Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bleu Boys, Eric Arvin's Daventry Bleu & Dreamspinner Press LLC

Recently our friend Blubber Butt made me aware of an amazing artist by the name of Absolutbleu. I went to his blog to check out his work and was pleased to see that he and I share a similar admiration for plump round males assess. In going through his blog I see that back in 2009 author Eric Arvin asked him to illustrate his story Kid Christmas Rides Again. This caused me to research Eric Arvin and his writings. This led me to Dreamspinner Press LLC. I was pleased to find out that a few of his titles were already on my reading wish list. It was at Dreamspinner that I purchased an ebook copy of Kid Christmas Rides Again. I must say I was very happy with my purchase. Mr. Arvin paints quit a picture with words and like Absolutbleu he too has a great admiration for the full bouncing male rump. His words combined with Absolutbleu's images create a very satisfying adventure filled with plenty of wild sexual situations and massive mounds of man mounds jiggling in the North Pole. It's hot and funny at the same time. I am including links to Absolutbleu's blog, Eric Arvin's blog & the website for Dreamspinner Press LLC. All three were great finds.

Both Absolutbleu and Eric Arvin have been working their craft for sometime now and many of you may already be familiar with them but for those of you who are not take a minute to see what they have to offer. You will not be disappointed. I know I wasn't.

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