Monday, January 28, 2013

Harry, Fraternity Bitch, Part 3

by BubbleButtLuvr

It had been several weeks since Harry's encounter with Seymour & the men of Kappa Chi. At first the experience had humbled him. He was different. Much more subdued with less bravado. It was as if someone had let all the wind out of his sail. But as the weeks passed by his old arrogance can back with a vengeance. It was almost as if he were over compensating for the humiliation and ridicule Seymour and all his loser friends put him through.
He would grow flush with embarrassment every time he remembered the way they made him parade around in his sheer white nylon French cut panties and put on a "fashion show" for them. He could still hear Seymour's nasal voice whining, "Now shake that plump ass for my brothers." He could still feel their massive tools slipping down his throat and taste their warm salty loads. He could still feel Seymour's massive tool pounding into his tight pucker. And as he dwelt on these thoughts he no longer felt submissive. He now felt rage. He had to remind them that he was the one in charge and they were worthless.
So, as time passed by Harry began to unleash his anger on the guys of Kappa Chi once more in some twisted attempt to undo what they had put him through. This did not go unnoticed by Seymour. The only reason Harry had even submitted to the humiliation in the first place was to get back the video and pictures that Seymour and his friends had on him in his revealing little panties.
Seymour promised to give him back all the footage they had shot on him using a hidden cam they had placed in his room. But what Harry didn't know was that Seymour had shot new footage that night in the Frat house. As Harry sucked off every brother at Kappa Chi and took it up the ass from Seymour the whole encounter was caught on video and based on Harry's attitude Seymour felt it was time to use this footage to get Harry back in line and remind him that he was no longer the man in charge.
Harry was sound asleep in bed next to Jenny. The alarm clock radio went off blaring some One Hit Wonders signature song for the 80's. Jenny rolled over to see the big red numbers state that it was 7:00. Why did she ever schedule an 8 AM class on a Monday. Harry had the right idea his first class wasn't until 11:00.
She switched off the clock and looked over at Harry who was still fast asleep. He had stopped by her room last night after a quick workout at the campus gym. He hadn't planned on spending the night but one thing led to another and pretty soon his gym clothes were in a pile on the floor and they were going at it like animals.
Jenny dragged herself out of bed and plopped down in front of her computer screen to check her e-mails, as she did every morning. She logged in and found that she only had one today and it was from Seymour Manning. "That's odd,” she said to herself. She knew Seymour but only very casually. She might see him on campus and smile or say a quick hello but that was it. They never really had even had a full fledged conversation. The subject line read I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW. This got the better of Jenny's curiosity so she clicked on the email to open it.
There was no message in the body of the email just what appeared to be a video link so she clicked on it. She was in no way prepared for the sight that greeted her. The video had no sound but the image was enough. It was Harry. He was wearing some sheer underpants. No panties. Harry was wearing panties. They were French cut and see thru and he was parading around for a bunch of people in hooded robes. Now his back was facing the camera and he was shaking his big full bottom. It swayed from side to side looking as it would break free from the scant under garment but it never did.
Jenny continued to watch as the image changed to one of Harry on his knees sucking a massive dick. Jenny felt herself go numb as Harry crawled over to yet another cock and began taking the massive organ down his throat. Next Harry was on all fours taking another cock up his ass. It was Seymour. Harry was being fucked by Seymour Manning as the rest of the guys of Kappa Chi watched!!!!!
Seymour had done an excellent job of editing the video. Such an excellent job that anyone watch would have thought that Harry was a 100% willing participant. There was no audio to catch Harry's pleas of "Do I have to do this?" or "Please don't make me suck his dick." And the video was spliced just so that Harry's pleading looks were never seen. So, from Jenny's perspective Harry was in his glory being used as a cum dump.
Shock turned to anger which turned to rage. In a split second Jenny was out of the chair and in the bed on top of Harry. Her petite fist wailing away on him scream, “You fucking faggot!!!"
Harry awake dazed and confused. He put his hands up to block the blows. Grabbing both Jenny's wrists he rolled on top of her pinning her to the bed. She looked up at him and screamed, "QUEER!!!" Then she spit in his face.
Harry's head began to spin. What was she talking about? What did she know. He had gotten all the pictures back from Seymour and he was always discrete when he chose to hook up with a guy so what could she know. He decided to play dumb, which wasn't hard for Harry. "What are you talkin' about, Jenny?"
"I saw the video!"
Shocked harry released his grip on her wrists and said,” Video? What video?"
"As if you didn't know!" snapped Jenny as she pushed Harry off her and jumped to her feet. She stomped over to her computer and clicked play on the media player. The image of Harry in his French cut panties filled the screen. Harry watched in amazement at what he saw. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was him in the video and he knew that he had been black mailed into participating but he had to admit that if he didn't know better it would have looked like he was a willing participant.
"Jenny, you have to let me explain. It's not how it looks."
"So, you’re not sucking dick and taking it up the ass!!!?"
Harry blushed, "Yes, but I was black mailed into it. You gotta believe me."
"It's true, Jenny. Honest."
With that Jenny walked over to where Harry sat on the bed and slapped him hard across the face. "Get the fuck out!!!! I never wanna see you again you fucking faggot!!!"
Jenny picked up Harry's workout clothes and threw them at him. "OUT!" she wailed.
Harry stood the sheet falling to the floor revealing his naked muscular form. "Please, Jenny."
Jenny scooped up Harry's clothes and threw them into the hallway as she held the door open and screamed,"I said get OUT!!!"
By this time a crowd of young women had gathered in the hall to see what all the commotion was. Harry knew it was no use talking to Jenny right now so he relented. He went walking out into the hall completely naked, his 8.5" flaccid penis flopping freely before all the girls in Jenny's dorm. He bent down to gather up all his clothes which were scattered down the hall. The girls snickered and laughed seeing the 6' tall muscular Adonis reduced to a broken little boy. Harry heard them talking about him like a piece of meat, judging his body, and talking about the size of his cut cock. Hearing them discuss the size and shape of his ass. One girl said it was too big while another claimed to like them big.
Harry slipped his jock strap on over his muscular thighs, then his T-shirt and running shorts and finally his socks and sneakers. As he dressed his rage grew. Seymour had double crossed him and for that he would pay. Harry bolted from the building to a round of cat calls and whistles from all the girls in the hall. As he departed he said, "Seymour your ass is mine!"
One of the girls, Mindy, broke free from the crowd and made her way down to Jenny's room. She knocked on the door softly. From inside she could her Jenny crying so without invitation she pushed the door slowly open and found Jenny on the bed crying. Jenny looked up and saw her best friend Mindy standing there.
"What did that man do now?" she asked. "I always told you he was no good." This was true Mindy was always bad mouthing Harry since the day she met him. She found him to be arrogant and way too cocky for his own good, which was also true.
Through her tears Jenny shared the whole story with Mindy and even showed her the video. For once Mindy was silent. She didn't know what to say to her friend. She finally found the words,” Gay? Well, that explains his overly macho attitude. He was obviously trying to overcompensate for his homosexual desires."
Jenny rolled her eyes. Mindy was a psych major and was always analyzing everyone.
"Well, I guess that explains the comment he made as he left here.” said Mindy.
"What comment?"
"Something about wanting Seymour's ass.” said Mindy completely confusing what Harry had said and what he had meant.
"You mean I just broke up with him and he's gonna go fuck a guy!?", wailed Jenny.
"Men are pigs, honey."
Jenny jumped to her feet. "Get Dressed, Mindy. We're gonna follow him so I can give him a piece of my mind. If he's looking for Seymour I bet he is headed for The Kappa Chi Fraternity house.
Harry ran across campus, his anger building. Seymour had double crossed him and he was gonna pay big. Harry ran up the steps of the Kappa Chi frat house. He began banging on the door like a wild man. The door was opened by Lester, one of the brothers. Harry pushed the door in causing Lester to fall back and land on the floor, when he did his blue cotton robe came open and out flopped his fat flaccid 10" dick. As soon as Harry saw it his mind flashed to the night he had been forced to suck it along with the rest of the men of Kappa Chi and his rage grew strong.
He grabbed Lester by his rob and pulled him to his feet yelling, "Okay, loser where is he? Where's Seymour!!?"
Before Lester could respond Harry heard Seymour's nasal voice from behind,” I’m right here, Harry. What can I do for you?" Harry turned to see Seymour coming down the stares in a white terry cloth bath robe. Harry released Lester and made his way for Seymour.
"You fucking nerd. You double crossed me!!! I could fuckin' kill you!!!!?
Seymour was cool, "Temper, temper, Harry. How did I double cross you?"
"You said you would return all the pics and video you had on me and you didn't! Then you sent that video to Jenny! She fuckin' dumped my, loser!!! And you’re gonna pay!!"
Seymour responded,” Harry, I told you I would give you all the video and pictures that we had on you from your room at your frat house. And I did give you all of that. The video I sent Jenny was taken here and was never part of the bargain."
Harry had to admit that this was true. "But you never told me you were filming more footage, asshole!"
"Well knowing you the way I do I knew we needed some insurance. I had a feeling that once you had everything you might go back to your old obnoxious self. And you did. It seems the only concept you understand is punishment and reward. You have been treating us very shabbily again so I felt you needed punished to bring you back into submission."
You fuckin' loser! I won't submit to you!"
"But, you have.” sneered Seymour. "Would you like to see the video?"
Harry lunged at Seymour grabbing him by his robe, "I oughta take your head off right now."
Calmly Seymour said, "Then I would be forced to post the video on line for all your brothers to see. For that matter the whole world could view the big football hero taking it up the ass by, what was it you called me? Ah, yes, a nerd."
By this time the whole house had gathered at the base of the stairs to see what all the commotion was about. Seymour's eleven brothers were in various states of dress and undress as they were getting ready for class. Some were fully dressed. Others were in pajamas, the old cotton kind with matching button down top that nobody wore anymore. Some in bath robes. A couple in briefs, tighty whites that were pulled up way too high past the navel. And one brother had a towel wrapped around his waist.
Harry got close to Seymour, his hot breath beating down on the young man's face and hissed, "Fuck you Seymour."
"Interesting concept, Harry. Only it is we who will be fucking you."
"No fuckin' way are you and your loser friend gonna fuck me."
"I did before, Harry."
There was a round of laughs from the brothers. Seymour spoke again, "Do you remember when I spoke of punishment and reward? Well it is time for your punishment. Now drop your pants and get on all fours."
Harry pushed Seymour, "Like hell!"
"Fine then today I’ll post the video. What you need to understand and accept is that we own you now. You are our bitch."
Harry looked around at the group of scrawny men around him. How did this happen? How did he lose the power? And how did they gain it. Here he was once more being dominated by them. At the same time something strange was happening to Harry. Something he didn't care to admit to himself the last time he was here but it was true all the same. For some unknown reason as much as he hated these losers and hated being dominated and even humiliated by them there was a part of him that got off on it. He could feel his cock stiffening in his jock at the thought of having to take all their huge cocks up his ass. Harry was confused and conflicted between anger, humiliation and arousal. He couldn't let them know that there was a part of him that enjoyed their twisted game.
"I'm no ones bitch, loser!"
"Fine then by 3:00 today your video will be all over the web. Unless you drop trowel and submit."
Harry knew he had no choice. He had lost Jenny already he couldn't lose anything else. Plus there was a part of him that wanted this. As much as he hated it he knew he needed it. With hatred in his eyes Harry pulled his T-shirt over his head and yanked down his short. Clad in just his jock Harry stepped from his shorts, his cock was semi erect as he said,"Let's get this over with."
Harry's semi hard cock did not go unnoticed by the brothers who got a good laugh over it. "Looks like he wants it bad.", comment Wally, one of the brothers. Harry shot him a mean look as he covered the pouch of his jock with both hands. This got another laugh.
"On all fours!", ordered Seymour.
Slowly Harry turned and got down aiming his ass skyward like a bitch in heat. So conflicted by what he was feeling. The last time he had been in this situation he refused to admit to himself how much he had been turned on at being dominated by this group of losers but now again in this situation he could lie to himself no more. He wanted this. But, he would never let them know that.
All the brothers began to gather in the living room where Harry was down on all fours. To his brothers Seymour said, "Strip men. Today we all get a crack at his bum."
'Bum', thought Harry. Who says bum? What a nerd. But Harry felt his heart skip a beat. As much as he hated these nerds part of him wanted to feel their fat pulsating cocks in his tight jock hole. Next Seymour instructed his brothers to line up behind Harry so they could each get a turn.
Wilmore was first. He got behind Harry and took aim at his pucker. "His bottom is too big. Can someone come over here and spread his cheeks so I can find his hole."
Wally and Lester got on either side of Harry. Each grabbed one of his over inflated cheeks and spread them wide exposing his pink tightness to Wilmore. Harry blushed with shame. Wilmore's cock head made contact with Harry's hole. It was at this point that Harry realized not only were they gonna fuck him bare but also dry.
"Please.", said Harry. "At least use some lube."
I thought you were such a tough guy.", snapped Seymour. "What you can't take a little pain?"
Through clenched teeth Harry snarled, "I can take whatever you losers can dish out."
With that Wilmore forcefully rammed his rock hard dong deep inside Harry. Harry pitched forward but Wilmore grabbed his muscular thighs and pulled him back in. "FUUUUUUCCKKKK!!!!!!!", screamed harry in obvious pain. Wilmore didn't budge. He just held Harry in place.
"Take it out! Please!!", begged Harry. "It's too fuckin' big to take all at once."
"Tough.", snapped Seymour. "Fuck him Wilmore."
Wilmore began to pump in and out of Harry. With each thrust Harry screamed out in pain. This was the most degrading thing that had ever happened to him. Here he was the big college jock being made to take it up the ass by the biggest group of wimps and losers ion campus. He hated them and at the same time his dick grew harder at this new level of humiliation. Wilmore continued to pump Harry's over plump ass and though it still hurt there was also a new feeling--one of pleasure taking over Harry.
From the archway leading from the hallway into the living room came a loud cry followed by,” I knew you were a fucking queer!!!!" Every man in the room turned in the direction of the voice. It was Jenny with Mindy at her side. When Harry had barged in he had left the door open and she and Mindy were able to just come walking in.
Still on all fours with Wilmore inside him Harry said,” Jenny, It's not what it looks like."
"Funny cause it looks like you’re the fraternity bitch.” retorted Jenny.
Harry's face was glowing red with shame. It was bad enough that Jenny had seen the video but for her to see him like this in person. To have her see him with a cock up his ass screaming out in pain and pleasure was more than he could take. But still his cock didn't go down. Oddly enough it got harder. The head of Harry's own fat prick was now popping out the waistband of his jock.
Jenny and Mindy made their way into the room. Then Jenny said, "You like dick so much Harry fine." Then to Seymour and the rest of the frat she said,"Fuck him, while we watch." And she and Mindy plopped themselves down on the sofa.
"Nooooo!", pleaded Harry.
Jenny looked at Wilmore and said. "Fuck him. Fuck him hard like the bitch he is."
The whole frat laughed. Harry flushed red. Wilmore began to pick up speed. Harry yelled out at the sudden quick thrusting. Wilmore let out a yalp of sorts as he exploded in Harry's ass. He pulled his still hard cock from Harry and slapped it on the deflated jocks plump booty. His cum was dripping from Harry's hole. Harry closed his eyes he couldn't even look at anyone he was some beyond embarrassed. But his cock continued to throb.
Before he even had a chance to realize Wilmore's cock was out of him Wally was behind Harry shoving his own huge piece inside him. Wally was just as big but Wilmore had loosened Harry's tight ass hole and his cum acted as a sort of lube so it didn't hurt as bad. But Harry still yelled out as Wally invaded him.
"Take it Harry. That's what you like isn't it?” said Jenny.
"No." replied Harry.
"We might believe that if your cock was hard, Harry.” giggled Mindy.
Then Jenny pointed to two of the brothers Harry didn't know. "You two get in front of him. Since he likes dick so much both of you feed him yours."
Again Harry shouted, "No. Jenny please don't do this."
Jenny shot him a look of contempt as she said, "Suck them Harry. You know you want to."
And it was true he did want to. As much as he hated what was happening to him there was an odd unexplored part of Harry that was getting off on this whole twisted scene. But, once again Harry vowed that that would be his secret.
Wally thrust into Harry hard. Harry let out a yell and as his mouth opened wide both men who were now standing before Harry shoved their fat schlongs in his mouth. They were massive and barely fit in but that didn't stop the two geeks from forcing them in. Harry thought his jaw would come unhinged.
Wally's smooth hands were all over Harry's meaty manly ass cheeks as he slammed into him. The two geeks in front of Harry continued to molest his mouth, their large nuts bouncing off his chin. Drool was running down Harry's face and his eyes were beginning to water. One of these cocks would be hard to suck but both at the same time was almost impossible. He was having trouble breathing.
Jenny was barking orders left and right. She was furious with harry and was enjoying humiliating him for what he had done to her. Seymour couldn't be happier with how things were shaping up. He gladly stood back and let Jenny lead things.
Jenny got up from her seat on the sofa and knelt down beside Harry. Her face just inches from his as she said, "You are nothing but a filthy cock sucker."
At hearing these words Harry felt his cock twitch. Why was he getting off on this? It was a nightmare. He hated it. Yet still here he was hard and throbbing. Out of the corner of his eye with both cocks still down his throat Harry looked at Jenny and tried to shake his head no.
Wally let out a gasp as his own hot seed spilled into Harry's sloppy cunt. As Wally pulled out Jenny reached back and slapped Harry hard on his left buttock. "That's a good whore"
Jenny stood and said, "Time to switch positions." She instructed Harry to lie on this back and pull his cock out of the side of his jock. She then told another brother Dustin to fuck Harry. She instructed Harry to stroke himself. And she told Seymour to sit on Harry's face and force feed him his ass.
Jenny had such an air of authority that no one dared say no. Seymour squatted over Harry's face. His ass cheeks spreading exposing his hole. His huge cock and low hanging nuts rested on Harry's chin as he ground his ass hole in the helpless jocks face. "Lick my hole!” ordered Seymour.
Dustin began ramming into Harry. He could feel the cum of the brothers who came before him causing his over sized endowment to glide easy. Harry stuck out his tongue and began licking around Seymour's brown button. Seymour moaned and pushed his ass deeper into Harry's face. Harry's tongue slid easily into Seymour as he licked his ass from the inside.
"Stroke that jock cock for us, Harry.", ordered Jenny.
Harry was completely humiliated and completely aroused as he began stroking his own engorged schlong. Dustin continued to ram his rigid cock into the football studs fat tight ass. Seymour was moaning loudly and rubbing his ass crack along Harry's face as Harry lapped at his hole like a cheap slut beating his own fat meat mindlessly. Jenny, Mindy & the other brothers just watched.
Soon Dustin shot a wad of his own juices deep inside Harry. Once Dustin pulled out Jenny ordered Harry over the arm of the sofa so Dilbert could fuck him. Next he was fucked on the pool table, followed by on top of the coffee table. Next he was made to ride several cocks as he himself was forced to impale himself on the large fuck sticks. Jenny order Harry all over the room and instructed him to take every dick imaginable in every position imaginable while he eat ass or sucked cock.
Hours passed as Harry was belittled by Jenny, Mindy & the brothers of Kappa Chi. Finally it was Seymour’s turn with Harry. Seymour wanted him on his back. Once again Harry lay down on the floor with his legs above his head. His fat cock was still hanging from the side of his jock and still rock hard. Harry couldn't believe the humiliation he was being made to endure. But, more than that he couldn't believe how much he was getting of on it. He hated these losers but some how this felt right. And that made him hate them more.
As Seymour entered Harry's sloppy well used hole Jenny ordered the other brothers to form a circle around them and jack off. That way when each brother dropped his load he would cum all over Harry.
Harry's ass was numb by this point but the rubbing on his prostate still felt good and against his will his cock stayed hard. Seymour would thrust in and the pull out fast. And then just as Harry was getting used to not having a cock in him Seymour would drive himself the whole way into Harry causing the deflated jock to scream out. The brothers would laugh out loud every time Seymour got Harry to scream out.
Then one by one Seymour's eleven frat brothers began to cum; each warm sticky load landing somewhere on Harry's well muscled body. One load hit his chest; another on his left thigh, another landed in his hair, while another stream draped his face just missing his eye but landing in his open mouth.
Seymour had gotten a good rhythm going and as he slammed into Harry he said,” Never forget you belong to Kappa Chi now. You are our bitch."
The humiliation was so great Harry had to look away as another load of cum landed on him; then another. Finally all the brothers had gotten off again. Harry was coated in their juices and looked like a glazed donut. With one big thrust Seymour pushed into Harry one final time as he exploded inside the well spent jock. The last thrust was all Harry could take as he too erupted in a geyser of cum. His own sticky substances mingling with the cum of the other brothers. As he came Harry let out a scream of erotic release.
Seymour pulled his fat prick from Harry's dripping ass hole. Jenny and Mindy got up from their seats and came over to where Harry lay. Jenny looked down at Harry with disgust and said, "And you said you didn't like you. You make me sick. We're through!" She then spit in his face and with that she and Mindy stormed out of the frat. Harry heard both women laugh at him as they left. He was beyond degraded.
Seymour threw Harry's clothes at him and said in his nasal voice, "Now get out. We are done with you for now. And remember you are Kappa Chi's bitch now. So treat us with respect. You never know if this encounter has been filmed. And if it has you wouldn't want your brothers to see it would you?"
Harry just stared open mouthed at Seymour. No words would come to him. Defeated Harry stood and slipped into his clothes quickly. Not even bothering to wipe off the cum. All he said was, "No, sir." as he slunk out the door into the morning sun to make the walk of shame across campus smelling of sex and glistening with cum.
Harry felt a new level of hate for Seymour and his brothers as he thought about what he was forced to endure at their hands. But then as he thought about it, his cock began to stir once again.
The End


  1. Once again, another great story! It would be interesting to see a relationship between Harry and Seymour. And even some fart play! Lol! Yes, I'm still waiting on my fart play story.

  2. Thanks. This is another old one. I know you are waiting on a story with fart play. I have not had any free time but I'll get there. LOL