleshy man cakes. He could also fell Mr. Hopkiss' eyes burning a hole through him.

Once the bench was in place Adam started some stretching exercises, all with his back to Mr. H. who, while pretending to garden was now devoting all his attention to Adam's over exposed rump.

Adam spread his legs wide and bent slowly at the waist taking great care not to bend his knees and pushed his humongos ass way out. He could feel the thin lycra material working its way up over his plump teen ass cheeks. The silk like material tickled his puckered ass hole and sent a shiver down his spine.

He then straightened slowly and stretched his arms toward the ceiling. He pushed himself onto his tip toes and began bouncing. His huge rump began to bob up and down. Like a slight breeze across a pond that cause ripples that seem to take on a life of their own so was the case with Adam's plump ass cakes. They were bouncing wildly with very little movement from the teen. Behind him Mr. Hopkiss' head was involuntarily nodding up and down in time with Adam's fleshy globes.

Now Adam was ready for his work out. He sat down on the bench, his legs spread wide and obscenely; his bright orange package resting on the black leather of the bench. Seductively yet innocently he allowed his hand to graze over his bulge. He locked eyes with his older neighbor who sat completely still and stone faced watching the horny teen's private show.

Adam took hold of the dumb bells at his sides as he laid back, his legs still spread wide like a waiting whore. He began his set raising and lowering the dumb bells. His cut off shirt was raised up high above his now hard nipples. He liked the way the leather seat felt on his mostly bared backside. He knew that Mr. H. was getting a good show.

Soon Adam got back to his feet and grabbed hold of a barbell from over in the corner. As he positioned it on his shoulders his small T-shirt rode up again exposing his erect nipples. Again he positioned himself so that his back was to his neighbor and began to do some squats.

With each knee bent he felt the material of his bikini begin to get swallowed up by his hungry ass cheeks. By this point so much of his skimpy suit was wedged between his mountains of ass flesh that it resembled a thong more than a bikini. Silently and with no expression Mr. Hopkiss took in the whole thing.

Soon Adam stopped his squats and went right into lunges. The sweat was running down his body freely. His plump butt cheeks glistened like ripe melons as he lunged forward, the materials of his swim bikini continuing to tease his tight pucker.

Adam was hot and tired by this point so he set down his barbell and made his way over to the dorm size refrigerator his dad kept in the garage. He bent over seductively and looked back over his shoulder at Mr. H. who was blatantly staring at his ass unashamedly but still expressionless. The teen reached in and pulled out a bottle of water. He opened it and took a big gulp. At this point he was facing his neighbor. Next he raised the bottle above his own head and began pouring the cool liquid on himself.

Now his cut-off T was soaking wet and was easy to see through. The water continued to run down his tight teen body to his bikini which it saturated causing the tight lycra material to cling to his thick manhood. Looking into Mr. H.'s eyes he shook his head rapidly from side to side to toss off the water. It splashed out and speckled the walls of the garage.

Now Adam once again with his back to his neighbor tossed his bottle into the recycle bin. Then looking back over his shoulder teasingly pulled his bikini free from between their fleshy prison. But, it was a pointless act for as soon as he let go of the swim suit it crept right back between his ample cheeks.

Next Adam began jogging in place. His huge hind end began bouncing up and down again. But, this time the pace was much faster. Once more Mr. Hopkiss' head started to bob up and down in time with the movement of the hot teens bouncing booty.

Adam could feel the Velcro snaps on either side of his swim suit giving way. He knew it was just a matter of time before they gave way completely and his suit popped off in front of his neighbor. The sheer weight of his hefty ass was too much for the small Velcro snaps not to mention his thick prick and heavy nut sack. He knew it would be any moment now.

Continuing to jog Adam turned to face Mr. H. so that when his bikini finally broke free he could get a good view of his bare teen cock. No sooner had Adam turned to face Mr. H. it happened. The strain was too great for the skimpy swim garment. There was a loud RRRRIIIIPPPPPPP of Velcro giving way and the bikini not only feel free from Adam's toned body but actually was propelled out into the driveway like a sling shot.

Adam feigned shock and surprise as his big dong flopped out, exposing his shaved balls and well trimmed pubes, but he made no attempt to cover himself and just continued jogging in place. His meat was flopping up and down slapping his tight stomach. Mr. H. just sat quietly watching, taking it all in.

From inside the house Adam heard the phone ring, so continuing to jog he headed back into the house through the garage, his now completely bared ass exposed for Mr. H. to watch every inch shake and ripple. Adam hadn't been gone more than two minutes but when he returned Mr. H. was gone and so was his bikini. It was no longer in the driveway.

Adam smiled to himself as he said, "I will have you yet, Mr. H." Still dressed in just his T-shirt and cross trainers the youth shut the garage door and headed inside to plan his next move.

The End

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